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The Moss Tier Rank is based on various categories. The included categories are the four main categories: High Score, Any%, Hell% and Low%; two different daily challenge categories: Daily Average (top ten daily challenge) and Daily High Score and finally, the following challenge runs : Eggplant%, Low% Hell, No Teleporter Any%, Big Money, All Shortcuts + Olmec, No Gold Any%, No Gold Hell, No Gold Low%, Max Any%, Max Hell, Max Low%.

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Rank Player Points Spelunker Details
1   Kinnijup 998,388
2   dtea 970,416
3   krille71 927,684
4   SpelunkyGod 919,935
5   curticus2 902,108
6   Buddy7heElf 899,834
7   Pibonacci 895,181
8   Bum 876,949
9   Mazerak 856,743
10   twigglefly 854,205
11   falafel_raptor 845,177
12   Grooomp 811,909
13   Sedoxa 717,528
14   meowmixmix 709,356
15   ix 706,296
16   hbix 689,928
17   bootsthatshoot 689,231
18   SchnitzelDX 682,357
19   Samots 677,586
20   ShinGraywords 676,497
21   Linkruler 674,577
22   saturnin55 658,494
23   SAIBOT 655,016
24   Spef 638,688
25   usernamecantbe25 619,280
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 Spelunky News!

 L o w P e r c e n t H e l l W o r l d R e c o r d B o y s
Posted by ix on March 20th, 2017 @03:14AM

Hi all --


Introductory sentence with boilerplate language about the impressive number of runs Mossrankers have achieved since the last news post.  


Kinnijup sent shockwaves through the leaderboards this week by setting world records in two main categories.  Most significant was his Low% Hell of 5:33.013 to pass curticus2, who had held the record for over a year.  Kinni also lowered his own No Gold Hell% WR to 4:21.155.  Perhaps this run offers some consolation for curt, who moved up to #5 in the overall rankings with this run.  Kinni also improved his Low% to 2:36.978 (#2 all-time), Max Eggplant% to 12:00, and Key to Yama to 8:24.  We are all witnesses.


Finland produced a number of runs wildly out of proportion to their population and GDP thanks to the efforts of up-and-comers Spef and GreatStriker.  Spef submitted a tremendous $2,982,225 Score Run, and cancelled penalties with 14:11 Low% Hell and a 12:43 No Gold Hell%.  He also pulled off a 6:08 Max Low%, a 6:05 Low% No Gold, and a 10:37 Big Money run.  GreatStriker got a pair of 4:11 runs for Low% and Any%, a 9:26 Hell%, 12:09 Big Money, 15:43 Max Hell%, and a 7:56 No Gold run.   He also improved his All Characters run to 123:45 (#2).  Perhaps they were so active this week because they understood the saying "on taottava silloin kun rauta on kuuma."


Speaking of All Characters, Meowmixmix improved his own WR to 81:07.  He continued with the RTA theme by getting a huge PB in the All Shortcuts + Olmec category of 18:09 (with a 15:44 shorcuts split).  Meow also developed a new route for Tutorial, which he used to whittle the WR down to 1:16.540.  These efforts inspired Grooomp (1:18.400), ShinGraywords (1:19.830), and me/ix (1:21.160) to improve their own times.


ShinGraywords and I submitted a few extra runs to go with the tutorial PBs.  Shin got a 3:10 Low% that also doubles for his No-TP Any% and a 5:49 Hell%.  I (ix) got a 3:18 Low%, a 6:51 Max Hell%, an 8:03 No Gold Hell%, and a 13:22 Key to Yama (recorded) PB.


Konato_K had a few nice runs this week.  Most notably, he submitted a $2,848,350 Score run, catapulting him to #30 in the rankings.  He also became the 6th runner to complete a Shield Run (26:55), got a 3:53 Low%, and a 4:10 Max Any%.  Great job!


Three more runners submitted an AS+O PBs.  Vlad got a 20:45, despite incurring two deaths after an excellent 17:28 shortcuts split.  Yoshimitsu524 finished at 22:48, while Mordaak got a 28:40.


Just a few more...  In the Max Any% category, falafel_raptor got a 2:45, Abob71 a 4:42, while The Mad Murf finished an 18:09 (and also a 23:01 Max Hell%).  In Low%, LVIO got a 3:36, while Dr. Probably got a 6:29 to go along with his 5:07 Any%.  His Low% run ends with nice demonstration of the "5-bomb" Low% Olmec fight.  Last, but not least, bootsthatshoot got a 12:10 Low% Hell.


That's it for this "week."  Keep it up, kids!




P.S. - Duke Lost :)

 Meowmixmix Weekly Digest
Posted by ix on March 9th, 2017 @04:37PM

Hi everybody --


Welcome to this week's meowmixmix weekly digest!


This week, our hero completed a ton of runs.  He recorded a Solo Eggplant Run in 35:54, which is a pretty good time for his first completion.  He had some pretty good plays on 1-4, using bombs to build staircases and save ropes.  This ended up not mattering much thanks to a jetpack on 2-1, but it was indicative of how focused he was on completing the run.  Meow also nabbed a few points with a 2:42 Max Any%, featuring a 6.1 second worm level, and a 3:07 Low%.  The Low run was actually No Gold until he took some crust gold during the Olmec fight.  On the other end of the spectrum, he also pulled off a $2,026,800 Score Run, which unfortunately ended in Hell before Yama.


Meow also spent some time on the real time attack (RTA) categories, making quick use of Sashavol's research into coffin spawn mechanics by lowering the All Characters WR to 102:15.220, and even managed to complete an 11:18 Big Money PB midway through this run. He also made small improvements to his All Shortcuts and Tutorial splits.


Bum set a new All Journal Entries WR for the 9th time with a 30:13.31.  He actually checked off every entry except for the bees by 27:30, but suffered a brief spell of bad RNG followed by his game crashing twice.  Just a terrific run to watch, but turn the volume down a bit at the end if you are a headphone user.  This category also saw two new entrants to the top 5 with ix recording a 44:58 and our boy meowmixmix getting a 47:36.  Interest in this category continues to grow, and we saw several AJE races streamed during the past week.


Kinnijup got a trio of world records with a 9:31.619 Shield Run, a 9:13.515 Snowball%, and a 5:02.599 No Teleporter Max Hell%.  He also improved his own Low% Hell time to 5:54.  Great job!


French Champion Polodajaneiro nabbed theTutorial High Score WR with $93,900.  Like the previous WR, this one featured a mysterious gem-duplication glitch that seems to exist only in the tutorial.  Polo also got a 3:09 Low%/Any% No TP/Any% PB and a 7:01 Max Hell%, gaining a ton of MossPoints in the process.  French Contender Vlad had a few big PBs of his own: a 2:35 Any%, 2:56 No Teleporter Any%, and a 10:00 Max Hell%.  He also got several PBs in the All Shortcuts + Olmec in the past week, with his fastest at 21:13.  Chapeau!


falafel_raptor had a couple of epic runs this week.  He got a 2:42 Low%, which is a 16-second improvement over the PB he set last week, and catapults him into 7th place in the category.  falafel also pulled off a 3:12 Low% No Gold run -- 6th best all time.  Great improvisation during the Olmec fight to keep this run alive!


ShinGraywords shaved a couple of seconds off his Low% with a 3:24.  He also pulled off a sub-5 Max Low% (4:59) and demonstrated the usefulness of items by completing Max Any% in 3:44.  To round things out, he got a 9:46 Big Money!


Spef continues to climb the MossRanking leaderboard.  This week, he got a 7:34 Hell% and a 4:47 No Gold Run.  He also got PBs in Score ($2,075,775), despite an Olmec finish, and also got a Daily High Score of $1,816,825 (2017-03-06).


GreatStriker was another big mover this week with a 4:28 Any%/No TP Any% and a 5:43 Max Any%.  He also set two short-lived All Characters WRs, with his PB of 131:09 currently sitting in second place. curticus2, saturnin55, and ix round out the top-5 with runs of 136:45, 155:43, and 198:54, respectively.


Just a few more... Sedoxa got a 3:12, improving his Low% PB from 10 months ago by 4 seconds.  Abob71 got a 15:09 Basejump%, Dr. Probably completed an AS+O run in 32:50, saturnin55 got a 4:13 No Gold Run, and I (ix) got a 5:25 in the curiously unpopular Max Any% No Gold category. denis1080 cancelled a penalty with a 16:33 No Gold Hell% and also got a small Tutorial PB of 1:22.430.


Great job, everybody -- that's it for this week!



 falafel_raptor joins the sub 3 low% club, Grooomp gets a sub 5 hell run, and Yama is dying in creative ways faster than ever
Posted by meowmixmix on March 2nd, 2017 @05:59AM

What up Lunkers? meow here We have 32 runs to cover for this update and we got some big milestones to cover! So let's get to it!


First, falafel_raptor is the 18th person to join the sub 3 low% club! Olmec had some weird gaps that weren't easy to deal with but falafel was able to handle it anyway, cutting it close with 2:59.062!  Congrats falafel!


Next up we have my son, Grooomp with a sub 5 hell% run, clocking in at 4:51.706! Grooomp has been practicing a 1 cycle bomb cascade on Olmec which in the end gave him the ability to push past the 5 minute mark for hell%!   Amazing run Grooomp!  Grooomp was also able to show Yama who was boss by defeating him with only starting health in items in Low% Hell in a mere 7:36.981 run. Blazing fast!


Speaking of hell, Yama was killed in quite a few creative ways this update and the times are getting pretty speedy! 


Master Spelunker Kinnijup brought a landmine from the ice caves and killed Yama with an explosion from it in just 8:51.918, setting a new World Record for Landmine%! A highlight of this run is Kinni just barely saving the landmine from being crushed by a falling spike trap on Yama! Yikes! Awesome job Kinni! 



Kinni has come to claim a second World Record for this update, putting Max Eggplant% into his collection coming in at 18:05.911.  Kinni seemed to fly through the levels on this one (both on a jetpack and time wise)! As someone who has never completed an eggplant run  this is an amazing achievement.  Keep it up Kinni! 


As a great man once said, "What's cooler than being cool?  Ice cold".   Comedian ix killed Yama with a snowball in under 10 minutes! Setting a new World Record for Snowball% at 9:45.217! Great run ix! I expect speedlunky as your next snowball% goal! 

Another great run by ix was his No Teleporter Any% run, completing it in just under 3 minutes at 2:56.051!  This is just 2 seconds under his Any% PB and I'm sure we will see more improvement on his Any% times in the near future!  To close out on ix's runs for this update, ix was the second person to complete an All Characters run clocking in at 284:44.444! I watched ix play a good portion of this category, and I have to say it is very mind numbing.   It takes a lot of patience for this run which I would not have been able to do myself! Great job ix!


As far as being the second to complete a specific category, our very own saturnin55  was also able to be the second person to complete a True Pacifist Hell% run! Finishing at 27:31.589, sat has claimed the World Record!  I have seen sat grinding to complete this extremely difficult challenge run for some time now and am glad to see he accomplished it! Way to go sat!


Next up we have GreatStriker who has completed a lot of PBs this update! Submitting his first Big Money run, GreatStriker reached that sweet 500k mark at 45:29.645! Nice job! Speaking of $$$, GreatStriker was able to surpass his Daily Highscore with a score of $478,825 and break his highest score ever at $876,525! Make dat money Striker!  Striker was able to surpass sub 5 low% this update, coming in at 4:49.517! Next up is sub 4, you can do it!  Striker also pulled off a 13:25.325 hell% run!  Lastly, Striker completed a Draining Olmec run in 9:30.089 and was disappointed to find out you don't get mosspoints for it.  Me too Striker...me too...(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


 We've already mentioned one member of the "-ix squad" so let's talk about master score runner of the squad hbix! Although strong in score, hbix made some really solid times this update with a low% of 3:35.929 and an Any% of 3:05.622!  I'm positive we will see hbix get a sub 3 any% soon enough! Amazing job hbix! 


And as the last member of the "-ix squad", I (meowmixmix) was able to improve my Max Low% to 4:44.799 as well as complete a pretty nice No Teleporter No Gold Any% in 2:46.433.


A very strong player with very few submissions on MossRanking is Spef.  Spef was able to complete an Eggplant% run in just 20:56.719! Ironically enough, this counted as his Hell% submission too, so he definitely has the skill to turn in some crazy good runs!  Great job Spef! Looking forward to seeing more runs from you!


Purple Ninja Sedoxa completed his first Max Any% run with a teleporter for this update!  Completing the run in a crazy fast 3:04.900! This is a great time for Max Any%! Awesome job Sedoxa! 


Completing his first sub 4 Any% run is Jdog who came in with a final time of just 3:56.546! Keep up the great work Jdog, I am looking forward to seeing more PBs from you in the future!


pojopoopoohead was able to slay Yama in 13:54.732! Keep it up poo! (I wish I had a poop emoji )


Trimming down his low% time, ShinGraywords has gotten his low% PB down to a mere 3:26.132! I hope to see Shin breaking sub 3:20 in the near future! Great job shin!


Spelunky scientist Konato_K got quite a few PBs for this update! A Low% No Gold PB finishing at 7:13.795, a Max Hell% clocking in at 9:46.673! And to finish off the Konato PBs for this update, Konato pulled off a whopping Daily High Score of $2,923,450! That is a butt load of money.  Konato, is that trade for  2.5mil score run for a sub 5 Low% No Gold still on the table?  Because I am ready to trade when you are! 


Mazerak improved his All Shortcuts + Olmec time, bringing it down to a sub 20 run with a final time of 19:40.600! This is a very impressive run and honestly I think Maz can improve it even more if he grinds out AS+O more often! 


Last but certainly not least is denis1080 who completed a Haunted Max Any% in 9:25.606!  I  seeing people go for the Haunted runs because the Haunted Castle just doesn't come up all that frequently and it can make things interesting! Amazing job denis, keep it up!


That's it for this update!  Good luck on all your future runs and keep on lunkin'.


- meowmixmix

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