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Rank Player Points Spelunker Details
1   Kinnijup 998,388
2   dtea 965,578
3   krille71 924,395
4   SpelunkyGod 911,555
5   Buddy7heElf 896,513
6   curticus 894,609
7   Pibonacci 887,875
8   twiggle 874,653
9   Bum 870,857
10   falafel_raptor 860,239
11   Mazerak 860,177
12   Grooomp 809,203
13   Spef 808,496
14   meowmixmix 799,117
15   ix 726,367
16   SAIBOT 723,270
17   hbix 719,936
18   Sedoxa 714,015
19   bootsthatshoot 708,103
20   Vlad 704,023
21   ShinGraywords 680,359
22   SchnitzelDX 680,148
23   Samots 672,747
24   Linkruler 672,466
25   saturnin55 664,385
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 My Favourite Games #2: Twiggle
Posted by hbix on June 24th, 2017 @08:34PM

‘My Favourite Games’ is a regular MossRanking feature which gives us a chance to get to know our fellow Spelunkers a little better. In each edition, we put the spotlight on one member of the community, as they pick three of their most treasured video games ever and give their reasons why. Featured members are allowed to pick whatever games they want... except for Spelunky.


In the second entry, we go to Twiggle, a brilliant all-around Spelunker and one of the best score runners in the community. He is currently eighth in the MossRanking leaderboard. Below, Twiggle reveals his favourite game ever and which surprising multiplayer title is home to his fondest gaming memories with his family.



Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES, 1995)

Twiggle’s favourite game of all time, “no contest” as he puts it, is this utterly charming 2D platformer from Nintendo. Although dubbed as a sequel to the acclaimed Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island is an entirely different game which sees players control different-coloured Yoshis as they embark on a mission to rescue Baby Luigi. “Everything about the game is perfect, from the sprites to the controls to the level design and music,” Twiggle says. “I believe it’s the first ‘real’ game I ever beat.”


Twiggle credits Yoshi’s Island for getting him into platforming games. A standout part of the game is how no two levels feel the same. “I actually replayed it fairly recently, and was astonished with the physics of the boss fights,” he shares, bringing up the fight which happens literally inside a frog after Yoshi is downsized by Kamek. “I found it so amazing because of how bouncy and fluid the inside of the frog felt -- like when you threw an egg against the side, it would sort of roll.”


Of course, Yoshi’s Island also has the classic ‘Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy’ level. If Yoshi hits a Fuzzy, he will become dizzy and his movement is affected -- something which, through some great effects, is ingeniously reflected on the screen for the player. “I love how the game really makes you feel like you were sick or on drugs, with the colours changing, the swaying of the level, and the music becoming distorted,” Twiggle says.


Examples like these show the passion and attention given during development. As a result, the final game is a near-magical experience.



Insaniquarium Deluxe (PC, 2004)

Twiggle’s second pick is a lesser-known PopCap game. Insaniquarium Deluxe is a puzzle title which challenges players to protect tanks filled with colourful fish and other sea creatures by keeping them well-fed and happy. “I loved the fast-paced nature of this game as well as the freedom you have when beating a level,” Twiggle explains. “I love the way the game takes action to the next level and making the experience crazy and wacky, similar to Spelunky in a way with some of the crazy interactions that can happen.”


Twiggle compares Insaniquarium to Spelunky, commenting that, although they are very different games, they share similar qualities which reeled him in. “What makes both stand out from other games is the way the levels interact with themselves, even if you don’t do anything,” he explains. “It makes the game feel so much more alive, and it makes you feel like you’re in the game rather than just a spectator.”


Future games like Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants vs. Zombies have eclipsed Insaniquarium for PopCap in terms of popularity, but Twiggle hopes that the developer will give the series another moment in the spotlight one day. “I think the reason Insaniquarium wasn’t as popular is because it was a PC game when there weren’t many mainstream places to distribute PC titles and before mobile touch devices were a thing,” he theorises. “If they released it today, it could be a huge hit. I sincerely hope there is some sort of remastered version or sequel in the future.”


By the way, Insaniquarium Deluxe is only a buck/quid or so in the Steam summer sale right now.



Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Mario Party games are known for providing brilliant multiplayer experiences. But for Twiggle, it’s the handheld DS iteration of the series which stands out as his personal favourite. “I remember long car and plane rides playing with my siblings,” he explains. "My sister, who isn’t a huge gamer by any means, absolutely loved the game, which just shows how Nintendo [and Hudson Soft] truly knows how to make games for everybody.”


The smart thing about Mario Party DS is that it only requires one cartridge for four players through Download Play. “Growing up, my dad had a job where we moved every couple of years,” Twiggle says. “Also, every year, we would come back to the States to visit my mother’s family. As you can imagine, there was a lot of driving, flying, trains, and buses that we took when travelling, so naturally the DS is what we played. With Mario Party, you could pretty much play the entire thing on multiple DS consoles like you owned the game with just one cartridge.”


Funnily enough, the console versions of Mario Party didn’t take off in the Twiggle household in the same way. Their favourite minigame-action title at home was WarioWare Inc. for the GameCube.


Honourable Mentions: Worms Armageddon, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. series, Plants vs. Zombies, Glover.




Do you want to be featured? To be part of ‘My Favourite Games’, send a message to hbix (#3495) on the Spelunky Discord, listing your three picks along with a quick comment justifying their inclusions. You will hear back from me with follow-up questions.


Previous 'My Favourite Games' entries: Kinnijup (#1)


 My Favourite Games #1: Kinnijup
Posted by hbix on June 17th, 2017 @01:44AM

‘My Favourite Games’ is a new regular feature on MossRanking that gives us a chance to get to know our fellow Spelunkers better. In each edition, we put the spotlight on one member of the community, as they pick three of their most treasured video games ever and give their reasons why. Featured members are allowed to pick whatever games they want... except for Spelunky.


In the inaugural entry, who better to go to than the number one Spelunky player? Kinnijup has crushed the competition in nearly every single category, and has represented the community at AGDQ 2016. But what was the first game he got into competitively? And which long-forgotten game left a particularly strong impression on him growing up? Here are his three picks...



Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64, 1997)

Mario Kart 64 was the franchise’s first foray into 3D. Bringing in four-player support and 16 brand new tracks, it was a favourite among split-screen enthusiasts -- but for Kinnijup, Nintendo’s kart-racing classic was his second game in which he poured hours and hours into playing competitively. “I still follow it on Twitch,” he tells MossRanking. “I hold a couple of world records, still.”  


Kinnijup was the NTSC world champion for about a year (NTSC and PAL are split as they run on slightly different speeds), and to this day he remains fifth in NTSC and ninth overall. “Mario Kart 64 just relies on pure driving skill for non-shortcut runs,” Kinnijup says, on what makes the game so appealing for him. As he notes, the challenges with Mario Kart 64 are very different to that of Spelunky. “It is kind of weird I ended up on a game with ridiculous RNG like Spelunky,” he says. “There are cool shortcuts in Mario Kart 64 as well, but they are a different ranking.”


Kinnijup hasn’t ruled out a return to the Mario Kart 64 competitive scene. Even to this day, he thinks about diving back in -- but will he? “I have been telling some Mario Kart 64 friends for three years now that I would play again eventually,” he says. “Right now, I plan to give it another try if I ever get the Low% record in Spelunky -- so it might never happen!”



Super Mario Kart (SNES, 1992)

If Mario Kart 64 was Kinnijup’s second game he got into competitively, it is perhaps no surprise that his first was Super Mario Kart, the very first in the Mario Kart series and a revolutionary title in the kart-racing sub-genre of racing games. “I played Super Mario Kart with my brother as a kid, and it just always had a special place in my heart,” he comments.


Despite quitting years ago, Kinnijup has retained a few Super Mario Kart world records, and looks back at his time with the game very fondly. He is honest when talking about why he decided to move on to Mario Kart 64. “A technique that was no fun took over the game shortly after I left, and I really just completely lost interest,” he explains. “Mario Kart 64 is way better and less broken.”


Bizarrely, he was the one who discovered the technique, known as New Boosting Technique (NBT). “It was a bit ironic,” he shares. “It basically allowed you to drive off the road entirely without slowing down or with even speeding up. It made the old records feel meaningless and was just frustrating. I never really complained about it at the time, because some people enjoyed it and I didn’t want to stop their fun.”



Beyond the Beyond (PlayStation 1, 1996)

The final pick is the underappreciated role-playing game Beyond the Beyond. Developed by Camelot (who would go on to make the Golden Sun games), this PS1 title had a huge impact on Kinnijup when he played it years ago. “It was the first RPG I ever played,” he says. “Not many people play it, but I associate it with my upbringing and probably my first real gaming addiction.”


Kinnjup struggles to pinpoint exactly what makes Beyond the Beyond stand out, yet it seems the sum of its parts combined to deliver an experience that was immersive and unforgettable for him at the time. “I was heavily into RPGs for a decade,” he notes. “I think it could have just as easily been another RPG here, but it just happened to be the first one I played.”


Beyond the Beyond would go on to be overshadowed by a number of other role-playing games on the PlayStation 1, and Kinnijup admits that he wished Beyond the Beyond had more attention. “I used to dig around and never find many fans for it,” he says. “Apparently, it’s a pretty low-rated game by most people who review it. But I actually remember having dreams of a sequel.”




Do you want to be featured? To be part of ‘My Favourite Games’, send a message to hbix (#3495) on the Spelunky Discord, listing your three picks along with a quick comment justifying their inclusions. You will hear back from me with follow-up questions.


 Spef hits temple rank, and everybody else goes temple-crazy
Posted by hbix on June 15th, 2017 @07:55PM

Hi all -- hbix here.


Less than a week has gone by since the last Moss News, and yet there is plenty to report. Yes, Kinnijup has bagged himself another couple of world records, but several other people hit really neat milestones as well, and a new meme category has become the talk of the community.


Check out all of the big headlines below.


Spef becomes the 14th person to reach temple rank

He finally did it, folks. Spef achieved an impressive feat managed by only 13 others before him as he scored enough points to take him past the 800k mark and into the temple. With runs such as a 4:36.321 Hell% and a 2:47.639 No Teleporter Any%, the third highest-ranking European moved into a truly elite group and -- as a bonus -- edged past meowmixmix into 13th place.



Spef also managed a really nice 12:48.004 Max Low% Hell. “Temple rank is a big milestone for me and something that will help keep me motivated with the game,” Spef tells MossRanking. “The goal now is to keep making progress, slow or fast.”


Who will be the next person to reach temple? ix is currently in 15th with 728k, while Saibot just behind in 16th would take a significant step towards 800k with a good score run.


Konato_K joins the 3-million score club

Konato_K has gained a reputation for his excellent daily scores, and it was only a matter of time before that translated over to normal score. In between sessions of Unexplored, Mexico’s top Spelunker banked a massive $3,023,000 on his trip to hell and back.



“I didn’t want to do a score run, but the specs obligated me,” Konato_K recalls to MossRanking, “and the 1-2 jetpack was a real boost to my score mood.”


Konato_K says the run wasn’t perfect, and feared at one point that he wouldn’t make 3 million. “By 5-2, I realised the chances of 3 million were unlikely, but 5-3 was an awesome level and saved the run.” Indeed, he collected 151k on 5-3, which was enough to take him over the line. After this very fine run, Konato_K has the top 25 in his sights.


A new meme category is born

MossRankers have a new category to get stuck into. Temple Shortcut% challenges players to complete the game with an Olmec finish as quickly as possible, starting from the temple shortcut. For all the memesters who take the meme subranking seriously, Temple Shortcut% contributes towards your meme subranking points.


ix played a huge part in pushing for Temple Shortcut% to be on MossRanking, and posted the official first time of 1:00.3. He would later get a 0:58.2.



“The category is loosely modelled after Chrono Trigger’s New Game+ mode, which allows players to reach the ending much faster than starting from a blank save file,” he tells MossRanking. “Notably, saturnin55 refused to accept this as a ‘real’ category until Kinnijup came up with the driest possible name for the run.” Kappix.


The current world record is held by Kinnijup, who finished the game in 0:51.6It will certainly be interesting to see how far this category can be pushed. “I suspect we will get a category killer of 50.x if meowmixmix or Kinni is willing to grind it down," ix says. He thinks that a sub-50 time won't likely be achieved in the near future.


Other people who submitted Temple Shortcut% times include Khold (0:52.3), bootsthatshoot (0:54.6), Polodajaneiro (0:57.0), MikeIsMyIke (0:56.5), saturnin55 (0:58.8), and GreatStriker (1:37.2), while Grooomp retains top spot in the meme subranking ahead of ix with a time of 0:54.8.


An awesome daily appears... and Twigglefly gets 3 million

A rare occurrence happened on the June 11 daily: three separate players finished with scores of 2.8 million or more. The daily was notable for having an almost-guaranteed free hired hand in 4-1. In most reported cases, the player could manipulate the shopkeeper to run out of the shop and leave the HH alive.



A jetpack on 2-2 and altars on 4-2 and 5-3 -- ideal for double boss ghosting -- meant that no hugely crazy strategies were required. A good score was on the cards for anybody who could finish, although a late udjat and poor gem spawns in hell prevented the seed from being even greater.


Newly-temple-ranked Spef was the first of the three players to defeat Yama, posting an impressive daily score of $2,992,300 -- barely missing out on 3 million.


I (hbix) was next, behind Spef throughout in the splits but taking home $2,834,150, a new daily personal best. This boosted my daily average to $2,432,652 and took me past the 700k moss points mark, joining the likes of bootsthatshoot and Sedoxa on Ruby Ice Caves. (A 4:12.970 Low% No Gold this week also counted towards my moss points total.)



Lastly, Twigglefly had a crack and delivered in style, with a massive $3,062,925 to his name. It is Twigglefly’s second-highest daily score, and takes his average to $2,808,377 -- which is fifth place overall. He is now one daily run away from moving ahead of Buddy7heElf.


Kinnijup scores yet another world record

Not to be outshone, Kinnijup banked an incredibly quick 5:28.217 Low% Hell, beating his previous world-record time by nearly five seconds (to go along with his Temple Shortcut% WR). This had a knock-on effect in the overall rankings, with Buddy7heElf overtaking curticus.



Vlad had a superb sub-3 Max Any% run (2:59.660), moving up to the top 20 as a result and closing in on 700k, while falafel_raptor and saturnin55 posted Max Low% times of 4:02.169 and 6:28.413 respectively. falafel_raptor had a 17:48.380 All Shortcuts + Olmec run as well, which was very nice.


Polodajaneiro beat French counterpart Vlad in Any% with a terrific time of 2:31.124. With an overall MossRanking position of 28, he is another player -- alongside the likes of Konato_K, usernamecantbe25, and Khold -- who is challenging for a spot in the top 25. Positions 26 to 31 are all very bunched-up as things stand...



MikeIsMyIke had another productive week, submitting a 3:12.033 No Teleporter Any%, a 5:14.502 No Gold (also No Teleporter Any% No Gold), and a really cool 3:22.274 Low%. MikeIsMyIke has been fighting for position against the likes of GreatStriker and Abob71 recently, and right now he is above them in 34th place.


Finally, we had a couple of fresh Hell% runs -- 9:19.840 from AlphaChannel and 14:42.293 from The Mad Murf. GGs, everyone!


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