Key to Yama

Definition: A run completed after bringing the key into Yama's chamber. Player is free to do whatever he wants with the key (bring it to Yang, dispose the key into lava, kill Yama with the key)

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Video Comment
1   Kinnijup 8:24.052 100.00% 5-3 lol
2   Spef 10:32.089 79.74% it's also basejump
3   ix 10:45.953 78.03% I'm not the kinda girl to get messed up with you
4   Khold 20:44.136 40.51% super careful/nervous into hell with 2 bombs
5   saturnin55 39:43.465 21.15% First Key to Yama run ever! Also Max lol Lord of the Keys!