Olmec Failplant%

Definition: The player has to complete the game after angrily throwing the eggplant at Olmec because of all the rage provoked by bad altar RNG. The player must have acquired the Ankh in the Black Market. Alternatively, the eggplant can be destroyed in other ways into Olmec's lair if the spelunker wants to express sadness instead of rage, or simply carried out of the lair.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Video Comment
1   Grooomp 5:29.645 100.00% missed olmec's fat head ):
2   Khold 6:33.336 83.81% still trying to get that eggplant run
3   ix 7:04.175 77.71% Solanum melongena
4   Mazerak 9:45.579 56.29% Optimised olmec fight, no gold until 4-2
5   Konato_K 10:14.782 53.62% No altar, no mammoths, they be extinct :(
6   ShinGraywords 11:47.595 46.59% Confirmed you cannot drainmec using eggplant
7   DiMono 15:13.569 36.08% Foodbank%
8   Vlad 17:51.889 30.75% not even a mammoth :(
9   tickbite 29:45.796 18.46% I rescued the eggplant!