All Characters

Definition: The player must unlocks all characters from a brand new save file. The timer begins with the choice of player character and stops once all characters are unlocked. No matter which timing mechanism is used (autosplitter that ends the timer automatically or with a manual timer), the player has to show all characters from the player selection screen, confirming that they are all unlocked.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Video Comment
1   ix 1:03:16.953 100.00% Half dream and half crazy to believe in anything at all
2   Kinnijup 1:07:53.119 93.22% Got the last digit from the .lss file
3   meowmixmix 1:21:07.140 78.01% Could have been sub 1 hour 20 min if Olmec wasn't a meany
4   Konato_K 1:28:35.503 71.43% Meow pls. WR throw? Double CoG trip. Jetpack+Key. Nice mines
5   GreatStriker 1:32:57.100 68.08% help me
6   MikeIsMyIke 1:55:03.150 55.00% I'm too lucky <3 (1:18:21.150 without the 36min pause)
7   saturnin55 2:35:43.800 40.64% Slow start but ice/temple farming strats FTW
8   Mazerak 3:55:47.850 26.84% all achievements too
9   Kirby703 4:00:30.420 26.31% (see All Achievements)