All Achievements - Spelunky HD

Definition: Complete each of the 20 Achievements using a brand new save file. The timer begins with the choice of player character and stops once the 20th achievement is unlocked. Using extrapolated time for the Addicted achievement is not allowed. It is not required to start from a brand new Steam account, but you need to use a tracker that supports tracking achievements from an existing account. If you don't use a supported tracker, you will need to start from a brand new Steam account. Guide, Tracker by Sawr

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   ix 2:37:18.980 100.00% An MR-ix time
2   Kirby703 2:38:26.770 99.29% WR! PogChamp
3   TNF 2:50:50.260 92.09% Bad middlegame, great endgame. Next up, sub-2:50!
4   meowmixmix 2:51:56.759 91.49% Next milestone is sub 2:50 :)
5   Khold 3:02:39.840 86.12% good except that one bad part lol
6   Sawr 3:33:22.210 73.73% actually was pretty fun
7   Mazerak 3:55:47.850 66.72% remind me to never do this again
8   samcv 4:12:00.310 62.43% nice tracker sawr
9   chocolatecake5000 4:53:58.300 53.51%
10   GruntingCrunchy 5:37:00.000 46.68% Celebratory birthday stream