RSVP Challenge

The RSVP Challenge (Robbing Shopkeepers Very Poorly) is about exactly that...mandatory aggroing of shopkeepers, and leaving behind the most valuable item every one of them has...the shotgun. It is also about playing the game for a mix of skill AND fun, so stick to the base game without manipulating the system for extra rewards.

  • - Adventure mode or Daily runs can be submitted.
  • - You must get an Olmec or Yama win.
  • - You MUST aggro the shopkeepers on the first level you encounter them on, even if the only one you encounter is in a vault.
  • - If shopkeepers deaggro, you must re aggro them at first available opportunity.
  • - You must NOT use a shotgun. You can pick one up in order to move it out of the way of something, but you may not fire it.
  • - NO manipulation of gold/gems. This includes pyramid duping (whipping piles of gold), pot strats (like exploding pots), Hired Help duping, ghosting gems, etc. The value stands as it started.
  • - If you happen to dupe a pyramid or grab a diamond by mistake, you can skip an equivalent amount of money at the next occasion. Run is not DQ'd because that would be no fun. Grabbing full ghosted vault is disallowed.
  • - No Robot/Meatboy/other resetable characters allowed. Natural Hired Help in the castle or shops are okay.
  • - No using the ball and chain to collect any extra gold with the exception of the Moai diamond
  • - Have fun! (this is a requirement :)