Main categories

Category Player Score/time   Video Comment
 Score   Kinnijup $3,526,575 725k CoG + 234k Olmec
 Any%   Kinnijup 1:38.929 In front of Derek Yu! :D
 Hell%   Kinnijup 3:36.363 1:34 into temple
 Low%   Kinnijup 2:34.380 fast temple

Challenge runs

Category Player Score/time   Video Comment
 Eggplant%   Kinnijup 8:50.095 Buddy OP tho
 Low% Hell   Kinnijup 5:19.413 Clutch 4-1 and 5-2 rope, 1 rope Yama
 All Shortcuts + Olmec   Kinnijup 15:51.630 Scary Olmec, 3:28 IGT finish
 Big Money   Kinnijup 5:30.250 Sweet!
 No Teleporter Any%   Kinnijup 2:16.732 Kept it fast
 No Gold   Kinnijup 1:57.324 6 bomb Olmec
 No Gold Hell%   Kinnijup 4:21.155 Good
 Low% No Gold   Kinnijup 2:48.749 Olmec omg I can't even
 Max Any%   d_tea 2:03.454 One kinni down :P
 Max Hell%   Kinnijup 4:02.761 Not sub 4 but very good!
 Max Low%   Kinnijup 3:25.401 scary ropeless Olmec