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 21 Questions With... GruntingCrunchy
Posted by hb on September 23rd, 2018 @01:46AM


Welcome to 21 Questions With.


In each entry, the spotlighted individual is asked a variety of quickfire questions about themselves. What's the story behind their username? What's their favourite movie? What do they really think about the community? These are just some of the potential questions, and hopefully you will get a satisfying insight into that member.


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21 Questions With... GruntingCrunchy


What is your first name? Will.


Where do you live? Ohio, USA.


What is your occupation? Studying Math and Physics, hoping to become a high school/college teacher.


How did you come up with your username? In third grade I invented several creatures, including a ‘Crunchy’ and a ‘Gruntbuggly’. ‘GruntingCrunchy’ is a combination of the two.


Give an interesting fact about yourself. I've been part of a circus for nine years, and do tons of fun things including juggling, unicycling, tightwire, aerial silks, and German wheel.


Who was the first Spelunky streamer you remember watching? I started watching a few Kinnijup streams before I even got the game. I tried speedrunning Classic at the time.


What is your proudest run? My proudest run is probably my 6:53 Max Hell, although my 17:21 Eggy is up there, or maybe my Snowball% run. I'm pretty proud of finally completing Low% Hell, although no actual proof exists of that right now.



What is your favourite part about the community? The community is really wonderful. The overall atmosphere is very positive and supportive of everyone, but my favorite part is all of the community run events and features, such as MossRanking, MossNews, The Grind, and AS+O Tournaments.


Favourite movie? The Martian.


Favourite TV show? Doctor Who or The Office.


Favourite music artist? Electric Light Orchestra or The Beatles.


Favourite song or album? For song, it’s ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ by Crosby, Stills & Nash. For album, it’s Rumours by Fleetwood Mac or ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles.


Favourite book? Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang.


Favourite food? Cheese and bread.


Describe your personality in three words. Positive, curious, unique.



What is your perfect day out? A hike and picnic in the woods, followed by resting in a hammock.


Which three items would you have if you were stranded on a desert island? Something to listen to music with, a multi-tool, and rope.


What is your most prized possession? I have a pair of safety glasses (like for chemistry or construction) with the front of an EasyBake oven taped to it -- the reason for which is a long story involving me getting my hand stuck inside said oven and it being cut out with an electric saw. Many of my friends signed these glasses, and I have a strong sentimental attachment to them now.


Who is the most famous person you have met? I met 50 Cent at a hotel I was staying at during a high school Latin convention. One of my friends told me who he was, and I addressed him as "Mr. Cent". He seemed rather amused.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Time manipulation would be really cool.


Do you have a message you would like to give to the community? You people are awesome. The community is the reason that a not-super-popular game from 2013 is still receiving 150+ run submissions a month. I love being a part of this group of people.


Thank you for your time!


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