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 21 Questions With... JakeTreester
Posted by hb on October 15th, 2018 @07:15AM


Welcome to 21 Questions With #6.


In each entry, the spotlighted individual is asked a variety of quickfire questions about themselves. What's the story behind their username? What's their favourite video game? What do they really think about the community? These are just some of the potential questions, and hopefully you will get a satisfying insight into that member.


If you wish to be featured in a future instalment, there is a form at the bottom of this article. Any person in the Spelunky community can take part.



21 Questions With... JakeTreester


What is your first name? Jake.


Where do you live? New York, USA.


What is your occupation? Grad Student, work for an HVAC company.


Describe yourself in one sentence. The most confident yet timid person you'll ever meet.


How did you come up with your username? It is a variation on my real name. My username used to be Yoshimitsu524 then JakeYoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu is my favorite character from Soul Calibur II (though I main Ivy), but I gradually changed my username because I like my real name better. Some people still call me ‘Yosh’ out of habit, which is fine.



Give an interesting fact about yourself. I started a podcast with two friends in June, and it is going really well.


What is your podcast about? Jake & Jake is a freeform podcast that is 100% improv. There are three people involved: myself (Jake) and my friends Jacob (Jake #2) and Jordan (special guest). We talk about whatever comes to mind, and there is never any structured content. Our goal with the podcast is fun, and we just talk the way we normally would. If someone had taken a microphone and put it in front of us at any point in our friendship, you would get the Jake & Jake podcast. I started to think of it as the Seinfeld of podcasts (but obviously on a much smaller scale).


What is your Twitter handle? @jtreister2 (personal), @jakejakepod (podcast)


What is your proudest run? I'd say my Big Money run is my best run. Even if it isn't my highest-ranking run, I always liked the category and to me, Speedlunky is still insane.


What is your favourite part about the community? How even though it has evolved a lot since I started, it maintained the same chill vibe. Also very welcoming of beginners.



Favourite video game? I did a My Favorite Games. [hb: Here’s the link. Jake picked Super Smash Bros. Melee, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories, and Mario Tennis 64.]


What is your favourite thing about playing Super Smash Bros. Melee competitively? I have been playing Super Smash Bros. casually since I was a kid. I only discovered the competitive scene in 2014, and I was instantly infatuated. The ability to play a familiar game in a competitive setting was enticing to me, which is the same reason why I joined the Spelunky community.


What is your most prized possession? My custom GameCube controller.


What makes it special? In Melee, there’s an advanced technique called shield dropping. This action allows a character to drop through a platform and perform a move faster than if you drop through the platform normally -- see below (or click here for the GIF if it doesn't load).



Only certain GameCube controllers can perform this action, and those that can, can only do it on one side of the analog stick. My controller is special because it can shield drop on both sides.


There is also something else in Melee that is RNG called dashback, which basically allows a character to turn around and run the opposite direction quickly. My controller has 90% dashback, which is really rare. On top of these strokes of luck, it has a custom shell that I made by combining two controllers.


Which do you prefer to play competitively: Spelunky or Super Smash Bros. Melee? In my mind, Spelunky and Melee require identical mindsets. They both require the player to be doing nearly constant improv and be able to react to any scenario. The only difference is that in Melee, most of the RNG is the opponent’s moves, whereas in Spelunky the game determines the RNG. But both require quick reactions.


However, the short answer is that I prefer playing Spelunky competitively because the scene is more intimate and the game has more depth.



Favourite movie? Mr. Holland's Opus. It’s a movie that does a great job of developing its characters and showing how American society evolved through the second half of the 20th century. The main reasons why I like it so much is because it has great storytelling, good pacing, and amazing character arcs. I also love any movie with music -- I’m a big fan of musicals.


What is the last movie you cried at? Coco.


If your life was a movie, what would the movie be called? Treister the Movie (already available on Vimeo -- see below).



Which actor would play you in a Hollywood movie? Finn Wolfhard.


Favourite food? BBQ Ribs.

Do you have a message you would like to give to the community? Keep doing you, love you guys.



Thank you for your time, Jake!


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