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 21 Questions With... courgette
Posted by hb on November 1st, 2018 @05:54PM


Welcome to 21 Questions With #8.


In each entry, the spotlighted individual is asked a variety of quickfire questions about themselves. What's the story behind their username? What's their favourite video game? What do they really think about the community? These are just some of the potential questions, and hopefully you will get a satisfying insight into that member.


21 Questions With... courgette


What is your first name? Gael.


Where do you live? Rouen, Normandy, France.


What is your occupation? Law student (currently passing the bar).


How did you come up with your username? Years ago, I was searching for an internet nickname for some multiplayer game, Half-Life 2 or Day of Defeat Source maybe, and my mother-in-law said "courgette" in another room. I found the word to be funny. Plus, we played Quake 3 back then with some friends under the name Haricot Vert, and as both are vegetables in French, it was good enough for me.


Give an interesting fact about yourself. I only speedrun Spelunky, but am also member of a Rising Storm 2 team, the [DT].



What’s appealing to you about Rising Storm 2? The devs managed to create a very good balance between realism (it's not a no-brainer shooter like Call of Duty) and fun gameplay (not walking simulator like ARMA). Tactics do matter (and teamwork improves it even more) and it's not just a sandbox -- it's a real game with well-designed gameplay.


When did you join the community? My first run was submitted in June 2018. I was watching streamers already though for a few months.


What is your favourite category? No Gold categories are fun. Score ones, too. Paradoxal. I'll talk to my shrink about that money obsession.


What is your proudest run or contribution? As I can't livestream (because of a garbage upload speed issue) and I don't organize anything within the Spelunky community, I don't really have contributions to be particularly proud of, except for GGs and poor-quality jokes on Twitch chats. My most satisfactory run so far has been No Gold.


What is your favourite part about the community? The people in it.



Favourite video game? Deus Ex. I played it for the first time during a summer when I was in middle school, and it felt like a first summer love. The atmosphere and soundtrack were out of this world. The sensation of freedom and in-game consequences of past actions were really well done. The story was cool and I totally felt involved in it, even though, like The X-Files for instance, looking back now it feels a little too much like conspiracy theory.


Gameplay was dope, with lots of possible ways to accomplish your goals and not too scripted. I’m pretty much sure the developers didn't think of everything, and playing the game really encourages you to think outside the box. It's not necessarily an "alternative" route created by the developers, it's also borderline looking for glitches, or at least things that were not consciously put there. You could outsmart the game, or at least feel like you did so.


It was so good and I felt so involved that when the (very good) end credits music started, I was borderline crying, like after finishing a very good novel.



Favourite movie? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Not really sure why I love and watched it so much. Probably the road trip aspect, and the absurdity of many of the situations. I usually watch the original version of the movie (so English most of the time), but that one I watched only in French. It might be a reason for why I love it. The voice-acting is really great.


Favourite song or album? Heligoland, Massive Attack.


Favourite book? Voyage au bout de la nuit (‘Journey to the End of the Night’ in English). Louis-Ferdinand Céline (real name Louis Ferdinand Destouches) was an antisemitic and collaborationist sack of shit, and other novels from him aren't really good in my view, but that specific one is the most masterised, fun, and beautiful novel ever written in French. As far as I know, of course.


Favourite food? Pizza.


Favourite pizza topping? Chorizo, or at least pepperoni.


Which three items would you have if you were stranded on a desert island? A device giving infinite energy, a device that can connect to the internet, and a toothbrush.


What is your perfect day out? Probably involves drinking some beers at some sunny terrace bar.


Which actor would play you in a Hollywood movie? Ryan Gosling, to match my look.



If you could have any superpower, what would it be? To keep getting newspapers even when dead.

Favourite vegetable? I would say tomato (cold and raw, not hot or baked), but it's my understanding that if it's viewed as a vegetable in gastronomy, it's not one biologically speaking. In that case, let's say my favorite is beans. (I'm not into courgette that much.)


Thank you for your time, courgette!


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