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 Spelunky Kapala World Cup: Team line-ups and captains
Posted by hb on November 4th, 2018 @01:37PM



Spelunky Kapala World Cup sign-ups have now closed, and a massive 41 people are taking part! Team USA and Team World have 20+ members each, with names such as Kinnijup, Mazerak, Grooomp, and Twiggle representing USA and d_tea, Spef, Krille, and Curt representing World.


Over the weekend, both teams decided on their captains and vice-captains. Team USA will be led by JakeTreester as captain and Mazerak as vice-captain. Team World will be led by Vlad as captain and GreatStriker as vice-captain.


Teams have been given the full list of races and have until Friday, November 9 to make their team selections. The full schedule is planned to be released on Saturday, November 10. The stream events are on November 24 (Saturday), November 25 (Sunday), and December 1 (Saturday).



We will have 16 Tier Races (including Tier 1 Low Hell%!) and 5 Multi-Tier Races. The Multi-Tier Races feature:


- All Shortcuts + Olmec 4v4 Relay - each of the four team members is responsible for one area split (Mines, Jungle, Ice Caves, Temple);


- All Journal Entries Co-op - two team members must complete a combined journal with assistance from their Journal Manager.


The full list of commentators is also confirmed. Commentators will commentate in pairs, one from USA and one from World. For USA, we have Kinnijup, meowmixmix, Lauren, ix, Beens, JakeTreester, and Katty/msp. For World, we have Spef, Vlad, MikeIsMyIke, DiMono, Khold, Polo, and Maplestrip.


See you on November 24!