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 Ranking system explained
Posted by saturnin55 on September 2nd, 2016 @01:47PM

Here are the different ranks you can achieve on MossRanking. The more points you gain, the better your rank becomes.


  Rank Points Comment
Unknown 0 Starting rank when you don't have any run submitted 
Emerald Mines 1  
Sapphire Mines 100,000  
Ruby Mines 200,000 Nice, keep going!
Diamond Mines 300,000 Finish more categories and you'll get a lot of points!
Emerald Jungle 400,000  
Sapphire Jungle 450,000 Unfortunately, Draining Olmec does not give extra points
Ruby Jungle 500,000 Who said it was easy to rank up !
Diamond Jungle 550,000 Don't get 2-4'd !
Emerald Ice Caves 600,000 At this point, you probably have no penalty left or are very close to having none
Sapphire Ice Caves 650,000  
Ruby Ice Caves 700,000 Starting to get a bit ridiculous now
Diamond Ice Caves 750,000  
Emerald Temple 800,000 Stop being so good at this game
Sapphire Temple 825,000  
Ruby Temple 850,000  
Diamond Temple 875,000  
Emerald Hell 900,000  
Sapphire Hell 925,000  
Ruby Hell 950,000  
Diamond Hell 975,000  


 For more information about how to increase your MossRanking points total, please read this.


Good luck!