Spelunky News!

 Activity out the wazoo :P
Posted by Kinnijup on August 24th, 2016 @01:48PM

Hey gang, there's over 20 runs to go over today so let's waste no time getting to them ;)


First, I want to go over a few slightly older runs that got submitted cause they are super impressive.


d_tea submitted two runs that are actually fairly recent. He got a 2:26.034 No Teleporter Any%, and a 4:10.779 No Teleporter Hell%. The Hell run in particular has a sick pace into the temple. He said he plans to go for a run of this under 4 minutes in the future, so that will be super exciting!


The other guy who submitted an older run is SchnitzelDX! He had a nice 2:38 No Teleporter Any% that he added. Schnitzel's ranking went up significantly now that he can use a 3rd score run for points, and I have to personally say it was a well-deserved boost for him. He was hitting a lot of runs like Low% Hell and sub 3 Low% long before most of us. He has a lot of untapped potential for sure. It is nice to know he still follows the community.


Now, onto the runs done over the last few days.


bootsthatshoot got a Max Any% PB, a 4:28. We'll see a run at the very least near the 3 minute mark from him once a teleporter seed cooperates.


falafel_raptor managed a small Low% PB. It was only a PB by a couple seconds, but was an impressive run nonetheless. He got a 3:20.


We have a new face on Mossranking: Dr. Probably. He does dailies, and so far has a $737k daily high score which he got on the August 18th Daily. Nice job and nice to have you, Dr.!


saturnin55 had a crazy hour or so in his stream last night where he got two big PBs. He got a 4:59 Low% No Gold run, and a 3:03 Any% + No Teleporter Any%. These were enough to push him into the overall top 15, so way to go, sat!


BisleyT has been hard at work on some All Shortcuts runs. So far, he's got a 42 minute key split with a 72 minute Olmec finish. Hope RTA is treating you well, Bis!


Speaking of RTA runs, ShinGraywords made a big improvement to his AJE time. He's nearing the 60 minute mark, and currently has a 65 minute run. Shin also got a big score on the August 22nd Daily. He hit a $1.5mil run! This was his 3d best daily, and brought his average up to $1.25mil. Great job, Shin!


Another RTA run came in from meowmixmix. He got a run just under 1 minute slower than Shin's, a 66 minute run. Meow also got a 3:06 No Teleporter Any% run, a 3:25 Low% run, and (perhaps most impressive) a sub 3 Any% run! His Any% used a teleporter and came in at 2:52. He lost a run about 20 seconds faster into the temple a little bit before this, so he still has a ton of potential. The seeds are just so rare. A cool thing about this 2:52 of his was a queen bee telefrag. Meow has also been working on score runs and has learned some tricky ghosting mechanics, so he will likely improve his PB there soon, as well. Looking good meow!


Next up, ix submitted a $1.5mil score run! ix is basically at the point where he can attempt some hired hand shenanigans to get the plasma cannon into the City of Gold. It will be nice to see if he goes for this strategy to get the City of Gold monies :D. ix also has been working on his daily average, and got a 1.3m daily on the August 24th Daily. This is his 5th best daily, and brought his daily average up to $1.28mil. Nice!


Mazerak made an appearance to submit a 9:11 Hell run, which was also the fastest basejump run someone has done. Way to go, Mazerak!


Patdog56 is back! It seemed like forever that Pat's computer was out of commission, but Pat returned this week. He returned in style, too. He got a 6:52 Max Low% run, his first one done. This is very fast for someone's first completion of the run, as well. He also submitted a 3:22 Low% run. Pat actually finished a Low% run in the past that was over 10 seconds faster, but he was unable to record. I'm sure he will get something better than the unrecorded run sometime soon, though. Glad you can play again, Pat!


Next, we saw CamoNinjazz getting an 8:55 No Gold run. Nearing that speedlunky no gold run, Camo! Solid run.


The Mad Murf finished a 1:43 Tutorial% run. This run is sure getting a lot of attention, nice!


hbix finished an important run this week, a 27 minute No Gold Hell run. This was his first completed hell run without taking gold, so a speedrun is not expected. Great run, hbix! hbix is now only missing Max Low% and Low% Hell from the challenge runs for points pool. He gained a great deal of points by completing several of these challenge runs over the last couple weeks.


Last but not least, Khold submitted a 4:19 Any% run. Getting fast now, Khold!


Take care gang,


- Kinni

 A handful of fun Mossranking changes, explained.
Posted by Kinnijup on August 22nd, 2016 @02:53PM

Hey gang, Kinnijup here. It has been some months since we discussed possible changes to the ranking formula or the site in general. Some of us got together and discussed some changes and, from also discussing with many of the active runners, came to a consensus that these changes would improve the quality of the site, and the enjoyment players get out of it. Here is a list of those changes.


1) Perhaps the most noticeable change is we moved daily average to the pool of challenge runs, instead of making it mandatory. It is important to note this is not meant to be disrespectful to the category or view it as less important. Afterall, players like me and d_tea are finding it difficult to get to the top here. It just tends to take the longest time to get a good ranking in this, and as a result several players have mentioned to me they are demotivated. Especially a player who does not like score runs, as 10 complete score runs can sound like a monumental task (and honestly kind of is). There are even more players who like score runs, but did not want to have to complete 10 comparatively nice ones to match the rank they hold in other categories. So this was mostly a change to appeal to speedrunners. However, there is a nice change for score runners which I'll go over next.


2) Daily highscore was moved to the pool of challenge runs instead of counting for your regular score run. This change might seem negative for you if you are using a daily highscore as your score PB. However, you now have the option of using an additional score run for your overall points. This change has made it possible for someone who prefers speedruns to have as little as 1/9 score categories, or someone who likes score runs to have as many as 3. Before this and the daily average change, a player was always using 2/9. There are a couple of players who don't have a regular score run submited, so they will initially lose some points overall. However, I can guarantee that if you are in this position, you will be able to get a score similar to the daily high score you were using, without much difficulty or grinding. If you got a 1 million daily, you can get a 1 million score run on your first seed with a jetpack in the mines. Feel free to come to me for help, and I would even be willing to help you in a stream you do. Think of it like this: it will be way easier to finish 1 solid score run than it would be to finish 10 (for daily average). This change is just going to be very beneficial for the site and score runners in general, so I feel it is an important one to make.


3) No Teleporter Any% was added to the pool of challenge runs a player can use for points. This category used to be popular and asked about sometimes on the reddit by newer (not necessarily slower) players. The idea behind this change is it allows a fun use for seeds that don't have a teleporter, and will be easier for mid-ranked players to get a high rank in compared to, say, Low% Hell or eggplant speedruns. This category is the most popular category that does not influence points, and has almost as many submissions as some of the points categories. So players independently have shown interest in it. It is also a throwback/nod to the OG Spelunky, in which the teleporter was not a good item for Any%. We are also giving every player a default run in this category, their Low% time, so as to not enforce a penalty on anyone.


4) 10 categories now count for your overall rank instead of 9. This will consist of score + any% + low% + hell% + your highest 6 challenge runs. This might sound like a lot, but it really is not a big change. Consider this: substituting a run for daily average makes us have 5 instead of 4 optional categories already, so making the move to 6 is not a big deal. It will be your 6th best ranked run, basically. Daily highscore and no teleporter any% are now options and possible to get high ranks on for someone good at score or someone good at speed, so I am confident if you like the website you will have no problem with this change. Lastly, it will make it much easier to calculate or get a rough estimate of what a possible PB will do to your score if we use 10 total instead of 9.


We are also working on some color/name/ranking icons for certain scores (like 500 to 550k, 550k to 600k, etc). These will be in place sometime in the near future, hopefully. They will be a lot of fun 


The thinking behind these changes was to make the ranking more fun and appealing to a wider range of players. Feel free to voice your opinion to me (Kinnijup), saturnin55, krille71, or really anyone (the site is a community project, with the majority of the work being put in by saturnin55) in discord or PM, and don't be afraid to let us know about negatives of the changes if you would like to.





 AJE and AS+O getting some attention.
Posted by Kinnijup on August 19th, 2016 @01:23PM

Hey gang, a little bit less activity on this update than the last one, but still some solid runs got finished. Let's get to it.


HiDefLoMein became the 10th person to finish and submit an All Journal Enrtries run. He did so in 131:45:780. He might improve this time in the future, but it was nice to finish the run. He only had to go to Hell once in the run, as well.


For All Shortcuts and All Shortcuts + Olmec, we had two submissions. Moliman improved his time to a 20:44 (without Olmec finish) and Khold got a 35:45 with an Olmec finish. Great job, guys.


Tutorial% saw two submissions, as well. Moliman submitted a 1:35, and meowmixmix got a 1:21. This is a cool category I still need to get to. Nice runs!


Khold also submitted a daily highscore PB. He got a $635k run on the August 18th Daily. Getting closer to that $1 mil. He finished a 4:49 Low%, as well! This run counted for his Any% PB, which helped him gain some more points on the overall rankings.


meowmixmix also finished a 3:34 Low% run. The run had an unkind temple. I'm confident meow can greatly improve this time, though it's still looking good!


saturnin55 finished a crazy seed. He got a 10:54 Big Money run with an Olmec finish. This run was a lot of fun to watch, and hopefully someone does a sub 10 or better with an Olmec finish at some point so we can see that, as well! Great run, Sat.


Mossranking newcomer "o o0 oo0oo 0o o" joined with a $724k daily highscore from quite a while ago. Though he's new to Mosssranking, he's been doing some dailies since the middle of 2013! It is always awesome to see a veteran find Mossranking. Welcome to the site!


Newcomer to speedruns, TNF, finished a sub 4 Low% already! He finished a 3:48. This is a very promising time for someone just getting into Spelunky speedruns, so his progress should be fun to follow! Great job, TNF.


Zeke_Sharp, a good Playstation score runner, got a $1.316mil score on the August 18th Daily. This was just enough to bring his daily average up to 800k. Nice job, Zeke.


Fusuy321 tried his hand at a no teleporter any% seed and managed an any% PB, as well. He got a nice sub 3 time! His final time was 2:55. Nice job finsihing a run under 3, Fus! 


Lastly, Mbray finished an $871k highscore PB on the August 16th Daily. Really near $1 million! Good luck and great job so far, Mbray!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 CURTICUS2 GETS LOW% WORLD RECORD!!! + a good week overall for Spelunky :D
Posted by Kinnijup on August 16th, 2016 @01:52PM

Hey gang! Really big news this week as on August 12th, curticus2 broke the longstanding Low% WR! d_tea's insane 2:37.995 (the first sub 2:40 run) lasted 440 days - an insane amount of time for a record to last in a game that is only 3 years old. Low% did not get quite as much attention when the game first came out, but many of the game's veteran runners consider Low% to be the defining Spelunky run nowadays. So curticus2 deserves a big congratulations from us all! He didn't only break the WR, either - he got a ridiculous sub 2:35 run. I would say this time has a chance to last at the very least as long as tea's did, if not indefinitely. Curt's final time was a ridiculous 2:34.484. This was a WR improvement of 3.511 seconds, which is completely ridiculous considering how strong d_tea's run is. Good luck to anyone trying to beat the new WR!


There were about 15 runs from other players in all sorts of categories in the last 6 days, too. So let's get to it!


falafel_raptor has been hitting Low% hard and is on the verge of a killer PB. He had a run into 4-3 the other day where he only needed a 14s level or better for a shot at a sub 3 pace Low% run into Olmec. Sadly, he got hit by a thwomp. He didn't get a Low% PB yet, but did submit a sweet 3:30 No Gold run. Raptor has also been going for $3 mil again. Raptor started out as a score runner with $3 million as his goal, but moved on to speedruns and really sky rocketed up the ranks there. He lost a likely $3 mil score run in the middle of Hell due to a bad interaction with a cape this week, sadly, but I think he will be successful on the next one. Looking good, Raptor! Don't let that death hold you back 


meowmixmix improved his Max Any% PB all the way down to 5:16. Really starting to get speedy, meow. He also hit a nice 8:48 Hell run. Meow's skill in Low% shows his potential elsewhere. I think we will see some large cuts in the near future. Looking good so far, Meow!


Saibot has been hitting Hell runs super hard lately. He improved his PB to a 6:10! Great run, Sai. Again, like Meow, Saibot has some stronger times in other categories. So he has more potential yet, here. 


Newcomer Khold got a nice $565k score run done on the August 13th Daily. Nice job getting Big Money, Khold! 


Another big run done this week was NightHarvester got a sub 5 Hell run!! Night had a lot of solid plays with the teleporter in the run, and clenched the finish. His final time was 4:58. Congrats on getting this under 5, Night!


hbix worked on Low%, and managed a run just over 4 minutes. He got a 4:03. Good luck getting under 4, hbix!


usernamecantbe25 got a whole bunch of PBs this week. He has been streaming regularly at twitch.tv/usernamecanbeover25, so be sure to follow him over there. In particular, his Hell runs have been impressive. So far, he submitted a 12:40 Big Money, a 2:50 Any% run done without a jetpack (congrats on sub 3!), and a $1.341mil score run! He nearly got the plasma cannon into the City of Gold on this run, too. I think his next one will be a big improvement due to getting the cannon to the late game. Good luck, 25!


I (Kinnijup) got two runs done this week. The first was a 2:22 No Teleporter Any%. This category used to get some attention in the past, then sort of fell into obscurity, but is getting back to being run as of late. 16 people so far have submitted a run to Mossranking. This is nearly as many submissions as some of the challenge runs for points have gotten. There was some talk of adding this run to the pool of challenge runs someone could use for points. If you have any interest in that, it would help to submit a run of it to the site. The other run I did was a 5:54 Big Money WR run. It had a cool BumCommando-style Hell idol grab that was needed to have enough money into Yama.


Last but not least, ShinGraywords has been working hard on Big Money. So far, he has an 11:10. Good luck if you go for more of these, Shin! 


Great runs, gang!



 Fusuy nearing sub 3 Low%, and Saibot nearing sub 2 Any%!
Posted by Kinnijup on August 10th, 2016 @04:14PM

Hey 'lunkers, Kinni here. I've got about a dozen runs to go over today. Some pretty big improvements happened in many categories. Let's get to it.


Fusuy321 is back at it, and submitting some runs to Mossranking! He recently lost a ~2:54 pace Low% run on Olmec, but finished a 3:03 right afterwards. Obviously, he can get a run under 3 if the seed cooperates. Fusuy is also on the lookout for good dailies, and seems motivated to improve his overall rank. He can definitely move way up the list if he does some of the challenge runs which he could honestly finish the day he tried (I'm trying to get him more motivated here, hehe). Looking good so far, Fusuy!


Saibotsaibot improved his Any% time again, already! He got a 2:12. He had no compass and it was a 1-3 shop. With a compass and the shop being on 1-2, he will already be on his way to sub 2. Great time already though, Sai! He also submitted a 5:29 Max Low% run! Strong runs, Sai!


Next up, NightHarvester submitted a 6:37 Max Hell% run. It's now his 2nd best challenge run! I'm always impressed with Night's ability to improve his challenge runs. They are almost as strong as his main 3 speedruns at this point, in terms of how much they are helping his Mossranking score. On top of this, Night also finished his 2nd Low% Hell run, a 10:51!! Keep it up, Night!


bootsthatshoot is really nailing some killer runs in the Maximum categories lately! He struggled in the past with Max Low%, but it is safe to say those struggles are over. He nearly hit a sub 5! His current time is 5:13, though he still doesn't seem satisfied with it. So, we may see an even better time from him in the future. He also nailed a 4:41 Max Any%! Again, he seems motivated to improve this time. He's done fast worm levels with the teleporter before, so he just needs a seed with a teleporter that cooperates at this point. boots has also been trying his hand at some dailies, so he is likely to start gaining points on those soon, too. Good luck in whatever runs you try next, boots!


falafel_raptor continued his rapid climb up the ranks. This time, he got a Max Hell (also Haunted) PB. He finished in 9:16. It's his 5th best challenge run and your top 4 challenge runs are the ones that count for overall ranking points, so any further improvements to this time are likely to gain him more points.


BisleyT finished his first Max Any% run! It was also a Haunted run. His final time was 25:21. Nice job, Bis!


saturnin55 nailed a killer score run on the August 8th Daily. His final score was $2,218,950! He also finished an impressive cape daily on the August 10th Daily. His score on this one was $1.582mil. These helped him increase his daily average by over 100k, and it is now at $1.663mil. The $2.21mil run was also his new daily highscore and his first $2mil+ daily! Saturnin nearly got the plasma cannon into the City of Gold on this run, as well. He kept a hired hand alive for the majority of the time he needed to, but lost it late in the ice caves. It's pretty clear to me he can handle this strat, and we can expect some crazier scores from him in the future (if he gets enough time away from his ducklings)!


tickbite got the No Gold achievement, with a 20 minute run. He's also working on eggplant runs, and so far has an Olmec Failplant% run. He did this one in just under 30 minutes. Lookin' good, tick!


I (Kinnijup) got a $3.01mil daily on the August 9th Daily. This was just enough to push my daily average up to $3.10mil.


ShinGraywords got his Max Hell time under 10 minutes! He finished a 9:26. Shin has really been able to branch off into challenge runs the past several months. I think it is going to really help him stay motivated! That's the experience I had with them. Keep it up, Shin!


Lastly, Grooomp nailed a killer Hell run! He hit a 5:01. His time (and plays) up to 4-1 were fantastic - even sub 4:30 pace. He got some troll levels near the end, but still managed a bangin' PB. Good luck going for that sub 5 run, Grooomp!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 The Month of July
Posted by krille71 on August 8th, 2016 @02:16PM

The month of July is the first month since these monthly summaries started that had no new world record in neither the main categories nor the challenge runs, except in daily average.


The streak of insane dailies continued from last month, where the daily challenge for the 1st of July was the third highest scoring daily ever. Krille managed to set a score of $3,280,975 and D_Tea made a comeback to daily challenges with the score of $3,242,875. Kinnijup finished several high scoring dailies, one of which was over $3 million: $3,104,650 on the 23rd of July.


All the top three daily challenge runners finished a daily challenge this month, increasing their average by quite a bit. Krille set a new world record for daily average, $3,145,542 and nearly breaking the $3.15 million mark. The world record history of daily average is now available and can be seen here. Both Kinni and D_Tea are closing in on the $3.1 million mark, sitting on $3,096,327 and $3,085,867 respectively.


There have been remarkable changes in the top ten players in the main ranking. After his giant improvement in points, Krille passes SpelunkyGod and takes home the third spot in the world, being the first in more than half a year to penetrate the top three runners. The other change is that Linkruler passed Samots and achieved a place in the top ten. There is still a huge gap between the tenth and the ninth position, so we might see more action there in August.


In the recent update to MossRanking, you can now view the history of the world records in all categories included in the ranking formula. You can find it by clicking on the clock next to the category name on the leaderboards.


The racing league has started, with 19 completed races so far. Low% has been the most popular category to race thus far, but we have seen some more creative categories, like All Shortcuts + Olmec and Low% No Gold. The points for each racer are tracked in a leaderboard, but the score system will soon have a remake to be more interesting for both racers and spectators. If you are interested in participating, you can sign up with the link under the racing tab.


That was all for July, hope we will see more action next month.



 The Shin, ix, and hbix rivalry...
Posted by Kinnijup on August 8th, 2016 @01:56PM

Hey hey gang. I've got about 15 individual runs to go over today, counting for roughly 18 categories. Let's hop into it!


First up, I thought I would bring some attention to how close ShinGraywords, hbix, and ix are on the main ranking. They are ranked 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, respectively, and are separated by less than 3k total points! They are all very active, so it should be really neat to follow them as they reach the top 20. Let's go over their PBs.


ShinGraywords got six different PBs: 13:05 Haunted Max Hell, 1:29 Tutorial%, 25:27 All Shortcuts + Olmec with a 22:50 key split, 6:17 Max Any%, and a sweet 9:42 Max Low%! The Max Low% run had a killer Olmec fight, and gained him the most points.


hbix cleared up some of his penalties. He got a 7:41 No Gold (also Low%), an 11:49 Big Money, a 6:08 Max Any%, and an 11:45 Max Hell! These PBs are already looking decent. hbix went from 30th place on the main ranking all the way up to 23rd! This is really a giant leap for someone already in the top 30!


The last of these three runners, ix submitted a 28:22 All Shortcuts + Olmec run with a 26:01 key split. He also tried his hand at a couple of meme runs: a 1:39 Tutorial% run and an 8:48 Draining Olmec run.


Next up, we saw tickbite submitting an older run. He added a $689k daily high score PB from the April 2nd Daily. Nice, tick!


The top 10 saw a bit of activity this weekend, too. Buddy7heElf got a 2:03 Any% PB, and I (Kinnijup) got a 4:21 Max Hell run done. Buddy's run was done with jetpack + teleporter but without a compass! In my experience, the compass is super useful in keeping this run fast, and I think most people would agree. Buddy can get this under 2 if the seed cooperates. My Max Hell run was also a new record by just over 3 seconds, woo!


Mazerak got a bangin' $1.77mil run on the August 8th Daily. This was good enough for 5th place in his top 10, and improved his daily average to $1.712mil. Nice!

Last but not least, The Max Murf submitted an Any% run - a 6:43. Looking good, Murf.


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 Grooomp gets a sub 2 run! Also some new meme and misc. categories added :D
Posted by Kinnijup on August 6th, 2016 @02:58PM

Hey friends! We had another active couple days, enough for another news post already. Let's get to it.


First, to give the rest of the news context let's go over the new categories: Tutorial%, Key To Yama, and Olmec Failplant%. You can click on those links to see the description of each run. Tutorial% was added to the misc. challenge runs section, and the other two were added to the meme challenge runs. Now let's get to the runs.


Biggest news this week was Grooomp hit an insane 1:55.086 Any% run! If you have been following Grooomp's runs and progress, you'd see he was on the verge of this time for several months now. He just needed a seed to cooperate. This seed was actually not simple at all, either. Check out the plays in his temple! Those thwomp dodges in 4-2 . Grooomp is now the 9th person to get a Spelunky run done in under 2 minutes. He passed several big names on the Any% leaderboard as well, and hit 7th place. Congratulations, Grooomp!


Grooomp hit a handful of other runs, too. He got a 3:15 Max Any% (good enough for his top 4 challenge runs), a 3:19 No Gold run, and a nice 1:20 Tutorial% run. These runs actually managed to push Grooomp into the top 10 overall!! He even has a little bit of wiggle room. He seems super motivated and shows no sign of stopping soon, either. The gap to twigglefly is roughly 180k, but I have a feeling Grooomp will make that less and less over the coming months. In my opinion (and I have a feeling people who have all 4 of these runs would agree) a sub 2 Any% run is noticeably harder to finish than a sub 3 Low%, a sub 5 Hell, and a $3 million score run. This doesn't take away the significance of those runs, though. I just wanted to point out how crazy it is that this is the one Grooomp got first! It shows how he has the potential for all of them.


Next up, we had a sweet score PB from ShinGraywords. He hit a $1.90mil score run. He is so close to getting a run with the plasma cannon into the late game. This will increase his score substantially, so I am glad he is motivated to keep trying! He also got a 6:22 Max Any%, and an 11:55 Max Hell run! Great runs, Shin!


falafel_raptor is another guy who is definitely showing top 10 potential. He nailed a 5:18 Hell run! This was about an 80 second improvement, was done without a teleporter, and moved him to 15th place overall! Looking good, Raptor .


Mazerak is a guy who has been doing daily challenges since late in 2013, and just recently started submitting speedruns. He's already really good at them, and nailed a 3:40 Any% with jetpack + mattock + compass! He also got a 9:50 No Gold run. Great to see you tackling speedruns harder, Mazerak!


ix got a small Low% PB (a 3:53), and an 18:32 Olmec Failplant% run, the fastest one of these runs currently submitted.


curticus2 made an appearance to nail the fastest Tutorial% time: a 1:17.320. Way to go, curt!


Tutorial% saw two more submissions, too. These were a 1:32 from hbix, and a 1:24 from Saibot. I like the tutorial, and am glad it's got a spot on Mossranking now.


saturnin55 is the only person to submit a Key to Yama run so far. It is basically like a toned down eggplant run, but is still difficult. He also submitted a 5:42 Max Any% run. Great job, sat.


I (Kinnijup) submitted a 6:05 Haunted Max Hell (which is the fastest one so far) and a 2:52 Max Any% No Gold. The No Gold run is probably a better watch, and just edged out d_tea's impressive 2:55 for the fastest run in that category.


MrEikono has been working on daily challenges. For now, he has a highscore of $288k done on the August 5th Daily. Looking good, Eikono :)


Alcoer is back! He submitted a 4:18 Max Any% time. Alcoer actually lost a sub 5 Hell run right at the end recently, so I think we might see more from him there too. Good luck, Alcoer, and great to see you playing again .


Last but not least, newcomer eurotransient submitted a $350k score run done on the May 19th Daily Challenge. Welcome to the site, euro .


That's all for now,



 saturnin55 nails a Maxplant run + a dozen more sweet runs :)
Posted by Kinnijup on August 4th, 2016 @01:36PM

Hey gang, Kinni here. All Shortcuts and score runs got a lot of action the last few days, and of course saturnin's Maxplant. Let's get to it.


saturnin's final time was 50:38. This was faster than his normal eggplant time, though he's been on pace for around 20 minutes into Hell on that one. saturnin's maxplant run was particularly impressive as he had only cape and climbing gloves for mobility (no jetpack or even spring boots)! He even had to do the tricky throw at the end, as he had no pitcher's mitt. This run was really a remarkable feat. saturnin is the 6th person to finish this run. The first person was curticus2, who completed the run back when the act of getting the robot to pick up the eggplant was considered very unreliable. So he needed an altar on 3-4.2, which he got. You can view the chronological list of maxplant runs here, and curticus' run here. Congrats, sat!


meowmixmix got some big cuts to his All Shortcuts times. He ended with 20:02 for a key split and 22:04 for the Olmec finish. He also has been trying his hand at score runs! For now, he has a $922k run. He said he is motivated to try for a $2.5 million run, and I'm confident he can do it. Let's cheer him on, guys!


ShinGraywords went from a steady flow of smaller PBs to suddenly making some big cuts! He took his hell run all the way down to 6:47 - an improvement of over 40 seconds! He also improved his All Shortcuts to 25:10, his All Shortcuts + Olmec to 27:53, and his Max Any% to 6:59! Lookin' good, Shin!


Saibot continues his improvements to his daily average, and got two new top 10s for himself. He got a $696k run on the August 2nd Daily, and a $695k run on the August 4th Daily. His daily average has moved up to $845k. Nearing that $1 million mark! Good luck, Sai.


HiDefLoMein is making some fast progres, as well. I got to watch him make it all the way to 5-2 on an eggplant run. It was sad that he lost the eggplant on that level, but it's pretty clear the run is within his abilities! For this update, he sumbitted a 17:20 Max Any% (also Haunted), and a 16:52 Hell% time! Way to go, HiDef.


We had two daily highscore submissions, one from tickbite and one from MbraY. Tickbite got a $262k run on the August 3rd Daily, and Mbray got a $296k run on the same daily. Nice improvements, guys! PolPotNoodle got a $1.08mil run on the this daily, as well!


Next up, we saw bootsthatshoot getting some motivation for score runs again! He improved his PB to $1.641mil already, too. I think we will see more from him in the near future here. Good luck, boots!


Another score PB came from CamoNinjazz. He is nearing the 1 million mark already, and currently has an $895k run. Looking good already, Camo!


Until next time,



 Grooomp and falafel_raptor get an eggplant run, 4 veteran daily runners join, and many other runs O_O
Posted by Kinnijup on August 2nd, 2016 @02:45PM

Hey gang, Kinni here with the first news of the month. It's quite a big one so let's jump right in !


First of all, congrats to Grooomp and falafel_raptor for finishing solo eggplant runs! Grooomp opted for some safe play towards the end (which is honestly a good idea for your first eggplant run) while Raptor did a fast 20 second Yama fight! Grooomp's final time was a 31:13 while Raptor came in at 28:07. Great job, guys! These guys are still both climbing fast up the ranks. Grooomp is now just shy of the top 10 (currently he's in 12th) while Raptor is in 16th.


Raptor got two other big PBs that helped his rank, as well. He hit a 3:35 Max Any% and a 5:14 Max Low%. Both of these runs are nearing some of the big names! He even had a ~4:30 pace Max Low% die on Olmec O_O. Congrats on finishing a Max Any% with the teleporter, Raptor!


Next, we saw NightHarvester come in with a solid 5:34 Hell% time! This improvement almost pushed Night ahead of Patdog56 for 19th. Night's currently about 500 points from Pat. Great progress so far, Night .


Next up, we have a debut from four long time daily runners! This is really exciting to me :). Let's start with 3 who have been doing dailies since the 2nd week of August 2013: Berumondo, killfish, and Malungo. Berumondo's current daily highscore is $1.777mil (done on the August 31st daily of this year), killfish's is a whopping $2.105mil run on the same daily, and Malungo's is an amazing $2.46mil run, done on the April 20th, 2014 daily. Their daily averages are $1.298mil for Berumondo, a super impressive $1.822mil for killfish, and a killer $2.155mil for Maungo!! Awesome to have you guys!


Berumondo also does speedruns. So far, he submitted an impressive 23:20 All Shortcuts + Olmec run!


The 4th of these vetrerans is Shinji! Shinji has been doing dailies since only a few months after Berumondo, killfish, and Malungo, and he debuted with a $1.319mil run on the March 3rd, 2015 daily. He currently has a $1.114mil daily average. Great to have you three! It is really cool you found the site.


I (Kinnijup) got a tiny improvement to my daily average with a $2.974mil daily on the August 31st daily. It was my #10 ranked daily by just 575 points .


meowmixmix has gotten back to it, as well. He submitted a 20:21 Hell run and a 3:57 Low% No Gold run! The no gold run is particularly impressive. He also managed to do the whole run without taking damage!


ShinGraywords took a break from his Hell% grind, and improved his All Shortcuts + Olmec to a 30:55. He has been getting far on Eggplant% lately, and we may see some more from him there. The run is certainly within his potential and skillset! Good luck on eggplant, Shin . Shin has also been keeping active on dailies! He hit a $1.342mil run on the July 31st Daily, and a solid $1.526mil run on the July 28th Daily. With these runs, Shin pushed his daily average up to $1.171mil! Great job, Shin!


Next up, bootsthatshoot got a Max Low% run done! This run was doable for him for quite some time now, but he kept running out of resources by Olmec. His final time was an 8:06. Perhaps more impressive is his 4:16 Low% No Gold time! This run also counted for regular Any% No Gold, so boots gained some good Mossranking points with it. Way to go, boots!


ix continues his rapid climb up the ranks. He submitted a 7:21 Haunted Max Any%, a solid 7:46 Hell run (congrats on speedlunky!), a 22:36 Haunted Max Hell% run, a 14:06 Big Money run, and a bangin' $1.777mil score run on the August 31st daily! Submitting 5 different runs, ix was definitely the most active player this week.


Saibot continues his persuit of a better daily average. He's nearing the 1 million mark, too, and currently sits at $838k. For this update, he nailed a $1.097mil run on the August 1st Daily. This was also the best score on this daily! Great job, Sai!


saturnin55 has been staying active, and got a new daily highscore PB! He managed a $1.859mil run on the July 31st Daily. His daily average now has reached $1.553mil!


hbix made an appearance this week with a 6:05 Draining Olmec run. Nice job, hbix.


tickbite made a daily submission. He submitted a $134k score run on the August 1st daily. Nice to see you, tickbite :)


Next, The Mad Murf submitted two runs: a 21:20 No Gold run (also Any%) and a 44:07 Hell% run. Thanks for joining the site, Murf :)


Fierce Banana, bunny_funeral, and Cautionchild are three more new faces to the site. Banana joined with a $40k daily on the July 30th daily, bunny joined with a $118k daily on the March 10th daily, and Cautionchild joined with a $34k daily on the July 29th daily. Great to have you three, and welcome to the site!


Last but not least, kroogah submitted two runs: a $1.05mil run on the July 31st Daily, and a $782k regular score run. Congrats on 1 million, kroogah!


Welp, that's all for now! Quite a big week for Spelunky.