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 3:36.363 Hell Speedrun World Record by Kinnijup
Posted by krille71 on June 9th, 2016 @06:37AM

Hell has always been one of the most insane speedruns. Since D_Tea finished his 3:44.411, it seemed that it would never be improved. But Kinnijup did that, and not only once, but twice. He improved his previous time of 3:42.571 by six seconds and achieved the hell world record with the final time of 3:36.363!


Much like Latedog’s long standing hell speedrun, the run started low% into a visible black market entrance near the start of 2-1. 39 seconds into the black market is nothing exceptional but from there on, the run turned insane. A jetpack in the first shop, a teleporter in the mystery box and bombs and a compass in the two shops to the right was enough supplies for the rest of the seed.


Two fast jungle levels followed, and 1:10 into the ice caves is 6 seconds slower than his previous personal best, but that would soon change. Psychic presence on 3-2 forced the Moai Head to be in 3-3, thus allowing him to teleport straight to the exit instead of wasting time looking around the level. The next big rng section of the seed was 4-1. Anubis spawned in the chunk right next to the entrance, and Kinni took him down with two paste bombs. The path down to the exit was on the left of the level, so he bombed down below the entrance to save time. After a three second 4-2 he was 1:55 into City of Gold, an absolutely insane pace.


Olmec started off in a scary manner. The door to hell was slightly to the right of the entrance, so he was forced to first deal with Anubis 2 before bombing down. If he went to the right, he would trigger Olmec again and ruin the cascading strategy, so the only way to avoid Anubis 2 while the bomb timer ticked down was going straight upwards. A slightly mistimed cascade made the bombs blew up in the air, but luckily he had time to place another set of bombs before losing any time. The first try to lure Olmec into the four tile wide hole failed. He got Olmec down the hole on the second try, which resulted in about a four second slower fight.


The last major part of the run is hell itself. A time off 2:48 into hell is astonishingly, nearly never seen before. The hell levels were fast enough, but Yama was another deal. Extremely scary start, with an imp that from the cutscene looked like it would cause no problem and just fly towards the left side of the map. Sadly a floating tile blocked its path, and Kinni found himself in a really bad situation in the middle of a horde of enemies. After getting hit twice, he managed to reach Yama and improve his world record! He entered Yama with four hp, and left with merely one.

Overall, the seed was played exceptionally well, and really showed off the high skill needed to pull off a run like this. It is a remarkable feat to not only take home the world record in the most insane category, but also improving it a month later! Congrats Kinnijup for this amazing speedrun!



 25 recent runs O_O
Posted by Kinnijup on June 6th, 2016 @11:16AM

Welp, this is the most I've had to write about. Had to go to the 2nd page of the recent runs this time :D That's good news ;) This is including runs that count for multiple categories, but there are still 17 unique runs submitted. That's also quite a bit for 3 days.


There were several big runs done, so again I decided to just not put any in the title as there were literally too many


To start things off, hbix finished a score run with the robot! hbix has some dailies from way back in 2013, and only recently started branching off to normal score runs. He got a $2.725mil run! Great run, hbix. With a better seed, it is clear hbix can do a 3m run so I hope he is motivated to continue! He has also been making big improvements in his speed runs, too. I believe he was mostly into score running until recently, and his speedruns are already looking good. This time around, he nailed a 3:49 Any%.


meowmixmix got his first sub 4 Low% run! He got substantially below the 4 minute mark, too, with a 3:37. I've seen him have around 2:10 into the temple, so he can even push this quite a bit further. He seems motivated so I look forward to hearing from him!


Hectic is back! He got a 3:10 Low% PB, which is a 4s improvement. Particularly exciting is the Olmec fight. He does the 2nd set of bombs earlier than most people do, and due to gaps below Olmec, he skips a cycle. Back when we did multistreams regularly, I remember Hectic being around 1:45 into temple on a couple runs. He was 2:00 on this one. I know he can do a low 2:5x run if he played more. So here is hoping he stays motivated! Good luck, Hectic.


Saibot also got a sweet Low% PB. So much action on Low% this week! He hit a 3:23 with a good temple. Low% runs are Saibot's favorite, and I think we will see more from him here soon.


Next up, Grooomp got a solid 3:39 Low% No Gold run. This helped him quite a lot on Mossranking, as it is his best ranked challenge run! He is now distancing himself from SchnitzelDX and bridging the gap to Sedoxa and Linkruler! These three guys being active and sitting just outside of the top 10 has been super exciting to follow :D


hideflomein is a new runner who is also getting into streaming! (check out www.twitch.tv/hideflomein). So far, he submitted a 7:26 Any% run, a 32:35 All Shortcuts run, and a $494k score run! Congrats on speedlunky!


Abob71 submitted a 7:18 Max Any% run, which was an aborted Hell run. I've seen him on a much faster pace than this into the worm, but for now it is looking good! Max runs are never easy. The worm is a pain without the teleporter, and with the teleporter, the mothership is still scary. Good job so far, Abob!


CamoNinjazz is making some fast progress on his runs, too. This time around, he nailed a 6:08 Low%. Substantially past speedlunky now! Way to go, Camo.


prenis submitted a $275k daily, and seems motivated to try some normal score runs. Good luck!


ix nailed a $1.13mil daily! This is his first run over $1 million. Congrats, ix!


Polodajaneiro is making big strides in his score running game. He managed a $941k run that ended in the mothership. He had already cleared most of the threats, so I think it is likely we will see a $1 million+ run into temple from him soon! He also got a solid No Gold Any% run to submit - a 6:37.


Patdog56 made an appearance this week to knock out a challenge run. He hit a 17:04 No Gold Hell run. Based on following everyone's progress ever since we added challenge runs to the ranking formula, No Gold hell appears to be one of the harder ones. Low% Hell and Eggplant% are surely the hardest, but I think Max Low% and No Gold Hell are the next in line. Congrats on nailing this one, Pat!


Lastly, we've got some big daily action to go over.


Bum hit a big 2m+ daily on the June 4th daily. You can view the leaderboard for that daily here. Bum got a $2.44mil run on it that pushed his daily average above $2 million! It currently sits at $2.02mil. He also managed to pass curticus2 for 7th on the main ranking, and is not far behind Buddy7heElf! Bum's daily average has held him back some ever since the site was created, but he has taken steps to improve it. He is ranked #4 on the main 4 subranking, a little bit ahead of Pibonacci and Krille71. If he is able to finish some Hired Help dailies or maybe try some ball and chaining (I know, it's cringey, but is what it often takes to get dailies comparable to normal score run scores), he can surely move up some more on the main list. It will take some time due to the lack of super good dailies some months, and Krille is also active with a higher skill level than some of his PBs show, so would be difficult to reach. Good luck either way, Bum!


BTA88 also got a solid score on this daily, nailing a $2.12m run! This is his 2nd highest daily, and helped his average a lot. It now sits at $1.975mil. He will surely get the 2 million average soon! BTA88 is a long time daily runner, who recently got in contact with the majority of the online Spelunky community. It is sweet to have him around.


That's all for now ,


- Kinni

 d_tea gets Max Hell WR, and NightHarvester completes Low% Hell!
Posted by Kinnijup on June 1st, 2016 @11:23PM

Hey hey hey! We got about a dozen runs to go over today. Here we go!


To start things off, d_tea improved the Max Hell WR by just over 2 seconds! He got a 4:25. This run was incredibly fast and well-done from 4-1 to the end - the fastest we have ever seen a Hell run done. It only took him about 1:47 to do this section! Great run, tea! With this run, tea is just under 2k from me now on the main list, as well!


Another big run this week is NightHarvester's 16:52 Low% Hell run. He handled everything really expertly on this seed, including being aware of some mechanics (like not tucking the bomb to get to the Book of the Dead in the City of Gold in some situations) that were really impressive. With this run, Night has a full score and timesheet for Mossranking's 15 runs for points! Great job, Night.


bootsthatshoot got a 6 second Low% improvement! He nailed a 3:20. He has had pacing for runs under 3 minutes and seems motivated. I really like watching his improvements. Good luck, Boots :D


I (Kinnijup) also got a Low% PB, a 2:46. This was just under 1s improved, but I was still happy to get it :D


meowmixmix is a recent streamer who we have been able to count on for several streams a week lately. (www.twitch.tv/meowmixmix). He had been going for a Low% PB lately, and managed to finish a nice 4:00 run! He's been into Olmec on sub 3:30 pace actually, so I am confident we will see more from him soon. Looking great so far, Meow.


Another guy right at the 4 minute barrier is denis1080. He nailed a 4:02! Both of these guys are super motivated and bound to get under 4 soon! Their Low% is also counting as their Any% PB, so they can surely beat the time if they want to start using more jetpack seeds, as well. Good luck guys!


Notester82 had submitted a score run last time, and this time he posted an 8:59 Low% (also Any%). Nice to have you around and good luck, Note :)


prenis is a newer player who has been in Twitch chats recently, and this week he took the step to submit some times. He submitted a 21:44 Hell% run, and a 4:58 Any% (which also counted for No Teleporter Any%).


That's all for now, happy Spelunking!


- Kinni

 Lots of new PBs and Krille reaches #4!
Posted by Kinnijup on May 30th, 2016 @09:43AM

Hey gang. It has been another exciting few days for Spelunky. We had some movement in the top 5 on the main ranking, which is rare. Let's get to it.


Krille71 got 2 PBs in no gold categories which allowed him to pass Pibonacci for the #4 spot on the main ranking! He got a 5:47 No Gold Hell% run and a 3:07 Low% No Gold run. The Low% run in particular is impressive, being over 90% of Pibonacci's long standing 2:52 No Gold Low% WR. Krille is just under 900k Mossranking points now, sitting at 899k! Congrats krille!  It is great to see you getting some speedrun PBs again and I look forward to hearing more from you! Pibonacci has a lead in speedruns, but Krille has a lead in the score stats, which along with solid speedrun PBs, allowed him to edge Pib out by just a bit.


Krille and BumCommando are two guys capable of a sub 4 hell run. At 4:14 and 4:15 respectively, they are the next in line for it. I know they have both had the pacing for it, even into the late game. They just need to get a good 4-1 and lategame with one of their sub 2 into temple seeds, but this is rare. Good luck to both of you on whatever runs you go for next, I just wanted to point out it is exciting to see you guys on the edge of the sub 4 here


We had a lot of other activity as well (about 13 runs in total). Sedoxa and bootsthatshoot both hit pretty big PBs! Boots got a 5:27 Hell% PB (which passed 4 big names), and Sedoxa got a 3:51 Low% No Gold run. This was about a 50 second PB, and gained him a lot of Mossranking points.


Another guy who got a big run this week is Linkruler. He got a 3:08 Low% run! This is now his highest ranked run percentage-wise on Mossranking! His goal for now is a sub 3, and I am positive he can get it done. Sedoxa and Link keep swapping back and forth between 11th and 12th on the main ranking, and currently Linkruler holds the spot by 8k over Sedoxa. Great job, guys!


BisleyT got a run done that counted for two categories (Big Money and Hell%), so he gained a lot of points. He finished a 41:04. Way to go, Bis


Abob71 is making some fast progress as well! He Got a 9:37 Hell% run, and a 3:34 Any% run. I have seen him on pace for substantially faster runs in both of these categories (he spent some time looking for a BM on the Any%), but for now it is looking good!


kvec continues his exploration into some of the less common runs, but runs that still count for Mossranking points. He nailed a 12:18 Big Money run! Now he is really getting speedy on this. Looking good, kvec


A newer guy to Mossranking, CamoNinjazz, submitted a 5:54 Any% this week. Camo has been in Twitch chats for quite some time so it is nice to see him getting more into doing some runs himself! Keep it up, Camo :D


Lastly, we have two score runs to go over. TheMFC06 got a 499k run (almost Big Money) and Notester82 got a $342k Daily Challenge done. Notester is a new name on Mossranking so it will be fun to see what he can do! Good luck, guys.


That's all for now


- Kinni

 PBs from across the board!
Posted by Kinnijup on May 25th, 2016 @10:10AM

People from all skill levels got PBs over the last few days. 13 individual runs total were submitted, and a few nice dailies. Let's see what we've got...


First up, Grooomp got a 6:29 Max Low% run. This run is difficult to complete. He also has been consistently working on dailies, and for now has a $1.1mil daily average. These improvements have pushed him really close to the 600k mark on the main ranking. He also passed SchnitzelDX for the #13 spot. Awesome to watch, Grooomp.


Saibotsaibot got a 3 second Any% PB. His time is now 3:06. He actually lost a 2:40 pace run on Olmec with the jetpack, mattock, compass setup, so I have a feeling we will see more from him here. He also has a lot of skill with the teleporter so hopefully he continues to try to finish a run with that, as well.


Next up is a new face to Mossranking, meowmixmix. He submitted 3 runs for 5 categories: a 32:51 Hell% run (also submitted this for Big Money), a 12:04 No Gold run, and a 4:38 Low% run (also counted for Any%). I've also seen him in Twitch chats. Great to have you and have fun, meowmixmix!


Another guy who recently joined Mossranking, jwhanson15, submitted a score run on the daily. He hit a $746k run, which is his new high score. Way to go, jwhanson!


denis1080 continued to work on All Shortcuts + Olmec, and got a 35:01 run. I am sure we will see more from denis, as he seems really motivated :D


Someone else working on All Shortcuts runs is kvec. He improved his time to 31:46, and also submitted a 23:40 key delivery split.


BisleyT got back in on the action this week! He is nearing the 1 million mark in score, and for now managed a $798k run. Great job, Bis, and good luck!


saturnin55 has mostly been working on score runs recently. He has been consistently upping his daily average, which currently stands at $1.38mil. His most recent improvement was thanks to a $1.60mil daily, which is currently his #2 daily. Keep it up, sat! :D


I (Kinnijup) got some runs done this time around too: a 2:16 Max Any%, A 9:27 Eggplant% run, a 2:47 Low% run, and a $3.045mil daily challenge.


NightHarvester improved his No Gold PB to a 4:12. Night is a guy who has worked hard on every single category that counts for points on Mossranking, so you don't know what to expect each time. He didn't only go for the points in a cateogry, he PBs in them after completing them. I really look forward to his improvements. The only category missing for him is Low% Hell, which I bet he will complete in the near future.


Thanks for playin',



 So many crazy runs this week.
Posted by Kinnijup on May 22nd, 2016 @12:29PM

I've got about 14 runs to go over, and one big daily. Normally, I list a run or two in the title that was a milestone for a player, but this time there were about 5 of those so I chose to just list them here instead ;)


First up, we have theZaxanator hitting a really crazy sub 5 hell time, done with no teleporter. He got a 4:59 - a full 40 second improvement all in one go! The run did not have easy hell levels and Zax handled them like a pro, without slowing down. Sub 5 is no joke and in early 2014 this time would've been around 3rd place. Zax is now the 13th person to get a Hell run under 5 minutes! Congratulations, Zax!


Next up, Saibotsaibot hit a huge run: he completed Low% Hell! Saibot is only the 16th person to complete this challenge, and he even managed to do it faster than Latedog's original run. Saibot managed a 22:13. Like Zax' hell run, Saibot got nasty hell levels but handled them well. He also did a double skull backwhip on Yama! Congrats, Sai :D


Another big run this week, is Linkruler's sub 3:30 Low% No Gold run! He had been trying this run since sometime in March, so it is great to see him get rewarded with his goal. His time was a solid 3:29. The run was even sub 3 pace until about 3-3, when the levels got tricky and long. The temple in particular was hard for a no gold run, and a low% run in general. Link gained a ton of points with this run (about 85k) and is now sitting at 11th place! It will be interesting to see what happens with that #10 spot, with Link, Sedoxa, Grooomp, saturnin, and others, rapidly approaching! Link also managed to beat twigglefly's time by 2 seconds with this run. Any win on twiggle is not easy! Way to go, Link!


I (Kinnijup) got a 6 second Hell WR improvement. I hit a 3:36.363. I hit several of my best splits on this run including being 2:48 into Hell. Hype, lol. This run put me 1 point out of 100,000 ahead of dtea on the main 4 runs subranking (which you can see here). It is pretty crazy for the top 2 guys there to be 1 point apart, so I felt it was worth mentioning! Of important note, though, is dtea still holds the top spot on both the score subranking and the speed subranking by a much larger margain. He also has me beat in total times of the main 3 speedruns (Any%, Hell%, Low%). He has 8:02.551 to my 8:05.168, with SpelunkyGod not far behind at 8:12.217 (thanks for the data, Eugene).


The big daily that happened was a solid $2.50mil run by BumCommando! Bum has not done a lot of dailies lately, but proved he can nail an insane score on one when he tries. This is his 2nd highest scoring daily, and gave his daily average an insane boost of over 100k! He is now nearing 2 million on his daily average, sitting at about 1.92mil. Way to go, dude.


BisleyT was active as well. He improved his daily average and Daily High Score with a $674k daily. Nice job, Bis :D


denis1080 also had an active few days, getting a new PB in Max Any% and Low%. He hit a 9:16 and a 5:49, respectively. The Low% run also counts for his Any% PB, so he gained some points there, as well.


Timestoppa is a guy who has been in Twitch chats for a while, but has recently got some PBs for Mossranking. This week, he tried his hand at All Shortcuts + Olmec. For now, he has a 66:32 PB. Keep it up, Time!


Next up, is a brand new face to Mossranking. CamoNinjazz submitted a 6:33 Low% time. Camo is another guy who has been active in Twitch chats for a long time, and finally started trying his hand at some runs for Mossranking. Looking good so far, Camo :D


kvec gained some points this week with a nice score PB. He's really getting good at them, and for now has a $1.23mil run. Congrats on 1 mil, kvec! He also attempted to use robot strats to get the cannon into the City of Gold and nearly did it! When he is successful at this, I have a feeling we will see a crazy score come from him. Good luck, kvec! He also used this run for his Big Money run. Now that kvec is submitting some challenge runs, his overall rank is going up. It still does not match his skill level, but he seems motivated to remove some more penalties so hopefully we will see him climb even higher! For now, he sits just outside the top 30 at 31st.


Lastly, we have NightHarvester with two PBs. He got a nice 4:26 Low% No Gold run, and an 8:25 Max Hell run! Night has showed a consistent improvement in his Max runs, and a desire to improve as an overall player. This and his skill has really helped him move up the ranks. Great to watch, Night!


That's it. Quite a lot going on for this update, I hope you enjoyed reading it :)



 Losing time, gaining points 👌👌👌
Posted by twiggle on May 18th, 2016 @03:15PM

Runs submitted in the last 5 days grouped by User:

saturnin55 has been busy this past week, cutting a lot of time off his PBs!! 

7:15.644 No Gold

7:15.644 Low% No Gold

6:16.550 Max Any%


SAIBOT busted out an amazing Low% No Gold run, which also counts for his (Any%) No Gold 

4:34.147 No Gold

4:34.147 Low% No Gold


Sedoxa also getting an amazing No Gold run, as well as two other great PBs 

3:31.149 No Gold

4:42.199 Max Any%

6:30.317 Max Low%


kvec improving his score with a solid $546,150 


Peglah submitted his first run, with the comment "First recorded PB" Congrats, Peglah! 

5:34.897 Any%


jwhanson15 coming in big, getting $382,750 on a daily! He also submitted an Any% run. It's nice to see new faces 

48:33.504 Any%


Focuspoint submitted a 4 minute low% (which was so close to sub-4!) that also counts for his any%. Nice job! 

4:01.214 Low%

4:01.214 Any%


denis1080 Tells us that progress is being made in his comment. I completely agree! 

39:45.050 AS+O


Grooomp (thats with 3 O's) killin it with his max runs, passing Linkruler!!! 

4:28.602 Max Any%

7:13.644 Max Hell



 Month of April
Posted by krille71 on May 14th, 2016 @04:33PM

April 2016 has seen the most world records in several years, with an incredible four new records. There have also been several high scoring dailies and challenge run records.


The 9th of April, SpelunkyGod achieved the world record High Score with a score of $3 445 975, $40 000 over the previous record of $3 404 400 by Kinnijup. The run started out with climbing gloves and a cape as the only mobility, and it stayed that way until a jetpack in the black market. The most outstanding part of the run score wise was Ice Caves, ending up with $622 200, which has nearly never been seen before. Towards the end of the run, SpelunkyGod carried the Ball & Chain with perma ghost into 5-3. The level started in a corner filled with enemies and traps, while the ghost quickly approached. Quick thinking and precise movements carried him through the level to take home the world record! For more details, click here.


Only four days later, Kinnijup managed to take home the Any% world record, with the incredible time of 1:39.716, the first run ever in under one hundred seconds. D_Tea held the record before at 1:40.145, so the improvement was slightly more than 400 milliseconds. All the necessary equipment were acquired in the 1-2 shop, and from there on quick reactions and skill with the teleporter guided him through the seed. 4-3 was really scary, filled with traps and enemies, and he nearly got killed in the end by the shopkeeper but managed to exit in time. A perfect Olmec fight made him attain the first sub 1:40 run and the any% world record! Click here to read more about it.


Not even a week after his Any% record, Kinnijup takes home the hell world record with a time of 3:42.571, two seconds faster than the previous record of 3:44.411 by D_Tea. There are only four hell runs in under four minutes, and the other two are by SpelunkyGod and Pibonacci. The seed started with a generous shop on 1-2, and with the bombs in the black market, the run was set on resources. 4-1 may have been the scariest part of the run, with Anubis near the exit just over three Tiki traps. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the games mechanics, he managed to take the scepter and avoid all the threats, achieving the world record in the process! For the full article about the hell record, click here.


On the 24th of April, just over two weeks since the last score record, Kinnijup managed to reclaim the number one spot by less than $5 000. The final score was barely under 3.45 million dollars, $3 449 650. He now holds 75% of the world records of the main four categories. Starting the run with a remarkable mines section of $516 000 made off to a good start. Towards the end, he took the Ball & Chain with perma ghost into 5-3, where he spent over 40 minutes to acquire all the gems. That level would not have been possible if it were not for his skill and patience. All came down to the clutch ending when he got a gem in the only pot on Yama, resulting in a new High Score world record! Read more about the run here.



There were also some huge daily challenges during this month, three of which scored in on over three million dollars. The 8th of April, D_Tea finished the daily with $3 168 500 and Kinnijup with $3 159 175, scoring the 6th respectively 7th highest daily challenge all time. 16 days later, Krille71 finished a $3 005 800 daily challenge, 16th highest of all time. There are now 16 dailies that are over three million dollars.


Two new records has also been set in the challenge runs. Firstly, Kinnijup achieved a 2:00.311 no gold speedrun, setting the bar just over two minutes. The second challenge run was also by him, a 6:07.998 big money speedrun, improving his record by nearly 20 seconds.



That was the highlights from April, an insane amount of new records!



 Lots of activity, and Brutwarst hits a sub 2 run!
Posted by Kinnijup on May 13th, 2016 @11:48AM

Hey there. It's been an active few days, with over a dozen submissions. Here we go!


To start things off, we have a new face on Mossranking - Tencap. He already got a sub 4 Low% run. He hit a 3:49. This also counts as his Any% PB. It's great to see someone debut on the site with a sub 4 Low%! He also posted a 40 minute All Shortcuts + Olmec run. Nice to have you, Tencap.


Next up, we have 3 guys who got Max Any% PBs:


Abob71 has been getting near speedlunky in a Hell% run, but for now he got an 11:18 Max Any%.


kvec also finished his first Max Any% run, with a pretty impressive time for his first go. He got a 5:44.


Sedoxa hit the fastest Max Any% of the three. His was a 5:20.


Abob71 got another run done this week - a 5:56 Low% No Gold run! Great job getting over 2 minutes beyond speedlunky, Abob! This run also counted for his Any% No Gold.


I (Kinnijup) got 2 runs done this week. They were in two categories exclusive to Mossranking. First was a 2:32 Haunted Max Any% PB, and the other was a 2:27 No Teleporter Any%.


Over on the score side of things, we had one big daily. Krille71 got $2.95mil on it, while Sedoxa got $1.89mil on it. Krille is quickly approaching the big 3 million daily average, currently sitting at $2.93mil! It looks like he just needs two more $3 mil dailies for it. Good luck, Krille! Sedoxa also hit a milestone with this daily - he reached $1.5mil daily average. You can see the leaderboard for this daily here.


BillyBlazes and kvec got PBs on this daily, as well. Billy got a $1.11mil score on it, which counted as his score PB. Good luck in future score runs, Billy! kvec managed a $485k run on it. It will be fun to see what he can do in the future on score runs!


TheMFC06 submitted a regular score run. He is making steady improvements in score and seems motivated to continue! Right now, his PB is $387k.


A good friend of mine, johnnyfox7, submitted his first Any% PB this week. I used to watch him stream Spelunky regularly close to 2 years ago. His time is a 5:39. It is awesome to see him on Mossranking!


saturnin55 gained some quick points with an Any% PB. He got a 3:25. The run was jetpack + mattock and no compass. I think we will see a sub 3 from him if he gets a better seed with a compass for this! This run also counted for the No Teleporter Any% category.


Lastly, we have Brutwarst's sub 2 Any% run. He hit a sweet 1:55.904! The spawns on Olmec for this run were particularly scary. Olmec also skipped a stomp due to some gaps. Thanks to Brut's quick thinking, he was able to still use his last 2 bombs at the right time, and save about 2 seconds. Getting a run under 2 minutes is an incredibly difficult and rare milestone, so Brut really deserves some congratulations for it. He is now the 8th person to get a run under 2 minutes in Spelunky. He passed Krille71 on Any% for 7th place with this run, as well. Brutwarst prefers to focus specifically on certain runs, and is easily the guy who's overall rank is much lower than his actual skill and his PBs show. As a result of this focus, though, Brut has reached WR level play in multiple categories. Congrats, Brut!


A good few days for Spelunkers. Till next time,



 Movement in the top 10 and other good runs!
Posted by Kinnijup on May 9th, 2016 @11:53AM

Hey friends! I have just over a dozen runs to go over today.


First up, twigglefly finished his last 3 challenge runs and submitted his 2:07 No Gold run for his Any% PB. Like I pointed out in the past, this run was sub 1:55 pace until he had to bomb some gold from the 4-3 exit. I've also seen him be on sub 1:45 pace Any% No Gold into 4-3. That one died to an offscreen thwomp. twigglefly has serious potential with the teleporter (even WR potential) and has just lost his best few runs near the end so far. These 4 submissions gained him a ton of points and pushed him ahead of Bum for 8th place on the overall ranking. He is also under 8k behind curticus2! These 3 players are only separated by 13k points. Buddy7heElf and Krille71 are not far off either, so things could get interesting with movement here! There is a huge gap from 9th to 10th place (over 200k points) but it looks to me like anyone from 5th to 9th could reach at least 4th with a few big PBs. I am excited to see some movement here so hopefully some of these guys continue to play :D


The three challenge runs twigglefly completed were a 30:35 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, a 10:33 No Gold Hell% run, and a really impressive 7:27 Big Money run. I've actually seen twigglefly die right at the end on sub 7 pace Big Money before, but for now this run is still really impressive! Great job, twiggle.


Another guy who submitted several runs (and is a newcomer to Mossranking) is falafel_raptor. He just finished a nice 5:07 Low% No Gold (also Any% No Gold) run. The older runs he submitted are also impressive: 3:37 Low% (also Any%) and a $2.65mil score run. Along with a $1.26mil daily average, these runs were enough to debut him at 26th on the main ranking!


Sedoxa continues his climb up the ranks as well. He finished a No Gold Hell% run in 18:37. His only remaining challenge run is Low% Hell. He plans to start attempting it, which is really exciting. Low% Hell always felt like a milestone run to me, and it is fun to watch people go for their first one. He has also been streaming his runs nearly every day lately at www.twitch.tv/sedoxa so be sure to check him out!


kvec finished his first teleporter run this week! He got a 3:33. The run had some safe plays including a safe Olmec fight, but just finishing a teleporter run in itself is honestly super difficult. There were several sub 3 quality levels in his run, so now that he finished one it seems likely he will get that sub 3 too! He was also nearly sub 3 pace into Olmec alone. Good luck and congrats, kvec!


Grooomp hit a challenge run this week that not many people do. That doesnt change how impressive of a category it is to complete, though. He got a 6:50 Max Any% No Gold run. Nice, Grooomp! I'd like to see some more people try some of the Max runs No Gold (d_tea has 2 really impressive runs in those categories).


saturnin55 did some work on his daily average, and improved it a bit. He's been consistently doing dailies so I expect this stat of his to continue to improve quickly :D


NightHarvester continues his consistent rise up the ranks. This time, he got a 7th place No Gold Hell% run. He managed a 10:37. Great job, Night! Night now has a 43k lead over Patdog56 for 17th place on the overall ranking.


Polodajaneiro tried his hands at some score runs this week. He improved his PB to a $717k run that ended in the Mothership. Once he is able to get through the Mothership on one of these, I think we will see a pretty big improvement. Looking good, Polo!


Lastly, ix submitted a 6:45 Any% PB. He submitted it to the No Teleporter Any% category, as well. No Teleporter Any% is a really neat category that used to have a ton of interest in the past, and only recently got some recognition on Mossranking. Thanks for adding your run to the list, ix.


That's all for now!

- Kinni