Spelunky News!

 Grooomp gets a sub 2 run! Also some new meme and misc. categories added :D
Posted by Kinnijup on August 6th, 2016 @02:58PM

Hey friends! We had another active couple days, enough for another news post already. Let's get to it.


First, to give the rest of the news context let's go over the new categories: Tutorial%, Key To Yama, and Olmec Failplant%. You can click on those links to see the description of each run. Tutorial% was added to the misc. challenge runs section, and the other two were added to the meme challenge runs. Now let's get to the runs.


Biggest news this week was Grooomp hit an insane 1:55.086 Any% run! If you have been following Grooomp's runs and progress, you'd see he was on the verge of this time for several months now. He just needed a seed to cooperate. This seed was actually not simple at all, either. Check out the plays in his temple! Those thwomp dodges in 4-2 . Grooomp is now the 9th person to get a Spelunky run done in under 2 minutes. He passed several big names on the Any% leaderboard as well, and hit 7th place. Congratulations, Grooomp!


Grooomp hit a handful of other runs, too. He got a 3:15 Max Any% (good enough for his top 4 challenge runs), a 3:19 No Gold run, and a nice 1:20 Tutorial% run. These runs actually managed to push Grooomp into the top 10 overall!! He even has a little bit of wiggle room. He seems super motivated and shows no sign of stopping soon, either. The gap to twigglefly is roughly 180k, but I have a feeling Grooomp will make that less and less over the coming months. In my opinion (and I have a feeling people who have all 4 of these runs would agree) a sub 2 Any% run is noticeably harder to finish than a sub 3 Low%, a sub 5 Hell, and a $3 million score run. This doesn't take away the significance of those runs, though. I just wanted to point out how crazy it is that this is the one Grooomp got first! It shows how he has the potential for all of them.


Next up, we had a sweet score PB from ShinGraywords. He hit a $1.90mil score run. He is so close to getting a run with the plasma cannon into the late game. This will increase his score substantially, so I am glad he is motivated to keep trying! He also got a 6:22 Max Any%, and an 11:55 Max Hell run! Great runs, Shin!


falafel_raptor is another guy who is definitely showing top 10 potential. He nailed a 5:18 Hell run! This was about an 80 second improvement, was done without a teleporter, and moved him to 15th place overall! Looking good, Raptor .


Mazerak is a guy who has been doing daily challenges since late in 2013, and just recently started submitting speedruns. He's already really good at them, and nailed a 3:40 Any% with jetpack + mattock + compass! He also got a 9:50 No Gold run. Great to see you tackling speedruns harder, Mazerak!


ix got a small Low% PB (a 3:53), and an 18:32 Olmec Failplant% run, the fastest one of these runs currently submitted.


curticus2 made an appearance to nail the fastest Tutorial% time: a 1:17.320. Way to go, curt!


Tutorial% saw two more submissions, too. These were a 1:32 from hbix, and a 1:24 from Saibot. I like the tutorial, and am glad it's got a spot on Mossranking now.


saturnin55 is the only person to submit a Key to Yama run so far. It is basically like a toned down eggplant run, but is still difficult. He also submitted a 5:42 Max Any% run. Great job, sat.


I (Kinnijup) submitted a 6:05 Haunted Max Hell (which is the fastest one so far) and a 2:52 Max Any% No Gold. The No Gold run is probably a better watch, and just edged out d_tea's impressive 2:55 for the fastest run in that category.


MrEikono has been working on daily challenges. For now, he has a highscore of $288k done on the August 5th Daily. Looking good, Eikono :)


Alcoer is back! He submitted a 4:18 Max Any% time. Alcoer actually lost a sub 5 Hell run right at the end recently, so I think we might see more from him there too. Good luck, Alcoer, and great to see you playing again .


Last but not least, newcomer eurotransient submitted a $350k score run done on the May 19th Daily Challenge. Welcome to the site, euro .


That's all for now,



 saturnin55 nails a Maxplant run + a dozen more sweet runs :)
Posted by Kinnijup on August 4th, 2016 @01:36PM

Hey gang, Kinni here. All Shortcuts and score runs got a lot of action the last few days, and of course saturnin's Maxplant. Let's get to it.


saturnin's final time was 50:38. This was faster than his normal eggplant time, though he's been on pace for around 20 minutes into Hell on that one. saturnin's maxplant run was particularly impressive as he had only cape and climbing gloves for mobility (no jetpack or even spring boots)! He even had to do the tricky throw at the end, as he had no pitcher's mitt. This run was really a remarkable feat. saturnin is the 6th person to finish this run. The first person was curticus2, who completed the run back when the act of getting the robot to pick up the eggplant was considered very unreliable. So he needed an altar on 3-4.2, which he got. You can view the chronological list of maxplant runs here, and curticus' run here. Congrats, sat!


meowmixmix got some big cuts to his All Shortcuts times. He ended with 20:02 for a key split and 22:04 for the Olmec finish. He also has been trying his hand at score runs! For now, he has a $922k run. He said he is motivated to try for a $2.5 million run, and I'm confident he can do it. Let's cheer him on, guys!


ShinGraywords went from a steady flow of smaller PBs to suddenly making some big cuts! He took his hell run all the way down to 6:47 - an improvement of over 40 seconds! He also improved his All Shortcuts to 25:10, his All Shortcuts + Olmec to 27:53, and his Max Any% to 6:59! Lookin' good, Shin!


Saibot continues his improvements to his daily average, and got two new top 10s for himself. He got a $696k run on the August 2nd Daily, and a $695k run on the August 4th Daily. His daily average has moved up to $845k. Nearing that $1 million mark! Good luck, Sai.


HiDefLoMein is making some fast progres, as well. I got to watch him make it all the way to 5-2 on an eggplant run. It was sad that he lost the eggplant on that level, but it's pretty clear the run is within his abilities! For this update, he sumbitted a 17:20 Max Any% (also Haunted), and a 16:52 Hell% time! Way to go, HiDef.


We had two daily highscore submissions, one from tickbite and one from MbraY. Tickbite got a $262k run on the August 3rd Daily, and Mbray got a $296k run on the same daily. Nice improvements, guys! PolPotNoodle got a $1.08mil run on the this daily, as well!


Next up, we saw bootsthatshoot getting some motivation for score runs again! He improved his PB to $1.641mil already, too. I think we will see more from him in the near future here. Good luck, boots!


Another score PB came from CamoNinjazz. He is nearing the 1 million mark already, and currently has an $895k run. Looking good already, Camo!


Until next time,



 Grooomp and falafel_raptor get an eggplant run, 4 veteran daily runners join, and many other runs O_O
Posted by Kinnijup on August 2nd, 2016 @02:45PM

Hey gang, Kinni here with the first news of the month. It's quite a big one so let's jump right in !


First of all, congrats to Grooomp and falafel_raptor for finishing solo eggplant runs! Grooomp opted for some safe play towards the end (which is honestly a good idea for your first eggplant run) while Raptor did a fast 20 second Yama fight! Grooomp's final time was a 31:13 while Raptor came in at 28:07. Great job, guys! These guys are still both climbing fast up the ranks. Grooomp is now just shy of the top 10 (currently he's in 12th) while Raptor is in 16th.


Raptor got two other big PBs that helped his rank, as well. He hit a 3:35 Max Any% and a 5:14 Max Low%. Both of these runs are nearing some of the big names! He even had a ~4:30 pace Max Low% die on Olmec O_O. Congrats on finishing a Max Any% with the teleporter, Raptor!


Next, we saw NightHarvester come in with a solid 5:34 Hell% time! This improvement almost pushed Night ahead of Patdog56 for 19th. Night's currently about 500 points from Pat. Great progress so far, Night .


Next up, we have a debut from four long time daily runners! This is really exciting to me :). Let's start with 3 who have been doing dailies since the 2nd week of August 2013: Berumondo, killfish, and Malungo. Berumondo's current daily highscore is $1.777mil (done on the August 31st daily of this year), killfish's is a whopping $2.105mil run on the same daily, and Malungo's is an amazing $2.46mil run, done on the April 20th, 2014 daily. Their daily averages are $1.298mil for Berumondo, a super impressive $1.822mil for killfish, and a killer $2.155mil for Maungo!! Awesome to have you guys!


Berumondo also does speedruns. So far, he submitted an impressive 23:20 All Shortcuts + Olmec run!


The 4th of these vetrerans is Shinji! Shinji has been doing dailies since only a few months after Berumondo, killfish, and Malungo, and he debuted with a $1.319mil run on the March 3rd, 2015 daily. He currently has a $1.114mil daily average. Great to have you three! It is really cool you found the site.


I (Kinnijup) got a tiny improvement to my daily average with a $2.974mil daily on the August 31st daily. It was my #10 ranked daily by just 575 points .


meowmixmix has gotten back to it, as well. He submitted a 20:21 Hell run and a 3:57 Low% No Gold run! The no gold run is particularly impressive. He also managed to do the whole run without taking damage!


ShinGraywords took a break from his Hell% grind, and improved his All Shortcuts + Olmec to a 30:55. He has been getting far on Eggplant% lately, and we may see some more from him there. The run is certainly within his potential and skillset! Good luck on eggplant, Shin . Shin has also been keeping active on dailies! He hit a $1.342mil run on the July 31st Daily, and a solid $1.526mil run on the July 28th Daily. With these runs, Shin pushed his daily average up to $1.171mil! Great job, Shin!


Next up, bootsthatshoot got a Max Low% run done! This run was doable for him for quite some time now, but he kept running out of resources by Olmec. His final time was an 8:06. Perhaps more impressive is his 4:16 Low% No Gold time! This run also counted for regular Any% No Gold, so boots gained some good Mossranking points with it. Way to go, boots!


ix continues his rapid climb up the ranks. He submitted a 7:21 Haunted Max Any%, a solid 7:46 Hell run (congrats on speedlunky!), a 22:36 Haunted Max Hell% run, a 14:06 Big Money run, and a bangin' $1.777mil score run on the August 31st daily! Submitting 5 different runs, ix was definitely the most active player this week.


Saibot continues his persuit of a better daily average. He's nearing the 1 million mark, too, and currently sits at $838k. For this update, he nailed a $1.097mil run on the August 1st Daily. This was also the best score on this daily! Great job, Sai!


saturnin55 has been staying active, and got a new daily highscore PB! He managed a $1.859mil run on the July 31st Daily. His daily average now has reached $1.553mil!


hbix made an appearance this week with a 6:05 Draining Olmec run. Nice job, hbix.


tickbite made a daily submission. He submitted a $134k score run on the August 1st daily. Nice to see you, tickbite :)


Next, The Mad Murf submitted two runs: a 21:20 No Gold run (also Any%) and a 44:07 Hell% run. Thanks for joining the site, Murf :)


Fierce Banana, bunny_funeral, and Cautionchild are three more new faces to the site. Banana joined with a $40k daily on the July 30th daily, bunny joined with a $118k daily on the March 10th daily, and Cautionchild joined with a $34k daily on the July 29th daily. Great to have you three, and welcome to the site!


Last but not least, kroogah submitted two runs: a $1.05mil run on the July 31st Daily, and a $782k regular score run. Congrats on 1 million, kroogah!


Welp, that's all for now! Quite a big week for Spelunky.



 Yoshi almost subs 3 in Low%, and 15+ other runs!
Posted by Kinnijup on July 29th, 2016 @02:59PM

Hey gang, Kinni here with the last update of July. Including the dailies, we've got about 20 runs to go over. Let's get to it.


Yoshimitsu524 made an appearance to hit a bangin' Low% run - a 3:00.508. He clearly has the potential to get under 3 and that is his goal, so good luck Yosh! Looking good so far. The difference between a 3:00 and a 2:59 is very small and it's just a number, but sub 3 Low% has always had some sort of significance to many people. A crazy statistic I noticed today is we have not had a new member of the sub 3 Low% club since Ojwae hit 2:57 just over a year ago O_O


Next up, HiDefLoMein is making some fast progress. He hit his first $1 million + score run! His final score was $1.18mil. He also got a huge Hell% PB, an 18:38. Great runs, HiDef! HiDef has also been working on daily challenges consistently, and has so far brought his daily average up to $294k.


PolPotNoodle has been doing dailies for quite a while, and recently showed up on Mossranking. He managed a $1.22mil daily on the July 25th Daily. Great run, Noodle.


Another killer score that came in on this daily was koreanprideno1's $1.237mil run! Great run, koreanpride.


ix submitted a sub 10 Haunted Max Any% run. His final time was 9:54. Nice to see this category getting some attention!


kroogah submitted two runs for this update. He got a 14:33 Max Any% and an 18:32 Max Hell% (also Hell%). Great job, kroogah.


Saibot got two big PBs this week: a 3:29 Max Any% and a 3:19 Low% run! These runs helped Saibot break 500k in total Mossranking points! Way to go, Sai!


All Shortcuts + Olmec got some attention this week from Moliman. He nailed a 23:08! Looking good already here.


ShinGraywords has been hard at work on Hell% and dailies. He improved his Hell time to 7:30! By the looks of it, he'll get one under 7 soon. On the daily side of things, Shin managed to hit his 2nd best daily on the July 28th Daily. His final score (which also was the best score on this daily!) was $1.526mil. His average topped the 1 mil mark too, and is currently $1.126mil. Great job, Shin!


I (Kinnijup) got a 2 second Max Hell% PB that was not quite enough to beat d_tea's WR. I've now got 4:25.710 to tea's 4:25.354 - a .356 difference.


falafel_raptor is still at it every day, and got a 5:07 Max Any% run done. Lookin' good, Raptor.


Last but not least, newcomer Vampirowy got a $220k highscore on the July 27th Daily. Nice to have you, Vampirowy.


That's all for now


- Kinni

 saturnin55 joins the $3 million club!
Posted by Kinnijup on July 24th, 2016 @11:27PM

Hey gang. Not a ton of activity the last 5 days, but we had some killer runs submitted.


saturnin55 hit his first $3 million score run! He has been trying this hard for some time now, and finally got what he deserved. He lost a 3 million run in 5-3 at the beginning of the year, so it is nice to see his hard work finally pay off! His final score was $3,071,750! This is good for 13th place in the world, and saturnin is the 15th person on Mossranking to achieve a 3 million+ score. He had to deal with three crazy difficult hell levels in the run, but managed to pull through with a score significantly above his goal of 3 million. Congrats saturnin!!


Next up, we have ix getting busy with several PBs. He improved his score PB to $1.40mil on the July 20th Daily, Drained Olmec in 9:20, and perhaps most impressive, finished a 4:48 Low% No Gold run. He has managed to climb to 22nd place on the overall ranking, and is only 4k behind theZaxanator.


falafel_raptor has been streaming nearly every day, and managed to improve his Big Money run by quite a bit. He finished with a 15:45. He's also making some fast progress on Low% Hell, so maybe we will see some more from him there soon? Looking good, raptor!


ShinGraywords tried his hand at improving his Low% No Gold PB, as well. He managed a solid improvement, hitting a nice sub 6 time. His final time was 5:46. Way to go, Shin


NightHarvester made an appearance this week to improve his Low% time! He is nearing the sub 3 minute barrier now with his new 3:12. Night has made a lot of progress this year and I always look forward to his PBs. Looking great, Night!


Next, we saw bootsthatshoot getting a small improvement to his score PB. He came in with a $1.17mil run. Once he gets the plasma cannon to the City of Gold, I am positive we will see a $2mil+ run from him. Looking good, boots


I (Kinnijup) got a $3.10mil daily on the July 23rd Daily. This was my 4th best daily, and brought my daily average up to $3.096mil.


Last but not least, Grooomp got a hell PB. He managed a 5:08. He was sub 5 pace into hell, but as he only had one HP he took it safe. Great run, Grooomp!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 Grooomp gets Low% Hell + Saibot gets an eggplant run!
Posted by Kinnijup on July 19th, 2016 @11:22PM

Hey gang! Last update I'll be writing from California. It is an important one!


Grooomp finally finished a Low% Hell run! He did it in style, too. Most people's first runs of this are not speedy at all, but Grooomp kept a nice pace throughout the run and ended with a 10:44! I'm serious when I say this is a super impressive time for his first one finished. Congrats, Grooomp. Well deserved!


Not to be out done, two days later, Saibot nailed his first eggplant run! He did it in a time of 42:49. Saibot is rare in that eggplant was harder for him to do than Low% Hell. He's had a Low% Hell run for quite a while. Great to see you get this one too, Sai! Saibot now is free of penalties. Additionally, Saibot completed his first teleporter any% run! He did it in style, too, nailing a sub 2:30. His final time was a 2:26. Way to go, Sai! 


Next up, Buddy7heElf made another appearance to crush his Max Any% time! He even got close to d_tea's time, hitting a 2:39. This run was done without a compass, and had an extremely well done temple. Always great to hear from Buddy!


falafel_raptor has been hard at work, and nailed 2 big runs. First he got a 5:48 Max Low%, then he hit a 3:55 Low% No Gold! Raptor is improving rapidly and is already into the top 20 on the main ranking. Great job, raptor.


ix has been hitting some solid runs this week, including a 3:30 Any%. He forgot to turn on Twitch VODs so we don't have a video, but I saw it live and I'm positive he will improve it shortly. He also submitted a 9:09 Hell% run! Great job, ix.


Speaking of Hell runs, CamoNinjazz submitted one, as well. His time was a 14:22. Looking good, Camo!


Also on the Hell% front, we saw ShinGraywords hitting his first speedlunky Hell run! It took him a great deal of close calls the day it happened, and it was worth it in the end. Shin hit a solid 7:40! Great job, Shin! Shin also stated he has another goal of a sub 7, so maybe we will see more from him here soon. 


HiDefLoMein has been super active recently, and for this update he nailed 3 new runs. First up, he improved his Any% by a large margin, hitting a 6:37. Next, he hit a 10:25 No Gold run. Lastly, today he snagged his first Max Hell% run, a 30:06. Be sure to check out the 1-2 shopkeeper robbery in the Max Hell run! Great progress, HiDef 


AlphaChannel is getting close to a sub 25 minute All Shortcuts + Olmec run! For now, he hit a nice 25:43. Great job, Alpha!


On the daily front, we saw saturnin55 getting a 1.54mil daily on the July 19th Daily Challenge, and Patdog56 getting a 1.50mil on it. ShinGraywords managed a 1.15mil on it. Great job, guys!


Last but not least, usernamecantbe25 snagged the Haunted Max Hell% WR! He hit an 8:39. He also hit his first sub 4 Low% run, a 3:33! Great runs, 25!


Take care gang,


- Kinni

 The Month of June
Posted by krille71 on July 19th, 2016 @03:31PM

June is another active month in the Spelunky community, and the craziest month ever regarding daily challenges.


The 11th of June, Krille71 comes back to score and reclaims the world record High Score after two years, with the final score of $3,461,950. Improving the previous record by Kinnijup with $12,400 over his score $3,449,650. Krille was completely out of resources leaving 2-2, even skipping gems worth $20,000-$30,000. The next level saved the run, with 18 bombs and rushing water with two vault chests. He was over $100,000 ahead of the previous record into hell which had amazing hell levels, and thanks to two hell altars to ghost Yama, it was enough to achieve the record. As his previous score record, this was also a really fast run, just over three hours, which is possible with great level readings and resource management, as well as not having to use the ball & chain. Read more about the run here.


Much like the last time someone improved Kinni’s score record, he got it back soon after. Just about ten days later, he had a run that was over $2.8 million into hell, which is the best score ever into hell and $70,000 ahead of the world record. Hell was astonishingly bad, with one level even being just $50,000. Going into Yama slightly behind the record, it seemed to be impossible to get it back. Though much like his last record, one gem in a pot on Yama was enough, and Kinni achieved the score record with the least possible improvement of $25. His final score was $3,461,975. The seed was liberal with resources, and saw some heavy use of the ball & chain in ice caves. He also destroyed the altar in 5-2, to be able to ghost Yama. The start of 5-3 was bad, but he made it look easy by his quick reactions. A 5-3 altar in the bottom of the level allowed him to break the ball & chain and have an easier time with the remaining parts of the level.



When it comes to daily challenges, this month has been the most insane month ever seen. The number of great dailies is just insane. From the 21st to the 28th, each daily had the potential to be at least $3 million. A sequence of eight dailies in a row that is that good is just never heard about before. One reason to why this was possible is that the ball & chain started to be more commonly used early on in the run, to save as many resources as possible for a higher chance of a great score.


In total, we saw seven finishes of over $3 million, four of which was by Kinni and three by Krille. Kinni’s dailies are the following: $3,028,425 on 19th, $3,380,775 on 26th, $3,049,500 on 27th and lastly $3,209,900 on 28th. Three $3 million+ dailies in a row is never heard about before, requires an insane consistency. He also died in 5-3 on pace for $3.2 million on 21st. Krille finished his first daily this month on 21st, with a score of $3,164,300 and his other two dailies are $3,377,675 on 26th and $3,226,925 on 28th.


The world record in daily high score was set last December by Krille, with the score of $3,301,250. After more than half a year, Kinni improves it by $80,000 with the score of $3,380,775. Krille also finished that daily for the second highest daily all time at $3,377,675. The udjat eye was in 1-3, same with the second altar which made it possible to use the ball & chain in 1-3 and 1-4 to save resources. A rushing water level with one vault chest also helped the score to stay high. Perfect placed altars in 4-2 and 5-3 made it easy to ghost both bosses, and a hired help that walked out of the first shop in the black market allowed the players to carry the plasma canon into the City of Gold. The score would have not been high enough if it wasn’t for Olmec, which resulted in $276,475, the highest score on Olmec ever seen.



Daily average is probably the category that has seen the least number of different players who have had the record. D_Tea has been holding it for several years, until this month, when it changed hands really quickly. After the daily challenge that broke the daily high score, it was enough to push Krille’s daily average to $3,067,117 and beating D_Tea’s average of $3,054,865. Two days later, after finishing two more great dailies, Kinni takes it home with $3,080,565, until Krille finishes the same daily and achieves the daily average record with $3,106,622. You can find the playlist of his top ten dailies here.


The challenge runs saw an improvement even this month, when Kinni improved eggplant%. Buddy has been holding that record for a quarter of a year, until Kinni achieved the time of 8:50.095, an improvement of 10 seconds.


Last month, Bum managed to pass Curticus in the main ranking. This month, Curt managed to achieve a score of $2,876,975 on a daily challenge, which was enough to reclaim his position on the main ranking. He sadly died in 5-3 on that daily, so it could have been a much higher score in the end. Here below you can see the top 10 in the main ranking this month.


A history of the past world records is starting to be made, listing every record holder, the number of days they hold the record and their improvement to the previous record. This list includes the main categories, the daily challenge categories and the ten challenge categories included in the formula.


That was the highlights of June, let us see what the next months has to offer.



 So many people so close to a Low% Hell run...
Posted by Kinnijup on July 16th, 2016 @04:53PM

Hey gang! First of all, a big thanks to Patdog for writing the previous news article. I had written the whole thing, then I screwed up when I went to post it and lost everything I wrote. So it was a big help for him to write that killer article!


Speaking of Patdog56, he nailed a $1.57mil run on the July 16th Daily Challenge! This is his 3rd highest daily and brings his daily average above $1.1mil. Way to go, Pat


Next up, hbix submitted some All Shortcuts runs. He hit a 24:56 run with a 21:51 key delivery split. Additionally, he submitted an 11:40 Basejump% run. Great progress as always, hbix!


ix has been getting very close to finishing a Low% Hell run. He even made it to Yama on his first run into hell! For this update, he got a 6:33 No Gold run (also Low%), and a 7:39 Max Low% run. Great job getting speedlunky on that Max Low% - that is not easy!


ShinGraywords has been active, as well. I watch Shin regularly on Twitch, and he has definitely made noticeable improvements in his platforming in general the last few months. For this update, he nailed a 16:20 Big Money run, and a 13:01 Max Hell% run. Solid runs, Shin!


We got to see a new face to Mossranking this update: Conan776. I believe he uses the Spelunky subreddit, so it is nice to see him submitting some things here. So far, he put up a $283k daily highscore on the July 14th Daily Challenge. Great to have you, Conan.


Another user who recently joined is MbraY. For this update, he submitted a $149k daily highscore on the July 15th Daily Challenge. Nice to see you active, MbraY, and good luck :D


Rising star falafel_raptor is really getting extreme with some of his Hell% attempts. He finished a 6:36 for now which is great, but just yesterday I saw Olmec troll him out of a potential ~4:15 into Hell seed. Hell can be done in under a minute, but even some safe plays in Hell would've gotten him a run under 5:30. I wouldn't be surprised at all if raptor starts reaching sub 5 potential soon! Keep it up, raptor


Another recent member, kroogah, submitted two runs for this update - a 7:11 Any% and a 9:50 No Gold run. Nice job getting speedlunky, kroogah!


AlphaChannel improved his Max Any% time, and is now substantially under speedlunky. He got a 7:14. Looking good, Alpha! I got to meet Alpha at AGDQ 2016, and I always look forward to hearing from him


Last but not least, SAIBOT submitted a solid 5:33 Max Low% run! This might be the strongest run in this update, and I was super happy to see Sai nail it. Great run, Saibot


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 A new writer steps up, tea lands a 2:00 no gold run, and grooomp steals the haunted max hell record
Posted by Patdog56 on July 10th, 2016 @08:26PM

I've missed a lot of fantastic runs over the past weeks due to being on vacation, and now that I'm back what better way to catch up than to write some news!


Lets start things off with dtea's no gold run: he completed a run with a time of 2:00.887, about .5 seconds off from the world record held by Kinnijup. An incredible run missed out on sub-2 due to a scumbag scorpion unstunning at the worst time possible on olmec, tea kept his cool throughout the run and on olmec especially, and low-scored his way to 2nd place on the no gold leaderboard. GG Tea!


It's been a good week for Grooomp for sure, improving his low% time and moving even closer to the illustrious sub-3 low%, getting an amazing 3:02.801. It's only a matter of time before Grooomp breaks that 3 minute barrier. Speaking of Grooomp breaking things, he broke the record for fastest haunted max hell run, beating bootsthatshoot's time by nearly 3 minutes, and getting a 9:17.704 run. Congrats Grooomp!


A few days ago Curticus2 came within 30 seconds of the All Shortcuts + Olmec world record, getting a crazy good time of 17:11.000! This puts him at 4th place on the AS+O leaderboard!


Now onto two guys that have been very busy the last few days: ix and Falafel_Raptor:


ix has completed, in the past five days, two daily challenges with a score of 1+ million, a 6:42.833 max any% which is no easy feat, and a 3:53.992 low% run that also counts as his any% pb and as a no teleporter any% pb. Sub 4 low% is no joke, ix! All these incredible runs recently make me so happy, keep up the phenominal work, ix! :D


Falafel_Raptor doesn't play around, getting a 4:14.853 low% no gold run that also counted for regular no gold, and a 3:23.131 low% run, where he had only 1 hp entering 2-4, that also counted for his any% pb! It's great to see you in the discord now, Raptor! 


ShinGraywords has made some great improvements lately, getting an 8:11.400 hell run that also counts for no teleporter hell%, and a 3:16.532 any% run that also counted for no teleporter any%, as well as getting a 1+ mil daily! Sub 8 hell is coming your way soon, Shin!  


Bigsalad got a big score as well as second place on a recent daily, getting a score of $1,581,475, which also is his highest score! Congrats dude!  


Two more fantastic daily challenges were completed by TheMFC06 and Blimith! TheMFC06, on the same daily as Bigsalad, achieved a score of $806,525! Blimith, on the July 9th daily, achieved a score of $609,625! Both of these dailies are also their highest scores, keep up the great work you two! :)


meowmixmix and CamoNinjazz both submitted max any% runs, getting 6:55.250 and 10:17.641 respectively. Again, max any% isn't an easy category, maximum being harder than no gold in my opinion, so these runs are extremely impressive!


Usernamecantbe25 completed a crazy fast hell run with a time of 6:29.962, beating out me by less than 4 seconds  and claiming 23rd on the hell% leaderboard. A lot of people talk about sub 5 and stuff for hell, but in my opinion, sub 6:30 is where it's at! Huge congrats to 25!!!


Saibot completed a Drainmec run with a time of 4:54.938! Good job Sai, killing Olmec is a lot more satisfying when he's falling into the abyss rather than chilling in some lava! /


I'd also like to welcome MbraY to Mossranking, who's just registered and began doing dailies. Looking forward to seeing you around (and don't forget to join the discord )!


Finally, we'll end this news with a summary of Saturnin55 and his weekly accomplishments, since he was the one that asked if I wanted to write this article in the first place . First off, Sat completed a Draining Olmec run, or Drainmec for short, hitting a sweet 8:46.162! He then went on to get a 3:21.142 low% pb, which is also his any% pb and also counted as a no teleporter any% run! Nice runs, Sat, and writing this article was a blast!



Peace yo


 hbix joins eggplant.club, krille #3 + Link #10, more daily action, and other impressive runs :D
Posted by Kinnijup on July 4th, 2016 @01:32PM

Hey gang, time flies when you're on vacation. Time for another update.


Big news this week for hbix, as he finished his first eggplant run! He finished the run in under 30 minutes too, at 29:34. Something hilarious about this run is though he got his eggplant on 1-4, there turned out to be an altar and a mystery box on 4-2 as well . This was the last requirement hbix needed for the Reddit Spelunky Champion Flair, so congrats on getting the Champion Flair, hbix! hbix also completed a 6:45 Draining Olmec% run that used a CoG crate jetpack.


krille71 continued his improvements this update and made a very important move - he passed SpelunkyGod on the main ranking for the #3 spot!! Krille has gained around 50k Mossranking points in a very short timespan, which is insanely impressive considering his score was already in the high 800s. He got to this #3 position with two big runs: a crazy impressive $3,280,975 score on the July 1st daily challenge, and a 2:50 Low% run! This was a difficult daily requiring permaghost into 5-3, and krille held nothing back. This managed to push his daily average to $3,145,542, a new daily average world record! Congrats, krille!


d_tea and I (Kinnijup) both managed to improve our daily average as well. We each finished a daily in our top 10, though tea's was quite a bit stronger. Tea hit a $3,242,875 on the July 1st daily, and I hit a $2,963,050 on the July 4th daily. Our daily average is very close, as is the average of our top 5 and bottom 5 dailies. Tea has the lead right now at $3,085,867 to my $3,082,110.


Other action in the top 10 came from Linkruler. Yes, you heard that right, Link is now in the top 10! He hit a 2:48.722 Any% PB with jetpack + mattock. This was just enough for Link to pass Samots for #10 on the main ranking! Great job, Link, we all knew you could get there . Something additionally impressive about this run is it is 6th place on the No Teleporter Any% ranking!


ShinGraywords got two PBs for this update. He hit a 7:09 Max Any%, and a $1,720,600 daily highscore PB on the July 1st daily. He did a great job on the daily, and it improved his overall Mossranking score quite a bit. He moved up to 22nd place! His daily average is nearing $1mil now, and currently sits at $968k.


Patdog56 is on vacation for a week, but before he left he got another $1mil+ daily. He got a $1.024mil run on the June 30th daily. This pushed his daily average up to $1.032mil. Get back soon, Pat!


Grooomp improved two runs this week. He hit a 5:41 Hell% time, and a 2:39 No Teleporter Any% time. He has been on much faster hell pace than this (including a potential sub 4:30) but this is still a solid time. I do feel a sub 5 is only a matter of time and a good seed away for him, though.


Next up we have newcomer kroogah nailing a big money score PB, a $575k run.  Keep it up, kroogah!


We saw two runs submitted from ix for this update. He completed a Max Hell% run! The final time was 13:32. The other run he submitted was a 7:10 Max Any%. ix is also consistently improving his daily average, and got another $1mil+ daily. Right now, his daily average is at $984k. Great job, ix!


We had some big news from Sedoxa for this update - he finished his first teleporter run! The final time was a sub 3, as well, coming in at 2:42. A troll arrow cost him some time in 4-3 (and cost him his teleporter) but he did a great job on the Olmec fight with 1 hp. He also did not have a compass until 3-3, so he will gain some more time early with a better setup. His other PB was a 4:17 Max Any%. Great runs, Sed!


denis1080 played this week, and manaed a 12:44 Hell% run! Great to hear from you, denis, and good luck :D


Lastly, falafel_raptor nailed an impressive 3:25 Low% run! He has been faster into temple, but he got a really solid temple on this seed. Raptor has started streaming his runs this week, so be sure to check him out here. He has a lot of potential in both speedruns and score runs, so it will be a lot of fun to follow his progress


That's all for now,


- Kinni