Spelunky News!

 Less activity, but still some solid runs
Posted by Kinnijup on January 20th, 2017 @01:20PM

Hey gang! Not a great deal of activity this week. We still had some players get PBs and improve their rank, though, so let's dive in.


usernamecantbe25 got a really impressive Any% No Gold run, a 2:50. Perhaps most impressive about the run is that it was solo teleporter! This is the 9th best no gold run ever done, and is just shy of BumCommando! Great run, 25. Now that he is filling in some of the runs he had not yet finished, 25 is starting to get a more accurate Mossrank for his skill level. At 542k Mosspoints, he is currently ranked 27th.


bootsthatshoot spent a day entirely dedicated to only doing score runs, and it paid off with his first successful run with the plasma cannon into the later part of the run. He finished a $2.407mil run. This run helped boots' overall rank quite a bit, and he jumped from the lower end of the top 20 all the way to 13th!! He currently has 686k Mosspoints. The gap to raptor and Groooomp's 807k is pretty big, but boots is certainly in good company. GG, boots.


Shingraywords dedicated some time to score runs, as well. This also resulted in a PB, a $2.116mil run. This run had an Olmec finish. Congrats on the PB, Shin! Shin also got a nice 7:12 Drainmec PB. At 628k Mosspoints, Shin is just shy of the top 20. He is currently in 21st place and 10k behind saturnin55.


Buddy7heElf made an appearance to hit a new basejump record! He got a 7:20.061. Congrats, Buddy.


ix was active again, and got 3 PBs. All 3 of them also gained him some Mosspoints! He hit a 5:26 Max Low%, a 6:05 Hell%, and a 3:13 No Teleporter Any%. The Max Low% in particular sticks out, as it is really getting quite speedy now (though he has had some sub 5 pace runs die in the late temple). At 665k Mosspoints, ix is now just shy of 4k behind hbix and 18th place.


Speaking of hbix, he nailed a solid daily this week! He got $2.408mil on the January 19th daily. This is his 3rd best daily and pushed his daily average up to $2.259mil. Great job, hbix!


falafel_raptor hit 2 PBs, both in big categories. He got a 4:36 Hell run, and a 8:06 Low% Hell run! The Hell run is just shy of Latedog's previous 4:36.111 WR that stood for over 9 months. Great runs, Raptor! Raptor and Grooomp keep swapping places, and currently Grooomp is a tiny bit ahead for 11th place.


Grooomp got a PB himself, as well. He got a 5:29.645 Olmec Failplant WR! GG, Grooomp.


Another meme run came from Abob71. He got a nice 5:45 Draininc Olmec run. Always glad to see you getting PBs, Abob.


I (Kinnijup) had a pretty active week. I got 2 WRs in Mossranking categories that count for points, and 3 meme records . The first two were a 2:50.875 Low% No Gold run and a 4:02.761 Max Hell% run. The meme records were a 12:23 Key to Yama run, a $93,300 Tutorial High Score, and a 3:37 Drainmec run. The last two are slightly older runs.


Konato_K Got 3 solid PBs and a big daily. He got a 4:11 Low% run (nearing sub 4 now!), an 11:04 Haunted Max Any%, and a 7:14 Hell run. Congrats on speedlunky Hell, Konato! The big daily was a $2.013mil score on the January 17th daily. This daily was his 3rd best daily and involved a lot of heavy ball and chaining! His daily average is nearing $2mil, and is currently $1.818mil. Konato has also broken the 500k Mosspoints barrier, and reached 29th place.


Vlad continues to stream his runs every day, and managed a big score PB. He got a $1.688mil run, done with a Hell finish! Once he has a successful run with the hired hand strat, I think he will really nail a massive score. He is already capable of surviving Hell on a score run, and it is easier with the cannon. He also got a nice 1:23.570 Tutorial% run. Nice job, Vlad.


Khold managed to gain some Mosspoints this week, with a solid 2:53 No Teleporter Any% run! At 588k Mosspoints, Khold has a strong spot in the top 25.


Last but not least, BorealBy got a $1,239,075 Daily High Score on the January 18th Daily. Nice to see you, Boreal!


That's all for now,



 Weekend update: New score WR + meme WRs, and many other standout runs this week!
Posted by Kinnijup on January 14th, 2017 @02:35PM

Hey hey gang. We are off to a good start to 2017 and Spelunky already, with many people happily setting PBs regularly. Let's get to it.


Konato_K has continued to keep up with dailies, and improved his Any% time. He got a nice 3:08, done with a jetpack, compass, and mattock.


falafel_raptor got 2 impressive PBs. He finished a 5:37 Max Hell (also no teleporter), and a 3:37 No Teleporter Max Any%. The max hell in particular is impressive, as it is the 3rd fastest one done without a teleporter! Raptor has reached 812k total Mosspoints.


Grooomp is very near of raptor with 808k Mosspoints. Grooomp got 2 super impressive runs done this week. He got a 2:35 Max Any% (with a bad 3-1 due only to damsel and worm location), and a 2nd place All Journal Entries run, a 43:29. Nice job, Grooomp!


Khold is nearing 600k Mosspoints, and is securing his spot in the top 25. For this update, he got a solid 9:39 No Gold Hell run (his first completion), and a super impressive 2:34 Any% run!! The run had a 1-4 teleporter and compass shop into a 2-1 jetpack, and had 1 hp from the early jungle onwards! He also handled a tricky Olmec fight very well. Great job, Khold.


Shingraywords got 4 solid runs done this week. He finished a 6:09 Hell% run (also no teleporter), a 6:09 Max Low%, and a $1.954 score PB. He also finished a 12:05 Basejump% run (done with a cape). He is clearly capable of a $3mil score run, and seems motivated to keep at it! Good luck, Shin! At 21st place and 633k total Mosspoints, Shin is just shy of the top 20 currently.


Sedoxa has been around again lately, and it is quite nice to see :D. For this update, he submitted a 3:04 No Gold run and a 2:54 No Teleporter Any% run. Nice! Sedoxa is only 5k total Mosspoints from Linkruler, and is currently in 16th place.


saturnin55 has shown interest in improving his score PB, and has been hitting speedrun PBs in the meantime. For this update, he nailed a 4:52 Max Any% run (also no teleporter). This run involved a lot of solid crysknife action! At 649k Mosspoints, saturnin is only 1k shy of 650k and the sapphire ice caves ranking!


Vols and Jezuz got a solid $1.377 daily high score PB on the January 12th daily. Nice!


Vlad has been making some serious progress lately. He finished his first teleporter run this week, a 3:12. He also finished a 19:35 All Shortcuts run with a 23:40 Olmec finish, a big Low% improvement of 3:31, and a 6:16 Max Any% run. Vlad's platforming is rapidly improving!


denis1080 had a busy week, as well. He finished a 101:35 AJE run, a 1:22.830 Tutorial% run, a 14:34 Big Money run, and a $65,900 Tutorial High Score run. Nice job this week, denis!


bootsthatshoot got one run done this week, and it was a super impressive one. He finished a 6:32 Max Hell% run!! This run is 10th place overall, which is super impressive. Great run, boots! Boots is currently in 19th place, and looks likely to reach 700k total Mosspoints.


Gato took a stab at some tutorial runs this week. He got a 1:53.000 Tutorial%, and a $62,600 Tutorial High Score. He also got a $175k score PB. Keep it up, Gato!


ix is busy attending AGDQ, but had some time to improve 2 of his meme WRs and get 4 other impressive runs!! His WR improvements were an 11:20.422 Landmine% run and a 17:57.253 Key to Yama WR. Great job, ix! His other PBs were a solid 7:06 Max Hell (no teleporter), a 4:24 Max Any%, a 5:30 Max Low%, and an 8:50 Big Money run!! At 663k total Mosspoints, ix is not far from the top 15. He currently is in 18th place.


Just above ix in 17th place is hbix, who also PB'd this week. He got an impressive 4:38 Low% No Gold run done. Nice job, hbix!


I (Kinnijup) got a new score world record. The final score was $3,526,575. It involved heavy ball and chain work with double boss ghosting. Thankfully for my nerves, the only Hell altar was in 5-3. The standout level of this run was the City of Gold, which was a massive 725k. This was an improvement of $64,600 over the previous WR. This was the first time I got a score WR that was more than a small improvement over the old WR, and was also the first time I beat my own WR. I was really happy with it!


I got 2 other runs done this week, a 3:54.567 No Teleporter Hell WR and a big daily. The daily was $3,105,200, and done on the January 12th daily. I can't remember for sure, but I think this is the first time I used a 5-1 altar to ghost Yama on a daily or regular run. This pushed my daily average to $3,143,432, $2,110 behind krille's WR of $3,145,542.


That's all for now. Thanks for checking out the news,



 2nd Update of the year :D
Posted by Kinnijup on January 8th, 2017 @02:09PM

Hey gang, Kinni here. We had many runs the last 6 days. Let's get to it!


falafel_raptor got 3 PBs this week, two of which were in one of the main 4 categories. He got a 4:43 Hell run (also no teleporter!) and a 3:02.133 Low% run. He has now had several sub 3 pace runs die on Olmec, so it is only a matter of time that he gets the sub. His other PB was a solid 3:09 No Gold run (also no teleporter). Nice!


bootsthatshoot continued his PB streak, nailing 2 PBs. He got a 3:09.883 Low%, and a 2:27 Any%!! Great runs, Boots. The Low% in particular was promising, looking at some of the individual world splits on the run!


Khold got a nice start to the year, by being the 3rd person to finish a Key to Yama run. He did so in 20:44. Nice!


Buddy7heElf has nearly reached 900k total Mosspoints, and this week finished a meme run. He got a fast 8:22 Low% Basejump run done, the 2nd and fastest of its kind. Nice job, Buddy!


Vlad has taken to streaming Spelunky recently, and is already hitting some fast splits and showing some promising platforming skill! You can see his Twitch here. For this update, he submitted 4 runs. He got a $1.06m score run, a 4:06 Low%, a 9:24 Hell%, and a 25:11 All Shortcuts + Olmec run. Nice to have you, Vlad.


We added a new Meme category this week too, thanks to BumCommando. It is getting the highest score in the tutorial. There are already 9 submissions, too. You can view the leaderboard for it here. Currently, ix and I have a tie (in that order) for the best one at $90,400.


usernamecantbe25 has been recording his runs lately. This week he finished 3 runs in the main speed categories! He got a 2:27 Any%, a 3:11 Low%, and a 5:26 Hell% done! All three of these times are impressive! Great job on the runs, 25. username25 is a guy who would be ranked substantially higher if he finished all the categories that count for points. He is well on his way, too.


We saw some new daily high scores this week, as well. ix got a $2,416m score on the January 2nd daily. PolPotNoodle got a $1,319m score and BorealBy got an $876k score, both on this same daily. Nice job, gang!


ix had one other PB this week. He got a 31:13 Jumbo Money run. Solid!


Mazerak got a huge No Gold Hell run done. He finished a 5:22. The run had some pretty impressive platforming, and no health was lost after using his Ankh. Great job hitting 4th place here, Maz!


Abob71 nearly hit a speedlunky Max Low% run. He got an 8:07. Way to go on your first PB of the new year, Abob!


ShinGraywords got a sub 4 Low% No Gold run! He finished a 3:53. He also finished a nice sub 5 Max Any% run! His time here was a 4:45. Nice job this week, Shin!


Polodajaneiro took a short break over the holidays, but is back at it. He got a solid 4:37 Max Any% run done. Nice!


Konato_K also finished a Max Any% run, a 5:16. Solid! Konato finished 2 other runs this week, as well. He got a crazy $2,633,575 score on the January 4th daily, and an 8:44 Max Low% (his first completion!). At only about 200 playtime hours, Konato is efficiently doing some score run techniques that most of us did not do for 1k + hours! Great job, Konato!


There were two other big daily scores, as well. Mazerak got a $2,792,900 score on the same daily as Konato (January 4th), and I (Kinnijup) got a jetpack-less $3,105,350 on the January 5th daily.


Last but not least, Gato finished a 10:46 Hell run and a 5:31 Any% run, both with no teleporter. Solid!


Great job this week, gang!


- Kinni

 First news update of 2017!
Posted by Kinnijup on January 2nd, 2017 @02:22PM

Hey gang, Kinni here with the first news post of the new year! A couple of WRs and many impressive runs happened over the holidays - let's get to it!


BumCommando shaved over 4 minutes off of his already strong All Journal Entries World Record! He nailed a super impressive 31:59. He says a sub 30 minute run is totally viable, but this requires RNG to cooperate. Great job on the run, Bum!


ix nailed 4 super impressive runs this week. He got an 11:52 Snowball% WR, a $2,961,300 score run, a 9:15 Big Money run, and a 7:12 Max Hell (done without teleporter!). The score run was his last requirement for the Spelunky Champion Flair on the spelunky subreddit. Congrats on the Champion Flair, ix! Well deserved. ix was also super happy with the Max Hell run, as it is his favorite category (the no teleporter counterpart).


meowmixmix only had one submission this week, though it was a very strong one. He got a 3:23 Max Any% (no teleporter) run. This is in fact a win on me and 2nd place overall! d_tea has a strong record here, a 3:13, but meow could actually beat it... Great job, Meow! Max Any% without a teleporter is a super impressive and fun run. It would be nice to see some other high-level runners take a stab at it *glares at Buddy7heElf and twigglefly*


denis1080 managed something pretty crazy: a 5:28 Max Low% run! He said he had been struggling to finish the run, then got this quickly after finishing a ~7 minute run. Congrats denis! This time is really impressive. denis also spent some time finishing his first All Journal Entries speedrun. He did so in 109:17. Nice to see this category getting some more attention!


DiMono nailed a Max Low% run, as well. He got a 7:25! Max Low% is a very difficult run to finish due to the resource restrictions, and is even harder to finish fast. Great time in particular for your first finish, DiMono!


saturnin55 finished 2 super impressive runs, as well. He finished his first sub 3 run, done with a teleporter! His final time was 2:47. He also improved his eggplant PB significantly, hitting a 22:20! This is his 4th completed eggy run. saturnin is doing a great job defending his position on Mossrank, and in doing so has come within striking distance of some of the runners above him on the main list.


falafel_raptor has made significant progress recently, and managed to reach 800k Mosspoints! Congrats on reaching the Temple ranking, raptor! The PBs he got this week were a 3:39 No Teleporter Max Any%, a 3:03 Low%, a 6:11 Max Hell, and perhaps most impressive, a 3:19 Low% No Gold run! Great job, raptor.


ShinGraywords nailed a handful of PBs over the week. He got a 10:14 Big Money run, a 5:05 Max Any% run (done with no teleporter), and a 3:31 Low% run. I can tell a Low% goal of his for now is to get under 3:30 (maybe I'm just encouraging him, but it is certainly a PB he could get )  so I think we will see more from him here in the new year.


Khold has managed to reach the top 25!! Congrats on reaching the front page, Khold! He managed two PBs this week: a 10:27 Max Hell run and a 5:35 Draining Olmec run. Nice job, Khold! Khold has been streaming his runs at www.twitch.tv/kholdwinters, so be sure to check him out!


Polodajaneiro has really improved his platforming in general over the last few months. For this update, he got a 3:18 No Teleporter Any% (also Any%) run, and a solid 6:57 Hell run. I have seen this guy hit splits into temple fit for a sub 5 finish, so it is just a matter of getting better RNG and getting more familiar with the lategame on a Hell run. In my experience, the last part of a Hell run a player begins to excel at is 4-1 and onwards. I know polo is capable of some super impressive times, so hopefully he stays motivated like he seems to be!


Gato, who has had the game for 3 years but only recently started submitting runs to Mossrank, sent in a 6:37 No Teleporter Any% run. Nice job, Gato!


I (Kinnijup) finished a $3.241mil score on the January 2nd Daily. This bumped my average up about 25k to 3.126mil. Krille seems within reach now, though these big dailies are super rare. Also, he has not yet tried this daily at the time of writing this. There may be some other big finishes on this one.


Buddy7heElf also nailed an impressive daily, a $2.873mil score on the January 1st Daily. This boosted his daily average up to $2.841mil. Nice!


Next up, we have a couple new members.


luigidude851 submitted an already nice 6:09 Any% run. Nice to have you, luigi!


Vlad is a new member of Mossranking this week, as well. He submitted an 11:49 Hell run. Great to have you Vlad! Really cool that you are already speedrunning the Hell ending.


bootsthatshoot has been back to streaming regularly! I have to say, it is hype :D He managed a 3:18 Max Any% run. The run had some crazy moments. Nice to see you PBing, boots!


usernamecantbe25 finished a solid run on stream this week, a 6:44 Max Hell! If he had a better computer and was more capable of recording all of his runs, 25 would probably be ranked in the top 20. Hopefully he is able to stream more again so he can reach a more accurate ranking! Great run, 25.


All in all, quite a big week! Great job, guys.


- Kinni

 Konato gets an eggplant run, hbix gets a Maxplant run, and many strong Max Low% runs :D
Posted by Kinnijup on December 26th, 2016 @12:08PM

Hey gang, Kinni here with a post-Christmas update.


Konato_K showed us how possible it is to do Khold/boots' eggplant strategy, and finished his first eggplant run! He got a 34:07. He also finished a 6:17 Max Any% run. Way to go, Konato!


hbix tends to nail impressive runs when we don't even know he is trying for them. This week is no different, as he finished a maximum eggplant run! He did so in 42:39. Congrats on being the 7th person to complete this difficult run, hbix!


denis1080 had a nice amount of PBs this week! He got a 3:47 Low%, an $839k score on the December 22nd Daily, and a 9:09 Draining Olmec run. Congrats on the sub 4, Denis. Denis managed to edge out his rival DiMono by 2k Mosspoints. I have a feeling they will both continue to push eachother!


DiMono was active too, and finished a 15:13 Failplant run. GG DiMono.


PolPotNoodle got a daily high score improvement! He got a $1,306,600 score on the December 18th Daily. GG!


Next up, we have a string of strong Max Low% runs!


meowmixmix finished a sub 5 Max Low%! He finished a 4:53. There truly was a snail city at Olmec... Meow is now not far from the top 20 (less than 12k Mosspoints), and is currently in 23rd place with 610k total Mosspoints.


Mazerak nailed an impressive Max Low% run, as well. He got a 4:26. At sub 3 minutes into temple, you can see he can get this run under 4. It is already looking great, though. He also managed an 8 second improvement to his Max Hell time, with a 5:44!


We had another big Max Low% run get finished this week. Buddy7heElf nailed a 4:02!! This was about a 20 second improvement. Buddy has had some bad luck with Olmec on this run in the past, so I was glad to see Olmec work here. Congrats, Buddy.


Next up, Yoshimitsu524 got a run of Max Any% done. He hit a 4:21. Glad to see you put some more times on the board, Yosh!


I (Kinnijup) finished a Haunted Max Low% Hell run. The final time was 15:11. Resources are tight on this run, and I was glad to finish it. It was also the first completion.


Abob71 finished a run over the holidays, a 6:33 Max Any%! Great job, Abob. Always nice to see you on the recent runs page.


saturnin55 finished an impressive 32:15 Snowball% run! The run was particularly impressive as his only mobility was climbing gloves until a cape in Hell!! For the Yama fight strat, he also had to conserve ropes. This made the run even more tricky. He successfully did the new eggplant strat on the Moai head level, though there ended up being a new snowball in 3-4.2 by the exit. Saturnin also finished a 6:18 Draining Olmec run. GG!


ix gained some Mosspoints this update, with a solid 4:41 Low% No Gold run! This run is tricky to finish (especially with a fast Olmec fight). Congrats on the improvement, ix!


Last but certainly not least, Khold finished a sub 3 Any% run! He hit a 2:48. This is his 2nd finished teleporter run. Great job, Khold!


That's all for now,



 A Sub-3 Low%, a Sub-4 Drainmec, and a Sub-19 Key to Yama
Posted by ix on December 20th, 2016 @04:50PM

Hi Spelunkers!


As usual, we have a couple of tremendous submissions by Mazerak this week.  He got a stellar 2:59.261 Low% and becomes the 17th member of the elite sub-3 club.  Turns out he can go even faster with a Jetpack, Compass, and Mattock, completing a 2:30.775 Any% No Teleporter run, which is the fifth-fastest recorded time.  On top of that, he set a new WR in the Basejump% category of 7:32.669 -- an impressive time, especially since he squandered a few seconds before exiting Yama's Chamber.    Also worthy of mention is his $2,980,700 score on December 18th's Daily Challenge, crushing the rest of the field by $1.3 million and setting a new personal best.


Sedoxa made waves with an Any% in 2:19.731 after improvising a new strategy for defeating Olmec.  I got a big kick out of watching this fight, because things tend to go mostly according to plan when the fastest runners submit PBs: indeed, that's why these runs become PBs.  This run is... a different story.  In an another unusual completion, he also Drained Olmec in 3:59 -- the second sub-4!  He also took the time to submit some old runs that he's sat on for a few months.  Some people will do anything for Moss Points.  


I (ix) completed an AS+O run in 20:55, with an 18:40 All Shortcuts split.  Notably, this run was deathless and featured a triple delivery for the Shotgun + 3 Bombs + 3 Ropes split.  I also shaved more than 10 minutes off of the Key to Yama WR, setting a new mark of 18.57.059; however, new strats and interest from bootsthatshoot and others suggest this record might not stand for long!  I also got a pair of PBs in Max Any% No Gold, with a new fastest time of 7:25.390.


Alcoer had a trio of very nice runs: a 3:25 Low%, a 4:14 No Gold run, and a 5:30 Draining Olmec.  This amounted to a nice injection of both Moss and Meme Points!


ShinGraywords submitted a 5:07 Max Any% and a "legit" 13:58 Basejump%, the latter of which moved him past saturnin55 to #3 in the hotly contested Memes Subranking.


Dr. Probably continues to improve his times.  This week, he submitted a 7:09 Low% and a 9:47 Draining Olmec.  Notably, he gave up a promising No Gold run to pick up the second Jetpack.  Can't really fault him for that decision.  


Couple of other nice runs out there this week... Abob71 had a 24.18 AS+O run, saving lots of time on the key split relative to his old PB. DiMono had a 3:37 Any% run with a clean 4-bomb Olmec fight.   prenis posted a 3:48 Low% that is a placeholder for his Any% and Any% No TP runs.


Thanks for submitting these runs.  I look forward to what we will accomplish next week!

 Big daily high scores this week and meowmixmix on fire :O
Posted by Kinnijup on December 14th, 2016 @03:24PM

Hey gang, Kinni here.


Two new people got a daily high score over 2 million points this week. usernamecantbe25 got a $2.461mil score on the December 10th Daily, and Konato_K got a $2.375mil score on the same daily! They both ball and chained the city of gold on this run. Great job guys!


meowmixmix has been on fire lately, and has even been sub 3 pace low% into Olmec but lost it due to ridiculous spawns. For this update, he got a 4:04 Max Any% (also No Teleporter), a 2:48 No Teleporter Any%, a solo teleporter 2:24 Any%, a $1.41mil score run, and a 17:16 All Shortcuts run with a 20:14 Olmec finish. Ridiculous! This run also had a 1:20.060 tutorial. Meow has reached the Ice Caves ranking (600k+ Mosspoints) and climbed to 23rd place!


ix got two new records in the meme ranking. He got the fastest basejump run, an 8:51, and the fastest run in a new meme category, Landmine%. His time there was 14:54. Great job, ix! He also finished a 5:05 Draining Olmec run!


Shingraywords got one run done for this update. He finished an 8:24 Max Hell. Nice!


I (Kinnijup) finished a 9:00 Max Low% Hell run, and a 6:55 Max No Gold Hell run. The Low% one was much harder and I've wanted a run like it for a while.


Polodajaneiro finished a $735k Daily High Score on the December 12th Daily. He is getting very near some crazy good scores, and will probably get the plasma cannon into the City of Gold soon!


Resident daily score runner Dr. Probably got another run done for Mossranking. He finished a 14:43 No Gold run. Nice job, Dr.!


falafel_raptor is thankfully playing a lot again, and got a 6:25 Max Hell run (also Haunted and No Teleporter!). His streams are quite enjoyable to watch. He is also on the verge of a Low% PB, and is finishing many runs near his PB.


Kazzy got a $288k score on the December 10th Daily. Nice job on the daily high score, Kazzy!


Last but not least, Abob71 got a new No Gold Hell time. He finished a 12:49! This was a full 4 minute improvement. Nice, Abob!


 A compilation of recent Spelunky PBs (don't forget to replace with a witty title before submitting)
Posted by ix on December 12th, 2016 @08:14PM

Hi all. The PBs are coming in fast and furious, so it's time for another Spelunky News!  A few of the top-11 runners submitted only one run, but each of these was pretty special!


First up: Kinnijup beat his own world record in the Big Money category, setting a new best time of 5:30.250! Big Money is somewhat of an oddball hybrid between score and speedrunning, so it might be useful to put this time into perspective. If you subtract the extra time Kinni spent in the City of Gold, stealing rubies from Yama, and robbing the Ice Caves vault, this would have been a comfortable sub-4 Hell% run -- a feat only Kinni, dtea, SpelunkyGod, and Pibonacci have achieved.


Perhaps Mazerak will be the next to join this list? Over the weekend, he posted an incredible 4:04.830 Hell%, good enough for 5th place all time. Maz's commentary mid-run does a nice job of summarizing: "dis fast... Like really fast... OMG." Incredible stuff!


Grooomp had another run for the ages, turning in a 2:42.863 No Gold run. One interesting thing is that his run was the fastest-known no gold run completed without a teleporter. A second interesting thing is that this is apparently a category on MossRanking. WR


I (ix) spent some time on several unpopular challenge categories. I became the fourth runner to complete a Shield Run (26:25.288) by crushing Yama with the shield found only in the Haunted Castle. This is a truly bizarre and rewarding challenge, which I hope others get to experience. I also became the fourth to finish a Max Low% No Gold run, albeit slowly (8:28.273). I submitted a couple of other runs: Max Any% No Gold @ 7:54, a Haunted Max Hell% of 11:25, and an Olmec Failplant of 8:18.


Khold briefly made it to the top 25 with several impressive runs. He had a 3:09 Any%, a 3:27 No Gold, and a 4:15 Max Any%, all of which he accomplished without a teleporter. He also took the Plasma Cannon to the City of Gold for the first time and improved his score PB to $1,698,425. Unfortunately, he died while ghosting Hell. Also unfortunate for Khold, meowmixmix saw he got bopped and responded by submitting a 5:16 Max Low%, restoring his place in the top 25 and pushing Khold out. 


Alcoer also turned in a Max Low% of 6:08, and also improved his Any% time to 3:07. denis1080 completed "Speedlunky" Hell% in 7:55 and also turned in a 5:20 Max Any%. ShinGraywords had a similar Max Any% of 5:13.


Just a few more: kvec completed a 3:41 Low%, Peglah got a 4:46 Low% and a 12:17 Hell%, prenis got a 4:47 Low%, and DiMono had a 3:49 Any%.


There were also some impressive Daily Scores recently, but we'll save those for a later date, when they show up on MossRanking.  So, that's it for now, but keep the runs coming!

 meowmixmix on fire, Polo gets a solid Max Low%, and many other impressive runs!!
Posted by Kinnijup on December 9th, 2016 @05:22PM

Hey gang, Kinni here. Special thanks to ix for handling a couple updates there. It is a huge relief to have someone do these every once in awhile, though I do enjoy doing them!


The biggest mover this week was meowmixmix. He got 5 individual PBs.


First up, he brought his Low% PB down to 3:12. He has been into the temple in 1:41 before, and been on sub 3 pace many times now. So it is just a matter of the temple cooperating. Next up, he got a speedlunky Max Hell run! He clocked in at 7:56. Nice! He also got a killer 2:38 Any% (done with solo teleporter!), an 866k daily high score on the December 6th Daily, and a 3:30 Low% No Gold. At 552k total Mosspoints, Meow has entered the top 25 and attained Diamond Jungle ranking on the main list. Nice job, Meow!


Polodajaneiro has been streaming every day some, and it is paying off. He hit a solid sub 6 Max Low% run! His final time was 5:42. He is even capable of something faster, as he slowed down in the temple for safety. So we may see some more from him here...


Another guy who got numerous PBs this week was ShinGraywords! He hit a 6:14 Hell run, a 5:18 Max Any%, and an 11:47 Olmec Failplant% run. Shin is doing a good job securing his position in the top 25, and is only 1 small PB away from the top 20. He currently has 618k total Mosspoints and is in 22nd place!


Khold has been making some big improvements, as well. He hit a 9:51 Big Money run (sub 10!), and a 6:15 Hell run. This was just enough to reach 500k total Mosspoints and Ruby Jungle ranking! Khold is also currently 28th place overall. Nice job this week, Khold.


I (Kinnijup) got two runs done - a 14:10 Max Low% Hell run and a 5:10 No Teleporter Max Hell% run. Both of these categories are a lot of fun!


Top 10 contender Grooomp hit two fantastic runs. He nailed a 4:09 Max Low% (damageless and a Mossranking site win on d_tea!) and a 3:26 Low% No Gold. Great runs, Grooomp! Grooomp is only a score run away from being well into the 800,000s Mosspoint range... 


hbix made an appearance to hit a 22:20 Haunted Max Low% run. It is always nice to see someone complete this category!


Abob71 finished a No Gold Hell run! He did so in 16:50. Way to go, Abob!


denis1080 has been consistently streaming at www.twitch.tv/denis1080, so be sure to give him a visit! This week, he submitted a 17:26 Big Money run which was a 1 minute improvement over his previous time. Nice!


DiMono improved his Draining Olmec% time to a 6:54. GG, Dimono.


Spelunky theorist Konato_K submitted a Max Hell run! He got a 10:19. This run also counted for No Teleporter Max Any%, Max Any%, and No Teleporter Max Hell% . GG, Konato.


Last but not least, newcomer SRVINCEDET got in on the action with a 26:02 Any% submission. Glad to have you, Vince.


Great runs, gang,


- Kinni

 Maximum Spelunky Fun
Posted by ix on December 5th, 2016 @07:08AM

Hi everyone. Lots of impressive runs to talk about this week. 15 runners set new PBs in speed and challenge categories, and several more posted new Score and Daily Score bests.  Lots of these improvements came in "Max" categories (beating the game after having visited both The Worm and The Mothership), so runners are literally going out of their way to challenge themselves.


Kinnijup posted one PB this week, but what a run it was! He completed a 3:31.894 Max Low%, the second fastest all time. The game threw everything it could at Kinni, but he managed to limp to the exit with 1 heart, 0 bombs, and 0 ropes remaining. Watch the whole thing, and pay special attention in the Temple. O_O


What a week of PBs for DiMono. From the "Main 4," he completed a 3:57.149 Any% and a Low% run a just a tad slower at 4:11.628. He was also one of the runners that spent a lot of time in the secret levels.  DiMono got a 4:59.516 Max Any%, a 10:57.316 Haunted Max Any%, and an 11:20.901 Max Hell%. Hopefully he rounds this out by completing a Max Low% soon! He also Drained Olmec in 8:29.704 and casually Basejumped in 33:07.912. Amazing stuff!


Mazerak continued to climb the MossRanking leaderboards. He set a new Any% PB of 2:03.909, featuring 3 robbed shops and a very efficient Olmec fight. He also completed another Solo Eggplant Run, lowering his time to 12:05.367. For good measure, he turned in a 3:08.387 Low%.


falafel_raptor completed a No Gold Hell% in 6:48.533, good for 6th best all time, and also had a 3:55.688 No Teleporter Max Any%.


Konato_K was another busy runner this week. He completed his first All Shortcuts + Olmec (AS+O) in 25:09.590, with a 21:18.700 AS split and a 1:36.330 Tutorial. He also had an 8:58.651 Hell%, 24:14.011 Big Money run, and a $1,545,450 Score run.


Yoshimitsu524 submitted an Any% run of 2:15.935, surviving a pair of tiki villages and several awkward Temple layouts in the process. Impressive stuff!


ix got a 3:36.447 low% and a 9:35.927 Big Money. Fellow ixbro, hbix, submitted a 6:25.689 Hell%.  ixquisite runs!


ShinGraywords got a new Any% PB of 3:12.179, and also turned a disappointing Score run into a placeholder for the increasingly popular Jumbo Money category.


French Champion Polodajaneiro posted a 3:25.567 Low% and an 11:31.721 Max Hell%. Two other runners also improved their Max Hell%: saturnin55, the patron saint of Moss Points, got 9:05.607; and denis1080, who I can't come up with a nickname for, got 10:05.660.


Just a couple more scattered runs: Khold Drained Olmec in 8:06.781, Dr. Probably improved his Any% to 6:06.


In the world of score running, Abob71 cashed in with $868,350 -- pretty good for a 4-2 finish. Dr. Probably won his first Daily Challenge on December 1 with $1,646,950 and set a personal best. The Zaxanator also PBed this same daily with $1,469,550 as did Kazzy with $124,900. Also of note, Kinnijup and Mazerak crushed the December 3 Daily, earning $2,548,900 and $2,000,175, respectively.


Congrats all on the great runs!  See you next week.