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 The Grind #3: Low%!
Posted by ix on March 21st, 2018 @07:19PM

Quick reminder --


Episode 3 of The Grind is coming soon!  On Saturday, March 24 @ Noon EDT, four Spelunkers will attempt to grind out a new Low% PB!


For newer fans of Spelunky, Low% means the runners will be restricted to their starting resources (4 hearts, 4 bombs, and 4 ropes) to complete the game.  A couple of environmental items, such as pots, rocks, and mines are also allowed, but not the good stuff, like the Web Gun.


The runners (and the PBs they are trying to beat) are Mazerak (3:08.387, plus a 2:59 run with a partial recording), Grooomp (2:49.821), ShinGraywords (3:09.321), and Khold (3:10.020).


Tune in to the MossRanking Twitch Channel to see these runners GRIND, with live commentary by ix, chocolatecake5000, Vlad, and a secret special guest!

 Moss News: Kinni Gets Max Any% WR and More!
Posted by meowmixmix on March 18th, 2018 @04:55PM


All editing credits go to Grooomp. Commentary by meowmixmix. Runners featured - meowmixmix, Chocolatecake5000, Carlibraun, Betty, Tuabiht, Slink, TicTacFoe, DieDai, NightHarvester, Pojopoopoohead, Stuoid, DaftLunk, and Kinnijup

 Moss Video News Episode 2: Retro-style Written Edition
Posted by ix on March 7th, 2018 @12:15AM

Hi all.


Meowmixmix raised the bar last week with a special video edition of Moss News (and a sick 2:35 Max Any%).  Now it's my job to lower the bar; otherwise, the community might start to expect weekly video content featuring professional production value.


Speaking of video content featuring professional production value... On March 3, MossRanking hosted the 2018 French Championship featuring Vlad and Polo.  For 7 hours, the runners battled across a wide spectrum of MossPoint speedrunning and challenge categories.  Ultimately, Polo took the championship thanks to a very impressive 3:55 Low% No Gold and a 3:12 Any%.  Vlad also finished a couple of impressive runs, including a 3:35 Low% and a 7:36 Max Hell% run, and even edged out Polo in the All Shortcuts+Olmec category, 25:03 to 26:50.  This was a very close competition and lots of fun to watch!  Re-live the full experience at this Twitch VOD!  Outside of the competition, Polo also set a new No TP Max Hell% PB of 7:24.


Eszik posted one run this week, but it was a doozy!  He got a 2:21 Any%, a whopping 43-second improvement over his old PB, which remains his Low% and Any% No Teleporter PB.  Entering Olmec at 1:44 with Jetpack, Teleporter, and 4 bombs means Eszik was technically on pace for a low 2:1x, perhaps as low as 2:12.  Congratulations on the huge PB!


Last week, Spef became the fourth runner to complete the legendary Max Low% No Gold Hell challenge.  This week, he improved his No Gold True Pacifist Hell, setting his second consecutive world record in the category with an 18:26.333.  This run was also the second-fastest True Pacifist Hell% completion, only 19 seconds behind Kinnijup's 18:07.  Spef also completed a 4:03 Hell%. This knocked 8 seconds off of his old PB, and was also the second-fastest No Teleporter Hell% completion, only 22 seconds behind Kinnijup's 3:41.  Sometimes these articles just write themselves.


ix's current Head Moderator, E5ten, got himself a pair of big PBs.  His 4:42 Any% (also no-TP) further improves his recent PB highlighted on last week's video news.  Lil Ethie also got a 9:34 Hell% run, cutting about 2 1/2 minutes off of his old time.  He's now got his sights set on Speedlunky Hell!  ix's disgraced former Head Moderator, chocolatecake5000, got a couple of big PBs as well.  He got a 6:49 Max Low%, satisfying one of Kinnijup's homework assignments for choco.  He also got a 13:22 Basejump% and a 16:27 Olmec Failplant, neither of which have been reviewed by the meme police for validity.  In other chocolatecake5000 news, he nabbed a 15:11 Ironclad Any% run, good enough for 56th on the Slay the Spire leaderboards.  ix also got an 8:36 Landmine run, crushing a 7-month old PB by nearly 1.5 seconds. 


Canadian newcomer Betty joined MossRanking with a 16:53 No-TP Any% run, while fellow countrymen Abob71 and saturnin55 got a 4:56 Low% No Gold and a 9:02 Big Money, respectively.


Just a couple more runs to cover.  slink got a 4:33 Any% (also no-TP) and a 9:29 Max Any% first completion, which was a nice consolation following a busted Hell run.  Suspsense21 submitted his first AS+O, a 43:24, including a 1:41 tutorial PB for good measure.  Pajecka7891 lowered his Low% time down to 3:41.  How Low% can he go?  Finally, TheMFC06 continues to build a MossRanking portfolio, this time adding a 29:25 Hell% run.


Thanks for reading. 





P.S. - As this article went to press, meowmixmix just got a 4:59.781 Hell% run.  No video yet.  Congrats on this epic run! :D

 Moss News 1st Video Edition | Spef completes Max Low% Hell No Gold! Vlad gets a sub 2 Any%!
Posted by meowmixmix on March 2nd, 2018 @07:56PM

 Runs since Feb 15th. Moss News is back!
Posted by meowmixmix on February 26th, 2018 @04:03AM

Hey everyone, meow here.

I want to preface this edition of Moss News by simply stating that we all know it has been a long time since a good old-fashioned Moss News updating everyone on recent runs and progress all these great runners have made.  With that being said, we plan on making this a weekly thing again! If anyone is interested in helping out with writing articles please contact me on discord. My username is meowmixmix#2439. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Because it has been so long I am just going back to recent runs that were gotten on February 15th or later. Alright, now let’s jump right in!


Who else to start with but Kinnijup? In the past 10 days, Kinnijup has set 3 new World Records.  Yes, he continues to smash World Records regularly. Can this man be stopped? Kinni broke his No Teleporter Any% World Record with a time of 2:16.634 which is close to a lot of people’s times with a teleporter O_O.  Next, he set a No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold World Record with a time of 6:20.153.  How does he get through the worm that fast with No Gold :O. Last but not least, the most important category of all of these is Kinni’s first Basejump% completion with a time of 5:33.176. Amazing job Kinni. Can’t wait to see how many World Records are broken by next week!


Up next we have chocolatecake5000. Choco is a fairly new runner and upcoming streamer who even recently commentated for MossRanking’s The Grind on Saturday.  Choco has lots of potential and he shows it with his recent Low% No Gold run with a time of 4:43.210.  Low% is already tough to finish but adding the challenge of No Gold in less than 5 minutes is truly a challenge for an up and coming great spelunker.  Choco also reduced his Max Any% PB by over a minute, clocking in at 3:52.273. To top it all off, Choco was able to get the fabled Sub 3 Any% with a time of 2:50.031. Great job Choco, can’t wait to see more runs from you soon!


Next up is up and coming meme lord, E5ten. Another fairly new spelunker, E5ten has been completing some of the longer categories and lowering his PBs by as large as 5 and a half minutes.  In the past 10 days, E5ten has gotten a Max Hell% run in 21:34.179, a Big Money in 19:05.160, a No Gold run in 7:45.274 (speedlunky :O), and a Max Any% in 7:56.190!  Wow E5ten, great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!


Next up we have the two sexiest Frenchmen to ever live.  They even had a lunky meetup today!  Vlad and Polodajaneiro!


Vlad has been getting his times lower and lower, slowly moving up the leaderboards and claiming the position of number 16 on the MossRanking leaderboards. Being number 15 myself, I am shaking in my boots for when the inevitable meow bop happens.  Vlad was able to claim the legendary Sub 3 Low% clocking in at 2:58.961.  On top of this, he knocked out his last penalty by completing his first Low% Hell! To top it all off, Vlad was also able to lower his No Teleporter Any% run by almost 6 seconds with a final time of 2:41.181. Awesome job Vlad, it’s only a matter of time before a meow bop :O


Polodajaneiro recently got an insane No Teleporter Any% run with a time of 2:38.261.  What’s really crazy is it was No Gold up until some unlucky gold on Olmec…meaning Polo was right behind the current World Record for No Teleporter Any% No Gold.  Great job Polo!


Eszik  is someone who has become more active in the Spelunky community a few months back and started smashin his PBs.  First off, Eszik got a killer Low% run with a time of 3:04.896! Next up is sub 3 Eszik!  He also got a Hell% run in 8:51.205, and first Max Low% run in 5:54.423 (also surpassing his Max Any% PB by almost 4 min!). I look forward to seeing you PB more Eszik!


Next up we have the man, the myth, the ix-tinguisher, patchesfaces.  Patches got a few Low% PBs recently but the fastest of them came out to be an impressive 3:08.082 surpassing even his No Teleporter Any% PB by less than a second! On top of this, patches has lowered his Max Low% time to 5:03.644!  I’m putting money on patchesfaces making some big moves these next few months! Keep it up patches (I have money on you, so seriously keep it up :V)!


Who better to follow up the ix-tinguisher than ix himself? Ix got a whopping 5 PBs in this cycle so let’s jump right into them.  ix got a Shield run in 13:13.617, a No Teleporter Max Any% in 3:54.955, a No Teleporter Max Hell% in 5:56.082, and a No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold run in 9:06.489, and a Haunted Max Low% in 5:48.210. It amazes me just how many PBs ix gets and the variety of categories he runs. It definitely keeps things interesting! Nice job ix!


Next we have Maplestrip, someone who I’ve seen hanging around the discord and has been getting some nice PBs recently.  Maplestrip completed their first Low% run with a time of 5:05.383 and lowered their Max Any% time by a good 30 seconds with a time of 11:18.381. Keep it up Maplestrip, I’m excited to see how you progress the next couple of months!


This next player has been moving up the leaderboards crazy fast settling right now at #3 after being active for only just over a year. I’m talking of course about Spef.  Spef lowered his Low% Hell time getting closer to the sub 6 mark with a time of 6:24.636, he completed a Max Hell% run in 4:57.238, and knocked a few seconds off his Max Low% with a time of 3:47.646.  It’s really amazing how far Spef has gotten in such a short period of time.  I’m excited to see just how far he pushes his skill in 2018!

Next up is a player who has really put all his eggs in one basket. With a name like DaftLunk, he’s really limited what games he can Speedrun .  Actually though, DaftLunk is a fantastically skilled player with little play time to his name.  He has already gotten a sub 5 Hell% and a sub 3 Low% with just recently joining the community a few months ago.  His most recent PB is a 4:20.978 Max Low% which is his first completion for this category.  I think Daft has some major moves to make this year, so keep it up Daft!


A man of respect, a man of passion, and my former boss, ShinGraywords has also gotten quite a few PBs under his belt recently.  Lowering his Classic Eggplant% time by nearly 9 minutes with a time of 24:03.148, made some moves on his Max Low% with a time of 4:39.318, and completed a Haunted Max Hell% run with a time of 7:47.604. But who could forget the greatest run of all…Shin completed a Draining Olmec run in 5:07.152. Amazing job Shin, keep those PBs comin!


Next up we have samcv who I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of talking to much but it is good to see him getting PBs.  samcv lowered his Low% time a few times recently with a final time of 3:46.598. He also got a No Teleporter Any% in 3:15.784! Keep it up samcv, I hope to see more PBs from you soon 😊


Master of Reddit karma DieDai has only been active the past few months and has been moving up the leaderboards quickly.  DieDai at this point in time is #23 on the MossRanking leaderboard and at this rate will keep rising.  DieDai’s most recent PB is a No Teleporter No Gold run clocking in at 2:59.177. A really good time for a really good player.  Excited to see how you improve in 2018 DieDai!


Next up we have a player who is very active in the daily-challenge channel.  84BombsJetpack has gotten a few PBs recently that show he’s got some speed in him too.  84Bombs most recently completed a No Teleporter Any% run in 8:29.372. Nice job 84Bombs, I hope to see you branch out to other categories soon!


Another player who has shown up in the community more recently, luigidude851 completed an All Shortcuts + Olmec run in 30:07.350 and a Haunted Max Any% run in 13:38.319. These were both his first completions so let’s give him some motivation to keep knocking out some big PBs!


tuabiht is someone I see around streams often so it is great to see him submitting a run.  Tuabiht completed a Big Money run that ended with a Yama kill in 31:48.181.  Keep on practicing tuabiht and I’m sure we will see you submitting more! completed an Any% run!

Resident Czech player Pacjecka7891 has also been making some moves on Any%.  Completing a No Teleporter Any% run in 2:57.703 just getting under sub 3 and also beating his PB by a big 40 seconds! Nice job Pajecka, I hope to see more PBs soon!


This guy will knock some sense (that’s his name :V) into ya showing you how it’s done by completing his first Low% in 5:55.025. Nice job sense!


A loving father, a man of skill, but also, a duck.  Saturnin55 lowered his Low% No Gold time by 16 seconds brining it down to 4:25.648. Nice job Sat!


Another active discord member, slink,  completed his first Low% run in 5:54.224 and is getting close to a sub 10 Hell% with a time of 10:13.822.  Nice job slink, I hope to see more runs from you!


I (meowmixmix) was able to get a PB too completing a Basejump run in 9:49.868. Yay memes!


Last but not least we have NightHarvester who increased his score PB by $329,575 and pushed his final score past 3 million with a total of $3,089,450! A 3 million score is considered to be one of the big score milestones to pass so great job NightHarvester!



Feb 17th:

Bum - $2,254,275


Feb 19th:

DieDai - $2,179,025


Feb 20th:

SnoreMonster - $2,090,575

SoM’s 16in1 - $2,090,225


Feb 22nd:

ix - $2,160,100


Feb 23rd:

ix - $2,380,225

spef - $3,364,525

 The 2018 French Championship of Spelunky (UPDATED SCHEDULE)
Posted by ix on February 21st, 2018 @11:13PM
French Championship
The 2018 French Championship of Spelunky is coming soon!
Beginning Saturday, March 3rd, at 2 PM French time (8 AM Eastern), the reigning French Champion Vlad will attempt to defend his title against fellow countryman Polo in a match featuring individual races of the 14 main speedrunning categories of Spelunky.
The main event will be streamed on the MossRanking Twitch Channel.  For the first portion of the event, Vlad and Polo will occasionally share their thoughts on mic with each other and the viewers.  The finale will begin at 6 PM French time (Noon Eastern), with ix, Kinnijup, Brutwarst, and Shingraywords joining in with "expert commentary!"
The Rules:
Each category will be ran as a separate race. Both players have to complete the a chosen category during the alloted time.
The goal of the competition is to score more MossPoints than the other competitor after the 14 races.
Points are scored using the current MossRanking formula as if the two runners were starting from a fresh MossRanking account. This includes the feature that only the 10 best categories count for points, while additional categories only offer completion bonuses.
Runs will be timed using the in-game timer, not as a real time attack. During the alloted time, multiple attempts are allowed, and the fastest completed run will cout for MossPoints.
A time done during a race can count for several categories if the categories are compatible. For example, if a player completes a 4:00 run during the Any% segment, then finishes a 3:30 during the No Teleporter Any% segment, the 3:30 will count for both categories. However, if a player does a Low% run during the Any% segment, this time will not count for the Low% category.
Failing to complete a category during the alloted time will result in Z E R O M O S S P O I N T S scored by the player.
Watch the trailer below!

 The Grind: Low% Hell Redux
Posted by ix on February 10th, 2018 @07:32PM

HUGE announcement! MossRanking will host an encore edition of The Grind : Low Hell% on Saturday, February 24, 2018 @ Noon Eastern Time.


This time around, we'll feature four new runners: MikeIsMyIke, GreatStriker, Khold, and denis1080.  On the digital casting couch will be max-low-hell% completers, ix and Kinnijup, plus our very special friends, MeowMixMix, Vlad, and chocolatecake5000.


A quick reminder on the rules of the category...


Low% Hell means beating Yama without collecting any unnecessary items or extra resources. Allowed are the following:


 The Book of the Dead, to open the Hell door.

 The Scepter and Hedjet, to open the City of Gold door.

 The Ankh, to get the Hedjet.

 The Spelunker's starting resources: health, bombs, ropes.

 Environmental items, such as rocks, pots, landmines, and arrows.


Notably, the Udjat Eye is not allowed, which means the Spelunker needs a very sharp eye to locate a partially visible Black Market... which is not always possible. Picking up other aids, like extra bombs or ropes, obtaining passive items like the compass, wearing items like the jetpack, activating weapons like the shotgun, or gaining life in any way besides reviving from the Ankh is prohibited.


Quite the challenge, so how many of our runners will succeed?  To find out, tune in live on Twitch on the MossRanking channel, and set a reminder for yourself, so you don't miss it!

 Announcing The Grind: Low% Hell
Posted by ix on January 27th, 2018 @05:33PM

On Saturday, February 3 at Noon Eastern Time (5:00 PM UTC), the Spelunky community will gather for...


The Grind: Low% Hell


Four spelunkers from around the world will attempt to conquer Low% Hell.  We'll watch Vlad, JakeYoshimitsu, DaftLunk, and pojopoopoohead run the category simultaneously with expert commentary from ix and Kinnijup, and additional commentary from meowmixmix and Khold.


Tune in live on Twitch on the MossRanking channel or set a reminder for yourself here.  Hope to see you there!


 Spelunky Discord Community Awards 2017: Day Two Winners
Posted by hb on December 20th, 2017 @06:01PM

The ballots are in and the votes have been counted and verified. A big thank you to everybody who nominated and cast their vote.


The wait is over. We can now reveal the winners of this year's Spelunky Discord Community Awards! Day One saw a total of six winners announced -- you can go here to find out what they were. The results for the remaining five awards categories are below in this Day Two article...



The 'Wait, This Isn't Spelunky' Award

Kerbal Space Program

Marble Madness

Momodora III

Rocket League



Momodora III (16%)



Rocket League (23%)








Written by Kinnijup:


Marble Madness is a very different, old, and fun isometric marble-rolling game for the NES. Three Spelunky runners took the game very seriously for a handful of months this year: Spef, MikeIsMyIke, and me (Kinnijup). We all made rapid progress and had a big impact on the top of a leaderboard which is more than 20 years old. In particular, Spef hit the world record very quickly and improved it two more times afterwards, discovering and incorporating many insanely precise and difficult strategies along the way. Mike is currently in third place, and I am fourth (#forever lost the rivalry).


Another runner who spent some time on the game is Konato_K, who ended up hitting a solid sub-four-minute time. Many other members of the community got involved with watching the game on Twitch for a while (some even played it), so I was not surprised to see this one win here!




Best All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament Race

GreatStriker vs. Spef (Quarterfinals)

Krille vs. d_tea (Finals)

Krille vs. ix (Group A)

Linkruler vs. Mazerak (Round of 16)

patchesfaces vs. ix (Group A)

Stuoid vs. Curticus (Group D)



Krille vs. d_tea (Finals) (23%)

Stuoid vs. Curticus (Group D) (23%)







Written by MikeIsMyIke:


An underdog story at its finest. Not only was Spef a tournament favorite going in, but GreatStriker was one of the lowest-ranked players left going into playoffs. Spef had breezed through his group undefeated, with two incredible times under 20 minutes. So it was a foregone conclusion, right?


Wrong. GreatStriker had already put on quite a performance to get this far, causing a huge upset against the highly-regarded falafel_raptor in the group stage and also beating hbix in the Round of 16. The 'Battle of Finland' absolutely delivered in entertainment, with a close back-and-forth race and a remarkable final result. GreatStriker was more than a minute behind Spef into the key split, but edged ahead of his compatriot after a forced reset from Spef -- the first key completely eluding the favourite.


GreatStriker was put under immense pressure into 2-3. In a twist, Spef stunned himself after throwing a bomb, and blew himself up. This gave GreatStriker a significant lead, one which he did not throw (despite a huge scare in 3-2, when his key nearly dropped into the abyss), sealing the win with a time of 22:03. "When he was ahead, I wasn't really nervous," he said in a post-match interview. "But near the end, I was actually nervous."


A Pot C racer, GreatStriker defied all the odds to make it to the final four. It was a shame that he had to withdraw from the semifinals in the end due to unavailability.




Favourite Spelunky Streamer










Spef (14%)



ix (22%)







Written by hbix:


Kinnijup draws the biggest Twitch audiences among the Spelunky Discord and MossRanking community, and it's not hard to see why. As the greatest ever Spelunky player, Kinnijup stuns his viewers with incredible plays at an alarming rate. Further to that, his streams have been home to numerous world records over the past year -- from his 3.52 million score and sub-1:39 Any% (in front of Derek Yu, too!) to less prominent categories such as Shield Run and Jumbo Money.


But while his legendary skill makes his streams consistently entertaining to watch, it's his personality, his character, and the environment he fosters in the Twitch chat that really seal the deal. Kinnijup is one of the nicest people in the community -- friendly and considerate, with a genuine desire to answer any questions from viewers and help budding speedrunners improve their game. It's this personality that rubs off on the chat. Regulars of his stream are warm and excited to be there. With his almost-daily streams, his Twitch channel has become its own mini-community in a way.


Kinnijup is representing Spelunky at All Games Done Quick (AGDQ) next year. And with his fervent, vocal fanbase, he is guaranteed to have plenty of support tuning in at the dead of night to catch his All Shortcuts + Olmec run. Good luck for January!




Newcomer of the Year










chocolatecake5000 (14%)



DieDai (20%)





SPEF (46%)


Written by Polo:


We were all suprised to see him eligible for nomination, and that's because it feels like he has been a member of this community forever. It's hard to believe that, yes, he joined in 2017. And yet... that says a lot about the man, and probably explains why Spef deserves this award the most!


Spef started to submit nice runs out of nowhere and joined the Discord server all the way back in January. Since then, Spef has made himself climb the MossRanking to end up as one of the best Spelunkers of all time. At the time of writing, he is in fourth place with more than 900,000 points (a Hell ranking) and only just behind the legend that is Krille71.


We could spend hours talking Spef's runs and how great they are, but that's not just what this award is about. Spef has also been involved every day in the Spelunky community to discuss strats, visiting and hanging out at everybody's stream, giving advice, and scouting daily challenge seeds. We all see him as friendly as the VoHiYo emote seems to be!


Spef winning the Newcomer award was probably the least surprising result out of all of them, but it's satisfying nonetheless to see one of the nicest guys out there being acknowledged.




Spelunky Community MVP










meowmixmix (8%)

Twiggle (8%)








HBIX (36%)

SATURNIN55 (36%)


Written by saturnin55:


We are very fortunate to have such a talented person in our community. We all know hbix is a very good Spelunker, one of the best around, but hbix also does so much work in this community without seeking the spotlight. They're an amazing writer and wrote 17 'My Favourite Games' articles in Spelunky News this year, presenting members of the community and helping us to get to know a little bit of the non-Spelunker side of everyone featured.


I'm also pretty confident to say that without hbix, the Spelunky All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament would be either still in planning or a bad memory of an attempt to make something too big for us to handle. All the organizers dedicated a lot of time into the planning of the tourney, but I'm just short of words for all of what was accomplished by hbix. hbix was silently working with the other organizers behind the scenes one month before the tourney really publicly kicked off, and has been a real trooper: handling any type of work that others didn't want to do, helping a ton in the planning, writing documentation, and communicating with all the organizers and other people involved in the tourney.


More than often, hbix just took it upon themself to do stuff nobody thought of and came to us with an amazing document, leaving us dumbstruck. Then, when the tourney really started, almost all of the results, standing updates, summary articles were done by our joint MVP winner. hbix was also back and forth communicating about issues we did not foresee, always on the lookout so everything could go as smoothly as possible for everyone, and it is just a joy to have someone dedicated and selfless like hbix on your team providing such quantity and quality of work.



Another side of hbix that most people are not aware is all of their work behind the scenes as a Discord moderator. Always pushing the moderation team to do things better, for the benefit of all the community (old-timers and newcomers), raising important issues, and providing very thoughtful opinions, always in the most polite and respectful manner towards everyone. Even though sometimes issues can get pretty heated and emotional, hbix stays calm or takes some time away to think and cool down before voicing their opinion.


Furthermore, hbix has been an important contributor to all MossRanking discussions and debates we had since joining the team. There is often something going on behind the scenes, and I'm very thankful for all hbix's contributions: talking about categories, rules, or the website. hbix is someone you can always rely on to provide insightful opinions.


The MVP award just embodies very well what hbix is to this community: a real MVP. I won't lie, I was a bit worried before the voting because I was under the impression that a lot of hbix's doings were too much behind the scenes to get the deserved votes. But I realize now that it was just me that was too much in the bubble, and I'm so glad you're all giving hbix the deserved wave of love for everything they did for this community.


hbix, thank you for everything! We hope you can be part of what's coming ahead, because without you, things would be much more chaotic and this community would have not grown as much as it did in 2017! Congratulations MVP!



Written by hbix:


The first ever Spelunky Discord Community Awards have been a lot of fun, but there is nothing more fitting to close this out than to talk about the incredible saturnin55. When I started planning this event, I thought to myself that it would be an utter traversty if saturnin55 did not win something. You cannot have a celebration of 2017 in Spelunky without mentioning him. Thankfully, it turns out that we as a community collectively agree.


In the many winners' texts across the Day One and Day Two articles, the word "legend" has been used a few times. Kinnijup, d_tea, Krille71, and more are legends in their own right. But saturnin55 is a very different kind of legend -- the irreplaceable kind. He may not want to admit it, humble as he is, but saturnin55 is the greatest influence of the Spelunky community right now.


When MossTier was dying a slow death, saturnin55 created MossRanking.com, this very site you are reading right now. With the help of others, saturnin55 revolutionised the Spelunky rankings, bringing a fresh, addictive competitive edge to the table and rejuvenating speedrunners and score runners alike. That was in 2016. This year, saturnin55 continued to build on this fine platform -- adding new categories, coding a bevy of new features, and more -- in turn providing newcomers a powerful incentive to stick around the community. 2017 has seen many new faces in the form of Spef, GreatStriker, DieDai, Pojo, DaftLunk, ContraMuffin, chocolatecake5000, and so many more people on the MossRanking leaderboards, as well as the re-introduction of Stuoid, all of whom having had a positive impact on the wider community, particularly on Discord and Twitch.


saturnin55 has had an indirect but crucial hand at keeping the community buzzing and active, moreso than anybody else.



2017 also saw two huge events: the Scoreathlon and the All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament, both of which were huge successes and could never have happened without saturnin55. Both the Scoreathlon and especially the All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament were incredible to be a part of -- whether as a participant, viewer, or organiser -- because it brought the whole community together. Seeing everybody congregating in one place, buzzing with excitement on the MossRanking Twitch chat, is unlike anything else in the Spelunky community.


saturnin55 worked tirelessly on the administrative sides of both events -- coding on the back-end, coming up with solutions to problems, taking responsibility in managing the potentially overwhelming projects -- and ensured that they were smash hits. Personally speaking, I have learnt so much during my time working alongside him on the All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament. It has been a genuine and enriching pleasure to have had the opportunity to do so.


The last thing I would like to mention about saturnin55 is the number of times I've messaged him for help and how he responds and sorts out my request quickly every single time. How he manages to find the time given that he is an incredibly busy parent as well is beyond me. saturnin55 is currently working on evolving MossRanking in preparation for Spelunky 2. It is with good fortune that we have somebody like saturnin55 in our community, and I'm excited at the prospect that, when the first wave of Spelunky 2 players comes across our passionate and tightknit group, even more people will be able to appreciate his work.


Congratulations, saturnin55! There is nobody more deserving than this title than you.


 Spelunky Discord Community Awards 2017: Day One Winners
Posted by hb on December 19th, 2017 @10:38PM

The ballots are in and the votes have been counted and verified. A big thank you to everybody who nominated and cast their vote.


The wait is over. We can now reveal the winners of this year's Spelunky Discord Community Awards! The winners will be announced across two days: six awards categories today, and then five tomorrow. Find out what won on Day One below...



Best Moss Points Category

All Shortcuts + Olmec



Low Hell%

No Teleporter Any%




Low Hell% (17%)



Low% (22%)








Written by hbix:


If there's one category which truly left its mark on the community in 2017, it's All Shortcuts + Olmec.


On September 8, the All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament kicked off with a 40-strong lineup. This included top-ranking players such as Buddy7heElf, Curticus, and Spef, while legends Krille71 and d_tea were lured out of retirement. Over the next month, the community was collectively gripped as they gathered to watch and buzz about races broadcasted on Twitch. Even Spelunky creator Derek Yu was taken in by the excitement, checking out some of the matches.


Krille71 would go on to beat d_tea in the finals, which were held on SpeedGaming and drew more than 600 concurrent viewers. The tournament was an incredible success, and everybody involved -- organisers, hosts, commentators, participants, viewers -- should be proud.


In All Shortcuts + Olmec, the player must -- from a blank save -- unlock all three shortcuts (Jungle, Ice, and Temple) before beating the game by defeating Olmec. The shortcuts themselves neatly double up as checkpoints, meaning that -- unlike every run which uses the in-game timer -- dying during a delivery does not end the run. But the nature of this feature, combined with the meaty length of an All Shortcuts + Olmec run, actually presents a very different challenge. While most standard, shorter categories when speedrun encourage the player to go gung-ho (after all, what's a simple reset?), All Shortcuts + Olmec demands a greater degree of caution.


Death may not end the run, but it does hit you with a costly time penalty. Risk versus reward takes on a different meaning, and it makes for an entertaining category to play and spectate alike.



Written by MikeIsMyIke:


The infamous shotgun split. Do I rob the 2-1 hired hand shop for his shotgun, or do I pray for a late jungle shop or Dead Are Restless level? If you're lucky, you might even come across the black market with resources to complete a triple delivery -- handing in the shotgun (2-4 exit), three bombs (mothership entrance), and three ropes (3-4.2 exit) all with the same life.


Scenarios like these are a part of what makes All Shortcuts + Olmec unique and popular among the community. Every decision you make is critical, no matter if you're in the jungle, attempting the brutal key delivery, or making your way through the temple.


It is stressful for the whole duration of the run, and you'll be hard-pressed to find another category this varied and well-rounded, putting so many skills to the test. With the auto-splitter, it's super easy to set up and get going, so if you haven't tried it yet: what are you waiting for?




Best Meme Category

Action Hero Any%

All Achievements

Draining Olmec

Key to Yama

Temple Shortcut%

Tutorial High Score



Draining Olmec (17%)



Action Hero Any% (22%)








Written by ix:


All Achievements in a single segment was a feat discussed in the Spelunky community for years: rarely attempted, occasionally brought up as a joke, but never completed.


Time passed, and MossRankers moved on to tackle other challenges. BumCommando popularized the All Journal Entries run and pushed his own world record down to a competitive time. Critically, Konato_K pioneered the All Characters run, which initially involved several hours of grinding the RNG (seemingly) necessary to find the four random area coffins.


As more runners began to compete for the All Characters WR, rumors began to circulate that the death counter was correlated with the likelihood of these four coffins appearing. Ultimately, Sashavol peeked into the source code and confirmed these suspicions, revealing the precise death counts necessary to maximize the odds of a quick coffin find. Thus, the era of death grinding began, which saw an hour and a half shaved off the WR in a little over a week.


With the new strats, the category became popular enough to warrant a LiveSplit tracker alongside All Shortcuts + Olmec and All Journal Entries.



With the 'The Whole Gang' achievement sorted out, a single-segment All Achievements run started to appear feasible. All it would really take is someone with the skills to reliably complete an All Journal Entries run (lots of people), the patience for a No Gold run (many people), the desire to complete an All Characters run (a couple of people), and the mental toughness to grind the last 700 or so deaths of the 'Addicted' achievement (so far, one person).


The run now has three completions: a nearly six-hour run in August, a sub-four-hour run as part of the Spelunky All Games Done Quick (AGDQ) fundraiser stream, and one more as part of the Really Really Long A Thon, all by ix.


Thank you to everyone who voted for this meme category. What we need now is a tracker and for more runners to compete. Also, Death% should have won!




Best Miscellaneous Category

All Characters

All Journal Entries

Jumbo Money

Max Low No Gold Hell%

Shield Run




Shield Run (18%)



All Journal Entries (21%)







Written by Kinnijup:


Max Low No Gold Hell% is thought of by many as the pinnacle of a Spelunky challenge run. It combines precise Low% platforming with the critical thinking necessary for a difficult challenge run. Reaction-based gameplay is a big factor in the run frequently as well.


After the first Max Low Hell% run was done at the end of 2014, it would be half a year before d_tea became the first person to complete the run without gold on a blind seed. In the three years the category has been attempted, it has only had five total completed runs from three runners. Pibonacci (who had the second completion) has one of them. d_tea and I each have two, and we both have a speed run of it done.


The last time somebody completed the challenge run for the first time was in February 2016 (by me). Several notable runners have been very close to joining this list and others are actively trying. Spef5 and Buddy7heElf each have a Max Low Hell% finish with two pieces of gold, and both Buddy and Krille71 have an MLNGH Yama death. MLNGH went from being almost impossible, to being frighteningly difficult to finish but doable, to being speedran.


The category also went through a bit of a name transformation, and some Lunkers will still call it LMNGH (the original name it was given) as it rolls off the tongue pretty well!




Indie Game of the Year


Dead Cells (Early Access)

The End Is Nigh

Hollow Knight

Japanese Breakquest

Night in the Woods



Dead Cells (Early Access) (8%)



Hollow Knight (27%)







Written by Twiggle:


Cuphead is a run-and-gun platformer, seven years in the making. The game is mainly a boss rush, most of which on the ground where you are jumping and dashing, but some bosses also take place in the air where Cuphead and Mugman get to fly planes that shoot. The game has six platforming levels as well, two in each of the three main worlds, which have been handcrafted with unique environments and enemies.


From the moment I saw a preview of the game at one of the PAXs, I had a feeling that it would be amazing. However, before it launched, I did have concerns about the game, and I'm sure I wasn't alone. Obviously the art and visuals are top-notch, but that doesn't mean a thing if the game doesn't play well. Does the platforming feel good? Are the bosses too RNG-heavy? Is the game too hard or too easy for most players? Is the price going to be as high as a triple-A game?


I'm happy to say that all of these doubts were thrown out the window within my first few hours of playing the game. The art and music are great, that's a given, but the bosses are also super fun to fight, and each of them are so unique.



The difficulty has been somewhat of a controversy, but I think it has been blown way out of proportion. It's harder than most casual games such as the recent Marios, but not as hard as the eight-bit Marios of the 1980s and early 1990s which were downright frustrating in places. The price was also a pleasent surprise, being USD $19.99, right around the cost of most pixel-art indie games.


Cuphead's main campaign only took eight hours for me to beat the first time, but I enjoyed every second of it! (It took around 22 hours to get all of the achievements and unlocks.) The game is really enjoyable playing co-op as well, even if you're partner isn't the best at platformers. Overall, this game is one of the most high-quality 2D platformers ever made. I would recommend this game to pretty much anyone who enjoys video games, not just hardcore platformer lovers.


If you don't have it already, it's probably going to go on sale during Steam's winter sale, starting on December 21. Have fun!




Most Anticipated Game That Isn't Spelunky 2

Dunk Lords

Industries of Titan

La-Mulana 2

Monster Hunter: World

Red Dead Redemption 2

UFO 50



Red Dead Redemption 2 (18%)



La-Mulana 2 (21%)





UFO 50 (46%)


Written by ix:


Retro was big in 2017. A live-action adaptation of 1991's Beauty in the Beast is currently the the highest-grossing film this year, and the only serious challenger to this title is... the latest installment of 1977's Star Wars franchise. In music, the 50th anniversary reissue of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band peaked at #3 in the USA and #1 in the UK.  In gaming, Nintendo made a killing with the NES and SNES Classic Editions, cashing in on their seemingly bottomless vault of vintage games.


With UFO 50, Derek Yu and friends pose the question: are our desires for nostalgia simply a byproduct of memory and time, or can they be cultivated by developers and incepted into gamers' brains? UFO 50 is a collection of fifty games for a fictional console from the late '80s that were lost in time for a couple of decades and set to resurface on PC sometime in 2018. If voters of the 2017 Spelunky Discord Community Awards are to believed, Yu et al. might just be onto something. We're all eager to relive these games for the first time!




Overall Game of the Year


Divinity: Original Sin 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Early Access)

Sonic Mania

Super Mario Odyssey



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (11%)



Cuphead (33%)







Written by meowmixmix:


One thing that really stuck out this year was the quality of games that came out. With hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, how could we possibly choose? In the end, a winner had to stand tall among the others. As a community based around a platforming game, it’s no surprise that Mario Odyssey takes the win for Overall Game of the Year.


Mario is the king of video games. Time and time again, he has proven to be an everlasting character with unlimited possibilities. For the past seven years, Nintendo seemingly has struggled to live up to this impossible level of expectation. But with Mario Odyssey, Mario is back to reclaim his throne.


Mario Odyssey is another brilliant redefinition of the very platforming genre that he helped popularize 30 years ago. In Mario Odyssey, we are introduced to Mario’s new companion Cappy who brings along with him the ability to possess other characters (or objects) within the worlds. Each character has their own unique abilities and movement mechanics. There are so many options for traversal when you put the movement of Mario and his possessed allies together, and it feels like Odyssey has just barely scratched the surface of what its mechanics are even capable of. Throughout the campaign, you are using new creatures in different game-changing ways on a regular basis.



Odyssey is filled with vibrant locations which pairs perfectly with its sweeping orchestra. Each kingdom has its own atmosphere, its own music, and its own enemies to capture, and then after you beat the game, every single level gets repopulated with even more challenges. In fact, you only need 120 Moons to beat the game and 500 Moons to get a different ending out of more than 830 of them. Even after completing the game, Mario Odyssey has so much more to explore.


Mario Odyssey takes its rightful place as the Overall Best Game of the Year for its unique style that it so easily integrates with the platforming genre that we all have come to know and love. It breathes new life into this genre, and other studios have much to learn from Nintendo’s success on this one.




Come back tomorrow (December 21) for Day Two of this year's Spelunky Discord Community Awards, where the winners for Favourite Spelunky Streamer, Newcomer of the Year, Spelunky Community MVP, Best All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament Race, and the 'Wait, This Isn't Spelunky' Award will be revealed.