Spelunky News!

 ix and Polo get big score runs, LVIO pushes his sub 3 Any% further, and other impressive runs :D
Posted by Kinnijup on October 1st, 2016 @01:47PM

Hola. I had to take a few days off and thought I might miss a news update, but it seems there was not an insane amount of activity this week. So PB harder! Let's get to the runs.


ix finished his first full score run that involved taking the plasma cannon into the City of Gold! He even managed to get the majority of the money in all three Hell levels. This is really quite an accomplishment. He finished with $2,429,050. Great run, ix! This netted him a nice amount of Mossranking points. He currently has 549k and is in 24th place. ix has been working on dailies consistently too, and improved his average this week.


Polo got a solid score run finished, too. He got a $1,725,200. This was done with an Olmec finish. Polo's next step is going to be a successful run with the robot/hired hand strat, and will give him another significant score boost. Great run, Polo! Polo also was hard at work on Low% and smashed his PB. He got a 3:31! There were some troll levels in the seed, so I think we may see Polo soon push this even further!


LVIO managed to push his Any% run even further this week. he got a 2:45! He even lost a potential 2:3x with 4-3, so we may see more from him here soon.


ShinGraywords has been heavily active, improving 4 of his times. He got a 5:00 Low% No Gold run, a 6:14 Haunted Max Any% run, an 8:22 Draining Olmec run, and a 19:17 Basejump% run. The Low% No Gold run is particularly impressive! Great runs, Shin.


Khold was hard at work, as well. He finished a 4:53 Low% No Gold run. Nice job getting a solid time so quickly, Khold! Khold has also been actively improving his daily average.


Moliman expanded his horizons and nailed a sub 4 Low% run! He got a 3:55. Nice!


Abob71 was pretty active this week, too. He got a 22:59 Big Money run, and a $625k score run.


denis1080 finished a solid Any% run! He hit a 3:17, done with the teleporter. Great job surviving a teleporter run while going fast, denis!


Buddy7heElf made an appearance to nail a 2:38 No Teleporter Any% run. This gained him some Mossranking points. He is now not far from the top 5 overall, and even closer to a Hell rating.


meowmixmix has been busy with work recently, but found some time to play and nailed a 4:33 Draining Olmec run. Nice!


tickbite finished a Hell run, a 16:19. Nice job getting a speedrun of it done, tick!


Last but not least, hbix got a 1:26.860 Tutorial% run, a 3:45 Low% run, and improved his daily average. Great job, hbix!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 Raptor gets 3 million, Mazerak gets sub 5 Hell, and Hectic on the rise!
Posted by Kinnijup on September 23rd, 2016 @01:27PM

Hey gang, quite an exciting few days again here. Let's get to it.


First up, falafel_raptor got his goal with score runs for now: a 3 million run! He broke 3 million by quite a bit, too. His final score was $3,081,450. At just over 89% of the WR, this is now Raptor's strongest run on all of Mossranking! He did a great job on the run, which had an incredibly difficult 5-3 level and no mobility early on. He also got a 19:24 All Shortcuts + Olmec run. At 86%, this is his 2nd strongest run on the site! These runs were enough to push his overall score to 729k, under 20k from Grooomp! Raptor has now placed a comfortable distance between himself and 12th place, as well.


Another big run this week came from Mazerak. He finished a 4:54.443 Hell run! His reaction time on the run was fantastic (check out some of the plays in hell), and it was enough for 13th place on the Hell% list. Mazerak also submitted a "Jumbo Money" run. This is a speedrun to $1,000,000 points. He did one in 22:45, which is currently the fastest and only submission. Maz has reached 17th place overall, and is very close to a few of the spots above him. Great job this week, Maz!


Hectic has had a lot of success lately with improving his Mossranking score. He has been picking off categories one by one and gaining many points. He finished a 4:10 Low% No Gold run, a 5:19 Max Any% run, and a 5:28 Max Low% run! With these improvements, Hectic has already moved up to 28th place on the ranking. If he continues to play this way, I am confident we will see him enter the top 20.


ix got a few runs this week which improved his Mossranking score, too. He got a 3:38 Any% run, a 3:46 Low% run, a 6:48 Hell run, and a 5:25 Draining Olmec run. Nice job, ix!


saturnin55 improved his eggplant PB significantly. He got a 29:16. This is his 3rd completed eggplant run, as well. Nice job getting under 30 minutes, sat!


curticus2 got a solid Hell PB! He hit a 4:22. With this PB, he is now just 2k away from the top 5 overall in Mossranking! Considering he holds two of the most difficult WRs to get, in my opinion (Low% and Low% Hell), it was only a matter of him trying some other categories more before he got to at least the top 5 overall.


I (Kinnijup) got a solid 3:59.001 No Teleporter Hell run. I was really excited to finish one under 4 minutes. This is also the 6th fastest Hell run done so far.


ShinGraywords is doing a great job, as well. He got a big PB on No Gold Hell - a 12:55. This is a very difficult run to do with any speed at all, so congrats on such a big cut, Shin!


Newcomer LVIO improved his already impressive Any% time. He got a 2:50! It is really exciting to see a new player already hitting multiple sub 3 Any% runs! He already has great speedrunning instincts, and does solid and proper 4 bomb Olmec fights. LVIO also got a nice 6:14 No Gold Any% run. Nice runs, LVIO!


Khold got in on some of the action with a 3:38 Low% run. His time is really getting impresssive now.


AlphaChannel made an appearance to get a 15:45 Big Money run. It is really exciting when Alpha picks off one of those challenge runs! Solid run, Alpha.


Last but not least, The Mad Murf nailed a $1,190,475 score run. Nice job, Murf!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 saturnin55 gets a big daily highscore, falafel_raptor continues to skyrocket, and 2 new players to watch!
Posted by Kinnijup on September 18th, 2016 @12:59PM

Hey gang! Quite a bit of activity the last 5 days, so I will waste no time getting into it.


First up, saturnin55 got a ~125k daily highscore improvement. He hit a $2,345,025 score on the August 16th Daily. This was enough to bring his daily average up to $1.813mil. saturnin also worked on some RTA categories, and managed to PB in all three of them! He got a 20:27 All Shortcuts + Olmec run with an 18:20 key split, a 1:23.890 Tutorial% PB, and a 57:34 All Journal Entries run! Nice job getting under an hour, sat!


falafel_raptor had some massive PBs, as usual. He got around to doing an All Shortcuts + Olmec run, and it is already under 20 minutes! He got a 19:32! He also nailed a 20 second Any% PB with a scary 4-3 and Olmec! He hit a 2:25. These runs gained him a massive amount of points, as well. He now sits in 11th place at 719k!! His progress has been super exciting to watch. He may be in heated competition for Grooomp's #10 spot soon...


More All Shortcuts action came from hbix. He is nearing sub 20 already, as well! He got a 21:28 with an 18:57 key split. He also hit a nice 1:27.420 tutorial, done without the blackout glitch. Nice job hbix, you are definitely getting faster!


Khold did some All Shortcuts runs, as well. He hit a 22:13 with a 19:07 key split. Khold also got a 4:13 Low% run and a 6:09 No Gold run. Great runs, Khold!


Yoshimitsu524 continues his exploration of some other categories, and hit a 24:41 All Shortcuts + Olmec run. He has been to Olmec on a handful of fast Low% No Gold runs so far, so I am confident we will see him nail a good run there, too. It has been a lot of fun to see Yoshi get some other categories done, because he deserves a much higher Mossrank than he currently has. Having completed Low% Hell and having a 3:00 Low% run, he certainly has a ton of potential. The other categories he is doing are important too, and I think we are going to see his rank go up in the coming months. 


ShinGraywords got in on the All Shortcuts action, too. He hit a 25:05 with a 22:28 key split. Shin also submitted a 14:05 Olmec Failplant run. Great job, Shin!


Another couple of RTA runs came from ix. He did a 97:42 All Journal Entries run. Glad to see you enjoying the run, ix! His other RTA PB was a 1:25.420 Tutorial% run. He also got a 22:40 Basejump% run, and an 11:12 Big Money run. Nice! 


We had a debut from a new runner, DemoJameson. He submitted one run, but it is pretty jaw-dropping: a 3:13 Low%! This was also about 3:07 pace into Olmec. It will be really exciting to see if he has some motivation for other runs. Good luck and nice to have you, Demo.


Another new player came out of nowhere with a big run - LVIO. He submitted a 2:57 Any% run, done with the mattock! Great job getting a run under 3, LVIO! Again, it will be really exciting to watch his progress!


MrEikono got a Daily High Score PB on the September 14th Daily. He hit a 305k run. Nice!


Abob71 completed a Max Low% run! He did so in 9:11. Great job finishing this tricky run, Abob!


meowmixmix is a guy who really stepped up to help out with the Spelunky Star League/Weekly Showdown races. He is a lot of fun to watch on Twitch. He continued his improvements this week, and got a solid 8:35 Max Hell run! Way to go, Meow.


denis1080 improved his Max Any% time to a 7:02! Getting substatially under the speedlunky mark now!


WR quality runner twigglefly returned to stream for us this week! He hit a 3:38 Max Any% run during the stream, too. Great to see twiggle playing some! I hope he enjoyed it and tries again soon. 


BTA88 made an appearance to nail a 1.9mil run on the September 16th Daily. His daily average is now just shy of 2 mil.


Mazerak is working on his remaining challenge runs for Mossranking points, and completed a 15:03 No Gold Hell run. This is one of the harder runs to complete, for sure. He also got a speedlunky Max Hell run! His final time was 7:16. Lastly, he hit a nice 3:30 Low% run. He has been on pace for sub 3:10 runs into Olmec before, so this is definitely not the last we will see from him here. It is still a solid PB, though. Great job, Maz!


Great job, guys.


- Kinni

 20 runs including an incredible Max Low% PB from Raptor and a No Gold Hell run from Shin.
Posted by Kinnijup on September 13th, 2016 @04:31PM

Hey gang, Kinni here.


This week, we saw falafel_raptor getting a fantastic Max Low% time. He nailed a 4:08.208! Max Low% has become quite a popular and competitve category over the last year or so, and Raptor managed to get 5th place in it. It is also a website win on d_tea, though I am pretty sure d_tea has a 4:00 or 4:01 that he lost the recording of. Regardless, this is also a win on several other players in the top 10 who put time into the run including Grooomp, Buddy, twiggle, and krille! At 83.97%, this is also Raptor's new best run (in terms of % of WR) on Mossranking. He also nailed a nice sub 3 Any% No Teleporter run. He hit a 2:57. These runs gained him enough points to move him up to 14th with 11th place not far off. Great job, Raptor.


ShinGraywords hit an important run, as well. He got a 26:18 No Gold Hell run! The only two runs Shin has remaining for bonus points/penalty removal are Eggplant and Low% Hell, both of which he is more than capable of. He's even been to Yama on Low% Hell. It will be exciting to watch him try these runs. He also nailed a solid $2.332mil score run on the September 12th Daily

Speaking of the September 12th Daily, it had three other big scores. ix got a $1.727mil score on it, saturnin55 got a $2.046mil score on it, and hbix nailed a $2.289mil score on it. All four of these guys are really hitting some impressive dailies lately. I think soon we will see ix get his first $2mil daily, if a seed comes around. Great job, guys!


Tutorial% saw some more action, as well. Bum nailed a solid 1:18.370, Grooomp hit a 1:18.580, hbix hit a 1:28.260, Khold got a 1:28.670, and ix got a 1:33.980. ix's run did not make use of the somewhat new blackout glitch, either. Great tutorials, gang.


Khold also did some normal speedruns, and hit a solid 5:11 Max Any% (done with no teleporter) run, and a 3:33 No Teleporter Any% run. Nice!


Aside from a tutorial and big daily score, hbix also tried some normal runs. It paid off as well as he nailed a nice 5:36 Low% No Gold run!



Grooomp did some runs other than Tutorial%, as well. He got a nice 53:26 All Journal Entries run. Great job getting this under an hour, Grooomp! 


Long time daily runner H1xMasterT has started to try his hand at speedruns. He is already off to a great start, as he finished a 4:19 Low% run! It is clear some of the skill he built up from his years of score running was transferable to speedruns.


bootsthatshoot is having some fun with other categories again now that he is a member of the Low% Hell club. This week, he did some All Shortcuts + Olmec runs. So far, he has a nice 22:32 PB. 


Abob71 continued his progress in the max categories, and PB'd in Max Hell%. He got a 14:26.


DiMono also tried his hand at a Max% category, Max Any%. He hit an 11:52. Nice job, Dimono!


Last but not least, I have a few daily highscore PBs to go over. Polodajaneiro got a $304k run, The Mad Murf got a $975k run, and PolPotNoodle got a $1.259mil run. All three of these were done on the September 12th Daily.


Thanks for checking the news out,


- Kinni

 Saturnin gets a shield run, Curt gets the tutorial record again, and many other impressive runs.
Posted by Kinnijup on September 10th, 2016 @09:39PM

Hola! A lot of action on some of the newer categories these last few days. In particular, Tutorial% saw 6 submissions. Let's dive in.


curticus2 improved the Tutorial% WR by .192! His final time was 1:17.008. He used a couple techniques in this run that he did not in previous runs. Great run, Curt.


We saw 5 other tutorial PBs, too. The first one came from hbix. He got a slight improvement to his old PB. He finished with a 1:29.140. Another PB from hbix this week was a nice 3:25 Any% run!


Polodajaneiro also got a tutorial PB. He hit a 1:23.400. Solid!


meowmixmix is very near a sub 1:20 tutorial now. He submitted a solid 1:20.150. Nice job, Meow. 


Next up, Grooomp hit a sub 1:20 tutorial! He got a 1:19.320 with strats he came up with for 0-2.


Lastly, Bum improved his tutorial PB to 1:18.580! Getting near the WR now, Bum! 


Next up, saturnin55 completed a shield run! His final time was 39:54. He has been going to the castle on seeds lately and it finally paid off. Great job, sat. 


Dimono nailed a hell run, a 12:07. This run had no paste and bad resources, so he will likely improve it significantly on a better seed.


denis1080 was super active, and hit 4 PBs! He got a 9:23 No Gold run, an 18:20 Max Hell run, a 30:42 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, and a 4:00 Any% run! Looking good, denis. 


Another super active runner was falafel_raptor. He got 3 PBs. These were a 6:07 Max Any% No Gold run, a 6:46 Max Hell run, a 4:42 Haunted Max Any% run, and a nice 10:28 Big Money run. The Big Money run was enough to push him into 15th place on the overall ranking!


Abob71 has recently started streaming again! He so far finished a 14:31 Max Hell run. Great to have you back to streaming on Twitch, Abob. Be sure to check him out at www.twitch.tv/Abob71!


TNF finished a Hell% run, an 8:47. Based on his skill at Low% already, he will easily get speedlunky soon. Good job so far, TNF!


For the last few weeks, ix has been trying to finish a No Gold Hell run. He even lost some late in Hell. He finished one yesterday though! His final time was 23:56. Of the categories that count for points, he is now only missing Eggplant% and Low% Hell. He also submitted a 9:17 Max Any% No Gold run, and an 11:35 Olmec Failplant run, which is currently the fastest run submitted for this category. GG, ix! 


I (Kinnijup) finished a speedrun of Low% Hell No Gold. I got an 8:11, which is currently the fastest one of these done. This run had a ropeless Yama fight.


Yoshimitsu524 has been working on Hell% for a bit, and got one finished last night. He hit a 6:05. He is capable of doing much faster, but it is nice to have a starting point for him. 


That's all for now,


- Kinni 

 Big daily happens, Grooomp gets sub 3 Low%, krille with a new tutorial% record, and a new subranking added!
Posted by Kinnijup on September 6th, 2016 @02:36PM

Hey gang, it's Kinni. Another active few days to go over here. I'll hop right in.


First up, we added a No Teleporter subranking to the tabs on the rankings page. It includes No TP Any%, No TP Hell, No TP Max Any%, and No TP Max Hell.


The September 5th Daily saw some massive finishes. There was a 4-1 Hired Hand on this seed who was not super difficult to rescue. This allowed players to get the scepter and plasma cannon both into 4-2, which lets you keep the plasma cannon for the rest of the game. Shingraywords finished a $2.479mil run, and Mazerak finished a $2.538mil run! This was a 750k+ improvement for Shin's daily highscore and helped his Mossrank overall score significantly. At 73.33% of the WR, Daily High Score is now his strongest Mossranking run! Great job, Shin. Mazerak's run is at 75.09% of the WR and is his 3rd strongest Mossranking category now, though it is very close to his top 2. It was nearly a 500k improvement on his previous Daily High Score PB. Mazerak also got a nice 3:05 Any% PB, and a 7:29 Draining Olmec% run. The Any% PB was enough to push Mazerak up to 18th overall, and Shin has a strong spot in the top 25 (he's currently in 23rd).


Dr. Probably got a $1.05mil score on this same daily. Great job getting over $1 million, Doc.


Saibot improved his Daily High Score on this daily, as well. He got a $1.304mil daily on it.


The last daily highscore on this daily came from Mind_w. He got a $1.2 million run on it. Nice to have you, Mind.


Onto some speedruns, Grooomp finally got a sub 3 minute Low% run! He finished a 2:58.596. Grooomp has lost runs on pace for as good as 2:42 on Olmec, so this will for sure not be the last time he PBs in this category. It will be a lot of fun to see how far he pushes it, now that he has that mental barrier of sub 3 broken down! Great job, Grooomp.


Next up, Berumondo came seemingly out of nowhere with a 3:10 Low% PB! This run was on pace for a 3:00 - 3:02 with the optimal Olmec strategy! It is still an impressive PB and shows us Berumondo is more than capable of joining the sub 3 Low% club. He also tried his hand at Hell%, and finished a nice 9:46. Great job, Beru!


krille71 nailed a solid 1:17.200 Tutorial% WR, edging curticus2 out by just .120. This is a really neat category (our category with by far the least RNG) and I am glad it is getting some attention at a high level of play! gg, krille.


Another Tutorial% submission came from hbix. He got a 1:29.940, nice!


saturnin55 got in on some of the Tutorial% action, and finished a 1:27.300. He has at least a 1:26 done from before this category came to be, so he will probably take this down some soon. Way to go, sat! 


ix got some RTA runs done this week, as well. He got a 23:16 All Shortcuts + Olmec run done, with a 19:11 key split and 1:35 tutorial PB. Great job, ix.


Buddy7heElf got a big Low% Hell PB, a 6:40. Some troll stuff on Yama cost him sub 6:30, but this was still a 30+ second PB and a crazy run. Great job, Buddy. He also got a nice Haunted Max Hell PB, which is also his Max Hell PB (also no teleporter). It is very near the record in the former. His final time was a solid 6:23.


falafel_raptor nailed a sub 3:30 Low% No Gold run! His new 3:28 is not far from his regular Low% PB, which is very impressive. This run  also passed some crazy good players in the top 15 like twigglefly, Grooomp and Linkruler. Raptor continues to climb the overall list and is currently in 16th place. He has some competition right behind him though, as NightHarvester(17th) has consistently been PBing over the months and Mazerak(18th) is moving up fast and seems super motivated to accomplish some goals, as well.


AGDQ 2016 Spelunky commentator DiMono finally got around to doing some work on his Mossranking score. He finished an 11:31 Low% No Gold run, a 5:14 Any% PB, and a 5:36 Low% PB! The regular Low% run is particularly impressive, and was a minute and 45 second improvement. Good job, Dimono.


Mr. Eikono got a nice Any% PB, a 5:04. He seems motivated to go for a run under 5 minutes, too! Good luck, Eikono.


Notester82 made an appearance to submit an $832k score run. Getting close to $1 million, Note!


denis1080 got a nice Daily High Score improvement. He got 755k on the September 6th Daily. GG, dennis.


I (Kinnijup) got a 4:16 Max Low% No Gold run. I lost a lot of these on Olmec, so I was happy that the fastest one of them worked out.


BumCommando submitted a sub 1:20 Tutorial% run, a 1:19:330! He is doing AJE runs periodically (they are a lot of fun to watch) so we may see another WR improvement from him here, too.


meowmixmix submitted a 12:29 Olmec Failplant% WR, beating saturnin55. He also got a 9:18 Draining Olmec (also Max!) run, and a nice 4:27 Max Any% (also no teleporter) PB. GGs, meow!


HecticXXX9001 is expanding his playstyle to incorporate more categories. This is really exciting to me, as Hectic has at least top 10-15 potential for sure. He so far finished an 11:04 Big Money run (also his Hell PB) that had a solid late-game. GG, Hectic!


usernamecantbe25 submitted a nice 3:23 Max Any% PB. This run had a 1 second 3-4.2 and a 6 bomb Olmec fight. Nice job, 25!


Lastly, Khold finished his first teleporter run! He finished with a nice 3:33. He also got a 4:19 Low% run. Way to go, Khold. Good luck on your next runs!


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 Ranking system explained
Posted by saturnin55 on September 2nd, 2016 @01:47PM

Here are the different ranks you can achieve on MossRanking. The more points you gain, the better your rank becomes.


  Rank Points Comment
Unknown 0 Starting rank when you don't have any run submitted 
Emerald Mines 1  
Sapphire Mines 100,000  
Ruby Mines 200,000 Nice, keep going!
Diamond Mines 300,000 Finish more categories and you'll get a lot of points!
Emerald Jungle 400,000  
Sapphire Jungle 450,000 Unfortunately, Draining Olmec does not give extra points
Ruby Jungle 500,000 Who said it was easy to rank up !
Diamond Jungle 550,000 Don't get 2-4'd !
Emerald Ice Caves 600,000 At this point, you probably have no penalty left or are very close to having none
Sapphire Ice Caves 650,000  
Ruby Ice Caves 700,000 Starting to get a bit ridiculous now
Diamond Ice Caves 750,000  
Emerald Temple 800,000 Stop being so good at this game
Sapphire Temple 825,000  
Ruby Temple 850,000  
Diamond Temple 875,000  
Emerald Hell 900,000  
Sapphire Hell 925,000  
Ruby Hell 950,000  
Diamond Hell 975,000  


 For more information about how to increase your MossRanking points total, please read this.


Good luck!

 Boots gets Low% Hell, Polo and Khold get $1 mil, and Low% sees some more action!
Posted by Kinnijup on September 2nd, 2016 @01:21PM

Hey hey, many players were active the last few days. Let's get to it.


First up, bootsthatshoot had been going for a Low% Hell run for quite a bit now, and finally he did it! He had previously died after defeating Yama multiple times, and lost track of the number of times he made it to Yama total. All of those are in the past now as he finished one in 16:40! This was not an easy seed at all, either. It was crazy that one of the most difficult seeds I've seen him have to handle was the one that worked out! A troll layout in the Black Market forced a bomb usage (he used the bomb expertly so as to avoid a rope usage, too), and he had to use a rope later on in the level. All three of the Hell levels were very scary, and the Yama fight itself was intense. A big congrats to Boots as he worked very hard on this! You did it, maaaaan! 


Polodajaneiro is another runner who accomplished a goal of his that he worked on for quite a bit. He got a $1 million score run! His final score was $1.063mil. He is just starting to get familiar with the mechanics of the plasma cannon, and when he does, he will be able to nail an even higher score. Great job, Polo! 


Action over on the Low% front has been intense, too. First up, NightHarvester seems motivated to get a sub 3 run and already has a 3:07! It is clear to me that he is capable if the seed shows up, looking at his platforming in general and his splits over the months of his various Low% PBs. Night also nailed a 5:09 Max Low% run! He is capable of much faster, but this is already a solid time for the run. Night is now in 17th place on the main ranking, a tiny bit behind falafel_raptor (623,578 to 623,902). Great runs, Night!


Speaking of falafel_raptor, he got a killer Low% run done, too. He finished a 3:10! It is really exciting to follow all these guys who are close to getting a Low% run under 3 minutes finished. Raptor also nailed an Any% teleporter run, a sweet 2:45! Great runs, Raptor. Looking at each of their stats pages, it is pretty startling how evenly matched Night and Raptor are. Night has a slight edge right now in the main 3 speedruns, while Raptor has an edge in score. Good luck, guys. 


Berumondo is our third runner to nail a Low% PB for this update. His time was a solid sub 4 run! It was a 3:53. Berumondo is a long time daily runner with several impressive daily scores, and only recently got into speedruns. The skill was clearly transferable for him though, so it is great to see him using it for speedruns too! 


Next up, Khold got his first $1 million + score run! His final score was $1.019mil. He made it to the City of Gold on the run, and can push it quite a bit further for sure. He also got a 10:11 Hell run done. It looks like the next one he does will be under 10 minutes. Good luck if you go for sub 10, Khold!


Newcomer Kazzy made her first ever submission - a 15:38 Any% run. She is getting better at dealing with enemies and platforming in general, and it will be fun to see where she goes from here. Nice to see you on the site, Kazzy! 


BumCommando is continuing to benefit from the motivation a short break gave him, and I couldn't be happier :P. He got a a 1:20 Tutorial% PB. He is motivated to get under 1:20 at some point. Along with Buddy7heElf, Bum is the guy who got me into speedrunning this game. So I am always excited when he plays. 


The player who got the most PBs this week was Mazerak. This guy is making some serious progress quickly on his speedruns. He finished a 4:29 Low% No Gold run, a 5:52 Hell run (congrats on sub 6!), a 25:24 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, a 7:50 Haunted Max Hell run (congrats on speedlunky!) and a 4:43 Max Any% run! All of these PBs are looking good already, and are really quite impressive for the small amount of time he has put into speedrunning. He also nailed a new daily highscore PB - $2.056mil! This was done on the September 1st Daily, and was enough to push his daily average to $1.769mil. Congrats on the $2mil+ daily, Mazerak!


Another fast and active mover is meowmixmix. He got a $1.288mil score run this week, and is motivated to push it even higher. He also got all the way to 5-3 on a Low% Hell attempt, after having only tried the run a handful of times in the past! Good luck, Meow.


I (Kinnijup) set a new WR with a 2:06.887 Max Any% run. I was really happy with this run and it had a few clutch moments, including the 4-3 exit.


Dr. Probably has been streaming some of his attempts on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/DrProbably. For this update, he got a $743k daily highscore PB on the August 31st Daily. Way to go, Doc :D


curticus2 got a 3:57 Max Low% PB, and finished his first Max Any% run with a teleporter. The Max Low% run is only the 4th run under 4 minutes done, and is also 3rd place! Great run, curt. For Max Any%, it is super hard to even finish with the teleporter. Curt has also over the years been more focussed on Low% runs (too bad he didn't get a WR or anything with this approach).  So it was not unusual that he did not try this run a lot. He still nailed a solid time for it, a 2:44. Great runs, curt. 


Until next time,



 2 new faces, 25 new PBs, 2 new WRs, and Hectic gets a 2:59 Low% run!
Posted by Kinnijup on August 30th, 2016 @04:18PM

Hola, gonna hop right into it today.


The two new faces are santabrake and Kazzy. santabrake has been consistently playing dailies ever since January 2014! He joined with a highscore PB of $1.1mil. Kazzy also got the game in early 2014 (in March). She recently has been super motivated to play, and is very active in Twitch chats. Welcome to the site, santa and Kazzy!


HecticXXX9001 nailed a 2:59.983 Low% run with a solid Olmec fight! He is now motivated to try some of the other categories! He will skyrocket up the ranks if he just completes some of them, so it should be quite exciting to watch. He's also been getting near a huge score PB, so it will be interesting to see how that goes, as well.

BumCommando, as often is the case, makes a sudden appearance to hit a crazy run. This time, he took his All Journal Entries WR under 40 minutes! His final time was a 36:50.029. This was an improvement of just over 3 minutes. Great job, Bum! 


falafel_raptor got a sub 3:20 Low% run, a 3:18. He's been on pace for better but this time is already looking great. Like Hectic, Raptor has been super close to an insane score PB. He's even been into hell on a couple 3m+ pace runs so far. His consistency in getting through the tricky robot stuff makes me think that he will get that 3m run sometime in the near future. Good luck in whatever runs you do next, Raptor!


Buddy7heElf nailed a crazy Low% run, a 2:47! He's been trolled out of similar runs in late temple and even on Olmec, so it was great to see one work out. With this run, he is not far from 900k total Mossranking points, as well.


meowmixmix got in on some of the Low% action, and also kept it no gold. He nailed a super impressive 3:36! This time is really getting low now. It is very close in this category to some great runners like twigglefly and Linkruler, and even beat Grooomp! Another solid run Meow got was a 6:28 Hell% run! I knew when he finished a speedlunky one of this it would be substantially below 8 minutes! Great runs, Meow.


Patdog56 got in on all the insane Low% action, as well. He nailed a 3:08! What a week for Low%! His run had about a 5-7s timeloss on Olmec. It is safe to say Pat is capable of breaking that 3 minute berrier! I had been watching Pat whenever he streamed, and there was a big increase in his skill the last several times he played compared to a few months ago. He also got a $1.42mil daily on the August 30th Daily. This pushed his daily average up to $1.29mil. Really great job, Pat!


More on the score run side of things, The Mad Murf hit a 755k run! Getting better, Murf! Looks like your next PB will be over a million! Good luck.


Another score run came from MrEikono. He hit a $553k run. nice job getting over 500k, Eikono!


Saibot tackled a run that had given him some grief in the past: All Shortcuts + Olmec. He had hardly any trouble this time around though, as his overall skill has greatly increased since he last attempted the run. He nailed a 21:50 already! Nice job, Sai.


Another guy who took on some All Shortcuts + Olmec runs was Khold. He nailed a 24:44 run with a 22:02 key split. Khold also got a new daily highscore! He nailed an $875k run on the August 30th daily. His daily average is now just under 500k. Solid runs, Khold!


I (Kinnijup) got a new No Gold WR. I hit a 1:57.324. This was a 3 second improvement over the previous WR. Some runners have lost faster runs of this late into the temple, so there is still some room. I was really happy to get it under 2 minutes, though.


Resident daily scouter hbix completed Max Low%! He finished a 12:41. He has lost much faster runs late, but the run is so hard to simply finish that this in itself is impressive. He also nailed his first sub 4 Low% run! He got a 3:57. Another solid run he did was a $1.95mil score run on the August 28th Daily. This was his 2nd best daily ever, and enough to bring his daily average all the way up to $1.722mil. Lastly, he got a solid 6:55 Low% No Gold run! It is great to see hbix tackling the last few challenge runs for points and improving his times on them, as it was clear to me he had the skill to earn a higher overall rank if he tried. Great job, hbix!


Mazerak is getting really close to the 3 minute berrier in an Any% run. He got a 3:17! He also finished a 9:01 Hell% PB (also Big Money). 

Low% WR holder curticus2 did a really cool eggplant challenge, the first of its kind - Basejump Eggplant%. He did it in 34:41.


saturnin55 got in on some of the eggplant action, and got a 12:40 Olmec Failplant run. Take that, Olmec!


More Olmec punishment was delivered by ix. He got a 7:14 Draining Olmec run. :D


Finally, ShinGraywords hit a Max Any% PB. He got a 5:43. Shin has been super close to a Low% PB for quite a bit now. The temple has just not been kind enough yet. He's hitting other PBs consistently though, and will likely improve Low% soon. Good luck and good job, Shin.


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 Mazerak and others nail impressive score runs, plus some solid speedruns :D
Posted by Kinnijup on August 26th, 2016 @02:21PM

Hola, got just under 20 runs to go over today. We saw several impressive score run submissions - let's get to it.


Biggest score submitted this week was a $2,613,650 run from Mazerak. Having done some dailies as far back as November 2013, Mazerak is well-versed in Spelunky score running strats. He only recently made the move to socialize a bit and speedrun, but it is clear his skill is there. Now that he finished a long score run, it's only a matter of gem spawns to reach that $3 million mark. In addition to this score run, Mazerak also nailed a 4:00 Low% time. Great runs, Mazerak, and good luck in the future!


ix has also been tackling more score runs, and already reached $1.69mil. He's right at the stage where he will have to try to get the City of Gold monies to make massive improvements. Good luck if you go for it, ix!


Saibot is basically in the same boat, and submitted a solid $1.58mil run. You can get a score over $2 million for sure without hired hand shenanigans, but I would say the late game is much easier if you are able to keep the cannon for it. Both of these guys have been motivated for score runs lately. Good luck in whichever tactics you try, guys! This run helped Saibot reach the rank he had before the Mossranking formula adjustments, so I was really glad to see him get it quickly. He now sits at 18th place, though there are only about 15k points between 16th and 20th place.


Newcomer "It's super effective-GINEER" got a nice score run on the August 27th Daily. He even got over 500k. His final score was $582k. Nice to have you on the site. 


Another score run came from The Mad Murf. He's pushing his highscore PB further and further. Right now, he has a $538k run. Keep it up, Murf! 


The last score run to go over today is a solid $849k score PB from denis1080. Denis has been racing in Star_League when the opportunity arises, and it is nice to see a PB from him again. You'll get $1 million in no time, Denis! 


Patdog56 got two big speedrun improvements! He finished a killer 2:35 Any% run with a teleporter. The run was actually on sub 2:30 pace, but pushblocks trolled him hard on the Olmec fight. This is still a huge improvement and a showcase of solid teleporter skill. Congrats, Pat! Pat's other PB was a nice 6:28 Max Low% run. Great to see you capable of speedrunning this one, Pat! It is not an easy run to finish, regardless of the pace.


Khold got a run under 4 minutes! He got a jetpack + mattock + compass seed and nailed a 3:41. He also put some time into All Shortcuts + Olmec, and got a sub 30 run. His PB is now 28:35. Great job on the runs, Khold. 


Another guy who tackled some AS+O this week was BisleyT. He got a 36:15 Olmec finish with a 27:06 key split. Lookin' good, Bis! 


TNF has only recently made his presence known to the community, and he is already nailing some killer runs. He submitted a 3:26 Low% this time. This is a very impressive time, given how little time he has put into speedrunning! This is also currently his Any% PB. Really looking forward to what he can do next.


Next up, Polodajaneiro has been trying Low% No Gold runs for some months. He didn't finish a run for a little while, but this was because he had high standards for his final time. It paid off, too, as his first completed run was a solid 5:30! This is extremely fast for someone's first completion of the category. Well done, Polo, you earned it! 


Finally, meowmixmix was hard at work all sorts of runs! He's been making great strides in his score running abilities, but for this update he had several speed PBs. He got a 15:05 Max Hell PB (which is also Big Money), and a 5:02 Max Any% PB. Meow sits just outside of the top 25 now at 26th place, though it seems clear he will keep moving up. Great runs, Meow!


That's all for now,


- Kinni