Spelunky News!

 A new writer steps up, tea lands a 2:00 no gold run, and grooomp steals the haunted max hell record
Posted by Patdog56 on July 10th, 2016 @08:26PM

I've missed a lot of fantastic runs over the past weeks due to being on vacation, and now that I'm back what better way to catch up than to write some news!


Lets start things off with dtea's no gold run: he completed a run with a time of 2:00.887, about .5 seconds off from the world record held by Kinnijup. An incredible run missed out on sub-2 due to a scumbag scorpion unstunning at the worst time possible on olmec, tea kept his cool throughout the run and on olmec especially, and low-scored his way to 2nd place on the no gold leaderboard. GG Tea!


It's been a good week for Grooomp for sure, improving his low% time and moving even closer to the illustrious sub-3 low%, getting an amazing 3:02.801. It's only a matter of time before Grooomp breaks that 3 minute barrier. Speaking of Grooomp breaking things, he broke the record for fastest haunted max hell run, beating bootsthatshoot's time by nearly 3 minutes, and getting a 9:17.704 run. Congrats Grooomp!


A few days ago Curticus2 came within 30 seconds of the All Shortcuts + Olmec world record, getting a crazy good time of 17:11.000! This puts him at 4th place on the AS+O leaderboard!


Now onto two guys that have been very busy the last few days: ix and Falafel_Raptor:


ix has completed, in the past five days, two daily challenges with a score of 1+ million, a 6:42.833 max any% which is no easy feat, and a 3:53.992 low% run that also counts as his any% pb and as a no teleporter any% pb. Sub 4 low% is no joke, ix! All these incredible runs recently make me so happy, keep up the phenominal work, ix! :D


Falafel_Raptor doesn't play around, getting a 4:14.853 low% no gold run that also counted for regular no gold, and a 3:23.131 low% run, where he had only 1 hp entering 2-4, that also counted for his any% pb! It's great to see you in the discord now, Raptor! 


ShinGraywords has made some great improvements lately, getting an 8:11.400 hell run that also counts for no teleporter hell%, and a 3:16.532 any% run that also counted for no teleporter any%, as well as getting a 1+ mil daily! Sub 8 hell is coming your way soon, Shin!  


Bigsalad got a big score as well as second place on a recent daily, getting a score of $1,581,475, which also is his highest score! Congrats dude!  


Two more fantastic daily challenges were completed by TheMFC06 and Blimith! TheMFC06, on the same daily as Bigsalad, achieved a score of $806,525! Blimith, on the July 9th daily, achieved a score of $609,625! Both of these dailies are also their highest scores, keep up the great work you two! :)


meowmixmix and CamoNinjazz both submitted max any% runs, getting 6:55.250 and 10:17.641 respectively. Again, max any% isn't an easy category, maximum being harder than no gold in my opinion, so these runs are extremely impressive!


Usernamecantbe25 completed a crazy fast hell run with a time of 6:29.962, beating out me by less than 4 seconds  and claiming 23rd on the hell% leaderboard. A lot of people talk about sub 5 and stuff for hell, but in my opinion, sub 6:30 is where it's at! Huge congrats to 25!!!


Saibot completed a Drainmec run with a time of 4:54.938! Good job Sai, killing Olmec is a lot more satisfying when he's falling into the abyss rather than chilling in some lava! /


I'd also like to welcome MbraY to Mossranking, who's just registered and began doing dailies. Looking forward to seeing you around (and don't forget to join the discord )!


Finally, we'll end this news with a summary of Saturnin55 and his weekly accomplishments, since he was the one that asked if I wanted to write this article in the first place . First off, Sat completed a Draining Olmec run, or Drainmec for short, hitting a sweet 8:46.162! He then went on to get a 3:21.142 low% pb, which is also his any% pb and also counted as a no teleporter any% run! Nice runs, Sat, and writing this article was a blast!



Peace yo


 hbix joins eggplant.club, krille #3 + Link #10, more daily action, and other impressive runs :D
Posted by Kinnijup on July 4th, 2016 @01:32PM

Hey gang, time flies when you're on vacation. Time for another update.


Big news this week for hbix, as he finished his first eggplant run! He finished the run in under 30 minutes too, at 29:34. Something hilarious about this run is though he got his eggplant on 1-4, there turned out to be an altar and a mystery box on 4-2 as well . This was the last requirement hbix needed for the Reddit Spelunky Champion Flair, so congrats on getting the Champion Flair, hbix! hbix also completed a 6:45 Draining Olmec% run that used a CoG crate jetpack.


krille71 continued his improvements this update and made a very important move - he passed SpelunkyGod on the main ranking for the #3 spot!! Krille has gained around 50k Mossranking points in a very short timespan, which is insanely impressive considering his score was already in the high 800s. He got to this #3 position with two big runs: a crazy impressive $3,280,975 score on the July 1st daily challenge, and a 2:50 Low% run! This was a difficult daily requiring permaghost into 5-3, and krille held nothing back. This managed to push his daily average to $3,145,542, a new daily average world record! Congrats, krille!


d_tea and I (Kinnijup) both managed to improve our daily average as well. We each finished a daily in our top 10, though tea's was quite a bit stronger. Tea hit a $3,242,875 on the July 1st daily, and I hit a $2,963,050 on the July 4th daily. Our daily average is very close, as is the average of our top 5 and bottom 5 dailies. Tea has the lead right now at $3,085,867 to my $3,082,110.


Other action in the top 10 came from Linkruler. Yes, you heard that right, Link is now in the top 10! He hit a 2:48.722 Any% PB with jetpack + mattock. This was just enough for Link to pass Samots for #10 on the main ranking! Great job, Link, we all knew you could get there . Something additionally impressive about this run is it is 6th place on the No Teleporter Any% ranking!


ShinGraywords got two PBs for this update. He hit a 7:09 Max Any%, and a $1,720,600 daily highscore PB on the July 1st daily. He did a great job on the daily, and it improved his overall Mossranking score quite a bit. He moved up to 22nd place! His daily average is nearing $1mil now, and currently sits at $968k.


Patdog56 is on vacation for a week, but before he left he got another $1mil+ daily. He got a $1.024mil run on the June 30th daily. This pushed his daily average up to $1.032mil. Get back soon, Pat!


Grooomp improved two runs this week. He hit a 5:41 Hell% time, and a 2:39 No Teleporter Any% time. He has been on much faster hell pace than this (including a potential sub 4:30) but this is still a solid time. I do feel a sub 5 is only a matter of time and a good seed away for him, though.


Next up we have newcomer kroogah nailing a big money score PB, a $575k run.  Keep it up, kroogah!


We saw two runs submitted from ix for this update. He completed a Max Hell% run! The final time was 13:32. The other run he submitted was a 7:10 Max Any%. ix is also consistently improving his daily average, and got another $1mil+ daily. Right now, his daily average is at $984k. Great job, ix!


We had some big news from Sedoxa for this update - he finished his first teleporter run! The final time was a sub 3, as well, coming in at 2:42. A troll arrow cost him some time in 4-3 (and cost him his teleporter) but he did a great job on the Olmec fight with 1 hp. He also did not have a compass until 3-3, so he will gain some more time early with a better setup. His other PB was a 4:17 Max Any%. Great runs, Sed!


denis1080 played this week, and manaed a 12:44 Hell% run! Great to hear from you, denis, and good luck :D


Lastly, falafel_raptor nailed an impressive 3:25 Low% run! He has been faster into temple, but he got a really solid temple on this seed. Raptor has started streaming his runs this week, so be sure to check him out here. He has a lot of potential in both speedruns and score runs, so it will be a lot of fun to follow his progress


That's all for now,


- Kinni

 The Month of May
Posted by krille71 on June 30th, 2016 @02:36PM

Several big runs have been finished during the month of May. Here you can see the summary of this month.


The in-game leaderboard has since long been worthless because of the hacked scores and speedruns. Daily average is the only leaderboard that is somewhat correct. A hacked score of $5,157,575 has been standing on the top of the leaderboard for long, until MilcMan improved it without using any third-party software. The idea behind the run is to duplicate the gold collected. It takes one frame for a gold chunk to get destroyed after it has been picked up, allowing two or more players to pick up the gold at the same time, and duplicating it. MilcMan placed two hired helps in the same spot, and used a monkey to steal his gold while the AI’s duplicated it for him. It took him around 12 hours to gain the final score of $5,221,050 and topping the leaderboard!


D_Tea’s hell record seemed to be unbeatable, but Kinnijup improved it not only once, but twice. Just about a month after his first hell world record, he takes it home again with a six seconds improvement. The final time ended up at 3:36.363. The run started off low% into a generous black market, and the pace quickly picked up thereafter. Great ice caves and temple resulted in the exceptional time of 2:48 into hell. Incredible well played seed overall and that horde of enemies on the Yama fight made it really scary. Read more about the hell world record here.


May was very sparingly with giving out good daily challenge seeds, and the good ones were all challenging. Kinnijup was the only player who finished a daily in over three million this month, on May 25th, but Krille was also close. He got ghosted on Yama after taking the perma-ghost from destroying three altars to Yama’s throne. Their dailies ended up with $3,045,525 respectively $2,956,500.


One record in the challenge run categories was set during this month. D_Tea managed to improve max hell with two seconds, and finished in 4:35.354. It is remarkable with this run that it only took him 107 seconds to finish Yama from entering the temple, which is the fastest late game ever seen in Spelunky.


A racing league is being planned, hosted by Hectic who also hosted Star League season 1. Spelunky Weekly Showdowns will feature a couple of races each week, with a custom leaderboard tracking a score based on the amount of races done and won.


There have been two movements in the top 10 on the main ranking, which is rare. Firstly, Krille managed to beat Pibonacci and achieve the fourth spot overall. Thereafter, Bum improved his score to the point that he passed Curticus, and took 7th place.


Cascading, a subject that has seen a lot of discussion over the years, because of the advantage it gives and that only some runners were able to use it, have since the find that windows 10 fixes it for all users become a widely accepted strategy. Two of the still active top-runners, Bum and D_tea, have started using it in their runs, and they were among the last to not use it. It is great that the matter cascading has been resolved.


That was the biggest highlights of May, looking forward for the next month.



 The week of crazy dailies, and Krille gets daily average world record!
Posted by Kinnijup on June 30th, 2016 @12:00PM

Hi there. There were not a lot of runs submitted the last several days, but still about 10 to go over. On top of that, there was an insane streak of at least 7 massive dailies. I think all of them had the potential to be $3 million. I'll start with the speedruns.


d_tea nailed a super impressive 43:58 All Journal Entries speedrun! He used the journal entries tracker for the run that Sashavol created. This moved him up to 2nd place in the category, less than 4 minutes behind BumCommando's 40:09 WR. It will be interesting to see if either of them push for a sub 40 minute run!


HiDefLoMein has been trying some AJE lately, but got back to hell runs for a 25:13 Hell PB. It's been a lot of fun watching him stream his progress.


ShinGraywords is another regular Twitch streamer. He worked on All Shortcuts + Olmec off stream this week, and nailed a 31:02 with a 25:40 key delivery split. I've seen improvements in Shin's low% platforming recently, so I think he is on the verge of a breakthrough there too. Looking good, Shin!


Next up, we saw Grooomp nail a 3:07 Low% PB. The run has a well-done 3 bomb Olmec fight! He's been on sub 3 pace so many times at this point late into the run, I keep expecting his next run to be a 2:5x. It's still an awesome PB and great job, Grooomp. I also wanted to mention Grooomp got a really cool 9.9 second jungle in a non-pb run which you can view here. It's gotta be the fastest jungle anyone has ever had in Spelunky!


In addition to going crazy on some dailies this week, krille71 got two crazy speedrun PBs. His 4:12 Max Low% was an enormous improvement of over 3 minutes. Even more impressive was the 2:13 No Gold Any% PB he hit! This run was sub 2 and thus WR pace into the temple, and without a compass! He opted for some safe plays in the temple which was probably a good idea on this type of run. Otherwise, it is likely that run will just die to gold or something killing the player. He also had to improvise a bit on the 6 bomb Olmec fight due to spawns, but in the end he did it great. He can now go all-in on the temple on that run and perhaps we will see something even stronger from him, but yeah, this run was great and great job Krille! Krille reached 921k on the main ranking as well, and is only 3.5k behind SpelunkyGod for the #3 spot!


ix has been hard at work completing challenge runs. This time around, he finished Max Any% and Max Hell%. His times were 8:49 and 18:28, respectively. ix is only one spot away from the top 25 now, and only the "big 4" challenge runs remain - No Gold Hell%, Max Low%, Eggplant%, and Low% Hell. Good luck, ix!


Notester82 made an appearance this week to hit a 9:17 No Gold run. Note has been watching a lot of streams lately and learning a lot. He also seems motivated, so expect improvements from him. Nice job, Note.


I (Kinnijup) got a Low% PB, a 2:44. This was just over two seconds improved and I was really happy with it! It's the first time I've been in the top 5 on Low%.


The last speedrun done this week was a 4:19 Draining Olmec% by HecticXXX9001! It is great to see Hectic playing again. He has had multiple sub 3 Low% pace runs die late recently, including a likely low 2:5x pace run die in the middle of 4-3. I really look forward to hearing more from him! Good luck, Hectic


Next up, I'll go over all the daily action.


First, we have a new face to the site, kroogah. He got a 337k daily highscore PB! Great to have you and good luck, kroogah!


Lastly, I'll go over that string of crazy dailies. We went over a couple of these on the other updates, so I'll continue from the June 26th daily. I (Kinnijup) finished with a $3,380,775 on it, setting a new daily highscore world record. krille71 finished a $3,377,675 score on it, taking the daily average world record! At the time of finishing this daily, his daily average WR was $3,067,117. This daily is also the 2nd best daily ever done. d_tea held the daily average world record for as long as I have been playing this game (since early 2014), so this was quite an accomplishment for krille!


It is important to note how impressive d_tea's daily dominance was over the last few years, and saturnin is hard at work (as usual) on a daily average WR history sheet. I'll let you guys know once we have that together! Simply because Mossranking and the news are relatively new, d_tea did not really receive as much credit as he deserves for all of his hard work on dailies. It will be nice to show that in the daily average WR history sheet. tea's daily average still sits over 3.05 million as well (currently $3,054,865), which is ridiculously impressive!


curticus2 also got a super strong score on this daily, a $2,876,975! This helped boost his average to $2.335mil. He also managed to pass BumCommando for the #7 spot on the main ranking! It is really neat to see these two trading off spots and improving their overall score - good luck to you both!


Lastly on this daily, Hectic got a $1,218,850. This is his 2nd highest-scoring daily! his daily average is now near 1 million, currently sitting at $943k. Nice to see you trying some of the good dailies, Hectic!


The June 27th daily was not quite as good of a seed, but was still over 3 million. I managed a $3.049mil score on it.


The last 3 million+ daily in this string of dailies was the June 28th daily. I finished a $3.209mil on it. I briefly held the daily average world record at $3,080,565 with this daily. I only held it for about half a day though, because krille finished with a $3.226mil score, edging my score out by 17k! With this daily, he pushed the daily average world record to where it currently stands: $3,106,622!! Krille is in a great position to hold this record as well, as 5 of his top 10 dailies are in the top 11 dailies of all time! Additionally, his bottom few dailies are weaker than me and d_tea's, so he stands to gain more than either of us on any daily he finishes. You can view the top 50 dailies of all time here. Great job getting the record and being the first with a $3.1+ million average, Krille!


Lastly, we had a strong showing from Patdog56 on the current daily (the June 30th daily). He hit his 4th daily over 1 million, scoring in at $1.024mil! This helped push his daily average to $1.032mil. Pat has greatly improved his score running ability this year and I look forward to his improvements! Looking good, Pat.


Take care,



 First news I'm writing from California + WR history page created!
Posted by Kinnijup on June 25th, 2016 @12:58PM

Hey gang, I'm in California for 1 month. That doesn't mean I'll skip writing the news though! Today, I've got about a dozen runs to go over.


First up, saturnin (with a little help from me, Saibot, and Buddy) worked hard to track the history of Spelunky WRs in the main 4 categories. He used basically all the information we have and came up with 4 super cool lists! You can view this spreadsheet here. You just need to click the tab at the bottom to switch between speedruns and scoreruns. Additionally, here is a picture of each that makes it easy to see. Click on the picture to see it:









Now on to the runs :D


First up, BTA88 got just under $2 million on the June 24th daily challenge. He managed a $1.971mil run, enough to bring his daily average up to $1.987mil. BTA has only recently been considering some of the Hired Help strategies on dailies. Once he gets one of those guys, I think we will see a big daily highscore PB for him. Good luck, BTA!


Next, we saw krille71 just barely missing the long-standing All Shortcuts + Olmec WR. Krille nailed a super impressive 16:45.860 to d_tea's 16:45.150. Also impressive, is this run was deathless! It had a 14:52 key delivery split, which is also 2nd place for that ranking. Great run, Krille! This helped boost Krille's Mossranking score to over 910k. It's currently at 912k. He is not far from SpelunkyGod's 3rd place position now. SpelunkyGod has 926k points. Good luck, Krille


theZaxanator got a big 1 minute + PB in Big Money this week, hitting a solid 8:33! Zax is more than capable of pushing this under speedlunky, but for now it is already impressive. Zax is getting close to Low% Hell, and has been streaming his attempts. Be sure to follow him here as it is a lot of fun to watch!


BumCommando got 2 PBs this week! I am always super excited to hear from Bum, so these runs were great to watch. He nailed a sub 3 Max Any% run with out of bounds worm strats! (called Jubbuporting for some reason >_>). His time in the end was a 2:54. He is now the 6th person to complete this run as a sub 3 run with the teleporter! His other PB was a really good watch, as well. He hit a 6:45 No Gold Hell time. Many troll things happened on this seed (check out the crust contents in 4-1), and it was a lot of fun to watch! Great runs, Bum


NightHarvester continues to climb the charts, and for this update he submitted 2 sweet runs. A 7:27 Max Hell run, and a 3:48 No Gold run! Max Hell is not an easy run to complete, and Night managed to get it significantly under speedlunky so far. It is strong enough to be adding to his Mossranking score, as well, as it is his 4th best ranked challenge run. Night is nearing the top 15 on the ranking, and currently sits at 17th with 487k points! Great runs, Night.


I (Kinnijup) got a small score PB improvement, which was just enough to reach the WR. It feels weird to talk about my own runs, but I did want to say it was pretty bizarre because it was WR by just $25 points. This is the lowest amount of points possible to get in Spelunky. The final score was $3,461,975 to Krille's $3,461,950.


kvec got a daily highscore PB, a $1.342mil run on the June 6th daily. Score is one of the areas where kvec stands to gain the most Mossranking points, and it's looking good already. Good luck on dailies, kvec!


TheMFC improved his daily highscore PB to $557k. Once he gets a seed with better resources, I'm sure we will see him break $1 million. Good luck, MFC!


Lastly, ix got a nice Low% No Gold run, which also counted for his regular No Gold PB. He is doing safe strats for now, and managed an 8:19. It is pretty clear he can get this lower, but it's looking good already! Good luck in future runs, ix


That's all for now, take care!


- Kinni

 Brutwarst reaches #3 in Low% + about 25 new runs O_O Also some hype dailies =D
Posted by Kinnijup on June 21st, 2016 @12:07AM

Biggest news for this update was Brutwarst's 2:40.419 Low% run. It was "only" a .099 improvement, but it was a significant one. It managed to push Brut ahead of Pibonacci by .001 in Low%! You can view Pib's killer run here. Brut now holds the 3rd place position in Low%, and it is well-deserved. Good luck pushing for WR, homie


Many other great runs were done too, so let's hop into it.


Grooomp got the plasma cannon to the City of Gold on a score run!!! I knew he was reaching 3 million potential a couple months ago with some of his progress on dailies, so it was awesome to see him get a $2mil+ PB. He nailed a $2.329mil run! Something else particularly impressive about this run was he did it with no kapala until 5-2! Great job, Grooomp, and good luck on the next one.


ix was very busy with Spelunky the last few days! He got a big improvement to his Low% time, which beat his Any% time by 90 seconds! He hit a 4:15. He also did a 26:15 Max Hell run that also counted for Max Any%. Trying his hand at no gold, he hit a 13:16. He also worked on All Shortcuts + Olmec. For this, he submitted a 35:55 with a 32:56 Key delivery split. Lastly, he improved his daily highscore PB to $1.372mil! Great work, ix!


Next up, we have someone who has been chatting with us all on Twitch for quite a while, and has recently started streaming himself (www.twitch.tv/myusernamecanbeover25). He is usernamecantbe25 and he already has a high skill level. He even made it to 5-2 on a Low% Hell run so far!! For this update, he submitted a 4:09 Any% which was also Max Any%! Nice to have you, 25!


AlphaChannel worked on Low% No Gold and managed a 6:58! This also counts for his No Gold PB. Alpha has also recently started working on Low% Hell. It is definitely within his skill level so I am really excited to see what he manages! Good luck, Alpha.


HiDefLoMein finished his first Low% run! He did it in style, too, nailing speedlunky! His final time was 7:36. Particularly exciting is the olmec fight! He also completed a 39:41 All Shortcuts + Olmec run! HiDef is now running some AJE so we will likely see something from him there soon, as well.


Next, we have a new face to Mossranking. shru submitted an $872k daily that also counts for his highscore PB! You can see the leaderboards for this daily here. Nice to have you, shru


BTA88 has started trying his hand at speedruns, and he's already hitting some skillful times. So far, he managed a 44:48 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, and a 5:25 Any% run! BTA has continued to do dailies consistently, so I think we will see some improvements to his daily average when the seed is good, as well. Good luck, BTA.


CamoNinjazz did a cool 9:04 Draining Olmec% run, and a 5:32 Any% run. Nice to see you trying some of the interesting runs that are not often done, Camo! Good luck in the next run you try


Peglah submitted a 5:19 Any% run that was an aborted hell run. Looking at some of the nice plays on the run, it is clear he can do a much faster one if he doesn't focus on hell. Either way, looking good already, Peg!


Next up we have some solid dailies to go over. Golem managed a 1.99mil daily on the June 18th daily, the leaderboard for which you can view here. Bum nailed a $2.2mil run on it! Also, I (Kinnijup) managed a $3.02mil daily on the June 19 daily. A big daily also happened on June 21st, and Krille71 got $3.16mil on it!! A big thing that happened with this daily for Krille, is he passed me for 2nd place in daily average! He now has $2.997mil daily average, just over 1k ahead of me and only one daily PB away from that 3m. Great job, Krille!


Linkruler submitted a very well-done 6:37 Max Hell run that actually beats Bum! With a teleporter, a much faster time is possible (due in particular to the worm level being much faster with it) but this time is already great and ranked 6th! Link has been trying good score runs when they come up too and managed a 548k mines. Link has always had the potential for a $3 million run but the game has been very unkind to him on the seeds it does end up giving him. If you don't focus on score runs, Link, that's okay too. The important part is to enjoy yourself


Last but not least, bootsthatshoot shook off a week's worth of rust and nailed a Low% PB already!! He hit a 3:15. The run was very well done, and he managed to handle a few troll situations in the temple without losing additional time. His run also had a completely solid 4 bomb Olmec fight! Great job boots, always looking forward to hearing from you


That's all for now,



 Krille71 sets High Score World Record : $3,461,950 (an in-depth analysis)
Posted by saturnin55 on June 20th, 2016 @01:52PM

For a third time in a little bit more than 3 months, the score world record was beaten again. Krille71 completed a spectacular run for a mind-blowing score of $3,461,950, that's $12K more than the previous record! 


Let's remember that in April 2016, SpelunkyGod acquired the WR by $40K over Kinnijup's former WR run. Less than 2 weeks later, Kinnijup took back the title, but this time, with a tiny margin of $3,675, thanks to a pot in Yama's chamber. I think it's safe to assume that most of us thought there wouldn't be changes for a while but Krille71 proved us wrong by taking back the title with an amazing run we will analyze in-depth in the following paragraphs.


Krille71 is the score world record holder for a second time.  The first time was almost 2 years ago, in July 2014. He also has the highest Daily Challenge High Score run and is sitting just a few thousands under a $3M Daily Average score. Krille71 is a very experienced and technical score runner in the community, definitely one of the elites and he proved it again with this run.


You can either watch a very well-edited short summary video of the run or the full 3h run:


17 minutes summary video : Full run vod :


 Now let's get into it!


The Mines

The run started with a jetpack, mattock, gloves speciality shop at the bottom of 1-2. The Udjat Eye was, of course, also found in the level, giving the needed early visibility. Only 2 bomb bags were found, so most of the work was the result of the 1-2 mattock that broke early into 1-4 and the mattock found at the bottom of the 1-4 snake pit. Exiting the mines, Krille71 had only 1 bomb left and a mattock with a solid score of $464,400.



The JungleThe early Jungle was very worrisome. Even if 2-1 was great, yielding almost $200K, the resources were in a dire situation exiting 2-2. The mattock broke and the bomb count was at zero, so a few pots had to be broken without pot strats and even a few crust gems were left uncollected. The survival of the run would rely on finding bombs into 2-3 to uncover the black market entrance. A 2-3 rushing water was great news scorewise but bombs were still needed for the run to continue. The suspense didn't last long because right off the bat, a bomb shop under the entrance gave the run a second breath. It's always exciting to discover what's at the bottom of Old Bitey's pool. He wasn't disappointed! 9 chests were sitting there, two of which were vault chests.



The late Black Market itself was a bit of a let down. Only 18 bombs were in it and it didn't contain much money. Still, even with 2 average jungle levels, the 2 other levels pushed the Jungle score to an exceptional total of $575K. Overall, he managed to get out of the Jungle with over $1M, which is very good.


The Ice CavesThe Ice Caves were very good and and yielded a nice amount of gold and gems in each level. The Moai Head was in 3-2 , a level in which Krille71 was able to kill the exit shopkeeper and collect his gold for extra money. 3-3 was uneventful, using mines to get the gems as well as doing some UFO mining to save bombs.  The bomb count was still not at a level were he could afford to bomb for chunks of gold. On 3-4, the vault shopkeeper was tricky and got stuck into a weird layout but Krille71 managed to guide his AI into the abyss.


The MothershipIn every score run, the Mothership is always a tense level. Saving the robot while avoiding all the perils of the mothership is a task easier said than done. Krille71 got his hands on the mighty plasma cannon early in the level (after a scary drop of the cannon near the abyss). With a lot of calm and efficiency, he cleared the level and made it out with the robot. Robot shenanigans are an integral part of score runs and the start of 3-4-2 was surely a great example of this. The robot went full berserk mode to grab a rock that was sitting on a platform next to the entrance. The robot jumped over the abyss and then point blank threw the rock at a yeti that was next to a mammoth. The yeti flew into a mine that exploded and took the mammoth at the same time. All this time, Krille kept his cool as the horrific events unfolded in front of him and he was able to grab the little renegade before something even more tragic happened.



A safe spot was made and after collecting everything using the mines and the plasma cannon, Krille71 was ready to enter the dreaded Temple with over $1.5M! The Ice Caves is a world where we often see numerous, almost empty, and bland levels.  Getting $500K throughout all six lce Caves levels is quite good.


The TempleThe Anubis welcome committee was at spawn to greet the visitors. Fortunately, the robot was out of shenanigans and behaved well. There was enough room to maneuver and kill Anubis easily. A natural safe spot was also found but once the ghost came, Krille71 opted to make a new safe spot as it was too risky to let the robot sit in the center of the level. With great precision, he handled the plasma cannon and collected every gem and bit of gold. Remember, at this point Krille71 is still low on bombs.  He can't afford to spend uncessary bombs because he'll need them later if he needs to use the ball and chain or make room in some tricky Hell layouts with more precision than the plasma cannon allows it. It was with some relief that a vault was found in 4-2. Being Temple vault trolled is one of the worst thing that can happen in a score run as it is something that a player has absolutely no control over.  Fortunately, it wasn't a worry anymore. The exit shopkeeper tried to ninja jump his way to our spelunker but thanks to Krille71's swift reflexes, tragedy was avoided and the shopkeeper was sent to a quick and painful death by receiving a sticky bomb in the face. $472K was collected in 4-2, setting an impressive total of almost $2M entering the City of Gold.


The City of GoldThe City of Gold is another pivotal piece of a score run. We've seen many City of Golds that are fairly devoid of gold, while the best are massive subrooms of pure and solid gold and gems eveywhere. The difference between a bad City of Gold and a good one is extreme and is a very important factor on the run. Amazingly, Krille71's City of Gold was very impressive and one not often seen, yielding a total of $630K. Some mummy vomit farming happened, raising Krille's hit points to 51. Those extra hit points can really make a difference with spike balls or an unlucky situation with a shopkeeper. The Olmec level was pretty good even if it wasn't possible to have permaghost. At this point, Krille71 is sitting on $2.7M entering Hell -- only a handful of score runs have ever had this crazy a pace, and at this point he was $125K ahead of the current WR.


It seems like as the score world record gets higher, Hell is often where every hope and dream is broken. You want to have an opportunity to ghost Yama's chamber by acquiring permaghost, ideally as late as possible because using the plasma cannon with a ball and chain in Hell is...well, Hell. 5-1 gave Krille71 the first needed altar, but since it was only his 2nd altar he would be destroying, he would still have to find another altar in the next two levels. Notice that Krille71 saved a lava pool until the end so he could get rid of the ball and chain quickly. A scary moment happened in 5-2:  a spike ball was freed but luckily stopped its destructive way into a nearby lava pool, minimizing the damage to the gold and the gems around it. Entering 5-3, Krille71's lead was melting like an ice cream cone in the sun.  He still needed a good level and an altar to keep his hopes for WR alive. A few seconds into the level, the coveted altar was spotted. Yama's chamber ghosting would happen! The 5-3 layout wasn't easy to maneuver as it contained numerous dangerous spike balls, but Krille71 made his way through the level slowly and steadily using the plasma cannon. Precision ghosting around the spike balls isn't easy and requires nerves of steel. Everything was executed perfectly and the final stage of the run was about to unfold. Krille71 had a $17.3K lead, he knew he would get WR but he still needed to get rid of the ball and chain while avoiding Ox Face, Horse Head, and other enemies (but mostly the ghost itself). He methodically ghosted all rubies from Yama's throne. He then killed Yama with his shotgun and walked to the exit to celebrate his incredible run with Yang!


What an awesome run by Krille71, setting the bar for this category even higher! Will $3.5M happen? It's theorically possible, but in the meantime, let's give our spelunker all the congratulations he deserves for his masterful gameplay and endurance throughout the run. The run only lasted 3 hours and 11 minutes, which means that Krille71 is able to think and plan quickly and with accuracy -- two skills that are certainly not easy to mix together!


Congratulations Krille71!!! 


 -- saturnin55


Here are the complete splits for the run :



 A lot of players making strides just outside of the top 10 this week!
Posted by Kinnijup on June 17th, 2016 @10:35AM

Morning, got about 15 runs to make note of today! :D


First up, Grooomp got a really solid 4:34 Max Low% run!  He landed in 7th place here and only missed Buddy7heElf by 1s, which is not an easy feat. Grooomp's run had a 25s Low% worm level which is extremely fast, and pushed him over 600k on the main ranking! He's now made some distance betweeen himself at #13 and SchnitzelDX at #14. Grooomp's run lost some time to troll layouts and spawns in the mothership, 4-2, and Olmec. Looking at his play, there's no reason to think he can't do a sub 4 on a better seed. Great run, Grooomp!


Next up, we had saturnin55 get speedlunky in Hell%, and by a big margin. He nailed a 6:43! Now that he is happy with his Hell time, he plans to go for some of the riskier plays. I think we will see more improvements from him here soon, but for now it's looking good! Saturnin has also been working on score runs and dailies consistently, so we will likely see improvements from him there once we get some more good dailies.


theZaxanator submitted his first All Shortcuts + Olmec run! He managed a 23:02 with a 20:27 Key split, so it's already looking good. Simply because the run is so long (comparatively), finishing a good run of this nets quite a large deal of points on the ranking. So, Zax gained quite a bit there! Zax has been working on finishing up his last few remaining challenge runs recently, and only three Low% runs remain. These are Low% No Gold, Max Low%, and Low% Hell. He has been looking for Low% Hell seeds lately and already had a run into 5-3. I know he is more than capabale of finishing that run, so we can expect to hear from him here soon. Good luck Zax!


Saibot got his first $1 million+ run! He did it on a daily challenge, the leaderboard for which you can view here. His final score was $1.15mil. Looking good, Sai! Saibot has consistently been doing daily challenges, so expect his average to improve. He currently sits at $596k.


Next up is a new face to Mossranking - koreanprideno1. He has been doing dailies for a while, but only recently found Mossranking. He joins the site with a daily average of $653k, so it is already looking promising. He got his best score on a daily this week, $1.24mil! Good luck and nice to have you, koreanpride


CamoNinjazz completed a Basejump% run that also counts for his Hell% time, a 21:23. Nice to see you playing some more, Camo!


Next up, Abob71 finished a really nice looking 5:15 Low% No Gold run! He has been working on Low% No Gold a lot recently and can easily get this under 5, but for now it's looking great! This also counts for his regular No Gold PB, so he gained some points there, too. Additionally, he improved his Max Any% time to a 6:45. He is getting better in the worm and this was another seed where he was looking for a hell run, so I know he will take it down again. Abob is someone who we can count on for regular Spelunky streams on Twitch, so be sure to check him out at www.twitch.tv/Abob71. Keep up the great work, Abob!


Lastly, we have ix submitting two runs. He submitted a 9:32 Hell run, and 5:50 Any% run (which also counted for No Teleporter Any%). ix has done dailies for quite a while (with 393 dailies done) and is starting to really improve his speedrunning. Good luck and looking good, ix!


That's all for now



 Milcman gets a massive daily, Buddy returns, and more runs =D
Posted by Kinnijup on June 14th, 2016 @09:49AM

Hey gang, I've got 12 runs to go over today, counting for 17 categories. Let's hop right in.


First up, I wanted to talk about some of the stat changes for Krille71 with his recent score WR of $3.461mil. I mentioned his run last time, but did not yet know what it would do for his rankings. The biggest news in that regard is he passed me (Kinnijup) and d_tea (who was previously at #1) on the score subranking! This subranking takes into account normal highscore, daily highscore, and daily average. Another big move for Krille is making it to #5 on the main 4 categories subranking. He edged out Pibonacci and is now very close to Bum! Last but not least, it also pushed his score on the main ranking to over 900k! WTG Krille!


Next up, we heard from MilcMan. He has been playing Spelunky since mid 2013, and just now got added to Mossranking with a $2.98mil daily! This is a ridiculous score for his first $2 million+ daily run, clearly showing he can get over $3 million in both a daily and a regular run. MilcMan has some other solid PBs in Spelunky (like a 3:15 Low%) back from when he didn't really record, so hopefully we will hear more from him. I knew he had the ability to do some crazy things in the game with all of the precision intensive challenge run attempts he always did, so it is awesome to see him trying some runs for Mossranking.


Another sweet score run done was Patdog56's $2.06mil regular score run! Pat has gotten really efficient with robot and hired hand strats to get the plasma cannon into the City of Gold, and I think he will continue to improve his score PBs. Looking great so far, and congrats on $2 million, Pat!


Buddy7heElf came back to get a ~2 second Low% PB that helped him pass 3 people!  He hit a 2:53, enough to reach #8 in Low%. The run was very well-done with some fast temple levels and a solid sub 31s Olmec fight. Great to hear from ya, Buddy :D


falafel_raptor got in on the action with a sweet 3:32 Low% run. With a more generous seed on the early game, I think we will see falafel get a run closer to 3 minutes! Great job, falafel.


HiDefLoMein finished his first sub 30 minute hell run, with a 29:41. He has been streaming his attempts regularly, so be sure to check him out at www.twitch.tv/HiDefLoMein


ShinGraywords finished his first Low% No Gold run! He also did it in style, with a 6:44. Be sure to check out the scary dark 4-1 and the way he finished the Olmec fight! Great job, Shin. This run also counted for his regular No Gold PB, so he gained quite a bit on the main ranking. He now only has 4 challenge runs left to complete, and I know he is ready for them!


Sedoxa got a PB in a cool category that not many people try, Max Any% No Gold. He hit a 6:43! Great run, Sed. I've seen Sedoxa just barely miss out on some sub 2:30 Any% runs due to standard temple BS, so I think we will see something good from him with the teleporter soon. He would gain a lot of points with a finished teleporter run.


AlphaChannel tried his hand at Max% runs this week, and finished his first run of Max Any%! He got an 8:44. Great to see you branching off into some of the challenge runs, Alpha! Alpha is a guy with good PBs in the main categories, and very capable of moving up the ranks quickly with some more completed challenge runs. Good luck, Alpha.


Last but not least, we have denis1080 with a $547k score run. Looking good so far, denis!


Great runs, guys.



 Krille gets score WR O_O
Posted by Kinnijup on June 9th, 2016 @09:29AM

Hey gang, a lot of things going on in the last 4 days. The biggest news is Krille71 took home the score World Record with a massive score of $3,461,950!! He edged mine out by $12,300. There will be a longer article posted about the run in the near future with the video of the run as well. Congrats Krille!!!


Another big run that happened this week, was Brutwarst improved his Low% PB by about 3 seconds to a 2:40.518! He just missed Pibonacci's 2:40.420 by .098 (and the 3rd place podium spot) but I think it is clear Brut will improve this and likely do it soon. He hit a crazy 59s into the ice caves split on the run, as well. Only a handful of sub 1 minute into ice caves runs have happened. For a reference point, d_tea was 1:00 into ice caves on his 2:37.995 Low% WR. Good luck here, Brut!


meowmixmix has been trying his hand at Any% teleporter runs lately, and already managed to finish one. He hit a 3:08. Another impressive run he got done was a 4:51 Low% No Gold run! Both of these runs are super impressive, especially considering the little amount of time he has in the game!


kvec got some points by finishing a Max Hell% run, an 11:41. kvec has really skyrocketed up the main list recently, and now sits at #22. He will be entering the top 20 soon! The 4 remaining runs he has yet to complete are probably the 4 hardest challenge runs (Max Low%, Eggplant%, Low% Hell, and No Gold Hell%) but considering his rapid progress when he tries, I think we will see him start picking these off.


kvec also worked on Low% No Gold, and already had a sweet time. He hit a 5:46! This also counts for No Gold Any%!


Notester82 got a nice Any% PB, a 5:52. He's also working on Low% so we are likely to see some action from him there, as well!


I (Kinnijup) edged Buddy7heElf out by just a bit for the Eggplant% WR. I got an 8:50. There are at least 4 players who are somewhat active who can beat this time, so I think we might see this go down some more this year. Someone might also get a later eggplant or hired hand that allows an additional timesave, too. I also got a 5s Low% Hell PB, with a 6:09.


pj showed up this week to nail a 3:39 Low%. Really getting that time down now, pj! He had to navigate a nasty beehive level on the run and handled it well.


ShinGraywords got a nice speedlunky Max Any%, a 7:42. I have a feeling now that Shin is back from vacation we will see PBs from him regularly. Shin also got a pretty nice Any% PB with a 2-1 Jetpack + Mattock. He hit a 3:25. I bet he can get this under 3! looking good, Shin!


jwhanson15 submitted his 2nd ever Hell run, a 49:45. He also submitted a 56:26 Big Money run! Good luck on your future runs :D


hideflomein has been super busy with PBs! This time around, he submitted a 21:35 Max Any%, a $651k score run, and a 40:10 Hell% run (also Big Money!). Nice job!


Saibot worked on one of his favorite categories, Max Low%. It really paid off, too. He nailed a 6:37! Really looking good now, Saibot.


Lastly, we got some action from theZaxanator! Zax and I have always talked to eachother about our runs, so I get really excited when he makes some progress. His Low% PB was pretty old, but he managed to improve it this week by about 8 full seconds! He hit a 3:17! Really great run, Zax!


That's all for now,


- Kinni