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      Date       Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
2017-06-16 Temple Shortcut% ShinGraywords 0:55.700 also No Gold
2017-05-16 No Teleporter Any% ShinGraywords 3:07.239 Poop bomb cost me a few seconds on Olmec
2017-05-16 Low% ShinGraywords 3:09.321 pause buffering = run invalidated?
2017-05-16 No Teleporter Any% ShinGraywords 3:09.321 default No TP Any% (same as Low%)
2017-05-16 Basejump% ShinGraywords 10:18.305 Sub-10 next time maybe
2017-05-03 Max Hell% ShinGraywords 7:01.561 default Max Hell% (same as No TP Max Hell%)
2017-05-03 No Teleporter Max Hell% ShinGraywords 7:01.561 Pasteless w/ crysknife... super frightening Hell
2017-04-16 Jumbo Money ShinGraywords 35:50.574 Actually started as a Jumbo Money run
2017-04-07 No Teleporter Max Hell% ShinGraywords 7:29.969 Same as Max Hell%
2017-04-07 Max Hell% ShinGraywords 7:29.969 Sub-7:30
2017-04-05 Tutorial High Score ShinGraywords $83,200 score
2017-04-05 No Teleporter Hell% ShinGraywords 5:23.026 Same as Hell%
2017-04-04 Hell% ShinGraywords 5:23.026 Some early mistakes & a bit of a scepter troll, but not bad
2017-03-28 Haunted Max Hell% ShinGraywords 7:55.405 Almost beat my regular Max Hell...
2017-03-28 Haunted Max Any% ShinGraywords 6:05.919 default Haunted Max Any% (same as Haunted Max Low%)
2017-03-28 Haunted Max Low% ShinGraywords 6:05.919 1 health from worm. Deja vu
2017-03-22 Max Any% No Gold ShinGraywords 9:05.593 no longer terrible, just bad
2017-03-21 All Shortcuts ShinGraywords 18:39.630
2017-03-21 All Shortcuts + Olmec ShinGraywords 21:11.650 Getting harder to squeeze time out of this run
2017-03-19 Tutorial% ShinGraywords 1:19.830 Meowstrats :3
2017-03-13 No Teleporter Hell% ShinGraywords 5:49.166 Forgot to submit this with Hell PB (same as Hell%)
2017-03-13 Low% ShinGraywords 3:10.679 scary noobis
2017-03-13 No Teleporter Any% ShinGraywords 3:10.679 default No Teleporter Any% (same as Low%)
2017-03-12 Hell% ShinGraywords 5:49.166 bungled bombs on Olmec
2017-03-08 Max Low% ShinGraywords 4:59.260 Kholdstrats; pot and exit scorp tried to steal the sub-5