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      Date       Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
2017-10-18 Max Low% No Gold ix 6:52.353 Still with a thousand miles my heart was always hoping
2017-10-11 Score ix $3,026,975 Heartache ends. And begins again.
2017-10-09 Low% Basejump ix 17:54.874
2017-09-29 Daily High Score ix $2,847,300 Daily 2017-09-29
2017-09-28 Jumbo Money ix 17:22.671 Could be just a good friend. Who knows at this point anyway?
2017-09-25 All Characters ix 63:16.953 Half dream and half crazy to believe in anything at all
2017-09-08 Haunted Max Any% ix 3:49.960 A ghost that hangs around and won't forgive its earthly sins
2017-09-06 Tutorial% ix 1:19.290 Do you remember the way that it used to be?
2017-09-04 RSVP Challenge ix $1,626,625 We were happy here, for a little while.
2017-09-03 No Gold Eggplant% ix 32:05.044 After all the things we've seen together, I can't let go
2017-09-01 Basejump% ix 6:04.751 Tainted
2017-08-26 All Shortcuts + Olmec ix 19:01.130 Where you are is where I want to be
2017-08-20 Temple Shortcut% ix 0:57.500 During All Achievements WR
2017-08-19 All Achievements ix 349:05.000 PogChamp
2017-08-14 Eggplant% ix 14:09.692 I was waiting for permission to take off
2017-08-13 Max Eggplant% ix 18:03.082 O_O
2017-08-11 Olmec Failplant% ix 5:31.233
2017-08-03 Landmine% ix 8:37.855
2017-08-02 Tutorial% ix 1:19.760 Do you remember the way that it used to be?
2017-07-29 Max Hell% No Gold ix 9:19.406 default Max Hell% NG (same as No TP Max Hell% NG)
2017-07-29 No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold ix 9:19.406 I'd do anything to see it all the way that you do
2017-07-24 Low% No Gold ix 3:44.412 The way you touched my hands like you never had before
2017-07-24 No Teleporter No Gold Any% ix 3:44.412 default No TP NG Any% (same as Low% NG)
2017-07-19 Olmec Failplant% ix 6:12.663
2017-07-18 No Gold ix 3:35.542