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      Date       Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
2018-03-02 Landmine% ix 8:36.378
2018-02-26 Haunted Max Hell% No Gold ix 9:06.489 <3
2018-02-25 Haunted Max Low% ix 5:48.210 Trying to get this as a no gold run!
2018-02-23 Max Hell% No Gold ix 9:06.489 default Max Hell% NG (same as No TP Max Hell% NG)
2018-02-23 No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold ix 9:06.489 No Teleporter No Gold Haunted Max Hell% World Record
2018-02-20 No Teleporter Max Hell% ix 5:56.082 We were wrecks before we crashed into each other
2018-02-20 No Teleporter Max Any% ix 3:54.955 Haunted tho
2018-02-18 Shield Run ix 13:13.617 Which part of me writes the dream & which part falls asleep
2018-02-09 Key to Yama ix 10:45.953 I'm not the kinda girl to get messed up with you
2018-02-05 Max Low% Hell ix 14:35.040 Words won't do anything
2018-01-29 No Teleporter Any% ix 2:52.963 Don't get too excited 'cause that's all you'll get from me
2018-01-29 Max Any% ix 3:08.326 You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party
2018-01-26 No Teleporter Max Hell% ix 6:39.812 Love's Labour's Won
2018-01-26 No% ix 12:34.544 Burn your fire for no witness it's the only way it's done
2018-01-26 Basejump% ix 7:37.815
2018-01-25 Low% Score ix $437,600 4-2 vault strat
2018-01-21 No Teleporter Max Any% No Gold ix 5:25.270 Haunted B-) NTPHMANG
2018-01-21 Max Any% No Gold ix 5:25.270 0.002 second improvement. Also Haunted w/ no TP.
2018-01-18 All Achievements ix 3:24:49.085 All I ever wanted and all I ever needed was right here
2017-12-22 Tutorial% ix 1:18.839 They made a meme out of my legacy, darling
2017-12-20 All Shortcuts + Olmec ix 17:36.490 I'm not dreaming. I'm not dreaming. Not this time, anyway.
2017-11-27 No Teleporter Max Any% No Gold ix 6:52.353 Old run, also low%
2017-11-23 Max Hell% ix 5:26.096 Or the feeling I had when it had me, it was only with you
2017-11-20 Low% Score ix $279,800 Only ghosted ice cave vault
2017-11-19 All Achievements ix 3:59:04.000 I wanted nothing but for this to be the end