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      Date       Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
2017-06-17 Any% Spef 2:19.088 no compass
2017-06-13 No Teleporter Any% Spef 2:47.639 t e m p l e r a n k
2017-06-12 Low% Hell Spef 12:48.004 default Low% Hell (same as Max Low% Hell)
2017-06-12 Max Low% Hell Spef 12:48.004 ^_^
2017-06-11 Hell% Spef 4:36.321 default Hell% (same as No TP Hell%)
2017-06-11 No Teleporter Hell% Spef 4:36.321 saw the leaves :v
2017-06-07 No Teleporter Any% Spef 2:54.996 fast after jungle
2017-06-04 Key to Yama Spef 10:32.089 it's also basejump
2017-06-03 No Gold Spef 3:21.337 default NG (same as Low% NG)
2017-06-03 Low% No Gold Spef 3:21.337 nice olmec
2017-06-03 No Teleporter No Gold Any% Spef 3:21.337 default No TP NG Any% (same as Low% NG)
2017-05-30 All Shortcuts + Olmec Spef 18:44.030 solid run :o
2017-05-25 No Gold Hell% Spef 6:08.436 \o/
2017-05-23 Max Any% Spef 5:05.338 default Max Any% (same as Max Low%)
2017-05-23 Max Low% Spef 5:05.338 decent
2017-05-23 No Teleporter Max Any% Spef 5:05.338 default No TP Max Any% (same as Max Low%)
2017-05-18 No Teleporter Hell% Spef 5:09.759 olmec cost a lot of time
2017-05-12 No Gold Hell% Spef 8:07.346 default NG Hell% (same as Max Hell% NG)
2017-05-12 Max Hell% Spef 8:07.346 default Max Hell% (same as Max Hell% NG)
2017-05-12 Max Any% No Gold Spef 8:07.346 default Max Any% NG (same as Max Hell% NG)
2017-05-12 Max Hell% No Gold Spef 8:07.346 rip basejump tho
2017-05-11 Daily High Score Spef $3,183,675 Daily 2017-05-11
2017-05-07 Key to Yama Spef 12:24.038 =)
2017-04-30 Max Hell% Spef 8:43.442 default Max Hell% (same as Haunted Max Hell%)
2017-04-30 Haunted Max Any% Spef 8:43.442 default Haunted Max Any% (same as Haunted Max Hell%)