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      Date       Category Player Score/time Spelunker Video Comment
2017-03-13 Low% Dr. Probably 6:29.874 4 bomb + mine cowardly olmec strats :(
2017-03-13 Any% Dr. Probably 5:07.736 First run after doing nothing but ASO for like 2 weeks
2017-03-02 All Shortcuts + Olmec Dr. Probably 32:50.790 First attempt at the category
2017-02-21 Draining Olmec Dr. Probably 7:59.147 again, trying for no gold until the game says otherwise
2017-02-16 Any% Dr. Probably 5:32.856 Haunted Any% with the JP callout in 1-1
2017-02-14 Max Any% Dr. Probably 6:18.632 default Max Any% (same as Haunted Max Any%)
2017-02-14 Haunted Max Any% Dr. Probably 6:18.632 Drunk again..
2017-02-07 Max Low% Dr. Probably 9:34.596 My olmec strats need work. No gold up to the ice caves :/
2017-02-07 No Teleporter Max Any% Dr. Probably 9:34.596 default No Teleporter Max Any% (same as Max Low%)
2017-02-07 Max Any% Dr. Probably 7:27.401 I need better olmec strats...
2017-02-02 Max Any% Dr. Probably 7:31.588 basejump I mean whoops nvm
2017-01-26 Max Any% Dr. Probably 12:55.555 Same as Haunted
2017-01-26 Haunted Max Any% Dr. Probably 12:55.555 Goddamn Anubis preventing me from hell...
2017-01-26 No Teleporter Hell% Dr. Probably 11:28.323 Who uses teles? Pfft..
2017-01-26 Hell% Dr. Probably 11:28.323 "No longer shitpig disgusting, just normal bad."
2016-12-17 Low% Dr. Probably 7:09.157 Drunken nailbiter. The olmec fight is absurd and lucky.
2016-12-17 Draining Olmec Dr. Probably 9:47.046 started as no gold and I actually stayed at 0$ until JP 2
2016-12-15 No Gold Dr. Probably 14:43.987 Nothing fancy
2016-12-03 Any% Dr. Probably 6:06.115 Hope to replace this lame shit soon
2016-12-02 Daily High Score Dr. Probably $1,646,950 Daily 2016-12-01
2016-11-26 Score Dr. Probably $1,805,775 AS THE ROBOT
2016-11-26 No Teleporter Any% Dr. Probably 6:19.614 boo hiss teleporter
2016-11-26 Score Dr. Probably $1,715,425 AS THE ROBOT! *flex*
2016-11-25 Any% Dr. Probably 6:19.614 tons of room for improvement but here it is anyhow
2016-11-24 Any% Dr. Probably 21:12.842 default Any% (same as Hell%)