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Spelunky 2 Rankings

Rank Player Points Spelunker Details
1   ZSRoach 1,447,055
2   ivyoary 1,438,232
3   Wumper 1,419,751
4   Lavableman 1,357,405
5   Douji 1,337,852
6   Hectique 1,336,030
7   d_tea 1,320,840
8   Biggiecheesa_ 1,316,885
9   HDEEE_ 1,290,404
10   qPAt 1,289,388
11   Pau 1,276,859
12   iTheBeep 1,259,591
13   Snowy 1,241,137
14   Spef 1,238,109
15   crosscutcheese 1,224,622
16   WolfieTundra 1,219,656
17   Ormu 1,219,494
18   mandy 1,212,294
19   kobs92 1,203,559
20   Man_eats_pizza 1,200,132
21   ishfy 1,183,220
22   flightman 1,183,035
23   Groomp 1,171,589
24   InTol 1,169,508
25   burndt jamb 1,167,243
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Spelunky News!

 Spelunky HD - Main Speed Discussion and Revision

Posted by garebear on May 30th, 2024 @12:58AM

The time has finally come! After a long period of time we've decided to revisit Main Speed. Even though we're 10 years out, a lot has changed recently, and with that in mind we want to revisit Main Speed in its current state and discuss potential changes to the roster. We have a rough outline below to help guide the discussions and make the process as painless as possible. The timeline is generally an estimate, so we may go over or under time for certain parts of the process!

Join us on Discord to be part of the discussion in the #hd-rule-discussion channel.

1. Open Discussion Period (2-3 days)

We'll dedicate a period of time for open discussion on the current state of Main Speed. Some ideas to consider:

  • Number of categories
  • Number of exemptions
  • Playstyle variety (Teleporter, No TP, Low%)
  • Challenge / RNG elements (Eggy, Big Money, NG Hell, Chain Low)
  • Unpopular categories
  • Potential candidates for Main Speed

2. Nomination Discussion (0-2 days)

Realistically, this will make its way into the Open Discussion Period section anyway, but depending upon how much individual nominations are discussed it may be best to leave open a period for more specific talk about nominations. This is mainly to make sure that any nominations that may benefit from additional context can be made clear. As an example, Big Money is often criticized for its rarity, but modern strats can allow for a more challenging but less restrictive route.

3. Nomination Submission Period (3 days)

We'll open a form for nominations. The form will cover the following:

  • Category additions
  • Category removals
  • Category tweaks (Chain Hell% >> Aggregate Hell%)

The following may also be worth including in the form, though they're more generalized and will be summarized from the discussions:

  • Number of exemptions
  • Category groupings ("Best-of" groups with specified exemptions)

4. Nomination Voting Period (3 days)

After collecting all nominations, we'll prepare polls for people to vote on all the nominations, as well as some more general details (like exemptions) that we prepare based upon discussion. The threshold for changes to be implemented will be 60%.

5. Final Draft Discussion (1-2 days)

After voting is concluded, the updated Main Speed roster will be drafted and posted for any further discussion. This is mostly a period to catch any errors or significant grievances people have, along with adjusting exemptions if the roster changes more than expected.