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The Moss Rank is based on various categories. The included categories are the four main categories: High Score, Any%, Hell% and Low%; two different daily challenge categories: Daily Average (top ten daily challenge) and Daily High Score and finally, the following challenge runs : Eggplant%, Low% Hell, No Teleporter Any%, Big Money, All Shortcuts + Olmec, No Gold Any%, No Gold Hell, No Gold Low%, Max Any%, Max Hell, Max Low%.

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Rank Player Points Spelunker Details
1   Kinnijup 1,180,000
2   d_tea 1,124,861
3   Spef 1,084,229
4   krille71 1,077,891
5   Pibonacci 1,055,734
6   Mazerak 1,034,003
7   falafel_raptor 1,033,198
8   Buddy7heElf 1,015,053
9   Bum 1,014,037
10   SpelunkyGod 1,002,044
11   Vlad 1,000,560
12   Grooomp 996,481
13   meowmixmix 975,307
14   ix 969,848
15   twiggle 965,300
16   chocolatecake5000 945,665
17   Kirby703 925,385
18   DieDai 916,388
19   DaftLunk 914,645
20   SAIBOT 910,188
21   Polodajaneiro 890,905
22   GruntingCrunchy 890,442
23   Carlibraun 887,923
24   ShinGraywords 883,755
25   NightHarvester 883,319
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 Spelunky News!

 MossNews World Record Summary: - $6,625,575 Score by d_tea
Posted by GruntingCrunchy on March 9th, 2019 @07:59PM


The score craze inspired by the render duping discoveries has still not died out yet, it seems. D_tea has now claimed the Score world record for the third time (his second post-duping world record), with an incredible score of $6,625,575, an improvement of $18,950 over the previous record by Kinnijup. The run is chock-full of exciting moments, so let’s jump right into the summary!

Aside from teleporting into an arrow trap which very nearly threw him into spikes, the run gets off to a very smooth start on 1-2 for everyone’s favorite cyclops. With a jetpack, mattock, udjat, and altar gloves, this stereotypical score start had everything except bombs (foreshadowing, perhaps?). With a 1-3 altar, d_tea was able to obtain the kapala and still anger Kali a first time to prepare for some early ball-and-chain strats (which ended up not happening) . Aside from a gem-rich 1-3, it is not until 1-4 that we really start to see this run take off. With a second snake pit and a vault, this is the perfect environment to do some early render duping. Consistently pulling off difficult ghosting tricks with relative ease, he took advantage of conveniently placed pushblocks to dupe the vault for a total individual level score of just under 300k.

Entering the jungle with a near fresh mattock, Tea’s low bomb count is not a pressing issue. Tea also locates the Black Market entrance in the bottom of 2-1, allowing an early resource boost. One interesting choice is that d_tea chose to break the pots by whipping or throwing them to save a bomb (which turned out to be very useful later on). As some of the old-timers know, d_tea has been infamous for getting very low-bomb count BMs. Unfortunately, this streak continues with a skimpy 9-bomb Black Market. However, not all is lost! A very fortunate hired help save at the beginning of the level allowed Tea to begin implementing the powerful HH dupes much earlier that expected. Although it did cost him a few bombs in the later levels to create safespots, the money gained by taking advantage of early HH dupes far offset the resource cost. After skillfully dispensing with the shopkeepers, tea collects the money and exits the level $100k richer. Tea makes short work of the next two levels while taking full advantage of his early lead by attempting to dupe nearly every gem, and using clever bomb placement to have a guaranteed vault HH dupe in 2-3. D_tea exits the jungle 6 bombs, $422k, and 1 HH richer than he entered.

One major disadvantage for Tea entering the Ice Caves is his lack of a mitt, which makes finding safespots considerable harder. He does manage to make one in 3-1 by manipulating a UFO into mining a hole (right in the middle of the level, which leads to some scary ghosting), and uses similar strats in 3-2. D_tea opts to anger Kali once again, and ends up Ball-and-Chaining the rest of 3-1, breaking the $1 million benchmark. Dealing with the ghost, a HH, and the BnC all at the same time is no mean feat for even the top score runners. 3-3 is another action-packed level, featuring a vault, a shop, the Moai, and even some more Ball-and-Chaining (this time with a perma-ghost). After an attempted dupe on the vault (which did not work to full efficiency), tea continues on to 3-4. Not needing the HH anymore, as he’ll get the robot in the Mothership anyway, tea “disposes of” (read : brutally sacrifices) his now-unneeded teammate. After a predictably explodey Mothership, our hero exits with a powerful alien explosive weapon and a robot programmed to murder anything it sees (what could go wrong?). A convenient early safespot in 3-4-2 allows tea to enter the Temple after an astonishing $740k Ice Caves.

d_tea performing a thwomp dupe in 4-1

4-1, considered by many score runners the trickiest (or at least most stressful) level in the game, goes relatively smoothly for d_tea, as he quickly finds a 2-bomb safespot and disposes of Anubis. Tea manages to rack up an astounding $1.18 million in this vault level by performing his signature thwomp dupe. After another million dollar dupe in 4-2 (a Kali pit level), tea enters the legendary City of Gold just a tiny bit under the previous world record. Despite having a lavafall and some unfortunate mummy wrappings, tea performs a series of HH dupes to collect an impressive $1.38 million, the most profitable level in the run. The boss Olmec proves to be no match for our orange cannon-wielding friend, as he systematically destroys all of Olmec’s lair and steals its riches (including 9 bombs, the same measly amount tea obtained in the Black Market), and he enters Hell well above the $5.5 million mark.

Hell, however, claimed its first victim as the suicidal robot dramatically threw itself onto spikes early in 5-1. Tea, however, continues on despite this tragedy and manages to rake in the money on the later Hell levels, taking in $650k between 5-2 and 5-3 (including collecting nearly $380k in 5-2, despite a lavafall)! D_tea finishes up the end of the run in strong form, dispatching the Lord of the Underworld with ease before stealing his wealth and exiting in just over two and a half minutes. With a final score of $6,625,575, d_tea secured the world record by $18,950.

GG Tea!


Mines: $521,400
Jungle: $422,125
Ice Caves: $740,150
Temple: $3,855,500
Hell: $1,086,400

Total: $6,625,575

Full splits on Primotendo

 Introducing: MossRanking Achievements and Tiers
Posted by Kinnijup on January 7th, 2019 @01:07PM


Hey everyone. This is a new feature getting added to MossRanking in the coming weeks, just for fun. We assigned 5 tiers to many of the individual categories. They are available to players of all skill levels, and the first tier always consists of just completing the category (except for some score runs).


Then, we combined similar categories into groups and created achievements. You need to reach the tier in each category of an achievement to acquire that achievement. There are only two exceptions to this rule. First is the Challenger achievement, which has 5 categories (No%, Landmine%, Showball%, Key to Yama and Udjat Run). Here, you gain a tier for each category completed. The other exception is the Moss Tier achievement. In this achievement, a tier is gained each time all of your runs in Mosspoint categories meet the following criteria: all completed, all 20%, all 40%, all 60%, all 80%.


Here's an example: Speedrunner tier 3 (blue background) is achieved when a runner has satisfied the tier 3 requirements for all included categories, which are Any%, Hell% and Low%. Tier 3 times for those categories are sub 3, sub 8 and sub 4, respectively. Lower tiers must be met to achieve a higher tier (you can’t be at tier 3 without satisfying tier 1 and 2).


Here is a nice graphic saturnin made to give you an idea of what this is going to look like (the colors chosen for the background of each icon reflect the coloring of the worlds in Spelunky - gray background signifies inactive/no achievement). Some have creative names:


MossRanking Achievement Tiers

The specific categories in each of these achievements will be revealed later, but you can get an idea of what some of them will consist of from their names.


Happy Spelunking,


- Kinnijup



 Spelunky Discord Community Awards 2018: Winners
Posted by hb on December 31st, 2018 @04:57PM


Last week, the winners of the 2018 Spelunky Discord Community Awards were announced as part of a live stream by Grooomp, Kinnijup, and ix. But in case you missed it, here's a text article confirming which of the nominees won.


For each category, the percentages of the top three nominees are revealed. Aside from the winner, all nominees are listed in alphabetical order (except for Best Kapala Cup Moment, which is listed in chronological order) and not in order of votes. The majority of winners are also accompanied by a short written blurb highlighting why they shone in 2018.


Congratulations to all winners and nominees, and happy new year.


Favourite Spelunky Streamer



Kinnijup (40%)



Kinnijup wins the award for a second consecutive year. Comfortably drawing the biggest numbers in the community, the number-one ranked Spelunky player proved as popular as ever on Twitch in 2018. The addition of regular voice and face-cams engaged viewers even further, and the huge score runs in the tail end of the year were not only gripping and memorable but also informed viewers not in the Discord server about duping discoveries and Hired Hand strategies.



chocolatecake5000 - 3RD (11%)

ix - 2ND (17%)








Newcomer of the Year



Carlibraun (47%)



Carlibraun takes the award by a large margin, having enjoyed a fruitful first year in competitive play. He became an incredibly active member in the Discord server and finished the year on MossRanking in the top 40 with close to 540,000 Moss Points (before the impending formula changes), while also providing plenty of entertaining streams. One of Carlibraun’s highlights was providing the winning moment for Team World under pressure and with 1HP in the final race of the Kapala World Cup.



Baq - 3RD (14%)


Geordie May Cry - 2ND (17%)







Favourite Spelunky Commentator



ix (40%)



ix has been the most prominent commentator in the Spelunky community, and for good reason. While ix is often praised for his humour and entertaining commentating style, it would be a disservice to ignore how informative and accessible his commentary can be particularly for the more casual Spelunky viewers, of which there were many across the numerous events MossRanking held in 2018. ix seems to be a natural fit in practically any pairing, and also provided commentary at AGDQ and GDQx.



Beens - 3RD (14%)

Kinnijup - 2ND (20%)








Most Improved Player



chocolatecake5000 (38%)



chocolatecake5000 edged Kirby703 in a two-horse race, impressing the community with his rapid improvement over the past twelve months. chocolatecake5000 has shot up to 16th in the MossRanking leaderboard (before the impending formula changes), and is a regular and enjoyable streamer. Some of his highlights in 2018 include Speedlunky Low Hell% (7:49.670) and No Gold Hell% (7:59.503) runs and a $3.9 million score run. He also came fourth place in the All Shortcuts + Olmec 2018 tournament.



GruntingCrunchy - 3RD (15%)

Kirby703 - 2ND (32%)






Daily Challenge Scout of the Year



84BombsJetpack (61%)



84BombsJetpack is the runaway winner, securing the biggest overall percentage and the biggest winning margin in any award category this year. A skilled player in his own right, he is known for his commitment in providing thorough and well-formatted scouts. 84BombsJetpack is happy to leave the Hired Hand and duping strats to the likes of d_tea, Kinnijup, and Mazerak. But a large number of the daily score PBs of all skill levels were made possible by his scouting, and this award recognises that.



hb - =2ND (11%)



MNC mascot - =2ND (11%)

saturnin55 - =2ND (11%)




Spelunky Community MVP



hb (44%)



Thank you for everyone who voted. It’s flattering, particularly given the amazing community members who were also nominated in this category. As it turns out, saturnin55 and I were tied going into the final few hours before the voting closed, and one final single vote was the deciding factor. saturnin55 was the person I personally voted for: his continued dedication to MossRanking is awe-inspiring, and I couldn’t have done the Kapala World Cup without his help. Thank you, saturnin55. You’re my winner.



ix - 3RD (8%)



saturnin55 - 2ND (42%)





Favourite World Record



Spef - Udjat Run (35:25, 1st completion) (54%)



Spef stunned the community with the first ever completion of an udjat run. The udjat run originated as a meme which hardly anyone expected to be completed. MilcMan popularised it, and the likes of Kinnijup, Konato_K, and ix have tried over the years. But Spef achieved the near-impossible, showing an extraordinary level of patience, perseverance, and high-level and intelligent play to bring the udjat to Yama and kill him with it. Spef’s Tutorial% world record was wonderful as well.



Kinnijup - Low% (2:32) - =2ND (11%)

Kinnijup - Hell% (3:30)

Kinnijup - Score (6.6m) - =2ND (11%)

Krille71 - No Gold% (1:50) - =2ND (11%)

Spef - Tutorial% (1:14)




Best All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament 2018 Race



MikeIsMyIke vs. Grooomp - Mike's comeback win (29%)




chocolatecake5000 vs. Vlad - into Olmec together - =3RD (14%)

d_tea vs. Spef (Grand Finals) - d_tea wins the tournament - =3RD (14%)

ix vs. TheNitomeFan - 12-second win

Mazerak vs. curticus - 18:45/19:41 first-round match - =3RD (14%)

samcv vs. meowmixmix - samcv pulls off upset win - 2ND (21%)




Best Kapala World Cup Moment



Day 3: AS+O 4v4 Relay (Finale) - MikeIsMyIke survives dark 2-4 and ice caves with 1HP on key split (36%)



MikeIsMyIke wins both Best All Shortcuts + Olmec Tournament 2018 Race and Best Kapala World Cup Moment. His key split in the Kapala World Cup was perhaps the most nerve-wracking moment in the entire tournament. In the winner-takes-all final race, Mike was entrusted by Team World captain Vlad with delivering the key. He dropped to 1HP in 2-3, and had to endure a scarily dark 2-4 and then the whole ice caves without taking any damage whatsoever, knowing that a death would hand a clear tournament advantage to Team USA. Mike did it, handing the baton off to Carlibraun, and the rest is history. A wonderful final race to cap off the Kapala World Cup.



Day 1: All Journal Entries Co-op - ix and Kirby703 win with a sub-26 time - 2ND (18%)

Day 2: Temple Shortcut% (Tier 4) - Maplestrip beats Yandie with neck-and-neck Olmec fight - 3RD (15%)

Day 2: All Journal Entries 1v1 (Tier 1) - ix wins in troll RNG race

Day 3: Low Hell% (Tier 1) - Kinnijup completes a 9:00 run in high-quality Grind race

Day 3: AS+O 4v4 Relay (Finale) - Carlibraun wins it for Team World with 1HP fast Olmec fight




Spelunky Moment of the Year



Kapala World Cup trailer by Suspense (34%)



Suspense’s masterful Kapala World Cup trailer came out on top of the Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer, and it is well-deserved. Edited to Little Dragon song ‘Please Turn’, the trailer -- which showcased the participants’ finest Twitch clips in quickfire fashion -- had the community buzzing. Every time the trailer was played during the Kapala World Cup, the enthusiasm from Twitch chat was palpable as they quoted the clips in unison. Suspense’s trailer no doubt played its part in hyping up the tournament. A shout-out to Konato_K for the trophy artwork, which is also featured in the trailer.



Render duping discoveries by Spelunky scientists - 3RD (18%)

Score world record explosion with Kinnijup, Mazerak, and d_tea

Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer - 2ND (24%)

Spelunky at AGDQ 2018 with Kinnijup (January 2018)

Spelunky at GDQx 2018 with meowmixmix (October 2018)




Best Moss Points Category



All Shortcuts + Olmec (28%)






Low Hell% - 2ND (22%)

No Teleporter Any%

Score - 3RD (16%)




Best Meme Category



Udjat Run (38%)




Death% - =3RD (11%)

Draining Olmec - =3RD (11%)

Temple Shortcut% - 2ND (32%)

Tutorial High Score




Best Miscellaneous Category



All Journal Entries (32%)




All Achievements - 3RD (14%)

Low% Score

Max Low No Gold Hell%

No% - 2ND (27%)

Shield Run




Best Speedrun Challenge



Tetris (44%)



Tetris became the biggest Speedrun Challenge of the year with more than 20 active members of the community trying to achieve the fastest 100-line sprint time they could. Friendly rivalries formed and some got deep into learning about terms like finesse, as the challenge culminated in a special tournament, only the second time it has happened after Celeste. Kirby703 was the primary driving factor and influence behind the Tetris Speedrun Challenge. She provided the inspiration for the nomination in the vote, mesmerised the Discord channel with her ridiculously fast times, and organised and co-commentated the tournament (which she also won with ease).



Celeste - 2ND (38%)

Crypt of the NecroDancer - 3RD (19%)




Game of the Year 2018



Celeste (45%)



Celeste may not have won Best Speedrun Challenge, but the platformer did capture the attention of a sizeable percentage of the community when it came out in January. Tight and rewarding platforming coupled with a heartfelt story which touched on topics such as anxiety, Celeste impressively emerged as the winner ahead of a number of blockbuster-budget releases.



Detroit: Become Human - 3RD (12%)

Into the Breach

Monster Hunter: World

Red Dead Redemption 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 2ND (18%)


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