About the Moss Rank

The Moss Rank is based on various categories. The included categories are the four main categories: High Score, Any%, Hell% and Low%; two different daily challenge categories: Daily Average (top ten daily challenge) and Daily High Score and finally, the following challenge runs : Classic Eggplant%, Low% Hell, Big Money, All Shortcuts + Olmec, No Gold Any%, No Gold Hell, No Gold Low%, Max Any%, Max Hell, Max Low%, No Teleporter Any%.

All of your runs will be compared to the record in each category, and yield more points the closer you are to the record. If your time is more than five times bigger than the record, or your score is less than a fifth of it, then you will gain no additional points for it. The weight for each category is the same, so it is important to focus on all of them to increase in rank. It is also important to note that each completed category will give a bonus of 20,000 points for the main categories and 10,000 points for the other categories, so it is essential to submit all the runs for the highest score possible. The maximum amount of points you could have is 1,000,000, if you were to hold the record in each category.

There are eleven different challenge runs and 2 Daily runs that count towards the formula, and the six highest ranked ones for each player will count. That way, you can focus on the challenge runs you find interesting, but you will still be rewarded for completing them all.

MossRanking updates every 10 minutes if you submit your run. This includes new runs, rankings, subrankings, daily top 10, daily average and daily high score.

If you want more information about the how to improve your ranking icon next to your name in the rankings or in your user page, you can read this article!

Good luck!