About the Moss Rank

There are many different leaderboards on MossRanking for each of Spelunky Classic, Spelunky HD and Spelunky 2, but they all work in a similar way. Each player's ranking on a given leaderboard is calculated from points that are earned by submitting runs to the categories which define that leaderboard.

For each leaderboard (with a few exceptions, see below), points are awarded in three ways:

  • Rating Points (R): For each category, a maximum of 100,000 points are available by comparing a player's personal best (PB) to the current world record (WR). More precisely, a rating percentage is calculated from WR/PB for speed categories or PB/WR for score categories. These ratings are then multiplied by 100,000 points each and are awarded per category.
  • Completion Bonus (C): 5,000 bonus points are awarded for each category a player submits a run to.
  • Performance Bonus (P): A further 5,000 bonus points are awarded for each category a player submits a run to with a rating of 20% or higher. This means faster than five times the WR for speed categories or greater than one fifth of the WR for score categories.

A player's total points on a given leaderboard is the sum of R+C+P for every category relevant to that leaderboard. Note that for subrankings (leaderboards without "Main" in the title), the final total is divided by 10.


A ranking can be comprised of multiple groups of categories and within each group a number of exemptions are allowed. Note that all categories still award bonus points.

After submitting a run, MossRanking will update within 10 minutes. This includes new runs, rankings, subrankings, player profiles, daily top 10, daily average and daily high score.

If you want more information about your ranking icon next to your name in the rankings or in your user page, check out this page!

Good luck!