Achievements (Miltão321)

Go fast!
Bigger Money
Put on your duping hat!
Go faster!
To Hell and beyond.
These aren't the crates you're looking for.
B the Rex
Purple fruits are tasty, aren't they?
The Grind
It will hurt until it doesn't.
Real-Time Terrorisrn!!!
Stop Bummin' around and open up LiveSplit!
Playing it Safe
You don't need no stinkin' TP!
Lower Scorer
Stay away from the shiny things!
Maximum Velocity
Death and despair await you...
Moss Tier
A rolling stone WILL gather Moss Points.
Challenge God
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
Pacify 71
Save the animals. And the humans. And everything else.
Late Knight
Master using it and you can have this.
Are You Addicted Yet?
No! No! No, don't do it!
Even More Money
All your treasure are belong to us.
You miss 100% of the challenges you don't take.
Short + fun != easy
Get-rich-quick scheme!
Minimum Scorer
Penniless Path of Pain
"True" Maximum