You can use the bot API to fetch your PBs and WRs directly from Mossranking with nightbot commands (or other bots supporting this type of commands) :

For PBs just use  :


  and replace YOUR_MR_ID and CATEGORY_ID to the values you want.

For WRs :


  where  CAT_ID is the category id you want to fetch. You can find what are the ids here

So you can make commands such as :

!score $(urlfetch

  that outputs :

     Score PB is $3,071,750

  and the following commands :

!scorewr $(urlfetch

  that outputs :

     The Score WR is currently $3,461,975 by Kinnijup

You can remove the "&twitch=1" parameter to get raw json values.

Also (without support) :

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Get PBs by users : here
Get PBs by users by category: here
Get runs by category : here
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