Out There Somewhere - Any% IGT

Definition: Complete the game as quickly as possible while collecting the LightOrb and, using the In-Game Timer (IGT) for timing.

  • -All runs must be completed using the Steam edition of Out There Somewhere.
  • -The IGT must be visible for the entire run. (In Options, select "Show Game Time.")
  • -Video must begin before selecting "New Game."
  • -The IGT begins on the first frame that Yuri's spaceship can be controlled, and ends when the final shot hits Grigori's spaceship.
  • -Actions that reset the value of the IGT (e.g. exiting to the main menu) or alter its normal operation (e.g. activating the Smoke Overflow Glitch) are prohibited.
  • -The use of any external program to modify gameplay (e.g. keybinding software) is banned.
  • -Modification of the game file is banned.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   chocolatecake5000 6:03.000 100.00% get rekt meow
2   MNC mascot 11:37.000 52.08% I'm okay with this
3   GruntingCrunchy 15:40.000 38.62% Wack
4   meowmixmix 57:42.000 10.49% First playthrough