Super Meat Boy - Any%

Definition: Beat the game (clear light Dr. Fetus) from a new save. Time starts on "Start Game" and ends on the first all-white frame of the final cutscene. Alt glitch, replay glitch, and bandage duping are banned. Game fps must be a stable 60 fps. Any benefit from abnormal fps (clipping through walls, etc) is banned. Videos should be at least 30 fps. Runs must have audible in-game sound effects (in-game music optional). Loading icons and the in game timer must be visible throughout the run.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   Rythin 22:05.000 100.00% fuck
2   chocolatecake5000 27:35.960 80.01% gaming
3   InTol 31:38.030 69.81% Practicing Rapture was a worthwhile investment
4   JPlay 32:01.960 68.94% - let down a bit by last 2 splits
5   Omyyer 33:56.000 65.08% Poggy