Spelunky Challenges - Spelunky Triathlon Hard

Definition: An RTA run where the player must complete a Spelunky Classic City of Gold% run, a Spelunky HD Hell% run and Spelunky 2 Sunken City% run in order. Only Spelunky Guy or Damsel are allowed when Spelunky Classic.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   Groomp 26:58.490 100.00% yo
2   BronxTaco 49:38.020 54.35% ~14.5 minutes of deaths and resets
3   Xanagear 1:00:27.460 44.62% Slow but first
4   Mikulus 1:01:47.600 43.65% hundun is scary
5   DumpsterShark 1:26:37.200 31.14% Extraordinarily slow, but I'll take it.