Spelunky Classic - Speed IL Black Market Low% City of Gold

A run featuring the completion of the Black Market level having obtained the Ankh following Low% City of Gold restrictions. Please refer to the "Segment Categories" section of the Rules tab for submission guidelines.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   TBPengy 0:12.000 100.00% im still bored but im numba 1 now
2   Flick 0:13.000 92.31% wait, you can BUY the ankh?!
2   HamburgerMan 0:13.000 92.31% Can go lower but I need to get better at buying ankh
4   Emortin 0:30.000 40.00%
5   Gorgegrouse 0:32.000 37.50%
6   Remy 0:58.000 20.69%