Spelunky 2 - All Characters

Definition: The player has to unlock all playable characters. The timer begins with the player character entering the door to 1-1 and stops once all playable characters are unlocked. Both characters and shortcuts needs to be reset before starting the run. To confirm that all playable characters are unlocked, the player either needs to show all unlocked characters from the character selection screen or show them in the journal.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Version Video Comment
1   Man_eats_pizza 19:43.183 100.00% 1.19 SUB 20 LETíS GOOOOO!
2   Y4RD1 29:23.492 67.09% 1.19 Imagine being 3rd
3   Groomp 29:37.367 66.57% 1.20.j fun category
4   ix 30:51.300 63.91% 1.19.8c Make a whole new mess again
5   Tom's Pizza 41:19.330 47.72% We back
6   Egg 56:43.850 34.76% 1.20.0j would have been 47 mins if i remembred valerie
7   chocolatecake5000 1:06:41.000 29.57% Pog