Spelunky 2 - Low% Sunken City

Definition: A run ending with the win criteria of both the Sunken City% speedrun and the Low% speedrun combined. Collecting the Udjat Eye, the Crown, the Hedjet, the Ankh, the Tablet of Destiny, Excalibur, the Scepter and hatching the Qilin are all forbidden.

Rank Player Time Rating Spelunker Platform Version Video Comment
1   InTol 8:10.483 100.00% 1.20.3c Fun run on a fun stream!
2   DieDai 9:19.733 87.63% 1.20.0j alright
3   Jimbo 11:29.083 71.18% 1.20.2a I did it again, woah.
4   tvrobot10 27:17.533 29.95% 1.20.3c World's First Pacifist Low% Sunken City!