Spelunky HD - All Achievements

Definition: Complete each of the 20 Achievements using a brand new save file. The timer begins with the choice of player character and stops once the 20th achievement is unlocked. Using extrapolated time for the Addicted achievement is not allowed. It is not required to start from a brand new Steam account, but you need to use a tracker that supports tracking achievements from an existing account. If you don't use a supported tracker, you will need to start from a brand new Steam account. Guide, Tracker by Sawr.

Rank Player Time First Clear Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   ix 5:49:05.000 2017-08-19 PogChamp
2   Mazerak 3:55:47.850 2018-01-01 remind me to never do this again
3   Kirby703 6:24:34.240 2018-01-28 Threw no gold runs for 2+ hours, very fun run in all though!
4   GruntingCrunchy 5:37:00.000 2018-05-14 Celebratory birthday stream
5   Khold 7:04:22.680 2018-05-28 [NSFL] I'm just glad it's over
6   chocolatecake5000 4:53:58.300 2018-05-28 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/266590364
7   meowmixmix 3:22:59.689 2018-06-05 Petition to make extrapolated legal
8   samcv 4:12:00.310 2018-06-23 nice tracker sawr
9   Sawr 3:33:22.210 2018-06-23 actually was pretty fun
10   TheNitromeFan 3:44:40.400 2018-07-12 Not bad for a first run. I can improve, but the death grind
11   Yandie 6:03:24.200 2019-04-19 (vid is 1st part, 2nd part on channel) includes frozen compy
12   Myelin 5:01:11.090 2019-05-18 this was a mistake
13   BronxTaco 3:49:22.830 2019-07-14 hell run so hard why
14   JPlay 7:11:56.360 2020-06-22 75 mins of resets dwarfed by the time to encode and upload
15   InTol 3:58:08.260 2020-07-28 First attempt at this cat. Probably never doing this again
16   jjg27 2:54:39.710 2020-12-24 this will do! very happy with the sub 3
17   Mikulus 4:35:18.670 2021-03-25 psycha nie siada