Spelunky HD - Vanilla Score

Definition: A Score (No Major Glitch) run with the additional restrictions that the ghost must not spawn (i.e. the "terrible chill" text and sound effect must not start) and no hired hands must be present in level transitions. Violating either of these restrictions is seen as a run-ending action.

Rank Player Score Rating Spelunker Platform Video Comment
1   WGPL $1,396,500 100.00% Average before temple, End game was cracked. My first WR
2   jjg27 $1,384,175 99.12% big seed. CoG was outstanding
3   Hectique $1,374,650 98.44% a bit skimpy on bombs, but solid first run
4   BronxTaco $1,207,000 86.43% finally finished another run
5   Nitrome $1,169,600 83.75% Run completed on 2022-02-17
6   saturnin55 $1,108,725 79.39% Too slow in the CoG
7   GC $1,094,800 78.40%
8   Cloiss $315,250 22.57% Sometimes, Spelunky just says no.
9   CCheg $304,775 21.82% run at 5:47. one time i had a seizure cuz of spelunky