Spelunky 2 - Categories

Main Speed

Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Any%   Hectique 1:35.500 sub HD!!!!!!!!!
 Sunken City%   Hectique 3:20.633 no gold until 5-1
 Low%   d_tea 3:15.466 Quadcook is back
 Low% Jungle/Temple   d_tea 3:59.750 Barely made it
 Pacifist Low%   d_tea 3:59.583 Barely made it
 Chain Low% Abzu   Lavableman 8:57.433 Accomplished 12 minutes after ending my stream :)
 Chain Low% Duat   d_tea 10:13.533 Not quite sub 10
 Cosmic Ocean%   d_tea 7-99 / 45:30.833 Did someone order Neo Babylon levels?
 No Teleporter All Shortcuts + Tiamat   d_tea 13:17.410 The grind is over
 No Teleporter Any%   d_tea 2:32.083 what
 No Teleporter Sunken City%   d_tea 4:52.700 Better earlygame, worse SC
 No Teleporter Sunken City% Abzu   d_tea 6:55.283 Jetpack time
 No Teleporter Sunken City% Duat   ivyoary 7:10.200 this is a world record
 Sunken City% Abzu   d_tea 5:31.600 With compass for once
 Sunken City% Duat   d_tea 6:09.250 2 minutes into olmec lol
 No Gold   Hectique 1:38.650 I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED
 No Gold Low%   d_tea 3:39.583 Not 3:30 but I'll take it