Spelunky 2 - Categories


Category Player Score/Time/Distance   Video Comment
 Eggplant Cosmic Ocean%   Lavableman 7-99 / 49:59.100 uhhhh i just wanted sub 55
 True Crown Cosmic Ocean%   Lavableman 7-99 / 55:57.433 Not sub 55, I sleep
 Eggplant True Crown Cosmic Ocean%   Lavableman 7-99 / 58:22.900 blessed 7-3 crate
 No Jetpack Cosmic Ocean%   Lavableman 7-99 / 48:48.800 Cursed pot
 No Gold Cosmic Ocean%   d_tea 7-99 / 1:42:17.734 I didn't care for money.
 Pacifist Cosmic Ocean%   Hectique 7-44 / 45:59.500 finally got a pacifist run into cosmic
 No Gold Pacifist Cosmic Ocean%   Hectique 7-44 / 49:02.733 this will be a cool clear
 Low% Cosmic Ocean   Kymiro 7-21 / 44:32.116 I've used an advanced strategy called luck
 Chain Low% Cosmic Ocean   d_tea 7-23 / 44:37.383 Analog stick gaming
 Low% Sunken City   InTol 7:09.666 90 second sunken city... ouch
 No Gold Low% Sunken City   d_tea 9:17.083 Sketchy Hundun...
 No Teleporter No Gold   d_tea 3:05.366 Good
 No Gold Sunken City%   d_tea 4:38.050 Arrow trap to jetpack teleporter shop
 No Teleporter No Gold Sunken City%   d_tea 5:36.650 Bailed
 No Gold Sunken City% Abzu   Hectique 9:44.250 20s worse than the bugged run, but quirky nonetheless
 No Gold Sunken City% Duat   Hectique 9:07.583 kinda nuts given the run itself
 No Gold Chain Low% Abzu   d_tea 11:30.133 Time to never run this again
 No Gold Chain Low% Duat   d_tea 13:44.283 Now I just need an eggplant...
 Eggplant%   Man_eats_pizza 5:19.583 LOL Iím so happy!
 No Teleporter Eggplant%   Hectique 5:42.750 so happy
 Low% Eggplant   d_tea 8:59.116 Volcana eggplant
 No Gold Eggplant%   d_tea 6:52.750 Should've taken telepack tbh
 No Gold Low% Eggplant   Hectique 12:03.666 dearest eggy child, walk the path of poverty with me
 Eggplant% Abzu   Hectique 6:59.933 kinda scuffed, but stoked for sub 7!! really nice time
 Eggplant% Duat   d_tea 8:39.933 50+ bombs
 Chain Low% Eggplant Abzu   d_tea 10:56.183 HH strats
 Chain Low% Eggplant Duat   Hectique 12:33.383 a little spicy, a lotta purple
 No Gold Chain Low% Eggplant Abzu   DieDai 29:05.750 it is done!
 No Gold Chain Low% Eggplant Duat   Hectique 22:29.983 yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Millionaire   Hectique 3:25.916 happy with this for now!
 No Teleporter Millionaire   d_tea 4:53.100 Return of the cape start
 Low% Millionaire   d_tea 6:32.316 Slow start + updated strats
 All Shortcuts + Tiamat   d_tea 13:04.970 oops
 All Characters   Man_eats_pizza 15:46.283 :)
 No Teleporter All Characters   d_tea 16:45.390 Good enough for now, sub 16 next patch (maybe)
 All Journal Entries   Hectique 48:54.960 not sure what to say. 3 runs, + a giant spider kill
 Tutorial%   tvrobot10 0:17.733 Pretty cool!
 Tutorial% No Skips   tvrobot10 0:22.533 Happy with this for now
 Ice Caves Shortcut%   Hectique 0:46.900 the only sub 47 that matters
 Ice Caves Shortcut Sunken City%   d_tea 3:48.733 I got the sub 4 low%! ...wait wrong category
 Pacifist Ice Caves Shortcut%   d_tea 0:56.566 56 56
 Ice Caves Shortcut% Millionaire   d_tea 3:06.583 Fast 6-3 and Tiamat


Category Player Score   Video Comment
 Low% Score   Sonth 2 $952,625 Just imagine how good it wouldve been if i didnt die
 Aggregate Low% Score   twiggle $1,870,700 Solid starting point, actually very fun
 Score No CO Volcana/Tide Pool   Spencer_PK $3,024,675 Plasma Cannon, Vlad's Cape, Spring Shoes.