Spelunky 2 - Categories

Speed IL

Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Speed IL Dwelling   Groomp 0:01.416 rip shopkeeper
 Speed IL Dwelling Low%   Groomp 0:03.116 pretty good :o
 Speed IL Udjat Eye   Groomp 0:11.633 telepack + skeleton key
 Speed IL Udjat Eye Chain Low%   Groomp 0:16.800
 Speed IL Quillback   Groomp 0:02.616 missed the exit
 Speed IL Quillback Low%   d_tea 0:12.916
 Speed IL Quillback Low% (Bombless)   d_tea 0:14.116 When Quillback is positioned just right
 Speed IL Volcana   Groomp 0:01.616 meowSup
 Speed IL Volcana Low%   d_tea 0:03.766 Falling platform
 Speed IL Vlad's Castle   Hectique 0:22.716 guess i should put this here too. chainlow
 Speed IL Vlad's Castle Chain Low%   Hectique 0:22.716 almost perfect
 Speed IL Jungle   supersause34 0:01.700 epic
 Speed IL Jungle Low%   Groomp 0:03.400 vine gang
 Speed IL Black Market   d_tea 0:16.700 actually found the BM, too
 Speed IL Black Market Chain Low%   supersause34 0:47.500 maybe a bit too close
 Speed Area/IL Olmec   supersause34 0:02.833 sub 3
 Speed Area/IL Olmec Low% Tide Pool   Gugubo 0:09.600 The sub 10 dream
 Speed Area/IL Olmec Low% Tide Pool (Bombless)   tvrobot10 0:17.666 Crushed a plasma cannon lol
 Speed Area/IL Olmec Low% Temple  
 Speed Area/IL Olmec Low% Temple (Bombless)   aok76 0:38.600 Crust explosion
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh Tide Pool   Groomp 0:13.733 decent
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh No TP Tide Pool   supersause34 1:02.383
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh Chain Low% Tide Pool   d_tea 0:48.900 Can be better with 4 bombs
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh Temple   Pyrolander 0:14.000 when you miss the black market%
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh No TP Temple   Cloiss 0:40.950 [2021-05-21] i forgor 💀
 Speed IL Olmec + Ankh Chain Low% Temple   Gugubo 1:09.650 bombless when
 Speed IL Tide Pool   Groomp 0:02.133 nasty tide pool except 4-1
 Speed IL Tide Pool Low%   d_tea 0:03.850 Aiming for sub 3.5 next
 Speed IL Tide Pool Lake of Fire   Snowy 0:15.483 💨
 Speed IL Tide Pool Lake of Fire Chain Low%   supersause34 0:32.316 not sub 30 but still good
 Speed IL Abzu   ivyoary 0:12.100 Rupload, could be faster w/ tele and 30 bombs?
 Speed IL Abzu Chain Low%   Hectique 0:18.516 journal check skip soon...
 Speed IL Abzu Pacifist  
 Speed IL Temple   Groomp 0:01.916 ya
 Speed IL Temple Low%   Man_eats_pizza 0:04.816 Fast
 Speed IL Temple to City of Gold   d_tea 0:01.466 Fastest level
 Speed IL City of Gold   d_tea 0:03.366 Hey I actually finished the run too!
 Speed IL City of Gold Chain Low%   d_tea 0:04.500 Optimal layout
 Speed IL Duat   d_tea 0:37.250 Paste bombs
 Speed IL Duat Chain Low%   d_tea 0:48.700 Only 2 bombs
 Speed IL Duat Pacifist  
 Speed Area/IL Ice Caves   d_tea 0:05.166 sub 5 if I had compass
 Speed Area/IL Ice Caves Low%   Hectique 0:06.250 what in the absolute hell just happened. how
 Speed IL Neo Babylon   d_tea 0:01.983
 Speed IL Neo Babylon Low%   Snowy 0:04.866 noice
 Speed IL Ushabti   Man_eats_pizza 0:16.933 Axolotled
 Speed IL Ushabti Chain Low%   Hectique 0:23.000 simple clay snake
 Speed IL Tiamat   d_tea 0:02.783 Finally found a run with the transition screen
 Speed IL Tiamat Low%   Snowy 0:05.550 bad door exit OMEGALUL
 Speed IL Tiamat Pacifist   Gugubo 0:09.900 Entrance was on left side, Low%.
 Speed IL Tiamat Ascent   Groomp 0:10.733 from SC pb
 Speed IL Tiamat Ascent Low%   Gugubo 0:41.700 Had to wait for the full vertical laser cycle
 Speed IL Tiamat Ascent Chain Low%   d_tea 0:18.216 No more Qilin abuse
 Speed IL Sunken City   d_tea 0:05.166 No yolo teleports yet
 Speed IL Sunken City Low%   Hectique 0:13.216 2:44
 Speed IL Sunken City to Eggplant World   samcv 0:05.150 now get this layout with a telepack
 Speed IL Eggplant World   Hectique 0:10.200 eggy yoloporting. this is not a drill -- 6:42
 Speed IL Eggplant World Low%   tvrobot10 0:26.100 2 dogs rescued, eggy health collected, eggy child sacrificed
 Speed IL Eggplant World Pacifist  
 Speed IL Hundun   Man_eats_pizza 0:42.933 Not optimal. Time stamp: 25:45
 Speed IL Hundun Low%   Kymiro 1:02.434 triplecook hundun is fun
 Speed IL Hundun Chain Low%   Hectique 1:19.450 no ankh
 Speed IL Hundun Pacifist  
 Speed IL Hundun to Cosmic   d_tea 0:45.450 Time to throw some runs trying to beat this!
 Speed IL Hundun to Cosmic Low%   d_tea 1:40.800 Easily beatable by wasting resources
 Speed IL Cosmic Ocean   Lavableman 0:03.183 SKILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Speed IL Cosmic Ocean Low%   Landie 0:05.283 excuse me