Spelunky 2 - Categories

Score Areas

Category Player Score   Video Comment
 Score Area Dwelling   d_tea $728,400 1-3 echoes
 Score Area Volcana   Spencer_PK $476,625 A lot was skipped from not having mobility
 Score Area Jungle   d_tea $1,208,500
 Score Area/IL Olmec   d_tea $252,300 wow
 Score Area Tide Pool   Artur $803,000 Oops! Went Tide Pool. \_(ツ)_/
 Score Area Temple   d_tea $2,090,650 PB is 2.12m but too lazy to upload
 Score Area/IL Ice Caves   Hectique $847,200 grabbed vault
 Score Area Neo Babylon   Artur $1,949,075 3:33:29
 Score Area Sunken City   Hectique $1,397,000 died at the very end of 7-3, next time - 1:04:20
 Score Area Cosmic Ocean   twiggle $8,446,350 Thanks Spencer for the info!