Category Player Score/Time Longevity   Video Comment
Any%   Hectique 2:13.000 2 months 11 days this guy is NOT a classic runner (Clueless)
Low%   YellowSlug 2:45.000 1 year 6 months Not the low% category I was expecting to pb in
City of Gold%   zhen_ 2:36.000 4 months 13 days sure...
Chain Low% City of Gold   YellowSlug 3:17.000 1 year 1 month Spooky BM rob

Tunnel Man Any%   zhen_ 2:06.000 3 months 14 days sponsored by gaps
Tunnel Man Low%   YellowSlug 2:20.000 1 year 2 months 4am vibes
Tunnel Man City of Gold%   zhen_ 2:25.000 4 months 17 days I DONT BELIEVE IT WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!?!?!?!