Spelunky HD - Categories

Main Speed

Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Any%   Kinnijup 1:37.111 Quarantine ain't so bad.
 Hell%   Kinnijup 3:29.713 No paste, slow Olmec (no bombs)
 Low%   Brutwarst 2:26.361 why do i grind low% if i already have the wr, they asked
 All Shortcuts + Olmec   Kinnijup 15:51.630 Scary Olmec, 3:28 IGT finish
 All Journal Entries   Kinnijup 25:21.869 golden monkey cost like 2 mins at the end
 No Teleporter Any%   Kinnijup 2:15.282 Olmec trolled a bit, and a snail
 No Teleporter Hell%   Kinnijup 3:34.964 o,o
 No Teleporter Max Any%   Kinnijup 3:03.143 Ice worm, fast temple
 Low% Hell   Kinnijup 5:02.976 O_O
 Eggplant%   Kinnijup 6:42.515 PLANTED
 Big Money   Kinnijup 5:30.250 Sweet!
 No Gold   Kinnijup 1:49.986 o,o scary Olmec
 No Gold Hell%   Kinnijup 3:58.446 Gloves and ice caves jetpack. Heart attacks.
 Low% No Gold   Kinnijup 2:43.007 Scary 5 bomb Olmec, troll gold
 Max Any%   Kinnijup 1:59.019 Woah.
 Max Hell%   Kinnijup 3:57.201 Sub 4! Offensive music...
 Max Low%   Kinnijup 3:25.401 scary ropeless Olmec