Spelunky HD - Categories


Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Haunted Max Low% No Gold Hell   Kinnijup 19:45.198 Shoutouts to Spef VoHiYo
 No Gold Max Low% Hell   Kinnijup 8:48.111 1-0-0 Yama
 Haunted Max Low% Hell   Kinnijup 7:36.078 Pretty tough
 No Gold Low% Hell   Kinnijup 5:57.526 Almost lost it at the very end.
 Max Low% Hell   Kinnijup 6:51.687 No deaggro. 5-1 exit O_O
 Max Low% Eggplant   Spef 16:48.008 April fools'... right?
 Low% Eggplant   Spef 16:48.008 April fools'... right?
 No Gold Haunted Max Eggplant%   Kinnijup 22:09.561 O_O
 No Gold Max Eggplant%   ix 18:11.477 Pacifist until 4-2, and then...
 Haunted Max Eggplant%   Kinnijup 22:09.561 default Haunted Max Eggplant% (same as Haunted Max Eggplant%
 No Gold Eggplant%   ix 18:11.477 Why is everything so expensive?
 Max Eggplant%   Kinnijup 8:19.755 Kept going fast
 Haunted Max No Gold True Pacifist Hell%   GruntingCrunchy 27:20.906 Pride bunny ftw
 No Gold Max True Pacifist Hell%   ix 14:40.531 It's hard to say forever love
 Haunted Max True Pacifist Hell%   ix 16:23.865 A world record
 No Gold True Pacifist Hell%   ix 11:05.975 Time was untied when set.
 Max True Pacifist Hell%   ix 11:44.396 <3
 True Pacifist Hell%   ix 7:57.992 SPEEDLUNKY
 No Gold Shield Run   ix 23:02.982 Squish
 Max Shield Run   ix 11:41.788 Didn't add up, forgot to carry a zero
 Shield Run   ix 9:06.400 ix |+) yama
 All Shortcuts + Olmec (Loadless)   BlueCadet-3 16:21.950 16:48.79 RTA
 All Characters   ix 50:36.040 Spider Char Last. 215 Deaths, Loadless: 48:55.43
 All Achievements   ix 2:29:25.110 An MR-ix time
 Tutorial%   Spef 1:14.673 unbelievable
 Temple Shortcut%   Kinnijup 0:48.200 Yay
 No%   Carlibraun 3:33.749 could have been sub 3:30 with that 3-4 mine
 Jumbo Money   Kinnijup 13:56.630 pimpGromp
 No Teleporter Hell%   Kinnijup 3:34.964 o,o
 No Teleporter No Gold Any%   Kinnijup 2:20.204 O_O 4-3 paste ftw POGGERS
 No Teleporter No Gold Hell%   Kinnijup 4:17.065 Scary Hell and Yama
 No Teleporter Max Any%   Kinnijup 3:03.143 Ice worm, fast temple
 No Teleporter Max Hell%   Kinnijup 4:23.793 POGGERS
 No Teleporter No Gold Max Any%   Kinnijup 3:06.283 Nice worm, cyclops OP
 No Teleporter No Gold Max Hell%   Kinnijup 6:20.153 Nice Anubis kill and difficult hell
 No Gold Max Any%   Kinnijup 2:25.784 Some scary moments and bee HP
 No Gold Max Hell%   Kinnijup 4:58.179 Pasteless
 No Gold Max Low%   Kinnijup 3:47.677 Ice worm, terrifying Olmec
 Haunted Max Any%   Kinnijup 2:23.185 Sweet
 Haunted Max Hell%   Spef 4:28.719 Stay healthy
 Haunted Max Low%   Kinnijup 4:05.653 Happy Halloween
 No Gold Haunted Max Any%   Baq 3:34.259 first attempt of the day. kinni stream in the background
 No Gold Haunted Max Hell%   Kinnijup 5:56.851 :c
 No Gold Haunted Max Low%   Carlibraun 5:25.445 Guess i pulled off a Kinni ;) sub5 next time doe


Category Player Score   Video Comment
 Score (No Major Glitch)   Kinnijup $3,526,575
 Low% Score   Buddy7heElf $663,625


Category Player Wins   Video Comment
 Daily Wins   SnoreMonster 146 Last Daily Win : 2020-09-18