Spelunky HD - Categories


Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Udjat Run   Kinnijup 15:55.187 Somewhat improvised Yama
 Scepter Run   ix 8:16.785 I'll let you watch it, too. You've been so good to me.
 Key to Yama   Spef 6:15.419 Why jot?
 Snowball%   ix 7:48.007 Here I am again
 Landmine%   ix 6:46.133 亠 Loose HH on 3-3 亠
 Draining Olmec   Kinnijup 3:15.408 oh herro ~
 Basejump%   Spef 5:06.939 Oispa kaljaa


Category Player Score   Video Comment
 Tutorial High Score   tuabiht $112,000 Excellent 0-1 dupe. Good one in 0-2. Average 0-3
 RSVP Challenge   BronxTaco $1,655,950 thicc