Spelunky 2 - Categories


Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Any%   Kinnijup 2:06.183 Hoverpack
 Sunken City%   d_tea 5:21.216 Mostly safe teleporter play
 Low%   InTol 3:48.616 That really just happened huh
 No Teleporter Any%   Kinnijup 3:20.166 Conserved mattock a bit, kept breaking in Neo
 No Gold   d_tea 2:43.550 This monk doesn't need any gold
 Low% No Gold   d_tea 4:15.550 Awesome!
 Sunken City% Abzu   d_tea 9:21.483 A bit of unnecessary shopping
 Sunken City% Duat   d_tea 11:00.833 Clutch bomb bag on Hundun
 All Shortcuts + Tiamat   d_tea 18:41.983 Not as good as my unofficial PB (18:11)
 Eggplant%   DieDai 6:54.550 Any% run with a 4-4 eggplant
 No Gold Sunken City%   DieDai 7:16.050 i saved all those damsels for a reason. slow asfuck tidepool


Category Player Score   Video Comment
 Score   twiggle $5,555,257 True Crown!