Spelunky 2 - Categories

Main Speed

Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Any%   fusuy321 1:55.366 Sub 2!!
 Sunken City%   d_tea 3:57.650 Sub 4 finally!
 Low%   InTol 3:26.700 The sub 3:30 dream!
 Cosmic Ocean%   ivyoary 7-99 / 50:54.533 Finally a time that I'm fairly happy with.
 All Shortcuts + Tiamat   d_tea 14:39.810 Broke the record live!
 Low% Sunken City Abzu/Duat   DieDai 9:20.250 default Low% SC Abzu/Duat (same as Low% SC Abzu)
 No Teleporter Any%   d_tea 3:00.916 It'll be hard to improve this one
 No Teleporter Sunken City%   d_tea 5:19.083 Almost a no tp any%. Cool 7-1 shop
 Sunken City% Abzu   d_tea 7:35.900 no tp abzu when
 Sunken City% Duat   InTol 7:29.233 Telepack + teleporter + 24 bombs? Don't mind if I do.
 No Gold   Man_eats_pizza 2:29.466 Nice
 No Gold Sunken City%   d_tea 5:11.416 Terrible Hundun fight
 No Gold Low%   DieDai 3:57.716 overall sloppy run, terrible 4-4, but jet nb