Spelunky 2 - Categories

Main Speed

Category Player Time   Video Comment
 Any%   Hectique 1:35.500 sub HD!!!!!!!!!
 Sunken City%   Hectique 3:07.216 somebody had to do it!
 Low%   d_tea 3:15.466 Quadcook is back
 Low% Jungle/Temple   Hectique 3:51.783 sweet! almost threw in neobab
 Pacifist Low%   Lavableman 3:51.133 First completion, played neo bab slow, missed backlayer skip
 Chain Low% Abzu   d_tea 8:38.916 Testing jungle route. Pretty bad ushabti.
 Chain Low% Duat   d_tea 9:31.516 Keep Anubis 2 alive strats
 Cosmic Ocean%   Hectique 7-99 / 42:01.833 probably one of my most well played runs ever.
 No Teleporter All Shortcuts + Tiamat   d_tea 13:01.990 Sub 13? quadLUL
 No Teleporter All Characters   d_tea 15:53.240 still want to improve a bit more
 No Teleporter Any%   d_tea 2:32.083 what
 No Teleporter Sunken City%   d_tea 4:51.666 Need more bombs
 No Teleporter Sunken City% Abzu   ivyoary 6:32.600 Impossibly good luck across the board. 6️⃣
 No Teleporter Sunken City% Duat   ivyoary 6:53.066 6️⃣
 Sunken City% Abzu   d_tea 5:08.650 Thanks Cloiss!
 Sunken City% Duat   d_tea 4:59.216 Featuring ushabti meltdown
 No Gold   Hectique 1:38.650 I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED
 No Gold Low%   d_tea 3:30.400 Only took about half a year since I first choked a 3:30 run