Code of Conduct

MossRanking is a collective of individuals dedicated to creating a healthy and inclusive space for Spelunky players to collaborate, communicate, and compete with one another. The care and consideration of the community is what keeps MossRanking moving forward. To continue to ensure the community is as healthy as possible, we encourage all participants to understand and abide by the following Code of Conduct.

1. Community

  1. MossRanking is an inclusive community and welcomes individuals of any identity, orientation, and ability. We do not condone exclusionary behavior or hateful speech towards others.
  2. MossRanking is run voluntarily by community members who have dedicated time, energy, and finances to keep things running smoothly. Please understand and respect these efforts when discussing ideas.
  3. There is a person behind every screen. We should always aim to be understanding and empathetic towards others, even when differences in opinion arise.
  4. Harassment within the boundaries of the community will not be tolerated. While MossRanking does not oversee all private and public spaces involved, we uphold a duty to minimize any potential harm that could befall members of the community, even in places of privacy.

2. Development

  1. MossRanking operates with some expectations of adherence towards the contents of Spelunky and its design. We aim to accommodate a variety of categories and features for the community, but will encourage such additions to remain faithful to the game itself. Exceptionally specific ideas, or ideas that deviate from and/or modify the game’s design will be met with greater scrutiny.
  2. MossRanking is run by the community and for the community. While some dedicated members have been given privileges to direct discussions and decide certain outcomes, they are expected to adhere to the best interests of the community first and foremost.
  3. MossRanking is always evolving. While we aim to be steadfast in meeting the needs of the community, some unavoidable burdens will fall upon the technical or cultural sides of development. Please be considerate of when these difficulties arise.

3. Fair Play

  1. When participating in MossRanking leaderboards, players are expected to read and understand the rules of each game and category documented on the website. Misunderstandings, should they arise, should attempt to be resolved through communication with other community members.
  2. Barring some significant circumstances, the deletion of runs is generally frowned upon and should be avoided. This is especially true of current and former world record runs, as the website aims to document these runs as well as rate all other runs relative to them. While you will never be forced to submit runs, please do so with the intent to have them remain on the website. On some occasions, publicized world records may be posted to MossRanking on behalf of an individual outside the community. Such runs can be removed if requested by the individual.
  3. When competing within the MossRanking community, competition should remain friendly and uplifting. An individual's profile, personal bests, or run preferences should never be used as an excuse to spur negativity towards others. We should always seek to be gracious and encouraging of others, even when their runs may surpass our own, to ensure that the competitive environment is welcoming to anybody involved. Lifting others up will always be more rewarding than tearing others down.

4. Enforcement

Violations of the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by MossRanking moderators and governors to determine the most appropriate actions moving forward. In most cases, any misunderstanding or violation of the above will result in a warning to the individual in question. Significant and/or repeated instances may lead to removal from our community Discord server and MossRanking itself. If you see or experience any violations of the above statements, do not hesitate to reach out to trusted community members to report them. Such reports can be anonymized if preferred.

You can report issues that stem from:

  • MossRanking
  • MossRanking Discord
  • Spelunky Discord (aka Speedrun/Community Discord)
  • Spelunky 2 Discord (aka Official/Developer Discord)
  • Any community involved Discord servers (public or private)
  • Community and MossRanking events
  • r/spelunky Subreddit
  • Social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Content platforms (Twitch, YouTube, etc)
  • Direct messages

If you see or experience any violations elsewhere that still are relevant to the community, we encourage you to report those as well. The list above serves as a guideline.

5. Outreach

When issues arise, it is important for them to be addressed appropriately and timely. In many cases, we rely on communication from the community to be able to meet these expectations. As such, we encourage you to be ready and prepared to reach out to moderation.

Visit the Staff page to learn about who you can contact about any issues.

Consider joining the MossDev Discord server to keep up with development, report bugs, and request communication with a moderator.