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MossRanking was originally launched in January 2016, by saturnin55, with the help of a few fellow spelunker friends. Krille came up with the initial idea of the ranking formula, him and Kinnijup helped a lot, many others helped to get the ranking formula as right as possible: Bum, Buddy, Twiggle, Pibonacci, curticus2 and possibly others. Sorry if you helped and weren't named here!

Before 2016, saturnin55 felt the community was lacking something and hoped that MossRanking would facilitate friendly competition between players and that it would be easy for new players to join. There's been a significant increase in the number of runs submitted. New spelunkers joined the community and many more got motivated again!

I've been a long time Spelunky player, but only with the release of Spelunky 2 did I seek out and become a member of the community. Initially being involved with the science and modding side, as well as using MossRanking as a motivation for improving myself through difficult challenges, I became heavily involved in building tools and resources as well as helping to moderate in the community.

In July 2021, after 5 and a half years, when saturnin55 asked me to take over MossRanking I was honored to be trusted with such an important community resource. I continue to try my best to help this community grow and have fun. While I don't expect any money for running resources like MossRanking it is always appreciated when people show support for the time and money spent keeping these community resources online.

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