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 The Grind #3: Low%!
Posted by ix on March 21st, 2018 @07:19PM

Quick reminder --


Episode 3 of The Grind is coming soon!  On Saturday, March 24 @ Noon EDT, four Spelunkers will attempt to grind out a new Low% PB!


For newer fans of Spelunky, Low% means the runners will be restricted to their starting resources (4 hearts, 4 bombs, and 4 ropes) to complete the game.  A couple of environmental items, such as pots, rocks, and mines are also allowed, but not the good stuff, like the Web Gun.


The runners (and the PBs they are trying to beat) are Mazerak (3:08.387, plus a 2:59 run with a partial recording), Grooomp (2:49.821), ShinGraywords (3:09.321), and Khold (3:10.020).


Tune in to the MossRanking Twitch Channel to see these runners GRIND, with live commentary by ix, chocolatecake5000, Vlad, and a secret special guest!