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 Newcomer Spotlight: Loki Nighton

Posted by GC on April 29th, 2019 @05:31PM

This series of spotlights of some of the new and improved members of the community is a spiritual successor to hb’s 21 Questions With series. Similar to its predecessor, various community “newcomers” (defined loosely) will be interviewed about themselves, their background, and their Spelunky goals (either run-wise or community-wise).

This is a semi-regular feature, with articles coming out biweekly (or as often as newcomers join the community!) In this second installment, our interviewee is Loki Nighton!


Newcomer Spotlight: Loki Nighton


At the beginning of 2019, Loki Nighton made a resolution: they were going to get good at one game in particular. That game was Spelunky. Having been introduced to the game from the Youtuber NerdCubed a while back, Loki became intrigued and began playing the game, eventually reaching the jungle. After that, their focus shifted to other games and work, and Spelunky was an aside until January of this year. Since then, Loki has made good on their promise to improve at Spelunky!

And improve they have! Aside from getting past the Jungle for the first time, Loki has completed much more difficult categories (including Low%, Max Hell, and No Gold Hell). From a catalogue of 53 total submitted runs, Loki chose No Gold Hell% as their favorite run - for good reason! This category can be very difficult for new players, and requires avoiding all money while traveling through a level literally made of gold! In this level, Loki made a very precise gold dodge which still makes my fur stand on end rewatching it.

Loki’s favorite category to run is Temple%, as they feel the panic and chaos-filled run channels the spirit of Spelunky itself. From their run comments on MossRanking, it’s also clear that Low% is another favorite of Loki - in fact, they’ve had a few sub-4 minute paces die late in the run, so be ready for a 3 minute time to come! Approaching the game with bubbly, excitable energy, Loki aims to continue improving their rank on MossRanking, (and perhaps even become the SonicFox of Spelunky).

When Loki is not playing Spelunky, you can find them reviewing toys and games on their Youtube channel Luk and Lok, eating, or sleeping. It’s wonderful to have them in the community!

You can check out Loki Nighton on Twitch: https/www.twitch.tv/loki_nighton


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