Spelunky News!

 Some big runs this week!
Posted by Kinnijup on March 30th, 2016 @09:49PM

Got 9 submission to go over today, let's jump right in!


Spelunky God got an incredible 3:52 hell run, becoming only the third person ever to push this under 4 minutes! Congrats SG! With a better Olmec door spawn, this actually would've had a good shot at WR, so maybe we will see some more from SG here?


Grooomp employed Samots strats (AKA, using all your bombs early to speed things up) to get a 3:10 Low% PB! He ended up with 0 bombs out of 2-2. This moved his Low% run from 22nd to 16th. Way to go, Grooomp! I am excited to see him push this under 3 possibly soon :D


I (Kinnijup) got a nice 4:27 Max Hell WR. Damn, that's a fun category! Hell + Yama was just under 41s on the run, which is really fast and the fastest I've ever done it. There's room for improvement with an earlier teleporter (I would compare this to maybe a 4:0x - low 4:1x normal hell run, just a bit more difficult to survive), but I'm really happy with the run. I also got a 1:46 any% PB. A snail bubble at the very end cost 3rd place, but again, happy with the run :)


SAIBOT is another guy who came around to the site recently, and is starting to nail some impressive runs. This week he submitted a 4:24 Max Any%. Keep it up, Sai!


Twigglefly hit another completely insane PB this week - a 2:07 Any% No Gold run. The run could've been a 1:54-55 normal Any%, but he opted to finish the run by bombing gold away from the 4-3 exit. I think he deserves credit for doing so, as it is clear he can get a sub 2 run at some point in the future. The crazy fast no gold teleporter seeds, however, are insanely rare. So he ended up with this awesome 3rd place time! Congrats on now having the 3rd fastest no gold run ever done, Twiggle!


Saturnin55 was at it again, working on removing his penalties. He managed a 20:55 No Gold Hell run. Now all he has left to finish is a Big Money run, which I am sure he will finish soon.


Lastly, we have a few submissions from ShinGraywords. Speaking of Big Money, Shin submitted a nice sub 20 minute Big Money run - an 18:58. He also submitted two All Shortcuts times - a 26:40 Key delivery split, and a 32:09 Olmec finish. Nice to see you around again with PBs, Shin!


That's all for now :D



 A few super active days!
Posted by Kinnijup on March 27th, 2016 @11:00AM

Hey gang! Quite a lot of runs to write about today. This was the most active few days we've had since I started writing news. Let's get to it!


Buddy7heElf got his first 3 million+ daily this week! He managed a 3.06m run, which also happens to be the 8th highest daily ever done. Congrats, Buddy! He was also the only runner to finish this difficult ball and chain intensive daily with a massive score. Buddy and Krille are now extremely close in the overall ranking, at 6th and 5th, respectively. With this daily, Buddy is also now only about 11k behind Krille in daily average!


We all knew Linkruler could hit a much better hell time than his old 7+ minute PB, and he did. He got a nice 5:40 - congrats, Link! Beating Yamayamadingdong in any category is no joke. I also know Link is capable of a sub 5. I look forward to his future runs in this category.


BlueMagma submitted his first score run, which also happens to be Big Money. He managed a 524k run, nice! He also submitted a nice sub 6 Low% run - a 5:59! Good luck on future runs, Blue.


MikeIsMyIke is back, with some All Shortcuts submissions! He submitted a 21:02 Key delivery split with a 27:06 Olmec finish. Nice to have you around again, Mike.


Polodajaneiro, a friend of saturnin's, submitted a Hell% time - a 16:09. Polo has been running All Shortcuts as well and has some nice times from February. Welcome to the site, Polo!


Next up we have two Low% sub 3:30 submissions! Alcoer managed a 3:29, and Patdog56 hit a 3:28. Great job, guys! Watching Patdog lately, I see quite a bit of potential in his future runs and I am super excited that he is motivated to continue to improve :D Patdog, Link, Grooomp, and Sedoxa are all very near eachother on the main ranking (all 14th to 17th) and it is very exciting to watch them keep swapping spots.


Patdog56 has also been trying Max Hell% for a few days now, and finished a 13:37. Nice!


Alcoer actually had a couple other submissions. It is awesome to see this activity! He submitted a 5:15 Max Any%, and a 7:16 Haunted Max Low%. This counts as a Max Low% and Haunted Max Any%, as well.


Sedoxa was also active. He submitted a 17:31 Key delivery split and a nice sub 20 All Shortcuts + Olmec run! He managed a 19:57. Congrats, Sedoxa! He also hit a nice sub 5 No Gold Any% run - a 4:57! Lastly, he got a nice 10:52 Max Hell% run :D


Next up, we have a couple WRs to go over. I (Kinnijup) got a new Max Hell% WR, a 4:39! :D Max Hell is a very fun category and you should all try it if you haven't yet :D


Another run that just got added to the site is Spelunky God's 2:10 Max Any% WR. It is an old run of his, but he just got around to submitting it. It is a great run and you should all check it out!


Lastly, we have a submission of a run that I don't think gets enough attention. It's a No% run from Twigglefly - 7:24. Congrats on speedlunky, Twig! Twiggle is one of only a few people to finish one of these.


That's all for now. We got about 20 submissions for this update. Keep'em comin'!



 New member of eggplant.club and other nice runs :D
Posted by Kinnijup on March 23rd, 2016 @06:19PM

Hey gang, got some more submissions to go over :D


The biggest news this week is Sedoxa became the newest member of the eggplant club this week with a solo eggplant run! Congrats Sedoxa! The run can be watched here. All Sedoxa is missing for the champion flair requirements on the Spelunky subreddit is a 2.5m score run and 1st place on a daily. He is actively score running both normal runs and dailys, so I think he may be the next champion flair recipient sometime soon!


NightHarvester submitted a Low% No Gold 7:22. Congrats on speedlunky, Night! This is not an easy run to do fast. Night managed to move to 17th place on the ranking with this submission, as well.


Saturnin55 continues to rapidly improve. This time, he finished his 2nd Low% Hell run. A speedrun this time - 14:18. This cuts over 5 minutes off of his old time and even edges out Linkruler's time! Congrats, Sat :D


The last two submissions are All Shortcuts + Olmec runs from bootsthatshoot, and Patdog56. The times are 23:25 and 23:12, respectively. Looks like we could see some competition between the two here. Patdog also submitted a 20:41 Key delivery split.


Keep it up :D


- Kinni


 Max runs getting some love, while score runs also improve!
Posted by Kinnijup on March 20th, 2016 @01:21AM

Hey gang! Got some more submissions to go over. Let's get to it!


Sedoxa improved his score PB by quite a bit. He hit a 2.21m run! He sadly hit the ghost just before he entered Yama, so missed out on a 2.5. I think he will improve this soon, though. He also submitted a 26:21 All Shortcuts + Olmec run. Great to see him finishing another run for 10k points. These two runs move him up to 18th place on the MTR! (Moss Tier Ranking). He is just barely behind NightHarvester and Patdog56 now!


Buddy7heElf submitted his last-remaining incomplete run. It was a 12:31 No Gold Hell run. It was a casual-paced run, just to rid himself of his final penalty. We may see him improve it in the future.


One massive daily score happened yesterday, a 2.899m from Twigglefly! This is his 2nd highest daily, so it helped his daily average quite a bit. He moved from 8th to 6th, passing Schnitzel and Spelunky_God, respectively. He is now at a nice 2.625m average, just behind Kenneth!


Lastly, we reach the 3 Max runs submitted. Two people submitted Max Hell runs: bootsthatshoot submitted a 12:01, while NightHarvester submitted a 9:57. Congrats on the sub 10, Night! boots is not far off. Max Hell is possibly my favorite run on the site, so I personally am excited to see it getting more attention! These runs were enough to bring Night and Boots to 17th and 22nd on the MTR, respectively.


The 3rd Maximum run submitted was a nice 7:31 Max Low%, from saturnin55. Finishing this run is difficult in itself, so to finish it speedlunky on his first completion is really great!


Keep up the great work, gang!



 Grooomp, Link, and Patdog on fire!
Posted by Kinnijup on March 17th, 2016 @07:42PM

Grooomp, Linkruler, and Patdog56 have all been busy completing runs to lose the recently-instituted 10k penalty for not having completed each challenge run.


Link got a nice 20:23 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, which is approaching Pib's submitted AS+O finish.


Grooomp hit a 6:09 Low% no gold run, and even managed to beat Samots' Any% no gold run. He hit a 3:49 there. This time is also approaching some legendary runners who have a Low% time for their Any% no gold time, including Curt and Twiggle.


Patdog finished 2 runs as well. He managed a 16:23 Big Money run (his first completion), and a 7:20 Max Any%. It is great to see these challenge runs becoming more popular!