Spelunky News!

 Max runs getting some love, while score runs also improve!

Posted by Kinnijup on March 20th, 2016 @01:21AM

Hey gang! Got some more submissions to go over. Let's get to it!


Sedoxa improved his score PB by quite a bit. He hit a 2.21m run! He sadly hit the ghost just before he entered Yama, so missed out on a 2.5. I think he will improve this soon, though. He also submitted a 26:21 All Shortcuts + Olmec run. Great to see him finishing another run for 10k points. These two runs move him up to 18th place on the MTR! (Moss Tier Ranking). He is just barely behind NightHarvester and Patdog56 now!


Buddy7heElf submitted his last-remaining incomplete run. It was a 12:31 No Gold Hell run. It was a casual-paced run, just to rid himself of his final penalty. We may see him improve it in the future.


One massive daily score happened yesterday, a 2.899m from Twigglefly! This is his 2nd highest daily, so it helped his daily average quite a bit. He moved from 8th to 6th, passing Schnitzel and Spelunky_God, respectively. He is now at a nice 2.625m average, just behind Kenneth!


Lastly, we reach the 3 Max runs submitted. Two people submitted Max Hell runs: bootsthatshoot submitted a 12:01, while NightHarvester submitted a 9:57. Congrats on the sub 10, Night! boots is not far off. Max Hell is possibly my favorite run on the site, so I personally am excited to see it getting more attention! These runs were enough to bring Night and Boots to 17th and 22nd on the MTR, respectively.


The 3rd Maximum run submitted was a nice 7:31 Max Low%, from saturnin55. Finishing this run is difficult in itself, so to finish it speedlunky on his first completion is really great!


Keep up the great work, gang!



 Grooomp, Link, and Patdog on fire!

Posted by Kinnijup on March 17th, 2016 @07:42PM

Grooomp, Linkruler, and Patdog56 have all been busy completing runs to lose the recently-instituted 10k penalty for not having completed each challenge run.


Link got a nice 20:23 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, which is approaching Pib's submitted AS+O finish.


Grooomp hit a 6:09 Low% no gold run, and even managed to beat Samots' Any% no gold run. He hit a 3:49 there. This time is also approaching some legendary runners who have a Low% time for their Any% no gold time, including Curt and Twiggle.


Patdog finished 2 runs as well. He managed a 16:23 Big Money run (his first completion), and a 7:20 Max Any%. It is great to see these challenge runs becoming more popular!