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 Grooomp, Link, and Patdog on fire!

Posted by Kinnijup on March 17th, 2016 @07:42PM

Grooomp, Linkruler, and Patdog56 have all been busy completing runs to lose the recently-instituted 10k penalty for not having completed each challenge run.


Link got a nice 20:23 All Shortcuts + Olmec run, which is approaching Pib's submitted AS+O finish.


Grooomp hit a 6:09 Low% no gold run, and even managed to beat Samots' Any% no gold run. He hit a 3:49 there. This time is also approaching some legendary runners who have a Low% time for their Any% no gold time, including Curt and Twiggle.


Patdog finished 2 runs as well. He managed a 16:23 Big Money run (his first completion), and a 7:20 Max Any%. It is great to see these challenge runs becoming more popular!