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 Announcing The Grind #4: Moss Point Challenge
Posted by ix on April 21st, 2018 @11:34AM

Hi all --


Just a quick announcement:  The Grind #4 will take place on Sunday, April 29 @ Noon Eastern.  We'll watch Carlibraun, E5ten, GruntingCrunchy, and Kirby703 compete in a MossPoint Challenge, with live commentary by me (ix), Meow, Abob, and a special guest!


This event will be a little different from most: the runners will try to compete as many runs as they can to collect MossPoints as if they were starting with a new account.  Every category except for Daily Challenge is fair game.  We'll cheer them on while tracking their progress.


Tune in for the fun on the MossRanking Twitch page!




 My Favourite Games: Derek Yu
Posted by . on April 17th, 2018 @06:36PM


Welcome to My Favourite Games, a MossRanking feature in which we get to know our fellow Spelunkers better through the medium of video games. In each edition, we put the spotlight on one member of the community as they pick three of their most treasured video games ever and give their reasons why. Featured members are allowed to pick whatever games they want… except Spelunky.


This special entry goes to the one and only Derek Yu, the mind behind Spelunky - the very game which unites this community.


The vast majority of us have spent hundreds, even thousands, of hours enjoying every nook and cranny Spelunky has to offer, and it is an honour that Derek (whose other game credits include Aquaria and Eternal Daughter) was happy to spare some time to share three of his favourite games.


Let's get started.




Dark Souls


"It's probably not a surprise to anyone at this point, but this is my favourite game ever."


Dark Souls was undoubtedly a landmark game when it first came out in 2011. Developer From Software made some bold design choices - but they had a specific vision in mind and nailed it, resulting in a release which brought back a sense of nostalgia for those who yearned for classic game experiences.


"Dark Souls brought back and modernised the kind of hardcore action and exploration I hadn't really felt from a AAA game since I was a kid," Derek explains. "Mini-maps, quest markers, endless hints, forced tutorials, and quick-time events had become the norm rather than the exception. From Software eschewed all of that and delivered a one-of-a-kind experience that felt truly earned, set in a world inspired more by the early, weird days of Western fantasy, before everything became a slightly different take on orcs and elves."




"Lordran is a place that feels like it existed before you started playing."


And what a world the game delivered. While Dark Souls excelled in its execution of the mechanics, the marriage between how the game played and the setting of Lordran was key to its ultimate enjoyment.


"The care that went into each corner of Lordran made it worth dying again and again to see what horrible dungeon, gorgeous vista, or jaw-dropping boss was next," Derek says. "It's the connectivity that makes Lordran so special - not just the way the map is physically interconnected in all kinds of surprising ways, but also the way everything is connected in terms of the lore. It's a place that feels like it existed before you started playing.


"Dark Souls keeps you playing in the best ways possible, by offering a unique and compelling world to explore and by respecting your time and curiosity."




Super Punch-Out!!


Back in the 1990s, out came Super Punch-Out!!, a boxing game which challenged players to fight their way to the top and become the champion by earning knockouts in a series of individual matches. While Super Punch-Out!! has the appearance of a sports or fighting title, Derek says that its puzzle-like qualities are what make the game so compelling.


"To me, this is Nintendo design at its best: a distillation of a theme to simple but deeply enjoyable mechanics," he comments. "Each opponent has a limited set of attacks that can be countered with a limited set of player moves, and winning involves opponent knowledge moreso than fast reflexes."




"Over the years, my appreciation of the game has only grown."


But it goes deeper than that. The wonderful thing about Super Punch-Out!!, as Derek explains, is that although it may appear very simple and straightforward to play on the surface, matches go beyond simple memorisation.


"You can take a serious beating before coming back and winning," he says. "The game is very generous regarding failure and gives you lots of opportunities to make mistakes and still come back and win the match. Basically, the game wants you to throw lots of punches to try and figure out what works and what doesn't, and there isn't just one way to win. The fastest knockouts require good knowledge and execution, but you can also get away with having either one or the other."


"The funny thing is, despite its simplicity and cartoony quality, Super Punch-Out!! captures the spirit of boxing far better than other 16-bit boxing games that took a more realistic approach to fighting... After all these years of playing and making games, I've come to appreciate how difficult it is to create such a simple and elegant design, especially one that makes such good use of its theme."






Derek's third game is Liero, a freeware game which has been described as a 'real-time Worms shoot-'em-up' and can be downloaded from its official website.


In Liero, two worms aim to wipe the other out using whatever weapons are at their disposal. But there are very neat gameplay twists involved which combine to provide a consistently entertaining experience, no matter how many matches you play. One of the most notable features about the game is the fact that the terrain is destructible, which can be used to your advantage and influences tactics.


"The arena starts out mostly filled with dirt, but as an armed worm you can create tunnels either by digging or blowing the dirt up with weapons," Derek says. "In essence, the playfield is created in real-time by both players, adding a lot of strategy to the game and making each fight feel unique.


"The destructible terrain and weapon variety create a lot of different match-up variables that are constantly shifting during battle. Some weapons are high-risk and high-reward, some are better at close-range versus long-range, some are good at tunneling through dirt, some are good for blasting out large open areas, and so on."




"The playfield is always changing as more of it gets blown up."


Liero also gives players an extra traversal tool in the form of a ninja rope, which is "hard to master" but rewarding and satisfying when used to outmaneuver the opponent. The ninja rope is the perfect complement to the constantly-changing terrain and wonderful weapon variety.


"You never forget the feeling of swinging across the arena with your ninja rope to deliver a face full of spikeballs to your entrenched opponent - or getting sniped by a gauss gun in the attempt," Derek shares.


"The variety of weapons, the per-pixel terrain destruction, the rope physics, the grunting and bleeding of the worms as they get low on health... it's all polished to a shine while retaining a tonne of charm. The result is honestly one of the best 1v1 games I've ever played, and although it's small, it feels perfectly executed."


Previous entry: Krille71



 Moss News: New Players, New Cats, New Records!
Posted by slink on April 14th, 2018 @12:31PM

Hello all and welcome to the first edition of Moss News by me, slink! Come for the news, stay for the stunning prose and hysterical commentary!


I think it's fitting to start this round of news by welcoming one of our newer members, danny_avantasia! Danny (or Geordie) took us all by surprise last week when he came out of nowhere with an impressive 2:12 Any%! This is a great run in its own right for a first submission, but Danny was back a few days later with a Low% No Gold in 3:35! I think it's safe to say that we're all excited to see what Danny posts next, so keep up the great work!


Some of you know him as Spel'unk, master of the RNG. Others know him as Speed-San, Prophet of the Yu God. I just call him Kinnijup!

It wouldn't be a round of Moss News if there wasn't a Kinnijup world record to talk about, so let's talk about it! Kinni posted a new Max Low% Hell record of 7:15, a 15-second improvement on the old record (also held by Kinni, of course). Good job on the new WR Kinni, you've had a great streak recently and I’m sure it's not stopping any time soon. :)


Next up we have Grooomp, who had a massive achievement this week by hitting the 3 million Score milestone with a run ending in $3,129,300! Hitting 3 million is a massive achievement for any Spelunker, so massive congrats to ol' Grooomp for finally getting it. The score PB would have been enough on its own, but Grooomp also decided to demolish his old Big Money, getting a sweet time of 7:41.


ix had some time off from the newsroom this week, and I've heard he's been jet skiing in the Bahamas with supermodels. He must have been playing some Spelunky too, because he got a couple new PBs in, including a WR 4:39 in the new Haunted Max Any% No Gold category! ix also got an 8:02 No TP Max Hell No Gold. GG on the PBs ix, not long until that sweet Temple rank...


DaftLunk has clearly been 'up all night to get lucky' because he's scored a myriad of PBs since our last news cycle. First there is a 2:46 No Teleporter No Gold Any%, followed by another sub-3 Low% improvement with a time of 2:57. Daft also knocked a whole minute off his Draining Olmec with a nice 4:30 (Top 10 All Time). Good job Daft, Olmec always had too much lava anyways.


ShinGraywords has got a couple new PBs this month, posting a 5:08 Hell% run that knocked 20 seconds off his old time. Only 8 more seconds til sub-5! Shin also made a heckin amount of progress on his Score PB. He got a $2.4 million and improved it a few days later with an even higher $2.8 million! Nice one Shin, I'm sure you'll have that coveted $3 million soon...


Anyone hungry? Because there's a triple serving of chocolatecake5000 this week, with three titillating new PBs. Choco clocked in a smooth 2:38 Any% (a 12-second improvement), a 6:49 Hell% and a Haunted Max Any No Gold in 7:00. Choco has made a disturbing amount of progress recently and I wouldn't be surprised if he finished the year with a Top 25 slot. Good job Choco, keep up the good work.


NightHarvester has continued to flex his Spelunking muscles this month, finally achieving the sub-3 Low% dream with a time of 2:59! Sub-3 is a massive milestone achievement and Night has been working at it for a long time, so congrats! He also posted an 8:20 No Gold Hell%, and a 6:27 Max Hell%, further cementing his position as one of the top British Spelunkers. Good job man!


Up next, we have old-timer Buddy7theElf, who stopped by to post a 6:23 No TP Max Hell%, shaving 5-minutes off his old time. Good job Buddy. What's your favorite color?


There must have been something in the water this week because falafel_raptor also posted a No TP Max Hell%, getting a time of 5:12, which is the third fastest time ever recorded in this category! Falafel probably could have left it there, but also dropped a 4:10 Hell%, which is also a top 10 finish for that cat. GG!


BisleyT is up next with a No Gold in 12:40. It's nearly been a whole year since Bisley submitted his last run, so it's great to see them back and posting in the community again! Great job on the run Bisley, hopefully we'll see more from you soon!


Next up to the bat, we have Sawr, who completed a Hell% (No TP) in 8:28! Sawr has submitted quite a few runs recently and made some real progress. This latest Hell PB is a 4-minute improvement on their last time, and only 28 seconds away from the coveted Speedlunky Hell.


JakeYoshimitsu stepped up to the plate to deliver a Big Money in 8:11, a three-minute improvement on his last Big Money! Good job Yoshimitsu, it's good to see you found some work outside of Tekken...


Next up is one of my current MossRank rivals and PB mirror twin, Suspense21! Suspense has had a great month with his first No Gold, clocking in at a respectable 6:27. After that Suspense also posted an 11:59 Max Hell%, knocking nearly seven minutes off his previous best and clutching sub-12 by a second! Good job Suspense, I'm sure you'll bop me again soon (just buy me dinner first). 


TicTacFoe got a nice No TP Any% in 3:30 as part of his pentathlon run. Keep up the good Tic Tactics, Tic!


MossRank architect Saturnin55 made a quick check in with a Draining Olmec in 5:11, which is another great PB for a meme category that has seen a lot of action this month. Nice one Sat. :)


PrincessSnuggleDashie had a few good runs to post since the last news cycle. Their first was a $411k Score, followed by a 30:48 Hell% and a 13:41 Any%! Nice job Princess, keep posting those PB's.


MolestedHydra (aka Betty) is continuing to make good progress up the rankings. Hydra got a cool 13:03 Max Any%, a 24:03 Max Hell%, and even jumped on the meme train with a Draining Olmec time of 14:30. Nice one Hyrda. Keep it up!


Some bozo called slink got a few runs in, getting a 6:41 Max Any%, and a 6:40 Low No Gold%. I wonder what he'll get next...?


samcv made a quick appearance after getting an All Shortcuts + Olmec time of 27:09! Great job on the new PB sam and finally getting sub-30. Only a few more points until you hit jungle rank!


E5ten had a lot of firsts this week, his first being a Max Low% in 8:36. Ethis has been struggling with Low% No Gold recently (as I have) but finally cracked the tough category with a time of 8:41! Ethis clearly was content to clean up some old PBs after this, and posted a 6:29 Low%, followed by an Any% in 4:26.


tuahbit got a new Max Any% PB with a time of 8:26. Good job on the improvement tuahbit and congrats on the sub-9!


Mario tends to be the favorite Mario brother for most people, but I’ve always preferred luigidude851. Luigi posted a 4:46 Any% this week, gaining a one-minute improvement on his old PB. You might say it was 1-Up. 1-Up! …Get it?


Did someone say Marco? Because to finish us off we have Polo, who shaved a few more seconds off his Hell% run with a great time of 5:05, creeping ever closer to that elusive sub-5. GG and keep up the good work Polo, I’m sure you'll get it soon!


GG to everyone on all the great runs and gl for whatever goals you currently have. I'm sure there's still a bit of progress to be made on homework handed out by Kinni recently, so get to work! slink out!











 Moss News Has Always Been Text-Only
Posted by ix on April 1st, 2018 @07:28AM

Hi all-


Our video crew is in the process of compiling a WR compilation video, but in the meantime, we have a ton of runs from people not named Kinnijup.  If you're a person who needs moving pictures to feel complete, here's the ix Play of the Day.  This week it's a short clip from a runner named ix:



The March 26, 2018 Daily Challenge was big for the MossRankers, with serveral of us getting new Daily PBs.  saturnin55 won the daily with a score of $2.9 million, edging out DieDai's $2.8 million, and chocolatecake5000's $1.6 million.  Dupe-master Spef also knocked out a $2.6 million run before succumbing to Olmec.  Polo also fell late in the run, but still managed to PB with $1.6 million ($20k more than chocolatecake, in case anyone's keeping score).  Kirby703 also set a Daily PB this week with a $1.3 million on March 30.


In other score news, Grooomp set a new PB of $2.4 million.  This is his first score PB since 2016, and hopefully a nice confidence booster that he can survive the Mothership and pull off Robo strats.


Abob71 completed a Low% No Gold run in 4:47 and a No Gold Hell% in 12:46, lowering his times by a total of about 13 seconds.  Abob lost a lot of time in the City of Gold in his NGH run.  I wonder if there are any strategies for getting to the Book of the Dead without splashing gold everywhere?


Carlibraun had a 7:11 Draining Olmec, finding jetpacks on 1-2 and 2-3, plus a spare in a Psychic Presence level on 3-1..  I think it's fair to say that this is probably one of the top-3 Drainmecs of the past week.


DaftLunk had a string of big PBs, launching himelf into the top-25 and earning the Ice Cave Ruby rank.  Immediately after The Grind #3: Low% edition, he pulled off a 2:59 Low%.  A few days later, he nailed a 2:48 No Gold run that doubles as his No Teleporter Any% PB.  To celebrate, he spent some time with the memes, finishing a 5:30 Draining Olmec.


What could be better than a 2:48 No TP Any?  DieDai's got the answer.  He undercut DaftLunk with a 2:47 and also gained a few Moss Points by lowering his Big Money to 8:24.  For good measure, he also pulled off his fourth Solo Eggplant Run in only 17:02.


Someone named Horseb rocketed up the leaderboard this week. Previously this runner had only a $1,000 Daily High Score, but added a nice portfolio of runs including a 6:34 Hell%, 3:48 Low%, and a 3:33 Any% (also No TP).  Pretty, pretty good.


Probably my favorite run of the week was ix's 4:31 Max Any% No Gold.  Just the natural product of hard work, dedication, innate talent.  Alright, we're done here.


NightHarvester continues to pump out strong PBs.  This week, they include a 5:04 Max Low%, a 6:35 Max Hell%, and a 6:50 Basejump%.  Notably, his run was the second fastest ever in the category behind Kinnijup's 5:33, not counting BJs that ended prematurely.


In addition to his Daily PB, Polo also finished a 2:48 Max Any% and a 3:32 Low% No Gold.  I had stated before that DaftLunk was the runner most likely to pass me next on the leaderboard, but might have to take that back after these runs, especially since Polo has taken a renewed interest in Daily Challenges.  The sky's the limit for the French Champion!


Sawr, who now has a name with entirely standard ASCII characters, got a string of PBs this week.  He got a 3:44 Low%, which also serves as his Any% No TP and Any% PBs.  He also got a 6:15 Low% No Gold, which also serves as his no Gold PB -- a great way to break two penalties with one run!  He also got a 12:47 Hell%, which... yeah man, no teleporters to be seen here.


slink continues to grind out Moss Points.  This week, he cut 22 seconds off of his 4:11 Any% PB and cancelled two stubborn penalties with an 11:27 Max Hell% and a 14:13 Big Money.  Lots of room to grow here, but it's good to put up a few completed runs as splits to run against in the future.


Vlad had two runs in minor categories this week.  He got a 5:10 No Teleporter Hell% and a 3:03 No TP No Gold Any%.  For these runs, he was awarded Z E R O M O S S P O I N T S.


A few other runners submitted a single run this week, so here are their shoutouts!  Dr. Probably and Pajecka7891 got Hell% runs of 8:25 and 6:25, respectively.  Kirby703 and tuabiht completed Max Any% in 10:00 and 4:53, disrespectively.  Cloiss and Stuoid both got No TP Any% PBs.  Their times were 4:27 and 2:51, but i'm not going to tell you who got which time.  Finally, Suspense21 got an 18:48 Max Hell%.


Okay, bye :)



 Moss News Experiment: Are Screenshots as good as Videos?
Posted by ix on March 22nd, 2018 @12:44AM

Hi all --


Our video editors are on strike, demanding a living wage of Moss Points in exchange for new content.  So, I'm here crossing the picket line to deliver another text edition of Moss News!


The biggest development that I'm allowed to cover this week are the trio of Max Low% Hell runs.  falafel_raptor led the way with a 15:57.  The run was also No Gold until the City of Gold exit, which was blocked by gold from a dead shopkeeper.  While it was unfortunate for shopkeepers to even be aggo'ed that late into a Low% Hell run, a first Max Low% Hell completion is a nice consolation prize!


No! Gold


Next up, NightHarvester completed a run in 25:00.  The run featured a clutch overhead skull whip after his first pass at grabbing Yama's head failed.  Nice little sequence by NH to keep the run alive!


Whip and a Chair


Polo also completed a run in 18:20.  Some of you may remember Polo as one of the most vocal opponents of the "ix strat" of collecting $50,000 to buy the Ankh in the Black Market. For months and months, he railed against it as dishonorable, but also dubbed the strat "not very helpful."  For some reason, he eventually tried it out for himself and completed Low% Hell on his very first attempt.  Since then, he's vowed to replace this run with a "pure" run that fully embraces shopkeeper aggro.  In fact, the recent French Championship rulebook even prohibited Ankh-purchasing for their Low% Hell race.  So, it came as somewhat of a surprise to me to see that Polo's run included yet another aggro-free BM:




The big MossPoint gainer this week was DaftLunk.  After last week's insane 1:51 Any% run, he boosted his Score PB by $465k with a $2,285,600, which unfortunately died at Olmec.  He also knocked off a No Gold Hell% penalty with an 8:35.  This run was completed without paste, using only a Cape for mobility.  The Yama fight is... a little silly.  He also uploaded a $299,400 Low% Score run, the third-highest valid run in this category.  Daft is on the verge of knocking saturnin out of his #25 rank, so stay tuned for information about "the new-and-improved Moss Point formula" he's been working on!


Beens, who represents one half of my favorite variety-streamer couple, Pork&Beens, and who also uses the name Pork&Beens on MossRanking for some reason, got a 7:32.882 Max Any%.  I tuned in to check to see if she was making any more progress today, and, uh... a snail, ok. :)


Happy Snail


Suspense was among the most prolific Spelunkers in the past week with five PBs.  For starters, he got a 3:57 Any% (also no-TP), which lowers his PB by over 30 seconds.  Congrats on the sub-4!  He got a 27:01 All Shortcuts + Olmec that also featured a 1:37 Tutorial.  To round things out, he got a 29:23 Big Money run, which I originally confused as his AS+O time.  I caught him on stream and asked if there were any cool plays I should highlight, since I didn't have time to watch all of his runs.  He read off all of his PBs and told me they were all crazy and to go watch them.  Soon after, he died on Olmec, in a run still good enough for a Daily High Score PB of $829,725.


TicTacFoe was also very busy!  He got an 8:07 Hell% run, a 10:26 Max Hell%, and a 1:10 Temple Shortcut.  Cool stuff!


Carlibraun continues to give up on his dream of a No% completion make progress on the leaderboards.  He got a 3:27 Low% that doubles as an Any% PB, and also a 1:08 Temple Shortcut - both very nice runs!


lil_ethie posted a couple of runs one might expect from someone named "fast_ethan."  He knocked off his penalty for No Gold Hell% with a 17:35, utilizing another "ix strat" of bombing below the Book of the Dead room.  He also got a 6:19 Max Any% and set a Daily High Score PB of nearly $1.4 million.  ethie's student, Betty, also grinded out a 44:49 Big Money that doubles as a Score PB ($543,725).


ix strats, ethie resolution


Just a couple more runs to cover. Two runners got big Low% No Gold PBs: chocolatecake5000 got a 4:31, and Khold got a 3:52.  Grooomp got a 2:31 Max Any%.  Some guy with weird non-ASCII characters in his or her name got a 4:58 Low%slink got a Low% PB of 4:39, bumping him up to #69 on the leaderboard... Nice. Maplestrip got a 1:10 Tutorial Shortcut.  Finally, The Mad Murf got an 8:50 Max Any% and a $1.9 million score run.


That's all for now, but the clever reader might have noticed that a few runs were not covered in this edition of the news.  Maybe they'll show up in a later video edition?  Time will tell!  Also, make sure to show up for The Grind #3 this Saturday at Noon Eastern Daylight Time.



 The Grind #3: Low%!
Posted by ix on March 21st, 2018 @07:19PM

Quick reminder --


Episode 3 of The Grind is coming soon!  On Saturday, March 24 @ Noon EDT, four Spelunkers will attempt to grind out a new Low% PB!


For newer fans of Spelunky, Low% means the runners will be restricted to their starting resources (4 hearts, 4 bombs, and 4 ropes) to complete the game.  A couple of environmental items, such as pots, rocks, and mines are also allowed, but not the good stuff, like the Web Gun.


The runners (and the PBs they are trying to beat) are Mazerak (3:08.387, plus a 2:59 run with a partial recording), Grooomp (2:49.821), ShinGraywords (3:09.321), and Khold (3:10.020).


Tune in to the MossRanking Twitch Channel to see these runners GRIND, with live commentary by ix, chocolatecake5000, Vlad, and a secret special guest!

 Moss News: Kinni Gets Max Any% WR and More!
Posted by meowmixmix on March 18th, 2018 @04:55PM


All editing credits go to Grooomp. Commentary by meowmixmix. Runners featured - meowmixmix, Chocolatecake5000, Carlibraun, Betty, Tuabiht, Slink, TicTacFoe, DieDai, NightHarvester, Pojopoopoohead, Stuoid, DaftLunk, and Kinnijup

 Moss Video News Episode 2: Retro-style Written Edition
Posted by ix on March 7th, 2018 @12:15AM

Hi all.


Meowmixmix raised the bar last week with a special video edition of Moss News (and a sick 2:35 Max Any%).  Now it's my job to lower the bar; otherwise, the community might start to expect weekly video content featuring professional production value.


Speaking of video content featuring professional production value... On March 3, MossRanking hosted the 2018 French Championship featuring Vlad and Polo.  For 7 hours, the runners battled across a wide spectrum of MossPoint speedrunning and challenge categories.  Ultimately, Polo took the championship thanks to a very impressive 3:55 Low% No Gold and a 3:12 Any%.  Vlad also finished a couple of impressive runs, including a 3:35 Low% and a 7:36 Max Hell% run, and even edged out Polo in the All Shortcuts+Olmec category, 25:03 to 26:50.  This was a very close competition and lots of fun to watch!  Re-live the full experience at this Twitch VOD!  Outside of the competition, Polo also set a new No TP Max Hell% PB of 7:24.


Eszik posted one run this week, but it was a doozy!  He got a 2:21 Any%, a whopping 43-second improvement over his old PB, which remains his Low% and Any% No Teleporter PB.  Entering Olmec at 1:44 with Jetpack, Teleporter, and 4 bombs means Eszik was technically on pace for a low 2:1x, perhaps as low as 2:12.  Congratulations on the huge PB!


Last week, Spef became the fourth runner to complete the legendary Max Low% No Gold Hell challenge.  This week, he improved his No Gold True Pacifist Hell, setting his second consecutive world record in the category with an 18:26.333.  This run was also the second-fastest True Pacifist Hell% completion, only 19 seconds behind Kinnijup's 18:07.  Spef also completed a 4:03 Hell%. This knocked 8 seconds off of his old PB, and was also the second-fastest No Teleporter Hell% completion, only 22 seconds behind Kinnijup's 3:41.  Sometimes these articles just write themselves.


ix's current Head Moderator, E5ten, got himself a pair of big PBs.  His 4:42 Any% (also no-TP) further improves his recent PB highlighted on last week's video news.  Lil Ethie also got a 9:34 Hell% run, cutting about 2 1/2 minutes off of his old time.  He's now got his sights set on Speedlunky Hell!  ix's disgraced former Head Moderator, chocolatecake5000, got a couple of big PBs as well.  He got a 6:49 Max Low%, satisfying one of Kinnijup's homework assignments for choco.  He also got a 13:22 Basejump% and a 16:27 Olmec Failplant, neither of which have been reviewed by the meme police for validity.  In other chocolatecake5000 news, he nabbed a 15:11 Ironclad Any% run, good enough for 56th on the Slay the Spire leaderboards.  ix also got an 8:36 Landmine run, crushing a 7-month old PB by nearly 1.5 seconds. 


Canadian newcomer Betty joined MossRanking with a 16:53 No-TP Any% run, while fellow countrymen Abob71 and saturnin55 got a 4:56 Low% No Gold and a 9:02 Big Money, respectively.


Just a couple more runs to cover.  slink got a 4:33 Any% (also no-TP) and a 9:29 Max Any% first completion, which was a nice consolation following a busted Hell run.  Suspsense21 submitted his first AS+O, a 43:24, including a 1:41 tutorial PB for good measure.  Pajecka7891 lowered his Low% time down to 3:41.  How Low% can he go?  Finally, TheMFC06 continues to build a MossRanking portfolio, this time adding a 29:25 Hell% run.


Thanks for reading. 





P.S. - As this article went to press, meowmixmix just got a 4:59.781 Hell% run.  No video yet.  Congrats on this epic run! :D

 Moss News 1st Video Edition | Spef completes Max Low% Hell No Gold! Vlad gets a sub 2 Any%!
Posted by meowmixmix on March 2nd, 2018 @07:56PM

 Runs since Feb 15th. Moss News is back!
Posted by meowmixmix on February 26th, 2018 @04:03AM

Hey everyone, meow here.

I want to preface this edition of Moss News by simply stating that we all know it has been a long time since a good old-fashioned Moss News updating everyone on recent runs and progress all these great runners have made.  With that being said, we plan on making this a weekly thing again! If anyone is interested in helping out with writing articles please contact me on discord. My username is meowmixmix#2439. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Because it has been so long I am just going back to recent runs that were gotten on February 15th or later. Alright, now let’s jump right in!


Who else to start with but Kinnijup? In the past 10 days, Kinnijup has set 3 new World Records.  Yes, he continues to smash World Records regularly. Can this man be stopped? Kinni broke his No Teleporter Any% World Record with a time of 2:16.634 which is close to a lot of people’s times with a teleporter O_O.  Next, he set a No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold World Record with a time of 6:20.153.  How does he get through the worm that fast with No Gold :O. Last but not least, the most important category of all of these is Kinni’s first Basejump% completion with a time of 5:33.176. Amazing job Kinni. Can’t wait to see how many World Records are broken by next week!


Up next we have chocolatecake5000. Choco is a fairly new runner and upcoming streamer who even recently commentated for MossRanking’s The Grind on Saturday.  Choco has lots of potential and he shows it with his recent Low% No Gold run with a time of 4:43.210.  Low% is already tough to finish but adding the challenge of No Gold in less than 5 minutes is truly a challenge for an up and coming great spelunker.  Choco also reduced his Max Any% PB by over a minute, clocking in at 3:52.273. To top it all off, Choco was able to get the fabled Sub 3 Any% with a time of 2:50.031. Great job Choco, can’t wait to see more runs from you soon!


Next up is up and coming meme lord, E5ten. Another fairly new spelunker, E5ten has been completing some of the longer categories and lowering his PBs by as large as 5 and a half minutes.  In the past 10 days, E5ten has gotten a Max Hell% run in 21:34.179, a Big Money in 19:05.160, a No Gold run in 7:45.274 (speedlunky :O), and a Max Any% in 7:56.190!  Wow E5ten, great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!


Next up we have the two sexiest Frenchmen to ever live.  They even had a lunky meetup today!  Vlad and Polodajaneiro!


Vlad has been getting his times lower and lower, slowly moving up the leaderboards and claiming the position of number 16 on the MossRanking leaderboards. Being number 15 myself, I am shaking in my boots for when the inevitable meow bop happens.  Vlad was able to claim the legendary Sub 3 Low% clocking in at 2:58.961.  On top of this, he knocked out his last penalty by completing his first Low% Hell! To top it all off, Vlad was also able to lower his No Teleporter Any% run by almost 6 seconds with a final time of 2:41.181. Awesome job Vlad, it’s only a matter of time before a meow bop :O


Polodajaneiro recently got an insane No Teleporter Any% run with a time of 2:38.261.  What’s really crazy is it was No Gold up until some unlucky gold on Olmec…meaning Polo was right behind the current World Record for No Teleporter Any% No Gold.  Great job Polo!


Eszik  is someone who has become more active in the Spelunky community a few months back and started smashin his PBs.  First off, Eszik got a killer Low% run with a time of 3:04.896! Next up is sub 3 Eszik!  He also got a Hell% run in 8:51.205, and first Max Low% run in 5:54.423 (also surpassing his Max Any% PB by almost 4 min!). I look forward to seeing you PB more Eszik!


Next up we have the man, the myth, the ix-tinguisher, patchesfaces.  Patches got a few Low% PBs recently but the fastest of them came out to be an impressive 3:08.082 surpassing even his No Teleporter Any% PB by less than a second! On top of this, patches has lowered his Max Low% time to 5:03.644!  I’m putting money on patchesfaces making some big moves these next few months! Keep it up patches (I have money on you, so seriously keep it up :V)!


Who better to follow up the ix-tinguisher than ix himself? Ix got a whopping 5 PBs in this cycle so let’s jump right into them.  ix got a Shield run in 13:13.617, a No Teleporter Max Any% in 3:54.955, a No Teleporter Max Hell% in 5:56.082, and a No Teleporter Max Hell% No Gold run in 9:06.489, and a Haunted Max Low% in 5:48.210. It amazes me just how many PBs ix gets and the variety of categories he runs. It definitely keeps things interesting! Nice job ix!


Next we have Maplestrip, someone who I’ve seen hanging around the discord and has been getting some nice PBs recently.  Maplestrip completed their first Low% run with a time of 5:05.383 and lowered their Max Any% time by a good 30 seconds with a time of 11:18.381. Keep it up Maplestrip, I’m excited to see how you progress the next couple of months!


This next player has been moving up the leaderboards crazy fast settling right now at #3 after being active for only just over a year. I’m talking of course about Spef.  Spef lowered his Low% Hell time getting closer to the sub 6 mark with a time of 6:24.636, he completed a Max Hell% run in 4:57.238, and knocked a few seconds off his Max Low% with a time of 3:47.646.  It’s really amazing how far Spef has gotten in such a short period of time.  I’m excited to see just how far he pushes his skill in 2018!

Next up is a player who has really put all his eggs in one basket. With a name like DaftLunk, he’s really limited what games he can Speedrun .  Actually though, DaftLunk is a fantastically skilled player with little play time to his name.  He has already gotten a sub 5 Hell% and a sub 3 Low% with just recently joining the community a few months ago.  His most recent PB is a 4:20.978 Max Low% which is his first completion for this category.  I think Daft has some major moves to make this year, so keep it up Daft!


A man of respect, a man of passion, and my former boss, ShinGraywords has also gotten quite a few PBs under his belt recently.  Lowering his Classic Eggplant% time by nearly 9 minutes with a time of 24:03.148, made some moves on his Max Low% with a time of 4:39.318, and completed a Haunted Max Hell% run with a time of 7:47.604. But who could forget the greatest run of all…Shin completed a Draining Olmec run in 5:07.152. Amazing job Shin, keep those PBs comin!


Next up we have samcv who I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of talking to much but it is good to see him getting PBs.  samcv lowered his Low% time a few times recently with a final time of 3:46.598. He also got a No Teleporter Any% in 3:15.784! Keep it up samcv, I hope to see more PBs from you soon 😊


Master of Reddit karma DieDai has only been active the past few months and has been moving up the leaderboards quickly.  DieDai at this point in time is #23 on the MossRanking leaderboard and at this rate will keep rising.  DieDai’s most recent PB is a No Teleporter No Gold run clocking in at 2:59.177. A really good time for a really good player.  Excited to see how you improve in 2018 DieDai!


Next up we have a player who is very active in the daily-challenge channel.  84BombsJetpack has gotten a few PBs recently that show he’s got some speed in him too.  84Bombs most recently completed a No Teleporter Any% run in 8:29.372. Nice job 84Bombs, I hope to see you branch out to other categories soon!


Another player who has shown up in the community more recently, luigidude851 completed an All Shortcuts + Olmec run in 30:07.350 and a Haunted Max Any% run in 13:38.319. These were both his first completions so let’s give him some motivation to keep knocking out some big PBs!


tuabiht is someone I see around streams often so it is great to see him submitting a run.  Tuabiht completed a Big Money run that ended with a Yama kill in 31:48.181.  Keep on practicing tuabiht and I’m sure we will see you submitting more! completed an Any% run!

Resident Czech player Pacjecka7891 has also been making some moves on Any%.  Completing a No Teleporter Any% run in 2:57.703 just getting under sub 3 and also beating his PB by a big 40 seconds! Nice job Pajecka, I hope to see more PBs soon!


This guy will knock some sense (that’s his name :V) into ya showing you how it’s done by completing his first Low% in 5:55.025. Nice job sense!


A loving father, a man of skill, but also, a duck.  Saturnin55 lowered his Low% No Gold time by 16 seconds brining it down to 4:25.648. Nice job Sat!


Another active discord member, slink,  completed his first Low% run in 5:54.224 and is getting close to a sub 10 Hell% with a time of 10:13.822.  Nice job slink, I hope to see more runs from you!


I (meowmixmix) was able to get a PB too completing a Basejump run in 9:49.868. Yay memes!


Last but not least we have NightHarvester who increased his score PB by $329,575 and pushed his final score past 3 million with a total of $3,089,450! A 3 million score is considered to be one of the big score milestones to pass so great job NightHarvester!



Feb 17th:

Bum - $2,254,275


Feb 19th:

DieDai - $2,179,025


Feb 20th:

SnoreMonster - $2,090,575

SoM’s 16in1 - $2,090,225


Feb 22nd:

ix - $2,160,100


Feb 23rd:

ix - $2,380,225

spef - $3,364,525