Rules and regulations

To ensure that all scores and times on this website are legit, a few simple rules need to be put in place. Most of these can be broken by the persistent cheater and this website is largely built around good faith; be good!

Only one account per person is allowed. Do not submit runs using alternate accounts.

Community Rules

Breaking any of our community rules in a video submitted to MossRanking will be banned from MossRanking. Rules include but are not limited to:

  • 1) No discrimination or hate speech will be tolerated at all. This includes racism, sexism, and homophobia. No racial or sexist slurs.
  • 2) No spamming or threats at another member of the Spelunky Discord server.
  • 3) No graphic material or discussion is allowed. This includes pornographic content.

Also see our Code of Conduct for participating in the community.

  • Adventure mode, Unseeded unless otherwise specified.
  • No daily challenges for non-daily categories. As the seeds of daily challenges can be worked out, we allow only runs in the ordinary play mode. Please include in your video proof either the main menu or previous run's death.
  • Only solo runs. Unless specified otherwise in the category description, only solo Adventure runs starting in 1-1 are allowed.
  • Areas and Individual Levels. For submissions in these categories, runs must feature the entirety of the run beginning from 1-1 or a valid shortcut and may end after the level/area is completed. For ease of verification, include a timestamp in your submission's link or comment. To submit an individual level, enter your Level Time or Level Score displayed in the level transition. Otherwise, to calculate your time or score, subtract your overall total at entry from your overall total after completing the segment. If you cannot get your exact timings, round up to the next second.
  • Pausing. Pausing during an In-Game Time (IGT) run can give advantages to the player that take away from the spirit of speedrunning Spelunky. There are many gray areas when it comes to pausing, so pausing is looked at on a case-by-case basis. Pausing may lead to a time penalty greater than or equal to the amount of time spent paused or in extreme cases removal of the run.

    The following types of pauses are examples that could potentially lead to a time penalty or run removal:

    • - Entering the Options menu or disconnecting the controller during a level, stopping the timer (time penalty only)
    • - Pausing for strategic purposes (planning movements, observing the area, etc.)
    • - Pausing to buffer one or more inputs
    • - Pauses to clear dialogue or level feeling text
    • - Excessive pausing

    These examples do not cover all cases but are listed to give an idea of what to avoid when pausing during a run. Taking breaks or changing options during level transitions is allowed. Pausing in Score and RTA categories is allowed.

  • No hacks. All hacks that change the game code to make the game easier for the player are disallowed. On the other hand, tampering with the save file to manipulate which characters are locked/unlocked is allowed. If you want to be the safe side, just stick to vanilla Spelunky.
  • Tools. Tools that modify the game or read the memory of the game are banned except for the ones listed below:
    • - Livesplit autosplitter by Dregu
    • - The Pacifist, AJE Co-Op and Category trackers from Modlunky
  • Macros. Macros execute pre-defined combinations or sequences of multiple inputs, or a pre-defined duration of a single input. Macros are banned during all circumstances where time is advancing during a run, both IGT and RTA. Macros used outside of a run as part of setup, such as menuing for data management before a run's timer has started, are allowed.
  • Audio Proof Standards. The top 10 runs in a category require in-game sounds. Music can be muted.
  • Video Proof Standards. The top 10 runs in a category require "passable" video quality. This will be judged more case by case as it is hard to set hardline rules for all the variables in video, but good rules to keep in mind to ensure verification are:
    • - Full capture of the entire game
    • - No cropping mistakes
    • - Consistent FPS above 24
    • - Overlays such as webcam are allowed, however, please avoid covering in game timer or HUD.
    • - HUD must include the game timer. Level timer and current level can be turned off.
    • - Overlays such as trackers should have transparency if possible.
    • - An excessive number of frame drops may cause the run to be invalidated
      • Console / Version Differences. All retail releases updated to the current version as of the date performed are allowed. Runs can be retroactively taken down if they are using a patched mechanic, on a case-by-case basis.


      • Spelunker/Hired Help/Eggplant Child Skin Mods. Allow all except ones that blatantly attempt to abuse opacity or hitbox detection, this includes whip and ropes. Example skins that are not allowed is an invisible spelunker or a spelunker that shows the outline of the hitbox. Allow all modification of stickers, menu_leader, and journal entries for characters. Heart colors and gender via Playlunky are also allowed.
      • Pet Skin Mods. Allow all except ones that are blatantly oversized for increased visibility. Pet images related to the journal and menus may be updated as well.
      • Enemy Skin Mods. Only allow Olmec mods.
      • P1 Indicator. Can be modded in such a way to remove it from solo play.
      • Item /Entity / Equippable Skin Mods. Full ban on all item, entity, and equippable skin mods except the rope or whip (see above).
      • Terrain Mods. Full ban on terrain mods.
      • Decoration Mods. With the exception of the head decorations in the Udjat Chest room, all decoration mods are banned.
      • Text Mods. Journal entries, with the exception of the tablet, may be modified. Character and Pet names may be modified. Dialogue spoken in camp may by modified. In general anything that impacts gameplay such as shop messages, the tablet, etc are banned.
      • Audio (SFX) Mods. Full ban on audio mods.
      • Music Mods. Full ban on all music mods (see audio proof standards).

      Acknowledgement of Rules

      All run submissions in the future will require acknowledging that you read the rules and that you agree that the run is in accordance with the rules.

      Verification Edge Cases

      • - If a run did not qualify for the top 10 of a category but is later moved to the top 10 (such as in the case of a player deleting their runs) the run will need to undergo the verification process if it has not already in order to qualify for the new ranking.
      • - To avoid verification problems arising such as audio becoming muted due to copyright, it is encouraged to store a local recording of the run at least until the run becomes "Verified"
      • - In certain circumstances, a run that is "Verified" can later be unverified if new evidence is discovered that would make the run unverified. However, circumstances outside of the runners control such as a run losing its audio due to copyright is not something that would make the run lose verified status.

      To summarize, if you are aiming to get runs in the top 10 of any category you will want to ensure you follow the video and audio standards and avoid any mods not explicitly allowed above.