Rules and regulations

To ensure that all scores and times on this website are legit, a few simple rules need to be put in place. Most of these can be broken by the persistent cheater and this website is largely built around good faith; be good!

Only one account per person is allowed. Do not submit runs using alternate accounts.

Spelunky HD

  • No daily challenges for non-daily categories. As the seeds of daily challenges can be worked out, we allow only runs in the ordinary play mode. Please include in your video proof either the main menu or previous run's death.
  • Only Spelunky HD runs.
  • Only solo runs excepted for the Co-Op categories (which are 2p2c : 2 players, 2 controllers). Co-Op mode is also allowed in the the All Achievement category for the purpose of the Good Teamwork achievement. Only 1 player is to play the run though. See the All Achievements guide for more details.
  • Pausing. Pausing during an In Game Time (IGT) run can impose advantages to the player that take away from the spirit of speedrunning Spelunky. There are many gray areas when it comes to pausing and due to this, pausing is looked at in a case by case basis. Pausing in an IGT speedrun may lead to a penalty to the final time or removal of the run, at the discretion of the MossRanking team. In the case of a time penalty, a time greater than or equal to the total amount of time paused will be applied to the final time.

    The following cases of using pauses are examples that will potentially influence our decision on a time penalty or run removal.

    • - Pausing for strategic purposes (i.e. planning movements or observing the area)
    • - Intermittent pauses to slow the timer down and better plan actions
    • - Pauses to clear the level feeling text
    • - Excessive pausing

    The following examples do not cover all cases but are listed to give an idea of what to avoid when pausing during a run. As a side note, waiting during a level transition in an IGT run is not considered pausing. Pausing in score run and RTA categories is allowed.

  • No hacks. All hacks that change the game code to make the game easier for the player are disallowed. This means that any UI hack (including transparency hacks) should be reported. On the other hand, tampering with the save file to manipulate which characters are locked/unlocked is allowed. Player skins are allowed unless your skin exploits the game and is not just a cosmetic change; if you want to be the safe side, just stick to vanilla Spelunky.
  • Dailies and VODs. Any daily submission over $3M completed after Nov 1st 2018 is required to have a VOD. If your daily doesn't, it will be removed and not count for Daily Average/High Score.
  • Wrong Warp. In-Game Time runs must begin on 1-1 (Temple Shortcuts% must start in 4-1). Use of the tutorial wrong warp glitch for IGT runs will invalidate the run. The tutorial wrong warp glitch may be used in any RTA category.

Spelunky Classic

  • We allow only runs in the ordinary play mode. Please include in your video proof that your run, either by including the main menu or previous run's death in the video.
  • Only Spelunky Classic runs.
  • Only solo runs..
  • Pauses. Refrain from excessive or strategic pauses during levels.
  • No hacks, no mods. Just stick to vanilla Spelunky Classic executable and files downloaded on mossmouth's website.